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Buffalo (Joel) has 7 player games tonight, of which, 5 guys are hurt.......

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Highlights for 2008/09

Original Saying So Long

Yearbook East - Nineteen seasons after joining the NHLP, GM Glen is saying goodbye - again! Last season Glen was one of only two original members from the inaugural season of 1989-90 still in the NHLP, although Glen had stepped away for eight seasons in the middle of it all. After playing out his 11th NHLP season Glen has decided again to step away from the league. "It has been a great ride, bumpy as hell, but great" said the GM who disappointingly leaves after never winning a Championship. Glen came close in 2006-07, making the NHLP finals in Ottawa with both Niedermayer and Pronger but their three points weren’t enough as GM Chad’s Getzlaf and Heatley scored five for the Cup win. GM Glen was part of what many consider the biggest NHLP upset of all time when in 2007-08 his three man San Diego Griffins stunned GM Andrew’s Los Angeles team of six players, including Alfredsson, Spezza and Selanne. It was the first time in league history a 6 man team lost to a 3 man team, 12-9 in round one of that years playoffs. In the early years Glen was best known for the "Parties at the Dish", as his Little Rapids home would be known as. "Things like Bell Center Ice didn’t exist then" said original member GM Scott, "Glen had the old style huge Satellite Dish, like the ones NASA uses and was able to pick up hockey games other than Hockey Night in Canada. This was cutting edge stuff at the time." The NHLP had many meetings at "The Dish" over the first several season. It was at The Dish where GM Lee, sitting with a full team of Olympic players proposed those points counting in the NHLP standings, a moment that lives on in league history. GM Glen and GM Clark had some ugly battles as well, with GM Glen stating "Clark pulls more deals off the table then a waitress." It was Glen’s quick wit that will be his NHLP calling card, something that the league will not be able to replace. Glen was never at a loss for words and very out-spoken when he wanted to be. Muddy Capone said "Glen might not have always been wearing his own shoes, but no GM will ever fit someone else’s the way Glen fit the NHLP. Sadly for us all, today the NHLP lost some of it’s very sole."

The Dog - Barked Out

Yearbook East - GM Vinnie, Vinny, Vin, Viny or just Vin Dog has finally ended the speculation of his retirement, leaving the NHLP after 6 full seasons at the helm. Vin Dog went to the NHLP finals in both his first two season, narrowly losing to GM Scott in 2003, Vin’s rookie season, in a hard fought 7 game series. Although Vinnie leaves without winning the Cup he did leave a legacy. A fun guy to be around Vin was never a big trading GM, often near the bottom of the league in Transactions. "I found the league was just to time consuming" said Vinnie, "But I will miss the boys." Vinnie was often in the middle of some of the better heated battles with GM Jr. The pair seemed to have a love hate relationship and neither would ever back down when the going got rough. "Vinnie is a warrior, someone you want in your battle" said GM Scott, "I am going to really miss his poker play." The NHLP will miss Vinnie and wishes him the best in all his travels.

Shawn’s Last Transaction - Retirement

Yearbook East - If there was one thing GM Shawn loved to do - that would be to make deals! After just 5 years in the NHLP GM Shawn made his last Transaction be known and he steps aside. Muddy Capone states, "He never slept, always up late scheming and thinking, working the next deal. The Shawn’s of the world are not replaced." The league has never been hit with three GM’s leaving in the same year and the shoes will be hard to fill. Shawn loved to deal and he was setting himself up good for the years to come after a few years of giving everything he had away year after year. "Shawn would make any side bet you could think of" said GM Scott, "I am going to miss that part very much." The NHLP loses a very aggressive GM in Shawn and his transaction numbers will make a serious dent in the NHLP numbers. The NHLP wishes Shawn all the best and will always hold a spot for his return if the itch ever comes back to compete for the NHLP Championship, something he sadly leaves without winning.


2009 NHLP Champions



N. Lidstrom
J. Franzen
N. Kronwall
D. Cleary
Z. Parise
B. Rolston

GM Jr capped off an amazing NHLP season Friday with his 2nd NHLP Championship in his 14th NHLP season.  "What a great feeling" Jr said last night about 30 minutes after it was all over, "A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work building that team.  I'm jacked that it paid off."  GM Jr is one of the hardest working GM's but of the 39 transactions he made this year, only 5 were to his Dallas Champions.  Lidstrom was drafted in the second round, the only player who was drafted on the winning team.  In transaction #129 Jr picked up Parise and Rolston from for Kovalchuk and Victor Kozlov before adding the final two pieces to the winning puzzle, from Scott and Andrew.  The big deal was #182, with Scott in Philly, on the team that Jr beat out in the finals by 4 points to win.  Dallas gave 17 points, Brad Richards and Chris Kunitz to Philly for Jr's Conn Smythe winner Franzen and Cleary.  Finally with the trading deadline in extra time Andrew gives Jr Kronwall for Blake, solidifying the 4 Red Wings.  At this point all Detroit had to do was likely get there and although a scary second round where it took a Cleary goal with 3 minutes to go in game 7 to beat out Anaheim, disposing of Columbus and Chicago weren't near as tough.  All 6 of Jr's players are first time NHLP Cup winners.




GM Scott picked Pittsburgh and if he ties either Dallas, Vegas or Philadelphia for the most points he wins if Pittsburgh wins and will lose those ties if Detroit wins.


GM Jr picked Detroit.  If he ties Edmonton (All examples are for two teams tying for most points) then Scott will win if Pittsburgh wins the cup and losses on Detroit.  If Jr ties Vegas or Philadelphia Jr will win with Detroit's cup win and lose if Pittsburgh wins.

Las Vegas

GM Joel cannot win the NHLP Championship if Jr gets one point from either Lidstrom, Cleary or Kronwall.  The only way Joel can win is if those three score nothing and Franzen outscores Datsyuk and Gonchar.  Franzen would have to at least tie Zetterberg and then if that happened he'd lose the tie-breaker to Jr's Dallas team if Detroit won.  If Detroit lost he'd then win the tie-breaker via his Pittsburgh pick.


If he ties in a 2 way tie with any other GM, GM Scott would win the tie-breaker only if they got it wrong.  In a three way tie that included Jr, Scott cannot win the cup here in Philly for Scott (in Edmonton) would win it with Pittsburgh or Jr would have it with Detroit.  If Scott's Edmonton team was not in that three way tie, Joel would win with Pittsburgh if Jr missed.

Important - Remember how it works if more than two guys are tied.  Did the top team of the tied teams (Edmonton, Dallas, Vegas then Philly in that order) get the tie-breaker correct?  If so then win.  If they got it wrong, did the next team get it right?  If not the third team wins if three tied or if everyone is tied, did the third team get it right or not?  If it got that far, did the third team get it right or does the final team win because everyone else is a brutal pick?  It really sounds more complicated then it truly is and the tie-breaker has never occurred in the finals. 




N. Lidstrom
J. Franzen
N. Kronwall
D. Cleary

Z. Parise
B. Rolston

How Dallas Got Here

Dallas easily beat Minny (Scott) 27-11 in round one but Jr lost his two Devils, Parise and Rolston and now was relying solely on his Wings to carry him the rest of the way.  In the Gulf Division Finals Jr easily got by GM Charlie's Miami Surf, 21-13.  Franzen and Lidstrom had 16 points in that second round and Jr was off to the semi finals where he'd have no trouble with GM Andrew's Hartford Whalers, 13-3.  This Dallas team has rolled over everyone and has not had any trouble heading into the cup finals.  One interesting note is none of Jr's 6 players have their name on the NHLP Cup. 

The Dallas 4 are predicted to score 17 points in the NHLP finals based on a 6 game series.


P. Datsyuk
S. Gonchar

R. Getzlaf
A. Hemsky
M. Sundin
R. Umberger

How Edmonton Got Here

In a very tense first round battle the Oil beat out Calgary (Jr) 19-15.  This was Jr's team that included Zetterberg, Savard, Chara and Bergeron twice.  Getzlaf lead the way for Scott with 8 points.  The Northwest Divison finals were little problem for Scott as he crushed Vancouver (Joel) 25-8 in a series that saw Getzlaf get 10 more points while Sundin added 7.  In a real tough Semi-finals with GM Andrew's Chicago team GM Scott pulled out a squeaker 4-3.  Datsyuk has a total of 7 points in the playoffs with rounds of 2-3-2 and is a game time decision Saturday, the first of back to back games.  Getzlaf is trying to tie Yashin for his name on the Cup 3 times and if Scott wins, Getzlaf will have won the last three NHLP Cups.

If healthy Datsyuk and Gonchar will get about 12 points in a 6 game finals.


J. Franzen
Z. Parise
A. Semin
R. Clowe
B. Rolston
C. Giroux

How Las Vegas Got Here

Vegas had little trouble scoring in round one, 29-13 over St Louis, GM Vinnie.  Semin, Parise and Franzen combined for 20 points but the team was left with only two players after losing Parise, Clowe, Giroux and Rolston.  In one of the more memorable turn of events in league history the Yearbook had unofficially announced Vegas had lost in the Southwest Division finals, 15-14.  After a recount, Franzen was added a point which meant Joel tied GM Ryan 15-15 and won on a default pick tie-breaker, advancing to the semi-finals.  Franzen lead the way with 9 points and added 4 more in the semi-finals versus San Fran (Scott) in a 4-2 win, sending Joel to the NHLP Championship with Franzen left.  The way Franzen has shone these playoffs, this would be a great thing for Joel, but Dallas (Jr) also has Franzen so Joel seemingly just cannot win.  Vegas was trying to become the first team in NHLP history to win three Cups.

Franzen is expected to get 5 points in a 6 game finals.


H. Zetterberg
M. Savard
D. Phanuef
M. Lucic
C. Kobasew
S. Sullivan

How Philadelphia Got Here

GM Scott pulled a slight first round upset, winning 17-14 over GM Chad's Pittsburgh team.  Chad had Marleau, Boyle and Vlasic plus three others including Zajac but could not score.  Scott didn't have a player over 5 points, lead by Savard's 5 but was able to move on with his three Bruins to the division finals.  Against Washington (Andrew) in the Southeast Divisions finals Scott scored 27 points in a hard fought 27-22 series.  Zetterberg lead the way with 10 points while Savard and Lucic had 14 between them.  Scott lost his three Bruins here and thus his real hope for the Championship.  Against no one of Ryan's Boston team Zetterberg only needed one point in the semi-finals and got 4 for good measure and the Flyer are in the cup finals. In 2006 this same Flyer team was the last team to win a Cup for GM Scott.

Zetterberg is expected to get 6 points in a 6 game finals.


This is from the NHLP Rule Book Rule 7B (Playoff Tie-Breakers)
 In the NHLP finals, there are four teams competing for the Cup, the highest three of which will make a tie-breaking pick.  Now of course, there are only 2 NHL teams left by this point.  The highest-seeded GM, as determined by regular season points, picks first, this pick will be used in the event that he ties any of the three lower seeded teams below him.  Then the highest seeded team from the other conference makes his pick, to be used in case he ties either of the two lower seeded teams below him.  And finally, the third highest seeded GM, regardless of conference, makes his pick, to be used incase he ties with the fourth (and final) team below him.  The last GM gets no tie-breaking pick obviously.  Even if he were to finish tied with another GM in the Cup finals, the other higher-seeded GM has already made the tie-breaking pick.  If a GM does not get his tiebreaker into the League 2 hours before the puck drops (at the very latest!) he automatically gets the home team in the corresponding NHL series, regardless of who is the favourite in the series.


Congratulations to the NHLP Playoff Division Winners

CTR#1 - Las Vegas (Joel) Southwest Division
Yearbook Prediction - Make the NHLP Finals
Las Vegas (Joel) For the dream to come true Already expected to go to the NHLP finals, Joel only needs some alterations to the final ending for this dream.  A Detroit and San Jose semis is all good, but he’ll need Boston out and either Washington, New Jersey or Philadelphia in their place and things could then turn into a Las Vegas cup, their third and first for Joel.  Jersey makes things the smoothest for Joel.  It can easily happen as long as Carolina is out in round one or he meets Charlie who somehow pulls out the minor miracle.  Although there are doubters amongst us, the Yearbook says Vegas can still get there and compete.

CTR #2 - Dallas Stars (Jr) Gulf Division
Yearbook Prediction - Make the NHLP Finals
Dallas (Jr) For the dream to come true – Can it get any easier to win the NHLP Cup?  Hell, this isn’t a dream, it is very much reality, that GM’s don’t want to think about.  If Jr does the expected in round one, can this team be stopped if Detroit goes to their second straight finals?  Four Wings say no one can beat this team of Jr’s.  So this dream is one you lay in bed at night and get all tingly about.  It ain’t hard to see at all baby.  Not this team.  Not a team of four Wings.  They just need to do the work and let the cards all fall into place round by round.  CTR #2 for a reason!

CTR #4 - Chicago Blackhawks (Andrew) Central Division
Yearbook Prediction - Losses Round One
Chicago (Andrew) For the dream to come true – The Red Wings and the Capitals in the cup finals.  Here is your 5th Cup Andrew if you make it with that match-up.  Hell a Caps run can do it by themselves.  Andrew is a small two point underdog to dispose of Jr, so not a problem there and playing favorite Ryan without Pittsburgh takes care of that problem, then ride the coat tails of Washington or Detroit and New Jersey.   If he gets out of the Central with Washington still in, then a Cap’s final is all Andrew will need.

CTR #8 - Philadelphia Flyer (Scott) Southeast Division
Yearbook Prediction - Losses Round One
Philadelphia (Scott) For the dream to come true It isn’t hard to see the Boston and Detroit final and the Cup win.  Scott just really needs to get by the first round or two and maybe some minor help in disposing the strong Detroit team of Jr’s and the strong Boston team of Jr’s (Jr-Jr-Jr), but that can easily happen.  Even if they are in the finals, this four man team is clearly good enough to beat them out anyhow.  Round one won’t be easy and round two Scott would need likely San Jose or Vancouver out if he met Andrew.  If he meets Matt, with Montreal gone Scott should be ok.  After that - clear skies and a Flyer Cup.

CTR #17 - Hartford Whalers (Andrew) Atlantic Division
Yearbook Prediction - Make the Semi-Finals
Hartford (Andrew) For the dream to come true – A Chicago and Boston finals could do it for Andrew.  He can win round one, and easily round two if meeting Jr or Glen without Carolina in.  Even with Carolina in against Glen,  Andrew would be ok.  Could Chicago beat out Detroit and San Jose in the NHL playoffs?  Well that is this dream.  Getting Chicago into the semis and going to the finals with his two Bruins could be enough if the other Big Bruin based teams like Philadelphia (Scott) and Calgary (Jr) are gone by the finals.

CTR #22 - Boston Bruins (Ryan) Northeast Division
Yearbook Prediction - Makes Division Finals
Boston (Ryan) For the dream to come true – A Vancouver and Washington final would be a dream come true for Ryan, ending his 7 years of bad NHLP luck - as every GM knows, any lady that can bake a cake like that, is no-where near bad luck outside the league, so all is not lost for GM Ryan.  He’d likely need Glen to win in round one, or Montreal out, which should happen, and this dream starts to take shape, one ingredient at a time.  If Vancouver can’t get to the finals, just Washington getting there or them meeting Columbus or San Jose are all cup winning dreams.  If Washington doesn’t go, this dream becomes a nightmare in a hurry, so GO CAKES CAPS!!!

CTR #28 - Edmonton Oil (Scott) Northwest Division
Yearbook Prediction - Makes Semi-Finals
Edmonton (Scott) For the dream to come true – A rematch of last years final works just fine for Scott here.  He can win round one and then round two against Glen if Glen is without Nash twice or against Joel’s Vancouver without his Devils.  If that happens, he’ll need a big playoffs from Datsyuk or a run from either Anaheim or Vancouver and Pittsburgh. 

CTR #29 - San Fran Titan (Scott) Pacific Division
Yearbook Prediction - Makes Division Finals
San Fran (Scott) For the dream to come true – If the other big Bruin teams go out as expected, Scott can be dangerous if he can somehow get out of the division.  Round one is a battle, one that he can win, so round two he’ll have to match San Diego (Glen) without having Philadelphia and Washington and that should be enough if Scott has a full team still.  If Scott meets Andrew in round two, San Jose gone should be all Scott needs to go through and win the division.  Now he goes to the finals with a Boston run and playing Columbus would just top it all off, even though not needed.

Vegas (Joel) Wins Series?

The points and numbers are always unofficial and they are checked at the end, not double and triple checked during a series.  That falls on the responsibility of each GM to ensure their points and the GM's points they are against are correct for changes.  Well the official numbers appear to have Franzen having 2 points in game #2 of this rounds series, not one as originally he was given.  If this is the case, Las Vegas wins on the tie-breaker and Ryan's Atlanta team is out.  I will wait for others to confirm this before making it official.

Upon further Investigating the first goal of game two originally was:

Detroit 6:00, Brad Stuart 1 (power play) (Nicklas Lidstrom, Jiri Hudler)

Changed to:

You can view the goal in NHL.com.  The goal is very clear, but I can't see how Franzen gets a point unless the puck deflects off him in front of the net before going to Stuart, because Hudler gives the puck to Lidstrom who blasts it. 


How Big Are Tonight's Game Sevens? 

Andrew (Hartford) - With Chicago through he has Havlat and Campbell to play Jr's Dallas team of four Red Wings.  If the Red Wings win tonight, Andrew will need Boston to also win, giving him a 4 man semi-finals adding Ryder and Chara.  Andrews four has out-scored Jr's 19-17 in this round, so it will be a battle.  If Anaheim can win, Andrew is through to the finals and will have to have Chicago knocking out Anaheim.  A Final of Boston-Chicago gives Andrew the best NHLP team in the finals and the only four man team left.  If Boston and Detroit lose, Andrew can still win on a finals with Pittsburgh - without Carolina (assuming Ryan wins with his four Canes).  Andrew likely cannot win a finals without Chicago.

Andrew (Chicago) - Must have Detroit win tonight or he is out.  If Detroit wins his Lidstrom and Holmstrom can win the Championship, firstly by beating out Datsyuk and Gonchar.  that battle would have been 7-6 so far this round in favour of Scott's Oil.  All he would then need is Pittsburgh in the finals with Detroit and have his Hartford team knock out Jr's Dallas team leaving him with the only possible NHLP team to have two players in the finals.

Jr (Dallas) - Must have Detroit win tonight.  He can win if he can get there and Detroit in the finals.  Even so he will face a tough 4 players in Carolina if Ryan wins tonight and Detroit matches up with Carolina.  He'd also face a tough finals if GM Scott gets there with his Wing and 3 Bruins.  If the Bruins win tonight, getting there will be tough against Andrew's four players.  Likely the best case is to face Pittsburgh in the finals if he can make it.

Joel (Las Vegas) - Must have Detroit win tonight and likely a Boston lose, but somehow still win the series against Ryan tonight.  He'd then need Detroit in the finals, so Jr's Dallas team to lose to Andrew's Chicago team and Carolina or Pittsburgh in the finals where he could win as an underdog with Franzen playing as many as two players.

Ryan (Atlanta) - Must have Carolina win tonight and win his series.  Would then need them in the finals where he could beat anyone left.  A Carolina-Chicago finals would give him 5 players.  Even a Pittsburgh-Chicago finals, with Andrew's Hartford team losing in the semi finals to Jr's Dallas team would give Ryan the only Chicago player.  If Scott's Oil losses to Andrew's Chicago team, Ryan would have the only player left in Ladd with the Pittsburgh-Chicago finals and these other things happen.

Ryan (Boston) - Must have Boston and Detroit lose.  Win the tie-breaker next round against Scott for he has no players.  Have Andrew's Chicago team and Jr's Dallas team win next round and lose all their Detroit players, making three teams in the finals with no players.  Now a Chicago-Pittsburgh finals where Ryan's Atlanta team gets no points from Ladd.  Ryan would have the first tie-breaking pick if this all happened.

Scott (San Fran) - If Boston loses, will need Las Vegas (Joel) to win tonight over Ryan.  Scott would then need Whitney to outscore Franzen if Detroit is there.  So if Boston loses, he could have Detroit winning tonight and losing next round and that would create the opportunity where Scott would need Carolina going to the finals playing Chicago and Scott would have the only player left on any team.  Also if Boston losses and Anaheim wins, a Carolina and Anaheim final could give him the only player left as long as Scott's other team in Edmonton goes out.  If Boston wins tonight Scott will need the Bruins in the finals here against Jr's Dallas team, but Chicago in the finals.  This team would still be an Underdog against Scott's Philadelphia team.

Scott (Edmonton) - A Detroit loss puts him in the finals.  If Anaheim played Pittsburgh this team would have the only players, Getzlaf and Gonchar on either team.  If Detroit wins Scott will have to battle to make the finals, his Datsyuk and Gonchar versus Andrew's Chicago team of Lidstrom and Holmstrom.  Winning this and having Pittsburgh in the finals versus Andrew's Hartford team with Detroit in the finals would give Scott Datsyuk-Gonchar versus only Zetterberg on Scott's Philadelphia team.

Scott (Philadelphia) - Needs Boston and maybe Detroit.  That finals would give him a shot with Zetterberg, Savard, Kobasew and Lucic.  If both teams lose Scott is in a pick'em series with GM Ryan's Boston team.  If Detroit losses Scott would need Anaheim in the NHL finals to be able to beat Andrew's Hartford team.  If Boston loses and Detroit wins, Scott would be screwed big time by Jr's Dallas team and could only win a finals of three teams having no players, so Chicago and Pittsburgh with Andrew's Chicago team beating Scott's Oil and Ryan's Atlanta team left with Ladd - who'd have to get no points.  Riiiiiiiiight!    

March, 2009

Only the following NHLP teams face penalties at seasons end if their players that are out don't come back and make the playoffs.

NY Islanders (Ryan - Atlantic) 2 Buffalo and a Dallas player

Alaska (Marcel - Northwest) 3 Los Angeles and a Anaheim player

San Jose (Shawn - Pacific) 2 Buffalo and a St Louis player

Carolina (Joel - Southeast) and Indianapolis (Matt - Central) have been mathematically eliminated anyhow.


As Of After Games March 21st


No Penalty For Players From   Potential Penalty For Players From
Boston Detroit   Florida St Louis
New Jersey San Jose   Buffalo Minnesota
Washington Calgary   Toronto Dallas
Philadelphia Chicago   Ottawa Anaheim
Pittsburgh Vancouver   Atlanta Los Angeles
Montreal Columbus   Tampa Bay Phoenix
NY Rangers Edmonton   NY Islanders Colorado
Carolina Nashville      

*These Teams Are assured To be Penalty FREE
**These guys are penalties unless they make the NHL playoff


After Games March 19th

(No NHLP Penalties for Players on Teams in OR Tied for a Playoff Spot at our Trade Deadline OR NHL teams that end up making the Playoffs.  Highest scoring penalized player is no penalty, all subsequent players are 100% of their total points.



(In Are - Boston, Washington, New Jersey)

(Five Playoff Spots From:)

Team Points Games Remaining
Philadelphia 84 13 - @Buf, @Pit, NJ, Fla, @NYI, Bos, @Tor, Tor, @Ott, Fla, @NYR, @NYI, NYR
Pittsburgh 84 10 - LA, Phil, Cal, NYR, NJ, @Car, @Fla, @TB, NYI, @Mtl
NY Rangers 82 11 - Buf, Ott, Min, @Atl, @Pit, NJ, @Car, @Bos, Mtl, @Phil, Phil
Montreal 81 11 - Tor, Atl, TB, Buf, Chi, @NYI, @Tor, Ott, @NYR, @Bos, Pit
Carolina 81 10 - NYI, Wash, @Fla, Ott, @NJ, NYR, Pit, NYI, Buf, @NJ
Florida 80 11 - Clb, Car, @Buf, @Phil, @Dal, Ott, Atl, Pit, @Phil, @Atl, Wash
Buffalo 76 12 - Phil, @NYR, Fla, Tor, @Mtl, @Atl, @Wash, NJ, Det, @Tor, @Car, Bos



(In Are - Detroit, San Jose, Calgary, Vancouver, Chicago, Columbus)

(Two Playoff Spots From:)

Team Points Games Remaining
Edmonton 77 12 - @Chi, @Min, Det, @Pho, @Ana, Min, Ana, SJ, Van, LA, Cal, @Cal
Nashville 77

10 - Ana, SJ, LA, @Det, @Clb, @Chi, Clb, Chi, @Det, @Min

Minnesota 74 12 - @NJ, Edm, @NYR, @NYI, @Cal, @Edm, Van, Cal, @Det, Dal, Nash @Clb
Anaheim 74 11 - Pho, @Nash, @Col, Edm, Col, @Edm, @Van, @SJ, SJ, Dal, @Pho
Dallas 74 11 - @SJ, Van, LA, Fla, @Pho, @LA, Cal, STL, @Min, @Col, @Ana
St Louis 73 11 - @Cal, LA, Van, Clb, @Clb, @Chi, @Det, @Dal, @Pho, Clb, @Col


What's Shaking?
As of today's Standings - These teams must move at least this many points to avoid potential penalties.  (These numbers are assuming the team eats their current highest scoring non playoff player - as they all have that guy who isn't listed here.)

East Conference Teams

NY Rangers (Atl - Charlie) 2 Players for 86 Points
Atlantic City (Atl - Glen) 2 for 74
NY Islanders (Atl - Ryan) 1 for 48
Halifax (NE - Shawn) 1 for 44
Montreal (NE - Marcel) 1 for 49
Boston (NE - Ryan) 1 for 23
Carolina (SE - Joel) 3 for 110

West Conference Teams

Indianapolis (Cen - Matt) 1 for 1
Vancouver (NW - Joel) 2 for 73
Alaska (NW - Marcel) 3 for 122
Edmonton (NW - Scott) 1 for 40
Portland (Pac - Chad) 2 for 89
San Jose (Pac - Shawn) 1 for 43
St Louis (SW - Vinnie) 1 for 35

These can change daily with teams dropping in and out of the playoffs, but it is just a snapshot of today - heading into games on Saturday.

(What is NOT shown in these numbers is all the NHLP teams that have 1 non playoff guy right now - who will also want to move that guy to make a stronger team.  It is FACT - the minors cannot supply all these teams and points - so let the bidding wars and penalties begin)

February, 2009


GM Andrew's four teams combined for 25 points on respective nights of 7-6-6-6.  Basically Andrew's teams finished 1-2-3-4 on the night.  this was Andrew's biggest single night of this season and coming down the home stretch towards our deadline, not many GM's have more points to give than Andrew.  Watch out.


Andrew's Big Night ranks high, but it wasn't as high as GM Charlie had on October 18th this season

Charlie - 33 points (11-9-8-5)
Jr - 27 points (10-7-7-3)
Glen - 25 points (13-5-4-3)
Andrew - 25 points (7-6-6-6)


Board Of Governors Ruling
Portland (Chad) had sent in a legal pick, a 4-4.  If the pick was an illegal pick, we would have allowed him to correct it for the double the cost penalty.  The fact that is was a good pick, the pick becomes final.  Just as you cannot change your Minor's Deal at a meeting once it is yours or posted, this is the same principal.  The problem here lies with when do you draw the line?  If a guy picks and hears one of the guys he picked is injured the next day, and it isn't noon yet and wanting to change the Waiver.  If the League Office doesn't get your pick to 11:30 AM, but are out of the Offices until 3 PM and you have asked to change it at 11:45 AM.  All this does not work.  You have a Waiver, you send in the final waiver before noon the next day.  Upon receiving the waiver, if it is legal, that is your waiver.  It just doesn't function well when guys want to or have to change it.  With the work put into the injury page, tracking all players penalties.  With Player Tracking, and the last 10 deals on the page here, there are no excuses to screw up, but when it occurs it is nothing but a headache.  So make your first Waiver correct and final, for once we get it from you - it is final.


Gull Press Release
"This late in the season, you must read and react.  Weight hurt us, for we thought he was a playoff player and as it turned out we had to dismantle because of one injury.  I am not taking penalties and will do what I have to do to avoid them at all costs.  We always have banked on the non playoff guys who will be traded.  This year for us it was Weight and now Antropov.  If Antropov goes to Washington, Chicago or Boston we will be very pleased.  Tomorrow I will go after some of the others." - GM Scott


Dallas Press Release

"Big deal between two veteran Champions" 

"How could we not pull trigger on this one?  We gave up alot of points, as usual, but feel that we got a lot stronger in the process.  We now have a pretty good squad filled with players from the exact teams we wanted to acquire.  Today is a great day for us.  As an organization, you must strive to win it all, to put yourself in a position to bring home the Cup.  If you are not trying to accomplish that: why are you here?  You are just filling a chair.  We are aware that we have put ourselves a few points out of the playoffs, but with 30 games to go, and considering the high-scoring squad like the one we built last night, the good fans of the great state of Texas can rest assured that this is only temporary.  Go down the list of names on our roster; nothing short of an act of God will keep this team down.  It has been quite a few years since my esteemed colleague and I have crossed swords.  Just like old times though...once we got into it, there was no stopping us.  We definitely helped him improve his squad, and there is no question he helped improved ours.  Rarely does a deal work both ways, but great minds think alike, and creativity and hard work do pay off.

Anybody else up for a Cup run?"


Philadelphia Flyer Press Release  

This is really tough.  We did what we had to do to improve our team.  Giving up Franzen, breaking up Franzen and Zetterberg may be a deal that simply costs us the Cup.  It is just that big of deal.  We gave another team in the East 3 Red Wings and we are banking on the Red Wings ourselves.  We think we are a better team, in a better position.  It has been years, literally, since we have hooked up with GM Jr on such a huge deal.  This was at least 12 hours in the works.  We think we gave, we think we received.  If this deal wins us the Cup on a final of Detroit with either New Jersey, Washington or Boston, it will be deserved.  If we give Dallas their second Cup because of this deal, with either Detroit or New Jersey going to the finals, at least we know we didn`t sit back and let it happen, we were a part of it happening, just without it working in our favour this time.



January, 2009


The Projected Standings are updated
Currently two first place teams would miss the playoffs.  It is very simple and we all know what we are up against.  It is also very deceiving, so don't fall into a false sense of security for things can change in a second.  For instance:
In the Gulf, GM Marcel in Florida is currently in first place.  As of today's standings he is looking at a 26 point deduction, dropping him out of the playoffs.  How the deduction?  His highest scoring non playoff guy is Staal of Carolina at 35 points (No Penalty for Staal).  Any other non playoff guys would count against his total and he also has O'Sullivan from Los Angeles at minus 26 points.  So if Marcel was to trade O'Sullivan to the minors for any playoff player, he'd now have no penalty.  Just like that.
In the Northwest, Calgary Jr is in first, but is sitting with a 41 point penalty, that would drop him out of the playoffs there.  How? His top scoring non playoff player is Ribeiro with 41 points (No deduction for Ribeiro).  However, all other non playoff players would count against him and he has Richards of Dallas at 39 and Sullivan of Nashville at 2.  So if Jr made a 2-2 to the minors for 41 points, he'd now be penalty free.

It isn't too hard in most cases to be penalty free.  It will kill some teams that don't attend the Trade Deadline if they fail to act ahead of the meeting.

All is fair in love and war, but a few NHL teams are really hurting GMs.  If Pittsburgh continues to flounder a lot of guys may have to eat high scoring non playoff guys.  If you are in 5th and 6th, you best carry 6 playoff guys now, so you can take a non playoff guy on later.  If you don't have a full playoff team, later your hands will be tied.  Taking a non playoff guy on a team already carrying one, will likely not get you in the playoffs.  No one can ever complain about the process....not with a waiver every single night.



Jr reconsiders his initial thoughts of a Veto and pulls it from the table before the fun begins...

By League Rules any GM can Officially Veto a Deal made by other GM's.  If half the remaining GM's (excluding the guys who made the deal) agree, the deal is automatically veto'd.  When an official Veto occurs, the two GM's involved in the initial deal must explain their LOGIC behind why they made the deal.


NHL Standings, Points & (Number of NHLP Players on that Team)
1. Boston 66  (21)
2. Washington 57 (13)
3. Philadelphia 55 (19)
4. Montreal 56 (18)
5. NY Rangers 54 (12)
6. New Jersey 51 (12)
7. Buffalo 47 (7)
8. Carolina 47 (11)
9. Florida 46 (3)
10. Pittsburgh 44 (16)
11. Toronto 38 (0)
12. Tampa Bay 34 (3)
13. Atlanta 33 (6)
14. Ottawa 32 (6)
15. NY Islanders 28 (1)
(35 Non Playoff Players)

1. San Jose 67 (22)
2. Detroit 63 (24)
3. Calgary 54 (11)
4. Chicago 53 (15)
5. Vancouver 49 (12)
6. Anaheim 49 (14)
7. Phoenix 47 (4)
8. Colorado 45 (4)
9. Columbus 44 (0)
10. Minnesota 43 (11)
11. Edmonton 43 (4)
12. Nashville 41 (5)
13. Dallas 40 (12)
14. Los Angeles 40 (3)
15. St Louis 35 (0)
(35 Non Playoff Players)
(70 Non Playoff Players in the NHLP)


December 2008


New Waiver Time Passed at Winter Meeting

After a discussion on the topic at the Winter Meeting it was determined a hard time was needed again for the Waivers.  To cater to everyone a very relaxed time was placed to have your waiver pick in by.  The new deadline for a waiver to be into the league via email is 12 noon the day after the waiver.  If your original waiver is not in by noon it is automatically burnt.


Trade Tracker is updated

Highlights - GM Andrew was the only GM at the Winter Meeting who did not go to the minors.  GM Glen made 5 minors deals.  GM Andrew and Scott have hooked up for 4 deals, most amongst any two GMs.  GM Scott has made the most transactions at 25 while every GM has made at least 10 moves.  There were 6 trades and 21 minor transactions at the meeting.


Miami Goes BIG
In a shocker, or a lapse in judgment, GM Charlie gave Marc Savard, Langkow and 24 points to get Thornton and Gonchar.  Miami went first to last, carrying Gonchar and Shanahan.  Will Gonchar play before the playoffs?  Will Shanny sign this year?

Was Glen Thinking?
GM Glen was giving credit for several seconds after the deal until the next move minutes later.  Then he drops Langkow and Ehrhoff for Vanek and Walker.  I guess that is why no one noticed Walker going again, everyone was still in shock at the blockbuster.  A Calgary and San Jose Shark for a Sabre and Cane?  Very Interesting to say the least.


Meetings BIG DEAL

GM Glen got this crazy idea somewhere to grab Gonchar twice from the minors.  GM Scott told Glen if he got Gonchar, that Scott would give him 25 points for Thornton, plus playoff guys.  "I screwed up big time" said GM Scott, "I should have told Glen in private, here is the deal conditional on him getting Gonchar."  By not doing such a frenzy started and GM Charlie in Miami better any deal Scott had and ended up with Joe Thornton is a monstrous deal, giving Glen 24 points, Savard and Langkow for Thornton


Letter to Board of Governors from GM Shawn:

I for one totally disagree with this ruling San Jose had a deal on the board that was in the last 10 seconds and Glen was trying to make numbers work. Time was called and he had to put up the deal or call a timeout. 

Deal was:  Selanne and Miettinen for Vanek/Erat 

He made an illegal pick-upIf Glen picked up someone who was not available the deal should of went to me.  Not his option to pick up someone else or keep him because he happened to get dropped later.

esponse by Scott: 

You had every right to notice it was an illegal pick, you didn’t.  Tough luck I suppose.

As far as the timing of the pick, it was made in time.  Glen cut it close yes, but it was made in time otherwise at the time he would not have been able to make it.  Later, you went back to the table and made 10+ points in one transaction.  That is important because we aren't pulling and tweaking every single deal in a ripple effect.  The only question here is not if yours goes through or not, but if Glen should have to re-pick for Walker or not.  That is and was the ONLY issue.

Bottom line is no one noticed until Sunday.  It is equally just as much my fault, as yours, as it is Jr’s, Glen’s or any other guy there.  These things do happen and this is hardly the first time.  You can’t start saying, "I had this and that planned" "If this or that would or would not have happened".....if you would have noticed at the time, it was your transaction.  No Contest there at all.  You didn’t, either did anyone else, so it is what it is.

(One final note:  Jr and I elected to make the guys aware of this, as we always do.  If we had not then no one in the league would still even know what had occurred or would have ever noticed.  When we catch these things we continue to think of ways we can work to prevent them in the future.)


NHLP Board of Governors Ruling
A Transaction involving GM Glen and Scott Walker was looked into in depth and a BOG decision was made to conclude the incident.  In transaction #111 Nashville (Marcel) picked up Walker making him signed twice at that point, with Calgary (Jr) also carrying Walker at this point in time.  In #121, Atlantic City (Glen) brought Walker and his 8 points into the league for a third time.  In #128, Calgary dropped Walker making him back in the minors twice as of this moment.

"The decision was discovered immediately by myself on Sunday and I then contacted Scott for agreement on rectifying the situation that night" said BOG executive Jr.  "Scott was held up an extra day due to weather problems and now when it was dealt with on Monday we decided, after weighing everything possible, that in the best interests of the league to leave Atlantic City with Walker.  This is in no means a precedence setter, as all options were open, but because of the timing and other options on Monday that were now available to Glen, he could have benefited even further with players 8 points and under who had hat tricks and such.  It was an unfortunate, but relatively harmless incident, and we dealt with it as such."

At this point the NHLP had a wide set of options.  Scott getting home on time, without the weather problems, likely would have meant Glen picking up an 8 point or less player on Sunday.  Risks here already involve him benefiting from Saturday nights and Sunday nights games, let alone now Mondays.  Unfortunately 9 GM's all having a responsibility to ensure this does not happen not only missed this particular transaction, but also passed on picking Walker themselves.  The importance of these things however shines through.  This is an often injured player who is a risk to begin with, but we never want this to occur and it could have been a Brad Richards, making after decisions even more difficult to make decisions on.  A certain key to look at was is Glen going to benefit in any unfair way from this, and with Walker we believe that answer is no.


Do not forget that the minors will be frozen December 22nd.  For deals to the minors, GMs will need to keep track of the weeks' points on their own.  GMs will be provided with a minors list (with Dec. 22nd numbers), minors' divisions (with Dec. 22nd numbers) and up to date divisions, for GM to GM deals.


GM Scott has now made 20 Transactions on the season.  All it really means is spending money.  GM Glen is the low end of the list with 4 on the season.


NHLP Trivia
Of course the last NHL team to relocate was Hartford who played their last game in 1997, later moving to Carolina and winning the Cup there.  They retired Francis' number who is now an assistant coach to Paul Maurice, another Soo boy.

On a side note there were 3 jersey's hanging from the Rafters in the Soo, Gretzky, Hartsburgh and Francis, all behind the benches with two being head coaches


Washington (Andrew) has 101 assists as a team, more total points than 12 other NHLP teams.


First to 5th
As we are about one-third of the way through the NHLP season, I thought we'd look at the "First to 5th" points for each division.  The significance of this is that top teams often trade down and give points later in the season.  This is why it is important for lower teams to have playoff guys.  GM Marcel like set the record last year as he was running away with it, but GM Andrew isn't far behind in Washington.  The lower the number, the tougher it will be for the top teams to make great playoff teams.

Southeast 44 points (14)
Central 36 Points (15)
Southwest 31 Points (14)
Gulf 28 Points (15)
Atlantic 23 Points (12)
Pacific 17 Points (12)
Northeast 13 points (14)
Northwest 10 Points (15)

The number in Brackets shows how many playoff players of the 18 players are on teams 4, 5 and 6 in that division.  The higher the number, the more likely points will go to the division later.


NHLP Trivia
What was the last NHL team to relocate and where did they go?
Hint 1) They won a Stanley Cup since Moving
Hint 2) They retired the jersey number of their star player who today is an assistant coach with them


Board of Governors has confirmed that the majority wanted the winter Meeting on the 27th.  Jr is hammering down a time, but should be after 11 AM at the earliest.  Chuck is hosting.

GM Scott has now made 20 Transactions on the season.  All it really means is spending money.  GM Glen is the low end of the list with 4 on the season.


Where the hell is everyone?
Well it looks like the Waiver from last night will stand as Scott's.  Everyone has a say but no one is saying anything.  Jr, Andrew, Shawn, Marcel have voted to let it stand, but where are the other guys?  This is how the NHLP works and this happens on the fly always.  Things happen, you have a vote and we react.  It isn't get back to us next week, because this league is live and things that happened last night, matter tonight.  Of the guys who care, 4-0 voted to leave it.  Tonight's waiver goes on and if no one else says different, the vote is what it is and will stand.  We can't wait for you to speak if you don't speak now, your opportunity has gone by if you don't speak now even if the vote was 1-0


Actual Deal Vinnie had Accepted Last Night and passed 4-0 by NHLP members

I will take Liles 10 points and tonights waiver. 

I will give you Sturm (Boston) 12 points.  He is day to day, but I will back up him playing as you will see in a second.  He was suppose to play last night, but did not.  So I expect him Saturday. 

I will also give you 2010-2011 first round pick #38 for 41 (so you'd pick in front of me in the first round) 

Plus I'll move you up 10 spots in the 5th round for each game Sturm misses (max 100 lol - just in case he has a heart attack or something) starting with his next one.  As a guide so I can pay each 10 in the 5th will equal 8/4th, 6/3rd 4/2nd and 2 in the 1st round.  So if he was to miss 3 games, I'd owe you 30 in the 5th, which could also be 6 in the first kind of thing


GM Scott Comments on the 'Selective memory' quote "That is complete crap.  I have never forgotten the details of any deal that was in my favour, with me getting the best of another GM and so anything stated otherwise is BS"



The new forms in the GM's page work great.  But they are sent to only you, but come from the site, an email called Postmaster.  If you just reply, no one will ever get your email.  It is in Postmaster, which we will enter together at the Winter Meeting, so we can see how many people replied to postmaster.  It if important you look to where you are sending the email.  If any GM sends you one from the site, you can reply by their name@nhlp2.com and only they will receive it.  I am sure by the second half or next year, no more will ever go to postmaster as this is a learning curve taking place, but if you, as Vinnie did, reply to a deal sent through the site and accept it, no one will ever know, as they will not get it if it goes to postmaster.  Again, I tried deleting postmaster, so the message would go back to you as an "undeliverable email" but you cannot delete it, just the way the web works.


Green Bay, GM Ryan - Is unsure if they are using Thursday's waiver, but willing to take offers.


Atlantic City, GM Glen - A rumor is circulating that GM Glen is looking to make a VERY BIG move by Wednesday in Atlantic City, possibly trading one of the most coveted NHLP prizes, Joe Thornton for "25 and a big name".  We are awaiting a response from Glen himself.


November, 2008


Yearbook Rumor Mill


Green Bay, GM Ryan - Is unsure if they are using Thursday's waiver, but willing to take offers.


Atlantic City, GM Glen - A rumor is circulating that GM Glen is looking to make a VERY BIG move by Wednesday in Atlantic City, possibly trading one of the most coveted NHLP prizes, Joe Thornton for "25 and a big name".  We are awaiting a response from Glen himself.


Vancouver, GM Joel - I will be trading Boyle to the highest bidder.  I have the waiver Tuesday and I need points.  Bidding closes at 8:00 pm on Tuesday night.  All my guys are available so make an offer as a single deal or a package


The auction is still a go, I have received one good offer but am waiting until the 8:00 deadline tomorrow to see if it can be topped.  Double digit pts and 2 playoff guys is the current bid.)



Fire Sale!!!

Firesale in Atlanta.  Looking for points.  The most points offered will get Briere, Kunitz and looking to move my injured guys and everyone else.  I have a waiver still available here as well so send me something.


(Yearbook Update - Since when did we take Ryan seriously?  Many GM's say "I have this guy to trade or looking to move so and so" and it means nothing usually for they don't do anything.  So it is same old, same old.  Been there, done that.  So when Ryan said 'Fire Sale' we were more than shocked when it actually occurred.  Did he have a snow day yesterday or is this just the New Ryan?  Time will tell, but Rolston and Kessel found new homes yesterday and Ryan has the waiver there later in the week for more gainage.)


Portland Press Release

Major deal to announce.  Big names moving.  The Portland Winterhawks acquire the young impressive Setoguchi(27) and the potential high scoring Dany Heatley(22) from the Quebec Nordiques in exchange for Hossa(26) and Ehrhoff(16).This deal wasn't about the points obviously but Heater's scoring should allow the Winterhawks to carry Sundin at least a little longer and GM Chad likes what he sees in Setoguchi. "It was tough moving Hossa but the situation we are in dictated that we acquire  someone who can put some points up for us which allows us to keep room for Matts until he signs." "Erhoff wasn't cutting the mustard for us and Walker's recent injury left us no choice." "GM Scott offered over 20 points last night and sure we were getting Getzlaf in return but we were giving up on Matts and Bergeron and Hossa and thats something we weren't ready to do at this time"


NHL Facts
San Jose is good!  Well, they lead the league with 37 points and have yet to lose at home this year in regulation, 12-0-1.  They have scored 83 goals, most in the league.
The four worst teams in the league point wise, Ottawa, Atlanta, Florida and Dallas are at most 6 points out, with games at hand.
Tampa Bay and Ottawa are the lowest scoring teams, 48 goals each.
Hottest team in the league - Philadelphia with 6 straight wins and Toronto has finally came down to earth with 4 straight losses.


Yearbook Puck Bag
Q:  How can Marcel drop Tucker without a penalty when Tucker was put on the teams injury reserve yesterday?

A:  Nothing has changed in the last 19 years with this rule, only we have incorporated it into the waivers now. The NHLP must have black and white, something that is not debatable.  When Arnott went off the ice on a stretcher last week, dropping him the next night would have opened a debate;  Well is he hurt?  Well, he played the next game and scored two goals.  Once a player misses the previous game he is considered injured, that is all that matters.  In Tucker's case, he had played their previous game so no injury penalty applies even though in this situation we all knew he truly was hurt.


Rule – Deductions for Non-Playoff Players 

At the conclusion of the regular NHLP season and to determine NHLP playoff seeding in each division, conference and the league, NHLP teams will be penalized for points of non-playoff players.  A non-playoff player will be considered a player of any NHL team, that is not on a team that is at least tied for 8th in the NHL standings (per conference) on the day of the NHLP Trade Deadline meeting and also misses the NHL playoffs (not on a 1 thru 8 seed and misses the playoffs).  All players on NHL teams at least tied for 8th and higher in the NHL standings (per conference) on the day of the NHLP Trade Deadline meeting are considered playoff players regardless of their NHL teams final position in the standings.  Each NHLP team will be allowed to keep the points of their highest non-playoff player.  Each subsequent non-playoff player's points are deducted from the NHLP teams total points in the standings and only then the top four teams in order of remaining points after the deductions are the 1-4 playoff seeds for that division.  This final point total of each NHLP team, after the deductions, will also be the points total used in determining the Semi-Finals and Finals for the purposes of seeding.


GM Marcel Steps up to the plate for Officepools, "This isn't because I took all your money last year or because I am nice the nicest guy in this league, although they both are facts."


Hey, have something to say, your GM page is your Blog.  Just send it to me (oz) and tell me where you want it posted.  I'll leave it there until you ask me to clean it off.  That page is yours, let others know how you feel about anything.  I have never not posted anything I have been asked to post, so don't be shy.  It isn't a bother, it is helping make the pool even better.  If you don't participate, don't complain about participation.


NHLP Rule Reminder - It is always good to remind guys of the rules.  There are some stuff that rarely happen but are NHLP rules.  One that we have NEVER seen in 4 years since it was put in place is "You cannot drop a player you receive from a GM, for at least 4 days, with a waiver received from another team of that same GM, unless you held that waiver at least 4 days."  Basically in Edmonton (Scott) I cannot make a trade with Calgary (Jr) for player X Monday and that night, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday get a waiver from say Memphis (Jr) and drop player X.  Without this, I'd acquire the Waiver from Calgary tonight and drop Memphis guys.
Staying with the rules, one occurred last night - that didn't occur but I wanted it too.  I had Waivers on back to back nights with the same team (that part don't matter - same or different, just same GM).  Whoever you drop the first night, you cannot pick up the second night.  In my case it was 4 straight nights I picked, so players I dropped 4 nights early and each pick, I could not take any of those players, until one GM picks in-between.
First Night (Philly) I dropped Stephen Weiss (1) and Ruslan Fedotenko (1) (now dead to me in my streak)
Night two (Edm)- Ales Kotalik (1) and Tyler Arnason  (dead to me)
Night three (Minny)- Paul Stastny (5), Steven Stamkos (3), Matt Cullen (2), Tomas Kaberle (1), Mike Fisher (1) and Kyle Okposo (1) (dead to me)
Night four (Minny)- I wanted to take Paul Stastny for I really wanted him, but I could not take him even though it was the same team (Minny) picking.  I dropped him and no GM had a Waiver to pick him up.
So just keep these in mind as things go along.  We never want to see guys get trapped on a rule they forgot about or worse, never knew existed


GM Cup totals are done.  Vinnie coming on Strong, moving from 11th to 5th in the overall as well as the biggest gain in the past 15 days.  GM Chad took over from GM Charlie as the overall leader.


GM Chad asks "Is it just me or does anyone else think the waivers have been expensive early going?"  Matt was aggressive tonight moving Jr up 67 spots.

Oh, do you mean like "1st and 2nd round picks in 2008-09, 2nd round draft pick in 2009-10, 1st, 3rd, and 5th round draft picks in 2010-11, PLUS a waiver" type of expensive?!?!?!

To quote Luzzi "Hey pot, I'm kettle."

"I find they are only really expensive for the guys paying really expensive amounts" GM Scott



NHLP Contest.  The Yearbook is running a contest today.  The next three GM's to contact Scott and Jr from their OWN GM page wins a case of Beer of their choice at the Winter Meeting paid for by the league excess fund.  "Well the NHLP players all pay an escrow of 5% and this is the leagues way, with revenue sharing of paying back," said a Yearbook representative.  "The GM must go into their very own GM page and contact Scott & Jr, that is it."  Of course by law the league requires a skill testing question be answered.  Question:  What is the final point total of the following using today's Statistics "((Semin x 3) + Leafs total Goals Scored - Islanders points + Number of years the Montreal Canadiens have been in the league - Leafs total Stanley cup Wins in the sixties) = ?"


There were no winners, but here were the runner ups"

GM Shawn:  I was one of the guys that got the answer first then figured out your a jackass. LOL!


GM Charlie:  19 is the answer...pay up.


 Well, you cannot contact GM Scott and Jr on your GM page, so Charlie was disqualified.  GM Shawn, well least he was smart enough to figure that much out.  19?  Good fucking thing he does not teach math.....


Correct Answer: 220



Have a waiver?  Want something posted.  Send it in, I'll post it.  Your GM page is your GM page, tell me what you want on it and it will be there.  Send in the text and add in POST.  Consider it done and happy to do it for you.


GM Joel was the last GM to make a trade this year.  Want to see who trades with who? Check out the Trade Tracker.  You may be surprised at who deals and who doesn't deal with one another.  

For instance, lets check out last years Transactions, coming your way soon.  We'll analyze it all right here in the NHLP2 website.  Like GM Scott for example.  He spent a record amount last year.  With who did he spend it?  Who did he not make a trade with at all?  Let's find out.  You may just be surprised at the results.



Jr brought something to my attention and I need to pass it along.  I contacted him through the site and he replied, by just hitting reply.

That goes to an email address called Postmaster.  I don't get those, no one does and the person you are trying to reply to won't get it.  It is the way these forms work and the way alias emails work.  I went into Postmaster and looked and sure enough 31 emails were there unread.  I immediately just deleted them all.  They were from GM's Jr, Andrew, Matt, Glen and Vinnie.

So you can't just hit reply if people contact you through the site.  You need to type in their email, like scott@nhlp2.com and only that person will get it or use your contact list.

I tried deleting Postmaster email, but you cannot delete it believe it or not.  by deleting it, if you screwed up, it would come back.  I'll not go into this email again this year, but if you reply to postmaster, no one will ever get your email.


NHLP Board of Governors - Rule Committee New Ruling
We have talked long and hard about this.  A new rule has been implemented by the NHLP Board of Governors.  These rules often happen on the fly as we see, during mid season.  We put in place what we think and see is fair for the entire league and are open to discussion on any rules.  This rule has been put in place to prevent a possible administration nightmare from occurring.  "We seen things developing earlier in the week, something different again, that has never occurred" said GM Jr.  "We decided to let things slide and yet it could have happened, after we foresaw it days earlier but did not bring it forward at that time."  The rule is a clarification and states, "When making an injury pick a GM may only pick from players who are in the minors as of the end of the previous day."  The problem is when multiple players pick in order.  Tonight Glen picked first and could have dropped Gaborik for any player 5 or less.  GM Andrew picked second, he could not pick Gaborik as an injury pick if Glen dropped him for he was not in the minors at the end of the previous day.  Otherwise we create GM's waiting to see what others do, and the guy after Andrew or Andrew himself are waiting until the deadline to see what others did and this creates a deadline passing log jam that is not acceptable.


GM Pages - Waiver Time

Waiver Time did go to 00 Days.

That means 00 Days and so many hours.  Once the hours reach zero, the page will tell you that you are up.

So everyone knows, 00 Days is counting down the final 23 hours until you pick and means you pick Tomorrow and not today.


Do not use the GM pages for your OFFICIAL Waiver pages.  We just need to get use to how the updating works and we don't want anyone not knowing they had a waiver, even though that in itself would be inexcusable for them.  It should be accurate, and will be as we go, but it is important we get the bugs out and use to how things update as the roles and pages are new.

If you do see an error, just contact us.

Just double check now and then on your own waivers.


Board of Governors Make Decision
Yearbook East - San Fran Titan lost their Saturday, November 29th waiver to the Halifax Destroyers as per a transaction made at the last Winter Meeting.


NHLP Tidbits
GM Chad in Toronto is first overall with 62 points
7 teams in the East have 50+, only one in the West
First to Last in the Gulf, Charlie is up on Vinnie 24 points
First to last in the in both the Pacific & Northwest is only 9 points
Boston (Ryan) is last in the Northeast, would be first in the Pacific


Going Behind The Scenes

There is an official complaint filed with the NHLP Board of Governors - Accuracy, Trades and Transactions Department, Co-Chaired by GM Jr.  Reports suggest GM Shawn of Detroit claims he traded Corey Perry to GM Scott, San Fran at last years Winter Meetings and as a result of the Transaction Detroit owns San Fran's first half waiver this year, something GM Scott claims is not fact.  "I don't recall ever speaking to GM Shawn at all that day and I am not sure how I even ended up with Perry" is what GM Scott claims.  It does seem very suspicious that a clump of Transactions could mysteriously go missing.  All transactions before and after are accounted for and just a tiny few smack dab in the center, the ones in question are missing, with no back up.  The Board of Governors - Complaints & Other Bullshit Department, Co-Chaired by this years Edmonton Oil GM said "A full investigation will occur for I'd not want to see an innocent GM screwed out of his waiver."


October, 2008


NHL Moves Trade Deadline
In a move that will affect the NHLP, the NHL announced they have moved the NHL Trade Deadline back just one day.  "This is insane" said a somewhat perplexed and disappointed GM Jr, "I have never heard of such a move."


What are you doing with your waiver?  Let us know if you'd like something posted, or you can contact all GM's on the contact page at the bottom.  Remember there is no time deadline for your wavier to be sent in by (but we must have it by the next morning so we can post it for the next nights GM to know what went on.  This is the importance of communication.  You let us know, we will quickly let everyone know here.


Yearbook All Time Big Nights
GM Jr broke out the record books for us and here are the all time Big Nights.  Charlie and Andrew both had career Big Nights with 11 points.  Here are the other historical big nights.

14 points
Scott – Edmonton Oil – 2006-07

13 points
Marcel – Florida Panthers – 2007-08

12 point night GMs 
Ian – Boston (His 3 Sharks had 4 point nights)
Jr. – Calgary Flames 1999-00
Brady – Vancouver Canucks – 2005-06
Scott – Philadelphia Flyer – 2005-06
Shawn – New Orleans Wolverines – 2005-06
Glen – Atlantic City Gamblers – 2006-07
Scott – Edmonton Oil – 2006-07
Shawn – Detroit Red Wings – 2007-08


Wrong Player - GM Joel in Buffalo has informed us he has picked Robert Nilsson from Edmonton and not Marcus Nilson from Calgary.  That change will be made if no one has any complaints.


Check out the new Trade Tracker.

Ever wonder who makes deals with whom?  The Trade Tracker keeps you updated on what is going on in the NHLP.


Fast Contact

If you have a Trade, Injury Pickup, Minors Transaction or any questions or comments, just type it in and hit send.  This is a fast way to get in any trade - any time.  If you have questions, such as how many point deduction does my waiver guy have - just send in the question.  It will always be found on the Transaction page.


Check out our New Office Pools site.  It seems very superior.
Fantasy Hockey Pool
Use the Quick Access
Pool Name - nhlp20809
Password same as always.


Got Him, Got Him, Need Him...
What GM's Loaded up on What Teams?

5 Players From One Team
Jr - 5 Sharks
Matt - 5 Stars
Joel - 5 Lightning
4 Players From One Team
Joel - 4 Wings
Andrew - 4 Oilers
Marcel - 4 Kings
Glen - 4 Caps
3 Players From One Team
Matt - 3 Habs
Charlie - 3 Preds, Rangers & Pens
Ryan - 3 Rangers & Pens
Joel - 3 Coyotes, Canes & Caps
Shawn - 3 Lightning & Habs
Vin - 3 Habs, Flames & Oilers
Jr - 3 Thrashers
Marcel - 3 Jackets
Chad - 3 Wings

Notes - 9 different GM's have a Sabre & a Flyer
GM Scott is the only GM that does not have at least three players on one team.


Player Tracking Facts

Of all NHLP players drafted this year, the Red Wings lead the way with 18 players drafted.  What other teams were NHLP GM's high on?

Detroit - 18 Players
Philadelphia - 14
Pittsburgh - 14
Washington - 13

The team with the least
St Louis - 4 Players


NHLP Releases Ads Campaign for 2008-09 "Is Today The Day?"
In very well crafted Ad's the NHLP released 12 videos of GM's asking themselves, "Is Today The Day?".  The campaign is to bring awareness to the GMs running the teams in the league.  The Yearbook had the opportunity to have a screening of the videos and have included excerpts from GM Charle's

"Is today the day" GM Charlie asks "That starts off the season where I actually am not gun-shy on every deal?  Where I actually give 15 points in a deal?  Where I don't bank on lousy 8th place teams like the Rangers or the Predators?  Where Momma let's me stay out past 9PM?  Where I move one step closer to catching GM Jr in 'Kid Count'?  Where I actually send out an email with a deal, instead of just react to ones sent to me?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"

"Is today the day" GM Jr asks "That starts off the season where every single guy I touch goes down to injury again?  Where I build the hands-down best NHLP team's, only to get upset in the first round again?  Where I rape a new rookie GM again?  Where I break a 13th remote control?  Where I have to listen to GM Chad, 'I've been in the league less years than Jr and I have more cups', again?  Where I give Chad another stupid high draft pick for absolutely no reason at all?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"

"Is today the day" GM Glen asks "That starts off the season I finally make the finals after 30 years in the league?  Where I start wearing my own shoes?  Where I finally cut the umbilical cord and sit beside another GM at a meeting but Scott?  Where I finally get the fact I have four different teams?  Where I finally start checking my emails twice a week?  Where I upgrade from dialup?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"     

"Is today the day" GM Vinnie asks "That starts off the season I actually spend more than $12 in transactions?  Where I stop asking other GM’s to pay for every deal I make?  Where I take it upon myself to craft a deal of my own?  Where I actually participate and show a little passion, other than just showing up?  Where I use one of my own waivers to make a pick?  Where I give a draft pick in a trade?  Where I stay after a meeting and play poker and lose again, getting my ass kicked even worse than last time?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"

Matt  "Is today the day" GM Matt asks "That starts off the season where I quickly learn I am in way over my head?  Where, like other rookies before me, I allow myself to be raped by GM Jr?  Where I realize that the pick’em and do nothing pools might be a better option?  Where I make more deals then Glen, Vinnie, Charlie, and Ryan put together?  Where I show this pool that I am not just a pretty bank teller, but a Pool Tycoon?  Is today the day that starts off that season?" 

"Is today the day" GM Ryan asks "That starts off the season where I stop being so afraid to actually make a deal, that I craft one of my own?  Where I get a little more aggressive on my waivers and finally make my first 2 for 2?  Where I finally make a contending team?  Where I am not satisfied to constantly and consistently just be a below average GM?  Where money doesn’t stand in the way of me making a trade?  Where I finally clue in to what the good GM’s are doing?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"

"Is today the day" GM Andrew asks "That starts off the season where I win cup 5?  Where I actually stick around after a meeting long enough to enjoy a beer?  Where Cliff Ronning comes out of retirement?  Where Dave Reid comes out of retirement?  Where Sean Hill comes out of retirement?  Where Curtis Brown comes out of retirement?  Where another nobody wins me the cup?  Where I am not going to let out a fake laugh and state how I am being fucked if I make this move, when I know full well I am fucking yet another GM?  When I am not going to play dumb and say ‘I didn’t know that’ when I am a hockey encyclopedia and everyone knows it already?  Where I finally stop pretending to be nice and replacing that ‘Cheers’ bullshit with the way I truly know it is, ‘Your Daddy’?  Is today the day that starts off that season?" 

"Is today the day" GM Joel asks "That starts off the season where I get two more teams to the cup finals without any hope in hell of winning once there?  Where I am going to get so shit lucky again, I appear to actually have an ounce of hockey knowledge?  Where I dominate poker?  Where I get my ass-kicked at poker?  Where GM Chad officially becomes part of the family?  Where I become a chartered accountant?  Where I teach GM Scott the truth about another thing he only thinks he knows the truth too?  Where I bank on another 12th place team that wins the division and takes the 3rd seed on the final day of the season?  Where my company changes their official name once again, this time to the jOeLG in honor of my dominance of this pool?  Is today the day that starts off that season?" 

"Is today the day" GM Marcel asks "That starts off the season like the one I still can’t believe actually really did happen?  Where I have 100 extra points again and nothing to do with them?  Where after the Draft, my pockets are all so full of cash, I am worried one of the nine GM’s over 275 pounds is going to mug me in the parking lot?  Where finally Cinderella has a story worth repeating again?  Where after a 12 years absence we get to go to Blind River again for a meeting?  Where I don’t totally blow all this new found respect and start hearing ‘Marcehole’ again?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"

"Is today the day" GM Shawn asks "That starts off the season where another email pushes me over the top and causes me yet another nervous breakdown?  Where I trade away my last draft pick?  Where I come up with my second most genius rule addition, ‘good guys are allowed to finish other positions then last’?  Where not every single thing I do turns out to be the wrong thing?  Where I finally have enough and make more transactions than GM Scott?  Where when I say ‘I knowwwww’, for a change, I really do?  Where for the first time ever, I have at least one team other’s fear come playoff time?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"

"Is today the day" GM Chad asks "That starts off the season where I legally change my name to just Chad?  Where I continue to fool every GM in the league into thinking I actually do know what I am talking about?  Where I become 0079?  Where I now have three times the cups as GM Jr?  Where I now have the same amount of cups as GM Scott, in one-quarter the years?  Where I get the rest of GM Jr’s top 10 first round picks?  Is today the day that starts off that season?"


The NHLP will feature text from all 12 GM's over the coming week.


NHLP Salaries (millions) for Drafted 24 and average per player in millions

GM Jr - $134M   $5.58/per player
GM Glen - $106M   $4.41/per
GM Matt - $104M   $4.3/per
GM Andrew - $98.9M   $4.12/per
GM Chad - $97.8M   $4/per
GM Marcel - $95M   $3.95/per
GM Ryan - $94.9M   $3.95/per
GM Joel - $94.7M   $3.94/per
GM Shawn - $89.6M   $3.73/per
GM Vinnie - $82.5M   $3.4/per
GM Charlie - $80.5M   $3.35/per
GM Scott - $71.9M   $2.99/per

It is clear to see who is driving up the contracts in the NHLP


From Officepools - Salary Facts

Clearly GMs have different strategies, plans, styles, methods and views when picking.  The top Salary of any team is GM Charlie in Anaheim at $35.2 Million for his six players.  The very next three teams on the list are all GM Jr's and four of the top eight highest paid teams are Jr's, all over $31 million.  At the very bottom is GM Scott in Philadelphia with $11.7 Million.  Going up the list from the bottom, Scott's name is the first to appear 4 times and all his teams are under $23 Million, all four appear in the bottom 23 lowest of all teams.

Of all GM Jr's 24 players, only one makes under $3 Million per season (Bobby Ryan) as compared with GM Scott having 11 players making less than $3 million, including his entire Philadelphia team where all six are making less than the $3 Million mark.  Every other team in the NHLP has at least two players over the $3 million mark.

GM Scott has 1 player of all 24 players making more than $5 Million per season, while Jr has 17 making $5 Million or more, including 5 guys on each of his New Jersey and Calgary teams