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Highlights for 2010/11




Chicago Replaces Leopold with Hamrlik

Early Sunday GM Andrew asked if there was a ruling allowing him to replace Leopold that he picked up Saturday.  Leopold was announced Saturday to be out for the season with a broken hand sustained in Friday's contest.  "We have to act quickly in these situations" stated Muddy Capone">
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Highlights for 2010/11




Chicago Replaces Leopold with Hamrlik

Early Sunday GM Andrew asked if there was a ruling allowing him to replace Leopold that he picked up Saturday.  Leopold was announced Saturday to be out for the season with a broken hand sustained in Friday's contest.  "We have to act quickly in these situations" stated Muddy Capone, "Since no one knew Leopold's injury and it was long term, the criteria allows for compensation that does not benefit Andrew."  If anyone would have said that Leopold "Left the game last night", no compensation would have occurred, but that was not the case.  Andrew was told he could pick any player in the minors that has 35 or less after games ending Saturday so he could not benefit from Saturday's games.  The only player Andrew could find was Hamrlik at 32 points, dropping Andrew three points and into last place in the North Division.  "This is the kind of thing we'd do for any GM under these exact circumstances under the 'No one knew he was injured clause'" stated Muddy Capone.


*Use These numbers for Trades to the Minors

Frozen Numbers Point Totals   
0 to 9  10 to 19  20 to 29  30+

Green Means No Penalty

You will notice all the guys listed in the minors have a 'm' for minors.  'mi' for minors - long term injury, and you can make your own decisions based on your own injury reports or knowledge.  This is only a guide to give you a quick heads up while planning, I am only going off one list (this one).

If a guy is 'm' in GREEN, that means he is Penalty Free.  All others will be Potential Penalties.  Of course the list will not be completed until all teams are known where they stand, Penalty Free or Potential Penalty.

On The Table Trades - Rule Change Reminder

Although since we changed it (at the Winter Meeting last year) we have not seen it really in action, but it might come into play this weekend so here is a reminder.  The rule for years in the NHLP was that a GM could not pull a deal off the table they put on the board to the minors and could also not better his own deal.  Well that has changed, slightly.  You still cannot better your own deal with just players on your current team unless someone goes over your deal, but it can be changed and taken down unlike before, only if those players are involved in an in-league deal after they are on the board.  The logic is, a trade, is a trade.  No one is getting the upper hand on anyone by allowing players put up on the board, to be traded back into the league, thus altering (adding more points) or even having the deal on the board removed.  The guys on the board are still your players, so your hands are not truly tied anymore just because they are on the board.  So now, you can trade them after they are on the board.  Before GM's would announce, 'Does anyone want Oshie I am putting him up', because he'd be frozen when he went up, now after putting him up you still have a luxury of trading him on the fly.

Examples:  Scott goes over the current deal on the board with his players Oshie and Pronger.  Everyone goes, "Hold up, I would have given you something for Pronger.  I never knew you were thinking of dropping him."  Before, too late.  Now, "Well I just put him up and the clock is ticking, but make me an offer.  You have 4 minutes."  If I then traded Pronger for Wolski, gaining 9 points, a deal has been completed.  I could replace Pronger with Wolski on the board (as long as I added points), or pull the deal completely.  No damage to anything.  Now the GM I went over with Oshie and Pronger in the first place could put his deal back up if they desire, and no one was lost from the minors, so no one had an unfair advantage.  If I can't trade Pronger by the time the time is up, the deal to the minors goes through.

So - You can't pull it or better it, but you can trade it, thus altering it or removing it.  Got it?



Western Conference

No Penalty for Players From:
Van, Det, SJ, Pho,
LA, Nash, Chi, Ana

Potential Penalties From:
Dal, Cal, Min, CLB, STL, Col, Edm
Eastern Conference

No Penalty for Players From:

Philly, Wash, Bos, Pit,
TB, Mtl, NYR, Buf

Potential Penalties From:
Car, Tor, Atl, NJ, Fla, NYI, Ott


Rule – Deductions for Non-Playoff Players 

At the conclusion of the regular NHLP season and to determine NHLP playoff seeding in each division, then as well as playoff seeding of all 16 NHLP playoff teams, NHLP teams will be penalized for points of non-playoff players.  A non-playoff player will be considered a player of any NHL team, that is not on a team that is at least tied for 8th in the NHL standings (per conference) on the day of the NHLP Trade Deadline meeting (after all Games ending March 25th) and also misses the NHL playoffs (not on a 1 thru 8 seed and misses the playoffs).  All players on NHL teams at least tied for 8th and higher in the NHL standings (per conference) on the day of the NHLP Trade Deadline meeting (after all Games ending March 25th) are considered playoff players regardless of their NHL teams final position in the standings.  Each NHLP team will be allowed to keep the points of their highest non-playoff player.  Each subsequent non-playoff player's points are deducted from the NHLP teams total points in the standings and only then the top four teams in order of remaining points, after the deductions, are the 1-4 playoff seeds for that division.  This final point total of each NHLP playoff team, after the deductions, will also be the points total used in determining the NHLP Playoff seeding from 1 to 16, which will remain the same throughout the NHLP playoffs for the purposes of seeding.



The NHLP Trading Deadline isn't always about the Blockbuster deals and the big names.  Often it is about getting that guy that no one else really even sees, or knows of, adding him to put your team over the top.  Even if it only turns out that way!  We can't say that these players below put their NHLP Winning Teams over the top, but they were players on the winning teams and many of them made a huge difference, a few made 'the difference'.  Although there isn't an unknown on every team (like Florida, GM Marcel, in 2008, maybe the best NHLP team in history), almost every single season there has been at least one player with his name on the NHLP Cup that will likely never get a single vote to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  (I had to add two guys to a few years for I was so torn)

1990 - Petr Klima
1991 - Bob Probert, Kevin Hatcher
1992 - James Patrick, Ulf Dahlen
1993 - Glen Wesley
1994 - Oleg Petrov
1995 - Sylvain Cote
1996 - Robert Svehla, Vladimir Konstantinov
1997 - Darren McCarty, Martin Lapointe
1998 - Dave Manson, Jason Woolley
1999 - Dave Reid
2000 - Lubos Bartecko, Rob Zamuner
2001 - Martin Gelinas?
2002 - Sean Hill
2003 - Derek Morris
2004 - Curtis Brown
2006 - Matthieu Schneider?
2007 - Trent Hunter
2008 - Brian Gionta?  Wow!
2009 - Brian Rolston?
2010 - Niklas Hjalmarsson

2011 - ?


9th Overall and Non Playoff

"The only thing worst than being the 9th overall team in the NHLP, sitting in last place in your division, and not even in a playoff position" said Muddy Capone of GM Chad's Toronto team in the North, "Would be being the 8th overall team in the NHLP, with 303 points and you aren't in the NHLP playoffs."  Well that is the case for the 5th and 6th place teams in the North Division, the 5th place team being GM Joel in Buffalo, is they both are non playoff teams.  "Again, this isn't the first time we have ever seen this, it happens almost every year" Capone pointed out, "But it will be very noticeable this season with the 1st to 16th overall seedings not including these high scoring teams.  First place in the West, GM Joel's other team Vancouver, only has 285 points and in great position to be a buyer at the NHLP trading deadline, if there is anything left, anywhere to buy of course.  "Chad just has to look a little lower in the standings for help this year when it comes to finding a team that can afford to give him points."


It's Official - Saturday, March 26th
11 AM to 4 PM

"The meeting might not run as long as other years" stated GM Andrew, "And it will be nice at the end of the meeting to have a general discussion like we always use to do.  Put our differences aside."  The NHLP meeting gets under way at 11 AM on Saturday, March 26th at GM Joel's.  "Chad and I are looking forward to the entertainment" stated Joel, "A bunch of clowns in the same room together for 5 hours."  The meeting will undoubtedly be a little awkward, as possibly what GM Andrew was referring too, stated Muddy Capone, "We have seen this before, two GM's that aren't getting along at all, having to sit through a meeting in the same room together."  We just hope GM's Andrew and Chad can work their differences out, not letting it affect the meeting as a whole.  Both GM's have stated there isn't a rift and they have moved on, but the Yearbook continues to hear about it.  "The guys have not spoken to each other all year" said Capone, "No emails, no trades, no banter.  It is ugly and unfortunate situation."  Rumors are that GM Chad finally had enough of being raped by GM Andrew, for what seemed like a yearly occurrence, until their very last deal, where it seems Chad has finally just had enough.  "That last deal they made, Transaction #30, early last year, was the tipping point many believe.  Chad traded Gomez to Andrew for Lang, who could barely walk at the time, and has since packed it in altogether.  It is believed Andrew knew, through his Twitter contacts, of this serious leg injury, while Chad...you know Chad, busy eating a cheeseburger, had no idea.  Of course the final points ended up 59 for Gomez and 29 for Lang, leaving Chad bitter at last year's NHLP Trading Deadline.  'What can I do there, what can I do?'  Since then Chad has taken a different approach with his top players, holding them securely and trying not to be the victim of another assault by Andrew."  Capone does feel for Chad though, "Can you blame the guy?  Andrew use to walk in the room every meeting, and make a b-line for the couch to snuggle with Chad.  It never failed.  Be interesting to see who Andrew gets all romantic with this year!  What we do know, unless Andrew shows up with two Cheeseburgers from McDonald's, it won't be Chadwick anymore." 


100 Player Games Remaining

The St Louis Blues (Tyson) have 100 player games remaining on their NHLP season.  "Every team will be below 100 by Saturday" stated Muddy Capone.  "You use to look and say, I got all 7 guys playing tonight.  Now you go, I only have 93 player games left after tonight."  Things are winding down in a hurry and only two NHLP Waivers remain.  By our tally, there are 13 players in the minors still, over 30 points, that are on a playoff team.  So if after Saturday's final waiver, if any NHL teams take a nose dive in the standings it could really create an interesting deadline as teams shift players off that team to pick up whatever surprise team is in the playoffs.  If there are no such changes, you can bet there will be some fierce competition for whatever is currently down there and as happens every single season in the NHLP, some GM's will simply state, "I can't do anything there" knowing they have too many points of non playoff players that cannot be replaced in the minors and certainly the teams in the league who will want them will be scarce at best.
Transaction 100

It was a memorable one for sure, but it is officially in the books.  In the first 100 Transactions, 6 GM's have made double digit moves on the season, while only GM Scott has made over 20 (24).  Mike and Ray have made a league low 5 Transactions, consisting of two Waivers, two Minors deals and moving one waiver.  GM Charlie is the next lowest with 7 Transactions on the season, but is the only GM to not use a Waiver this season while GM Andrew has used 8 of them.  GM's Scott and Matt have made the most deals at 5 in total followed by Scott-Marcel at 3 while at two deals between GM's is Scott and each of Charlie, Shawn and Tyson.  Marcel and Andrew have also made two deals between them on the season.  Of course it comes as no surprise the GM's Chad and Andrew have not made a deal.


GM Shawn Leading Total GM Points

For the second straight month GM Shawn finishes atop the GM Cup point totals.  Shawn's 14 NHLP players have 590 points, well ahead of the 542 points the average GM has.  Five of the leagues 12 GM's have in the 550's point range.  The leader for the month of February was GM Scott's two teams which gained 140 points for the month, well above the league wide average of 111.  GM Matt had 129 while Andrew was third for the monthly gain with 120.  Two GM's, Ryan and Chad didn't crack the 100 point mark in February.  All this pretty much means nothing as we have continually stated over the years, but we share it anyhow.  "Where points matter is at the meetings, the pecking order" stated Muddy Capone, "And obviously in the NHLP standings.  Look at the divisions, from 1st to 5th and that tells you who has the points to give and who can impact the league." 

That being said here is how many points each division has for its top four teams over the 5th place team.  This tells you what division has the points to move this month before our trading deadline.

East Division - 60 Points
*Halifax (Shawn) has 38 Points to work with

North Division - 45 Points
*Quebec (Matt) has 15 Points to work with

South Division - 52 Points
*Miami (Charlie) has 32 Points to work with

West Division - 43 Points
*Vancouver (Joel) has 15 Points to work with

Of all other teams, there are only 2 more teams in the entire NHLP with over 10 points to work with.  Philadelphia (Scott) is in 2nd in the East, up 15 on 5th while Andrew's Chicago team is 2nd in the North, up 11 on 5th.

Points are tight boys.  That is in total only 6 NHLP teams up over 10 points on 5th place.  Yikes!


259 & Out

GM Chad knows the feeling of having no luck at all.  He is sitting with two fairly high scoring teams and could have zero playoff teams.  "I can't believe my luck sometimes" GM Chad told the Yearbook, "If Toronto was in the West I'd have 21 points to work with, now we are out of the playoffs."  Chad's season just appears to be going that kind of way as in the East, after Sid the Kid has went down, Chad's Pens have fallen to just 5 clear of 5th, with 263 points.  "If Ryan catches me there, I'll have the top team highest scoring teams out of the playoffs."  Muddy Capone says the NHLP has always ran this way and it is GM Chad seemingly in the wrong divisions this season, "You look at the point totals and you can't believe Chad, third overall in GM points, might not have a playoff team.  You wonder if it is even possible, but it is happening right before us."  Adding to the head scratching is the fact that Pittsburgh is the highest scoring PPG team in the entire NHLP.  "It is hard to run for the past 50 days without Crosby when he gets over a point and a half a game" stated GM Chad.  At the pace Crosby was on and missing 18 straight now, Chad's Pens would have had 28 more points, first overall in the NHLP.  Even without Crosby for those games, Sid is still 20 points ahead of the next closet NHL Pen in scoring.  For GM Chad there isn't much he can do except sit and wait to get healthy and then work himself back into a playoff spot in the East and North Divisions.  "Next year I want to be in the West" said Chad, "Calgary, Edmonton, those teams always suck."


Countdown To NHL Trade Deadline

Many NHLP teams are facing point penalties based on today's standings.  If our Trading Deadline was today, here is how many points each team is facing in penalties:  (Remember your highest scoring non playoff player is not counted below)

East Division
Halifax (Shawn) 1 for 18 (Would have 1 penalty player totaling 18 points)
Philadelphia (Scott) 2 for 47
Cleveland (Tyson) 1 for 28
Pittsburgh (Chad) none
Boston (Ryan) 2 for 72
NY Rangers (Charlie) none

North Division
Ottawa (M&R) 1 for 30
Quebec (Matt) none
Buffalo (Joel) none
Toronto (Chad) none
Chicago (Andrew) 2 for 47
Montreal (Marcel) 3 for 85

South Division
Miami (Charlie) 1 for 31
New Orleans (Shawn) none
St Louis (Tyson) none
Indianapolis (Matt) none
Florida (Marcel) 2 for 52
Dallas (Jr) none

West Division
Vancouver (Joel) 2 for 60
Calgary (Jr) 2 for 51
Winnipeg (M&R) none
Los Angeles (Andrew) none
Edmonton (Scott) 2 for 68
Green Bay (Ryan) 2 for 36

*Remember this are only potential penalties.  If today was our Trading Deadline and any of those teams that are out came back into a playoff spot, say Chicago as an example, then all Chicago players that were potential penalties would not be penalties and the team they caught and passed, say Calgary, those players would still not be penalty players even though they would have failed to make the playoffs for they were in or tied to be in on our trading deadline day.



Keep an eye on the injury page for your players if you have had one long term and might want to drop him.  If it isn't updated, ask if you have questions.


Bolland vs. Eberle

Although Transaction #2 may have been long forgotten it is fun to take a look back and see how a draft day deal has turned out.  To remind us all:

2) 10-02-10 - The Calgary Flames (West, Jr.) trade David Bolland (1) and 10-15 spots in the 5th round in a future draft to the Halifax Destroyers (East, Shawn) for Jordan Eberle (1).

Although the draft pick has yet to be awarded, GM Shawn won in that regard.  Both players have 23 points each as of today, but neither player is playing for the teams they were trade to on draft day.

Calgary (Jr) dropped Eberle (23) and Olli Jokinen (30), turning those two into Skinner (40) and Stafford (23), before Stafford (23) and Frolov (16) were packaged for Horcoff (18) and Meszaros (18).

Halifax (Shawn) made it nice and simple.  He dropped Bolland (23) for Dupuis (21) in a waiver and then turned Dupuis (21) into Ryder (28) who he still has, and 6 draft positions in the first round.

Interesting to see it all unfold, but it looks like GM Shawn arguably may be ahead in this deal at this point.


GM Charlie "He does not act on my behalf!"

GM Charlie was fuming the past 24 hours and went as far as hanging up on GM Scott when Scott called to smooth things over.  "I didn't know it was GM Scott calling" stated Charlie, "Or there would have been no reason to answer it in the first place."  The mini feud seems to be over a simple misquoted conversation GM Scott had with at least 7 different GM's.  "What I actually said was that GM Charlie valued Leino" states the GM on the confusion, "But I guess I said it over and over and it soon changed to me saying that GM Charlie over-values Leino.  The more things are repeated the more likelihood that the story changes."  Charlie wanted it to be known that if a GM has a thought that they need to be running it by him and not GM Scott, "The guy thinks he is my agent or something."  Scott did admit he has done some consulting in the past but clarified, "I am not an agent and not licensed for such practices.  This was nothing more than me trying to ensure, through the simple time-tested and proven  methods of GM'ing, through creating rumors, doubt, hard feelings and misinformation which can help a GM succeed when speaking about other GM's and teams chasing you in the standings.  Everyone does it."  Charlie has stated he is considering an official grievance with the league but admitted "GM Scott would simply have it thrown out anyhow."


Savard's Kingcussion?

Almost!  That can't be good news for GM Matt's Nordiques.  Savard has another concussion!  Quebec is 19 points up on the 5th place team in the North, but when is Savard going to return this time?  Savard's concussions seem to be getting worst and although Eric Lindros had 6 career concussions, he has nothing on Marc Savard (except finally calling it a career).  Here is a list of his NHL concussions:

Jan, 2011 - Sidelined Indefinitely With his 6th NHL Concussion
Sept, 2010 - Missed 23 Games
March, 2010 - Missed 24 Games
Jan, 2004 - Missed 3 Games
March, 2002 - Missed 10 Games
Jan, 2001 - Missed 3 Games


NHL Rulebook

80.3 Disallowed Goal – When an attacking player causes the puck to enter the opponent’s goal by contacting the puck above the height of the crossbar, either directly or deflected off any player or official, the goal shall not be allowed. The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick. If the puck makes contact with the stick below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal shall be allowed.

Interesting that reading the rules closely gives 2 3/8" of grey area, the thickness of the actual goal post itself (in this case the crossbar).  The bottom of the crossbar sits 4 feet above the surface of the ice and is 2 3/8 inches in height (a puck is 3 inches in diameter, just a tad bigger at 5/8 of an inch).  So by the NHL rules within their site, if a player contacts a puck 4' 2 3/8" above the surface of the ice and the puck goes into the net, no goal.  But if the puck makes contact with the stick 4' and below, a goal is awarded.  I cannot find in the case book where the 2 3/8" inches comes into play, on the non goal side or the goal side!  The rule book is a little vague and does not reference the top and bottom of the actual crossbar itself.  If it does I can't find it anywhere.  So does "below the level of the crossbar" mean below the top of the crossbar (makes sense) or below the bottom of the crossbar, which every announcer anyways states in "The crossbar is only 4 feet high"?  Well you should more specifically state it is 4 Feet, 2 3/8 inches then.


Waiver Example - Same GM Making Consecutive Picks

Waivers on back to back nights with the same team (that part don't matter - same or different, just same GM).  Whoever you drop the first night, you cannot pick up the second night.  In my case it was 4 straight nights I picked, so players I dropped 4 nights early and each pick, I could not take any of those players, until one GM picks in-between.

First Night (Philly) I dropped Stephen Weiss (1) and Ruslan Fedotenko (1) (now dead to me in my streak)
Night Two (Edm)- Dropped Ales Kotalik (2) and Tyler Arnason (2)  (dead to me)
Night Three (Minny Acquires This Waiver) - Dropped Paul Stastny (3), Steven Stamkos (3), Matt Cullen (3), Tomas Kaberle (3), Mike Fisher (3) and Kyle Okposo (3) (dead to me)
Night Four (Minny)- I wanted to take Paul Stastny for I really wanted him, but I could not take him even though it was the same team (Minny) picking.  I dropped him and no GM made a Waiver to pick him up.  On this 4th night I now have 10 players that were dead to me.

It doesn't matter that I acquired the first Minny pick after dropping the players in Philly the first night.  What matters is another GM must pick in-between to break the consecutive picks and free these players up.  Another GM's action of Trading a waiver does not constitute a pick.


Why is this Rule in Place?

I don't think anyone who has this happen to them will think it is right.  So in that regard, the rule likely makes no sense.  However, when it happens, it is always questioned by someone.  Some GM always complains that it "Just doesn't feel right".  If it is wrong for GM Scott to be aggressive and do it, why is it right all of a sudden for another GM?  This one boils down to simple integrity.  Not that any GM is doing something intentionally, we have just take the argument completely out of the equation, with this rule.  No one can argue something ever smells fishy with this rule as it is.  Take it away and doubt can sit in.  Without this rule...

Edmonton (Scott) could get very aggressive tonight and make a 5-5 waiver drop.  It would make sense on that team, keep only Toews and drop the other five, including Stastny to make the numbers work.

The next GM already announced he is trading the waiver.  Now I look at it and say, Hmmm, Stastny, who was put in the minors fairly, is a pretty good player.  He'd look good in Philly.  I go out and fairly outbid all GM's for that waiver. 

I then add Stastny to Philly and just pissed off half the guys who think that was a shady move.

That is all this rule does.  Makes things easier to swallow.  Just a tad easier.


What Could Have Been?

Two months to the day last evening, on November 18th GM Marcel was offered a huge deal, 15 points at the time in a 3-3.  Involved were Cammalleri, Pronger and Kovalchuk, three top players.  Marcel's Habs were really struggling but GM Marcel passed on the 15 points and Eriksson, Alfredsson and Voracek, who in 60 days have stretched that out to a whopping 33 points.  The difference for GM Scott, his Philly team would be dead with 193 points and 12 out, without Pronger and now Cammalleri.  Marcel would have been 17 out, with 198 points instead of the 50 he is out now.  The point is you never know, what deal will make you and what deal will break you and just cause you think you are somehow getting fucked, might only mean, somehow the other GM might just be fucking himself!  (Go back in your emails and send us your offer that wasn't accepted and we'll be glad to have some fun with it right here.)


Last to First

For the first time in NHLP history a team has started as bad as the worst CTR ranking and climbed all the way to number one.  Also a team fell almost a 1000 points, a CTR first.  Does it sound like you?  Check it out...


Trade Tracker Updated

The NHLP ended the Winter Meeting with 61 transactions total, one of the lowest totals ever.  Although GM Scott has made 16 transactions, 8 of the 12 GM's have made 5 or less transactions on the season.  Two GM's, Andrew and Mike and Ray have not made a deal with another GM this season, which for Mike and Ray is only 3 behind their first year total, but for GM Andrew, he is 15 behind how many inner league deals he made last season and 29 behind the GM to GM deals he made the season before that.


GM Pages Updated

All GM pages are updated from the Winter Meeting.  GM Chad made three deals to the minors, leading the way while only GM Andrew never made a move during the Online Winter Meeting.  To date this season, only 2 NHLP teams have yet to make a move.  GM Charlie in New York, where the East's Divisions last place Rangers are the original team he drafted, including the years number one overall pick, Ovechkin.  In the North Division, things are quite different for GM Matt's Quebec team that has been untouched since the draft.  Drafting the injured Savard in the 6th round turned a few heads, knowing that if Matt could stay close until he came back it might be a great pick.  Stay close, how about first overall in the NHLP with the original draft.  The team has work to do being only the CTR 11th overall team, but the points are there and GM Matt will undoubtedly make a move at some point in the second half.


Winter Meeting

Current Trade On Table

*Use These numbers for Trades to the Minors

Frozen Numbers Point Totals   
0 to 9
  10 to 19  20 to 29  30+

*Everything is updated!  The NHL is the bible site, but their tables would not be cooperative with me no matter what I did to insert things.  If anyone has a discrepancy in points, we'll update that player with the NHL.com numbers.  I am certain these numbers are 99% or better.  There may be a player who differs by a point somewhere, who knows.  Each GM should have their name beside their players.  If you have a player and he has a "M", let us know.  This is telling everyone he is available when he is not.



During the Meeting Online Etiquette and Procedures

Host - Call me the Host

Putting a Deal on the Board - Message the Host with YOUR TEAM, DOWN PLAYERS AND POINTS, UP PLAYERS AND POINTS (Using the Frozen Numbers from your sheets and the pages online).

Current Trade on the Table - The Host will post the deal and set the timer.

Refreshing - The Host will let everyone know something has changed by typing in "R" - which lets everyone know they may want to refresh the Current Trade on the Table page.

Thinking - Many times a deal goes up and at the meetings we ask, is anyone THINKING about this deal?  Instead of 12 guys typing in pass, which will get crazy, The Host may ask "Anyone Thinking?"  If you are, just type in nothing more than a Yes or a T or a me. 

Going Once, Twice, Gone - If it appears no on is thinking.  The Host may type in, "Going Once".  Wait 15 seconds, "Going Twice".  Wait 15 and GONE.  So we can move to the next deal if no one is thinking.  If it is by you, don't bother typing anything, so we don't have 100 messages scrolling by.  If you are thinking, just let us know and the deal will stay up and the clock continuing to wind down.

Slow Things Down - As at the meetings, all a guy has to do is get up to post, or go over a deal.  So we will work the same, giving everyone time to type things in.  We will have time outs, but they won't be free and more on that will come here.

For Everyone To Hear - If you have something that you want everyone to hear, the Host page has everyone in the conversation.  So if you need some points, "Can anyone give me anything for Kaberle 22?"  Remember, always put the points.  Just say it.  Questions, unsure of something, numbers are wrong, guys are not in the minors.  Catch it, say it.  In doubt, ask.


NHLP Points Are Frozen

Here is a link to the Frozen points as of games ending last night.  Tonight's games and points will not count in the numbers used at the Winter Meeting.  Check this out and get use to the feel of it.  It isn't complete, but will be likely tomorrow.  All players in the minors who have played an NHL game this season are listed.  Not listed are players who have not appeared in an NHL game this season - IE Kyle Okposo.  You may still pick those players - your responsibility to know who they are.


Making Moves to the Minors at the Meeting

First off, print off the standings you were emailed.  Have those for Monday night and use those numbers to make moves.

Office Pools will be updated after each trade as will all the frozen number pages.  After each trade the players down will be instantly changed to an "M" beside their names as for "in the Minors" and available.  Players up will have the "M" removed and their new team inserted.  This is done, live on the fly, but may involve you refreshing the pages now and then.

Accuracy of Minors List

Like I heard recently, "Don't just THINK it's right, get in there and make sure it is fucking right!"  Each GM should be able to go into the 4 minors pages and find your 7 players for each of your teams.  The lone problem could be a NHLP player is marked as being in the minors.  All the pages are done and all GM's should have their name listed 14 times.  Look and make sure all your players are correct. 


Current Deal on the Table

Again - we are doing this for the first time.  Learning as we go.  I'd like to open one MSN window with everyone in that conversation, say mine.  Everyone can read that.  This is for general discussions and not one on one, as it will scroll too quick.  If a deal is on being put on the table, it will be transferred from there to the "Current Deal on the Table" page.  I will quickly add GM, Team, Players and Points (just like putting it on the board) and add the time and make it live.  The timer will start at the correct minutes and work towards zero (just ignore the day and hours, I can't get rid of them).  When it hits zero, the deal is over.  If someone goes over it, I will add the new deal and set the new time as per rules, 5,4,3 minutes.  See more down the page.

Penalty Free Drops

Remember there is no penalty for injured players.  Whatever their numbers are, you can drop that number.  So acquiring an injured player to drop costs you no penalties.  Remember, if you have an injured player you can still drop him before the meeting.

Pecking Order

It is on the "Current Trade on the Table" page and will be updated Monday morning.  It reads most points on the left (Joel) down Marcel on the far right.  If a GM is to your Left in the list, you only have to tie the points for a deal he has on the table.  If a GM is on the right of you on that list, you must give more points to go over their deal.


Contrast Problems?

Does anyone have any with the colors I used for the background and fonts?  I can change them.  They show up nice on my computers.  Let me know of issues or problems.

Be Prepared

Everyone has been emailed the standings with the frozen numbers of their players.  All the minors (frozen numbers) pages are easily accessible and readable.  Decide what players you want to unload and start writing things out.  "I can drop these 2 guys for 25.  What two guys do I go after first.  If some goes over me by 2, what two guys would I take for 22 or 23 and so on."

Shopping Anyone?

If you are planning on dropping good scorers or playoff guys, send us an email with the names.  I'll start a list here of everyone guys are looking to move and maybe you will get some action pre-meeting.  Big names?  If you want to trade a BIG name, now is the time.  You can get playoff guys in the minors.  If you have the big names that you are seriously trading, not just, everyone is available there, let us know and we'll start a list.  This is almost like an entire weekend of potential talk and action leading up to the meeting. 


Rich or Richard

If, at any point the rest of the season, either of the Peverley twins is dropped to the minors, he is STILL NOT AVAILABLE.  Only if he is dropped twice, may he then be picked up.  So there is no questions if he is dropped, he is not available.  If Joel does try and pick him up again on his other team we have decided to kick him out of the league on the "Brad Rule."


Is it Possible?

The Tampa Bay Lightning have a game at hand on Pittsburgh.  Winning this game would put Tampa only one point behind Pittsburgh for the top team in the conference.  Now anyone who has every played hockey knows you can win the game only one way, by outscoring your opponents (even if it means a shootout - though we understand that goal doesn't count in the statistics).  If the other team outscores you, you lose the game.  Fact!  Now, you can outscore your opponents by playing better offensively (win 8-7) or better defensively (win 1-0), but in either method, you need more goals scored in a game to win.  Tampa Bay has scored 112 goals on the season and allowed 116 goals (more than 29 teams including New Jersey, the Islanders, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto).  More than everyone actually, except Colorado, who has scored the most and allowed the most, but at least they have scored 8 more than allowed and also, they aren't near first overall, as you'd expect for a team allowing the most overall!!!  That is our point!  Is it possible to be first overall and allow more goals than you score on the season?  Weird, or what?


What is Your Teams New Years Wish?

Find out!  The new CTR is updated for the 35 game mark of the season, which is 43% of the schedule behind us.  The theme is what would each team wish for in the New Year?  There is also a change up top as someone knew, first time in 30 games, is atop the CTR.


Halifax Goes for 80...Again

The Destroyers have 14 player games left in December to get 11 points and top the 80 point barrier.  No NHLP team has reached 80 since March of last year when Dallas (Jr) had 83.  Halifax had 83 themselves in 2008-09.  That same month he had his 14 point night (His best) and 37 in one week (an NHLP record).  Halifax ended, barely over the 80, with 83 points for just a wicked month.  Lead by the Sedin's, Henrik 19 and Daniel 18, every player at least had 10 points.  This month he is again lead by Henrik who has 17.  Good luck!


Gm Marcel Admits to "Having No Life"

GM Marcel, somehow, read the entire scrolling bar above and won the case of Coors as a prize for doing so.  Marcel did state that the NHLP needs to "Lay off Chadwick" and to "Having no life" as well as "Buy my a case of Coors."  The secret coding was buried in the scrolling bar but Gm Marcel was the only one to figure it out....or have the patients to watch it long enough to figure the riddle out.  Congrats Marcel!

Case of Beer Give Away

The holidays are upon us and the NHLP would like to reward one GM for realizing things change in the NHLP.  Sure things seem to be the same over and over, but eventually in the NHLP things do change.  At that time, one GM will win a free case of beer, of his choosing.  But who will realize first this Christmas Season that things change.....MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.....


Peverley To Stay in League Twice

In a unanimous decision it only makes sense for Vancouver to keep Peverley.  "The Waiver is now 12 days old and it is more difficult to change it than leave it as is" stated the BOG.  "We have safe guards against these mistakes" said GM Scott, "One is using Player Tracking in conjunction with the previous 10 transactions on the homepage.  Sometimes in hast to get things posted, updated and the numbers verified, a mistake can occur.  That is when the league needs to be alert.  If you see something that doesn't look right, or someone picking your player, bring it to our attention.  This particular one should have been caught and to think Joel missed it in Player Tracking and Tyson when Peverley's name appeared on the homepage, as well as Jr missing it updating Player Tracking by adding Richard after having Rich added and I missed it updating Office Pools and the GM Pages and often my double check of Player Tracking.  Usually these only occur at the meetings, but it must stand as is under all the factors and conditions are taken into account."


In Case You Were Wondering For Future Reference

Brad Rule One - That is when you try and cheat.  Different from Lee Rule.

Lee Rule - Not cheating, just circumventing the rules.  Finding loop holes.  This is actually quite clever and not always frowned upon.

Brad Rule Two - This is stealing from another GM which is different from Dan Rule and Glen Rule.

Dan Rule - When another GM Steals from you, like being raped or the act of raping, which is known as the Jr Rule.

Glen Rule - Where you take something that isn't yours but return it when asked.  Often alcohol plays a part and no intent on the part of the taker was intended.

Wendell Rule - Is when you sleep with another GM's wife.  In most cases this is frowned upon.

Norm Rule - You win and haven't a clue what just happened.

Jeff Rule - Violence, like punching old men at stop lights is not acceptable.  Also having no friends in the league or inviting GM's out for a beer and leaving after they get served.

Ian Rule - This is referred to when your wife/spouse/girlfriend or any other chick is calling the shots and you are just a puppet.

Raymond Rule - There are several.  One is Winning first place in your division is not the intent of the NHLP, even if it is good for home ice advantage and extra revenues.  Another is that not knowing the rules, may lead to excess swearing, anxiety and eye-brow hair pulling of others.

Jr Rule - See Dan Rule.

Scott Rule - Doing things he thinks other GM's will find really, really funny.  However, be very selective.  The same thing that may work on one GM, say Chad, may not work on another GM, say Jeff.

There are many, many more rules and you may like input on a few I may have missed.


Shawn Joins BOG

Often things are happening behind the scenes with the Board Of Governors (BOG), little things, bigger things and often decisions that have to be made quickly.  "Basically the cay to day operations of the league" states Muddy Capone.  When some things happen the BOG is always analyzing things to ensure we are doing this correctly.  When you get a unanimous decision it makes sense that others don't need to be involved, for there isn't an issue.  Well, to this affect, GM Shawn is welcomed aboard as the newest BOG.  GM Shawn has shown a passion for debate and adds another dimension to the team, some different ideas and incite on how and why decisions are made as they are.


How About...

Sid The Kid!  A 19 game scoring streak.  Sounds pretty impressive right?  How about this for impressive!  Sid becomes only the second player in league history to have two different streaks of 19 or more.  Hell, he still has 15 years to play.

GM Shawn.  Two teams in the top three on the CTR chart.  Something that hasn't been done since GM Chad did it in 2000!

13 Points!  Since the league went to Conference play, no team that has ever fell 13 points out of the playoffs has recovered to make the playoffs.  New Jersey and the Islanders are toast then.  Florida is next closest at 10 back.

GM Chad.  That part about Chad about was made up.  He did win the cup that year though, so who knows...

The Light - Short Guys.  This is fact.  The shortest NHL team is Pittsburgh and the Lightest team in the NHL - Detroit!
  So short and Light is better than Tall and fat.  I don't know what team is tallest and what team is heaviest...but I'll try and find out.


"Make a move and stick with it would you?" - Bad Santa

Well it is nearing Christmas and the CTR is in.  Inspired by the Movie Bad Santa and the must see clip above...much like it is dealing with many NHLP GM's.

The CTR holds nothing back, often telling it like it is, in a way not many GM like to hear it.  With the help of some movie quotes to best describe what each team is going through at the moment, the 30 game mark is upon us. 
What movie quote best describes your team right now?


Here and There and Everywhere

Thanks to GM Matt for pointing out the Peverley situation.  Drafted in Cleveland (Tyson) and picked up in a Waiver from Vancouver (Joel) in Transaction #26.  "Asleep at the wheel must of been the front office that weekend" stated Muddy Capone, "I say fine Joel one full year's salary.  Clearly this was an intentional move on his part and that Bad Santa movie clip above best suits him now."  The BOG screwed up and will be press releasing an official statement on this mess shortly.

“Everyone in my family has always called him Rich.  Jr call’s him Richard.  Kind of like my calling Briere, Danny and Jr calls him Daniel.  This kind of things happen.  Just be thankful it WASN'T Sid and Sidney or OV and Ovechkin or Thornton and Thorton” stated GM Scott.  I just think it is funny that Richard is making more money then Rich.  Wonder if they have the same agent?

Jr added, "And who the hell knew Rich was short for Richard?!?!  When did this happen, and why was I not notified?!  I have heard of Dick and of course Jimmy…but Rich?!  Had someone tried to pick up Jimmy Peverley, I would have immediately flagged it and replied to the offending GM that Richard Peverley was already in the NHLP.  Rich…that’s ridiculous."



Long Bus Ride

Only two NHL teams are more than 7 points out of a playoff spot as we near 40% of the NHL season gone, which occurs before Christmas.  "It will be a long bus ride home from New Jersey when the Islanders play the Devils on the 23rd, their last game before Christmas" stated Muddy Capone, "Knowing you have 60% of the season to play, and nothing to play for.  Especially if you lose to the lowly Devils."  How bad are these two teams?  The only two teams without ten wins yet, the Islanders have just 5 and both are enormous points back of a playoff spot.  The Islanders are 20 points out of the playoffs while the Devils, 17!  "When your team is just 4 points out of a playoff spot with a month to play, say at our Trading Deadline, most GM's find it hard to believe that the team can come back.  It is just that hard to move up.  How can any team over come 17 points, or gain 4 per month for each of the final 4 months of the season, on all 6 teams directly in front of you.  It will happen, just not likely in our lifetime."  However, everyone else is within 7 points...


New CTR Out Tuesday

After games tonight, the average NHL team will have played their 30th game, or 37% of the NHL season.  "That is a fair chuck of the season for sure" stated Muddy Capone, "Obviously a few things are starting to stick out."  When asked what those things were, Capone stated that "The Thanksgiving Day mark is still holding 100% true in the East."  After US Thanksgiving, only 1 in 5 teams out ever come back and make the NHL playoffs and as is still the case, all teams that were out are still out, and by at least 7 points in the standings.

East - Carolina, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida, Toronto, New Jersey and New York Islanders

In the West on Thanksgiving, Los Angeles, San Jose, Anaheim, Minnesota, Nashville, Calgary and Edmonton were out but as of this mornings crazy tight standings, Anaheim and Nashville sit in the playoffs.


Is the Commercial Real?

If you have seen the kid opening the Ovechkin jersey commercial by the NHL.com Shop, it is totally priceless.  To see a kid go so nuts over a jersey has to make you smile.  The question for me was, was it real or just a TV commercial?  Well, it was real and PRICELESS!

(Editors note:  We were told GM Chad's kid had a similar type reaction the year Chad got him the Avalanche, #23 - Lubos Bartecko jersey)


How About...

The Miami Surf.  GM Charlie's team has played 182 man games this season without missing a game.  For Charlie that streak ends Wednesday when Sameulsson will miss his first game this season, the teams first.  Charlie's other team, the New York rangers has missed a total of 4 games this season and unlike almost every season, GM Charlie is at or near the top of this category.

The Pittsburgh Penguins.  10-0-0 in their last 10.  Perfect!  They are the first NHL team to reach the 40 point mark on the season.  Over their past 10 wins, beating all different teams, they have outscored their opponents 33-15.

Detroit, Philadelphia and Phoenix.  Pittsburgh wins 10 in a roll, but these three teams still have less losses.  Detroit has a league low 5, while both Philly and Phoenix aren't to shabby at only 7 losses on the season.

Sid.  He has a 16 point scoring streak.  He has scored goals in 12 of the 16, including two hat tricks for a total of 18 goals over this run.  In his last 16 games he has 11 multi-point games, including a 4 point game, four 3 point games and six 2 point games for a total of 33 points in his last 16 games.  He is on pace for a career high 134 points.

You!!!  Tell Us a 'How About'...


Longest Drought BETWEEN CUPS Answers  (As Stated by Dallas Stars TV Announcers and Shown last night on the screen during their game with Chicago)
 1)  Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since May 2nd, 1967, "82 days after I was born" stated GM Scott.

2)  Boston Bruins haven't won since 1972, making them the second Original Six team in this list.

3)  Philadelphia Flyers had a glorious opportunity last season, but it has been since 1975 that the Flyers actually hoisted the Stanley Cup.

4)  New York Islanders.  This won stunned me for I just remember them winning four in a row.  Non since, making it since 1983 on Long Island.

5)  Calgary Flames won their only Cup in 1989 rounding out the top five.  BUT WAIT.

After pausing the TV and writing this down to share, just now it has dawned on me, this is BETWEN CUP WINS.  Vancouver and Buffalo have never won Cups have they?  So here we go with my list of longest drought:

Chicago - 2010 Won
Pittsburgh - 2009 Won
Detroit - 2008 Won
Anaheim - 2007 Won
Carolina - 2006 Won
Tampa Bay - 2004 Won
New Jersey - 2003 Won
Colorado - 2001 Won
Columbus - *2000
Minnesota - *2000
Dallas - 1999 Won
Atlanta - *1999
Nashville - *1998
New York Rangers - 1994 Won
Montreal - 1993 Won
Florida - *1993
Ottawa - *1992
San Jose - *1991
Edmonton - 1990 Won
Calgary - 1989 Won
New York Islanders - 1983 Won
Phoenix (Winnipeg) - *1979
Philadelphia - 1975 Won
Washington - *1974
Boston - 1972 Won
Buffalo - *1970
Vancouver - *1970
Los Angeles - *1967
St Louis - *1967
Toronto - 1967 Won

*Moved to, Joined, or Expanded into NHL and Not won a Cup Since!

So my Answer is...
Toronto, St Louis and Los Angeles since 1967
Vancouver and Buffalo since 1970

My Sourses
Teams Join


East 100+

The East Division became the first NHLP division to see all 6 of their teams reach 100 points.  The other divisions are 13 (West), 20 (South) and 23 (North) away from having all their teams at 100.  This does not mean the East is the highest scoring division in the league...well, ok, IT DOES.  The North has some high scoring teams but under further review...all 6 teams in the East have 707 points compared to the North's 703.  While we have the calculator out....the West has 663 points and the South 593.  Don't worry you Southern team owning GM's, you still are assured 4 playoff spots!


Check The Stats Pal

One Washington reporter was quoted in the paper saying that "Fleischmann could not crack the top six in Washington and although he won't be playing on such a high-scoring team, he should see increased opportunities in Colorado."  "Well I guess that he didn't check the statistics first", mentioned the Colorado announcers last night.  Prior to last nights games, Colorado lead the league in Goals per Game. 

As of today:
Detroit 3.54
Colorado 3.46
Philadelphia 3.44
Washington 3.36
Atlanta 3.16
Chicago 3.11
Vancouver 3.09
Tampa Bay 3.08

These are the only NHL teams averaging over 3 goals a game, but clearly Washington doesn't have anything on Colorado in the scoring department.

Last in this list
New Jersey 1.79


Halifax - Games At Hand

You don't often think of games at hand in the NHLP except the final week or so of the schedule.  Well, Halifax has a league high 422 player games remaining.  GM Chad in Pittsburgh is right in front of Shawn's team in the East Division and has a league low 401 player games remaining.  So although Shawn is 4 points back, when these games are even, at current scoring paces, Shawn will actually be 13 points up on Chad and about 6 points up on GM's Scott's Philly team.  So, in this case, games at hand actually will come into play.


Quebec Continues To Roll

GM Matt is counting the hours until Savard returns.  Not so much as so he will be glad Savard is healthy, but more so to actually see how many points this team can get in a month.  In November, with tonight still to go, Matt has 72 points.  All this without a point per game player in Savard.  That 72 is one off the lead of division rival's Ottawa (Mike & Ray) who have 73 this month.  Quebec is only 2 points off the NHLP league lead and have yet to have a 7th player all season.  Who is doing all the scoring?  "Who isn't" stated Muddy Capone about the loaded lineup.  Perry, Heatley, Tanguay and Duchene have over 20 each with the lower scoring Lucic 19 and Boyle 18 lagging.  The divisions last place team, Montreal (Marcel) highest scoring player has only 15 points.  "Savard might catch him" Capone added.  Things are going good in Quebec, well, Quebec City anyhow!


Joel and Mike & Ray Lead Way

After the month of November was, 253 points leads the way for total GM points, shared by GM's Joel, MIke & Ray.  Of the 12 GM's, 216 points is the average GM total, with six GM's having over that total, ending up with GM Ryan (199), GM Jr (182) and GM Marcel (170) in 10th, 11th and 12th overall.  The average NHLP team gained 61 points this November, compared with 49 and 54 each of the past two seasons for November.  Per player gains for this month were 8.7 points per NHLP player, compared with November totals of 8.1 last year and 9 the year before that.  Mike & Ray at 148 lead for the month, while GM Chad was second at 141 points.  The average gain for the month was 121 points per GM while only Marcel with 89 didn't crack 100 points for the month between his 14 players.


Thanksgiving Sunday - If You Are Out, You Are Likely Out!

Statistics over the past 20 years in the NHL have shown that only 22% of the teams out on Thanksgiving weekend end up making the NHL playoffs.  Since the shoot out was added, adding an extra point, it has only changed by three percent.  What this means is each year at this time, of the 14 teams out of the playoffs, likely only 3 will end up making the playoffs.

Lets track this this year and find out how many of these teams come back:

East - Carolina, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida, Toronto, New Jersey and New York Islanders

West - Los Angeles, San Jose, Anaheim, Minnesota, Nashville, Calgary and Edmonton


Would You Walk Into The Dark Dressing Room in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Coyotes are having a lot of fun these days, with their domination of their opponents over the past 7 games, all wins.  Now only one point behind the Red Wings it is easy to see why GM Chad won't be dropping Hanzal tonight, who has 8 points this month.  We recently heard that the Coyotes have set up the visitors dressing room to shut out the lights and pump in some weird noises...would you walk in the room?

(Editors Note:  That place is in Quebec.  Fuck that shit.  I'd not be by any campfires, or out walking the dog at night....and I doubt any of you guys would walk out in that either!  That isn't no little bear across the pond, let me tell you that!)


North and East Run The Show

The 24% of the season CTR, after 20 games, is out and 3 of the top 6 NHLP teams are North and East Division Teams.  Things are starting to get a little tight at the top. Check it out.


Parise Injury Pick Tuesday

GM Chad in Pittsburgh acquired Parise in the biggest NHLP deal made this year and tomorrow, before 6 PM, Chad may elect to use Parise as a 6 point player in an injury pick.  Chad has the Waiver the next day, so if Parise is dropped, he will not be able to be picked back up by Chad, but the player Chad chooses as a replacement, may be sent back to the minors.  If Chad just keeps Parise, he may dump him with the waiver the next day without any penalty point deduction.  "It is really a funny situation" stated Muddy Capone, "Many GM's would drop Parise Tuesday for a 6 point player playing that night, hoping that player has a few points that could than be used the next day back to the minors.  However, only one game is played Tuesday, Edmonton at Phoenix.  The replacement options will be slim."


Ottawa's Week, "Unofficially, Officially" HOT

Although not an official 30+ point week, Ottawa did have a 31 point week.  The last team to do this officially was GM Shawn in 2008-09, when he set the NHLP record with an amazing 37 point week.  "No one ever hits 30" is the quote on the Big Night page, "It is just that rare."  This NHLP season, although many teams have been over 20+, almost weekly, no teams has hit the 25+, until Ottawa this week, but again, it doesn't count.  "They picked up 10 points this week in a Waiver" said Muddy Capone, "So Jokinen's six and Colaiacovo's four do not count.  This is similar to making a waiver pick and picking up players who have big nights, it counts in the NHLP standings, just not in the record books."  In the standings Ottawa gets to keep those points and  has a league high 113.  Other point getters this week included 7 from Rafalski, 6 from Stamkos and Vanek, while Elias and Kostitsyn, weren't shutout at a point each.  (Note:  GM Charlie's, NY Ranger team with Ovechkin, had a league low this week of 8 points.  We don't mention the low point teams.  Well, until now!)


First Round NHLP Matchups

Since we are 25% done the season, we thought it would be fun to see who would match up against who in the first round of the NHLP playoffs if things ended today.  Here goes...

16) Florida (Marcel), South CTR #7 vs. 1) Ottawa (Mike & Ray), North CTR #3
15) New Orleans (Shawn) South #12 vs. 2) Vancouver (Joel), West #11
14) Calgary (Jr), West #14 vs. 3) Chicago (Andrew), North #2
13) St Louis (Tyson), South #20 vs. 4) Philadelphia (Scott), East #13
12) Los Angeles (Andrew), West #19 vs. 5) Halifax (Shawn), East #1
11) Boston (Ryan), East #5 vs. 6) Quebec (Matt), North #17
10) Pittsburgh (Chad), East #18 vs. 7) Miami (Charlie), South #10
9) Winnipeg (Mike & Ray), West #8 vs. 8) Buffalo (Joel), North #6

Keep in mind that no provisions were put in the rules for seeding divisions winners 1, 2, 3 and 4.  It is strictly points, after penalties and only the top 4 teams in each division are seeded.  You could be 5th in your division and not make the playoffs even though you have more points than a first place team in another division.  Once your team is seeded, you stay that seed throughout the entire playoffs and each round the high seed plays the lowest seed remaining.


Devilish Decisions

When GM's were drafting New Jersey Devils at the start of the year, they were expecting to have one less worry later, for they just drafted a playoff player.  On top of this, Parise, Kovalchuk and Zajac were thought to be possibly the best line in hockey, or close to it anyhow.  Well over the next 6 days, and four NHLP waivers, all three of those players, as well as Elias tonight, are on the teams that have the waivers.  With the Devils losing to Toronto 3-1 last night, they are the only NHL team not scoring 2 goals per game.  In fact, Stamkos has more points, 35, than New Jersey has goals, 34.  The Devils have 5 wins in 19 games, one more than the Islanders and Oils and half as many wins as 15 other teams.  They have allowed 62 goals, the 26th most in the league.  They are only 7 points out of the playoffs, but at 3-6-1 in their last ten, they are still going backwards.  So if you are a GM of Kovalchuk (Marcel), Zajac (Marcel), Elias (Mike & Ray) and the injured Parise (Chad), all having waivers in the next 6 days, what would you do with your Devil?  Not a decision, anyone would have guessed would have to be given serious thought, just 20 games into this season!


Take It Away

Here is a stat worth noting.  In the past three years what NHL player has the most takeaways?  Many GM's will get the answer to this question correct, as the player who leads this category is very good at it.  Noticeable GREAT actually!  Scroll down the page for the answer and the 'stat worth noting'.

4 at 100

Four NHLP teams followed GM Joel in Vancouver, just a day later, to 100 points on Thursday and all ended the day at 100, as did Joel the previous day after his player St Louis lost a point in the standings, dropping the team from 101 to 100.  GM's Scott, Shawn, Andrew, and Mike & Ray all ended Thursday at the century mark.  The North Division has two teams at 100 and two teams at 99, which is just crazy considering we are about 50 days into the season.



Who Is The Takeaway KING?

Some things you hear just blow you away.  Pavel Datsyuk is clearly the takeaway king in the NHL.  That shouldn't come as a major shocker to any NHL hockey fan and if it did, clearly you don't watch hockey outside your favorite players or team.  This guy is king at the takeaways...bar none.  That is the amazing stat.  BAR NONE. This blew me away, BAR NONE!!!  In the past three years, Datsyuk is so good, he reached 500 takeaways, and the closest NHL player, Alfredsson, hasn't yet reached 300!!!

If that doesn't just blow your mind, you don't at all grasp what you just read.  Pavel RULES!!!  He has over 200 more takeaways than the second closest player.  Tell me another category in the league that can be so one-sided?  I'll let you know when I hear it, but I'd have to think this is the most lopsided category between first and second of any in the entire league. 

In the NHLP, Datsyuk is found on the West's second place Jets, in Winnipeg (Mike & Ray).


Tyson Adds To Resume

GM Tyson won an NHLP Championship in his Rookie season, even though he never once hit double digits on any single night.  That all changed Saturday, as GM Tyson became the first GM this season to reach 12 points in a night, a new high for the 7 player format and in doing so became the 23rd GM in 21 years to hit the 12 plus mark.  To make the night more amazing, Tyson only had 4 players playing.  Led by a huge 5 point night by Ray Whitney the Blues went from 5th in the South to 2nd.  Others helping out were 3 points by Vrbata and 2 each from Kesler and Raymond.  "It is always a big night, even after all these years" stated historian Muddy Capone, "Here you have Charlie just doing it last season, in year 10, for the first time and GM Chad, two Cups in his 13 seasons, but still never a 12 point night."  Besides Chad, others yet to milk it for a dozen on a single night include 4th year GM Joel, 3rd year GM Matt and 2nd season GM's Mike and Ray.


* New in Officepools
* = Next Waiver
** = Waiver after Next
*** = You get the point


Meaning Of Chadwick

The Yearbook has been asked by GM Chad's adoring fans who want to name their off spring after the legend GM, "What exactly does Chadwick mean."  The NHLP Yearbook consulted a professional on names and was told of the following definition.  

The boy's name Chadwick is of Old English origin and the meaning of Chadwick is "Dairy farm of Ceadda" or just "Chad's Dairy Farm."  In modern use the name is sometimes taken as a full form of Chad.  It can also mean from the "Warriors Town" Chadwick has one variant from:  Chadwyck

(Editors Note:  After reading that we did finally understand why GM Chad has been "Milked" by so many GM's over the years.)


Savard and Lombardi - Injury Picks Today Before 6 PM

It will be interesting to see the call GM Matt makes with Savard.  Savard could be back skating any day, but it was reported yesterday by TSN that Savard's return date is expected to be January 1st.  "Well there is no rush now to drop him" said Muddy Capone, "once he is an injury, he could be dropped any day before 6 PM, after any current drops that day."  What Capone is getting at is Matt can wait and see if Savard will be back sooner and go from there.  Being in 2nd place in the North and 6 points clear of 5th, the replacement player could help stretch that out if Savard were to miss another 20 games or do you want Savard and his scoring down the stretch for the last 55 games of the season.  Matt, you decide.  Chad, well, Chad.  Let us help you.  DROP LOMBARDI TONIGHT!  Both player's replacements can have up to 5 points.

Rangers Reach Double Digits

The first NHLP to reach 10 points this season in one night is GM Charlie's NY Rangers.  Charlie who entered the night last in the East didn't gain much on the teams right in front, as they both had 7 point nights.  It was a high scoring night overall in the NHL and NHLP, but no one this season has had 10.  Ovechkin led with 3, while two points apiece came from Filppula and Homstrom.  Singles were added by Zherdev, Gomez and Leino.  Fehr, hardly a surprise at all, was off the scoresheet.  Congrats Chuck.


The East Division Has The Power in the Latest CTR

Four of the top eight ranked teams are all from the East Division in the CTR for the first 15 games of the NHL season.  "This is the 18% point in the season, almost a 5th of the way through the schedule" said Muddy Capone, "The standings are starting to take shape and teams are starting to clearly be noticed as good or maybe not-so-good."  No change at the very top as GM Shawn continues to have the very best in the NHLP but 3 of the top 5 have changed since last rating.  Check it out.  Maybe you can change your teams waiver with the Saturday night waiver GM Chad is trying to move by tonight, but then again, maybe you can't!


What is an Injury?

The injury rules has never changed in 21 seasons in the sense of what is and what is not an injury.  If your guy misses a game, he is injured.  It is that simple.  He could be hurt, personal reasons, sent to the minors, a healthy scratch, suspended, no fucking good or any other reason.  All these are injuries as far as the league goes.  He either plays or he is an injury.  Muddy Capone recalls one of the funniest injury cases in NHLP history when GM Lee ran into suspension problems.  Two of his top players, both Penguins, were each suspended for 10 games at the same time.  "I can recall that Jagr manhandled an official and I am unsure what the other player did or who it was, but maybe Stevens, Murphy, Tocchet, Francis or Lemieux, one of those guys was likely the second player" says Capone, "So hear you have two great players on his 5 man team and both have running 10 games suspensions at the same time.  He could drop neither because of their skill level."  The reason the NHLP usues this approach is who is to say why a guy misses a game.  Is he actually hurt or a healthy scratch?  We could never know, especially back than when your hockey information was the Toronto Star and the Hockey News.  So, if he misses, he is injured, pretty simple.


Last to Ten

If you can't beat'em, you can't join'em.  These teams haven't beat many teams this season, starting with Edmonton who only has 8 points this season at 3-6-2.  Although many will not be surprised that the young Oilers are in last overall, at 9 points is a big shocker.  New Jersey!  The Devils have scored a league low of 25 goals and given up a league high of 23 more goals allowed (48) than scored.  They have only played 15 games and are losing on average by 1.5 goals a game.  GM Marcel has Kovalchuk and Zajac while GM Ryan has Parise.  Other GM's not expecting the Devils slow start are Charlie, Tyson and Mike & Ray.  If the Devils improve they all have good trade value, but if things don't turn around they will all be shocked writing those players names on the board.  Their are three NHL teams who finally have 10 points, Florida, the Islanders and Buffalo.


First to Twenty

The LA Kings became the first NHL team to hit 20 points.  The Kings are 10-3 and 6-0 at the Staples Center and have a four game winning streak.  They have scored a league best 13 goals (tied with Boston) more than they have allowed.  Things are close as always in the NHL standings are the Kings are followed very closely by Philadelphia at 19 points and a 6 game win streak and three teams at 18 points, Washington, St Louis and Vancouver.  St Louis and Vancouver are still both also undefeated at home and both have 6 game win streaks.  Of note is St Louis is 5-0-2 in 7 games this year where, get this, they have scored 2 goals or LESS.  Unheard of! 


League Leaders

Stamkos (Ottawa - Mike & Ray) 20 Points (Drafted 10th Overall)
B. Richards (New Orleans - Shawn) 18 Points (Drafted 25th)
Crosby (Pittsburgh - Chad) 17 Points (Drafted 2nd)
Ovechkin (NY Rangers - Charlie) 17 Points (Drafted 1st)
Getzlaf (Vancouver - Joel) 17 Points (Drafted 29th)
Sharp (Winnipeg - Mike & Ray) 16 Points (Drafted 38th)
Stewart (Vancouver - Joel) 16 Points (Drafted 65th)
Eriksson (Philadelphia - Scott) 16 Points (Drafted 67th)
Selanne (Los Angeles - Andrew) 15 Points (Drafted 93rd)
D. Sedin (Toronto - Chad) 15 Points (Drafted 5th)
Thornton (Buffalo - Joel) 15 Points (Drafted 7th)

GM Joel has 3 of the top 11 NHL point leaders.  Of the NHLP top 10 drafted players, 5 of them already appear in the top 10.  Of the first 10 we drafted the lowest scorer would be the injured Parise who went 9th overall and only has 6 points in total.  GM Andrew drafted Selanne 93rd overall at the end of the 4th round and he stands as the latest pick to be in the top 10.


Injury Chart

There is an injury Callander on the Injury page with Projected dates to pick up.  Be aware of your situation.  This tells you went a player is an "Injury Pickup".  If you drop an injured guy in a Waiver, he may have a penalty.  Go to player tracking and look under the "CON" column for the players Contract.  Now find out how many consecutive games he has missed "CMG", not including any games that evening.  For Example, Parise has a contract of 5 and has missed one game.  Across the top of the Chart on the Injury Page, you can see the contracts, 5 would be the first column across.  Reading down the left side for consecutive missed games, one is the first number.  The cross reference shows Parise would be a minus 8 tonight.  He only has 6 points, so he is a ZERO if dropped tonight in a Waiver.  Even if dropped with multiple players, he is still only a zero and not a minus 2.  If you have questions, ask.

Who's Scoring?

Tampa Bay leads the NHL in Goals Per Game at an even 3.5 followed by Colorado (3.46), Detroit (3.33), San Jose (3.22) and Atlanta rounds out the top five at 3.18. 

Who is not scoring? 

New Jersey is the only team under the two goals a game mark at 1.54, behind Toronto, Phoenix, Nashville and Columbus all at 2.3 GPG.


Board of Governors NOT Talking

"It seems there is no interest in change" said GM Scott clearly disappointed.  "I really think we needed to open up the minors just a little, expanding the non penalty teams to more than the current top 8 teams or either the number of playoff players to 5, not 6."  The BOG has spoken and a 2 to 1 vote on these meant it was going no further without any feedback from the other GMs.  "I stress each GM pays close attention to the rule as the season goes along, or a few GM's will be at the Deadline, or before, saying that they can't do that deal as they can't unload that player to the minors.  You have to get rid of your high scoring non playoff guys before those things occur."   Here is the rule.  You need at least 6 playoff players...

10-Penalty Players

Rule – Deductions for Non-Playoff Players 

At the conclusion of the regular NHLP season and to determine NHLP playoff seeding in each division, conference and the league, NHLP teams will be penalized for points of non-playoff players.  A non-playoff player will be considered a player of any NHL team, that is not on a team that is at least tied for 8th in the NHL standings (per conference) on the day of the NHLP Trade Deadline meeting and also misses the NHL playoffs (not on a 1 thru 8 seed and misses the playoffs).  All players on NHL teams at least tied for 8th and higher in the NHL standings (per conference) on the day of the NHLP Trade Deadline meeting are considered playoff players regardless of their NHL teams final position in the standings.  Each NHLP team will be allowed to keep the points of their highest non-playoff player.  Each subsequent non-playoff player's points are deducted from the NHLP teams total points in the standings and only then the top four teams in order of remaining points after the deductions are the 1-4 playoff seeds for that division.  This final point total of each NHLP team, after the deductions, will also be the points total used in determining the Semi-Finals and Finals for the purposes of seeding.  Of the 7 NHL players each NHLP team has, 6 must be considered playoff players as per this rule.

Feel free to email us your thoughts.



Halifax Voices Disappointment in Using Waiver

Halifax GM Shawn was clearly disappointed in the interest he received for the first waiver of the NHLP season,

"Don't know if the league has changed that much in the one year I have been away or that the revamp has had that much of an impact. Maybe I just way over valued the waivers.  Unbelievably I did not get one offer for the waiver" stated Shawn, "I know in years gone past the first waiver always had value."  Shawn had received a couple trade offers we have been told but Bolland's injury tied his hands on those, "We did receive offers and for a few points.  One player offered to us is getting 1.2 points per game and was meant for the minors, but I ended up going for the 1 for 1 in the end."  Halifax ended up just dumping Bolland who Shawn stated "Was a mistake" and added Dupuis who had 2 points and "Could go down Wednesday if I don't get an offer."



Perfect Storm Hits Halifax

The Yearbook shared GM Shawn's shock at the lack of interest for the first waiver of the NHLP season but Muddy Capone felt Halifax may have just ran into a perfect storm.  "When everything is combined it actually wasn't maybe as surprising as one might first think, about no interest in the always important, first waiver of the season" Capone stated, trying to analyze what he thinks happened.  "We are only ten games into something new and different.  Many guys were likely observing to see what the going rate might be and how someone else handles the first waiver.  Than you have the NHL and NHLP standings very, very close, so no one knows yet with any certainty where they stand and where the NHL teams stand in such tight quarters.  Adding to this was the late coming of the NHLP site being updated with the Draft choices on the GM pages and such.  On top of all this, we have a minors that in years past we forced to be rich by only allowing guys drafted twice for 2 and 3 rounds, forcing it to be fully stocked with talent.  This season this isn't so, so every GM has something new to study and understand and it just seems many approached night one with hesitation."  All GM's are still in the same boat and must get a playoff team built by the end of the season and it is their choice how they want to accomplish this feat.


Board of Governors Talking

The debates rage on, as they always will.  "We have to watch everything on the fly and if it means tweaks, it means tweaks" said one member, "If we leave it as is, at least it was out there to be able to monitor as our new revamping unfolds."  At issue is apparently whether the league should stick with the mandatory 6 playoff players (of your 7) before penalty or ease it to 5, taking some pressure off the minors.  Another way to accomplish this same effect is making more teams penalty free at the NHLP Trading Deadline, such as the top 8, plus any team within 3 points of the playoffs, so those players could be used, if needed, in deals with the minors.  GM Scott, a BOG member stated, "We are already 11 players deep in Detroit and 7+ players deep on 8 other NHL teams.  Are GM's going to be able to fill a roster without having their hands tied, thus preventing top players from being dealt by the 5th and 6th place teams who simply state, I can't take him, I can't do anything with him if we make that deal?"

Feel free to email us your thoughts.


A New CTR With a Top Five New Teams

The power has shifted to the East, in a very serious way.  A all new CTR is out after the ten game (12%) mark of the season.  The previous top five were all over taken and replaced with an all new set of teams.  Check it out, it is after all, the NHLP Power Rankings!


Do NHLP Teams Have Less Points Than Other Years?

Well, just a little bit.  The GM point totals for the month of October are complete and GM Joel leads the way with 119 total points, 14 more than Andrew and Mike and Ray who are tied for second at 105.  GM's Jr, Marcel and Ryan are two points ahead of GM Tyson's 79 for 12th on the list.  The average NHLP team has 47.5 points for October and that is 2.25 points per team less than the 49.75 each team ended October of last year with.  GM Point totals are done on the 1st of every month and may always be found lower on this page where the link says "GM's Cup (1st Every Month)"


Chad Sends Email

GM Chad is looking for a taker for his Toronto Wavier on Thursday, November 6th while he is away.  GM Ryan is looking to move the one on the 19th while GM Shawn is taking offers and looking to deal this weekend.  Somewhere here there has to be a few things that fit.  Rumors are suggesting there will be a deal tomorrow evening.

2013-2014 Draft

AND THE WINNER WAS...GM Tyson in St Louis with the number one overall pick.  GM Scott came away with his favorite pick, 24th and 25th but didn't seem happy when quoted by the Yearbook, "I'll never get to see that pick" said Scott, "Three years out, hell, I'll be drafting 24th and 48th by then."  This is the second straight year and 3 in 5 years that GM Tyson has the 1st overall pick


Green Bay Looks to Move Waiver

GM Ryan is planning on moving his November 17th Waiver, hoping for a possible Waiver swap with someone looking to move up or move back. 


Toronto Puts Up Waiver

GM Chad has stated he'd love to exchange waivers for the 6th, as he too is gone.  He did state he will use it if the offer if right, but get a hold of him now and it may be had.


Waivers and Drafts to be Updated

The Waivers and Drafts will be updated shortly so they can be used in making deals.  If you are unsure of anything, send us off an email and we can try and help you out.

Montreal Struggles

As if being last in the North Division wasn't even for GM Marcel's Habs, on Saturday night his number one pick Kovalchuk is a healthy scratch.  Montreal is 8 points out of a playoff spot and fading, kind of anyhow.  "Thank goodness for our 8 point Saturday without Kovalchuk" points out Marcel, "Where would we been without that big night?"  Marcel is getting some points but is in a division where the 4th place team has 36 points, basically good enough for 2nd place in any of the other divisions.  Chicago (Andrew) is out of the playoffs in the North yet would be in second in either the South or West so GM Marcel is going to need Kovalchuk not only in the line nightly, but scoring at least a point a game.


Waiver's Start Saturday

GM Shawn in Halifax will have a busy few days with back to back Waivers this Saturday and again Wednesday.  "I may trade them both still" said Shawn, "I am listening closely.  There are so many slow starters in the NHLP and so many hot undrafted players, these first picks are very valuable."  What Shawn wants in return he has not disclosed yet.  As always the NHLP Yearbook will pass along the information as we know it right here in the site.

Nines High

The first GM's to high nine points in a night occurred on Saturday as both GM's Charlie (Miami) and Joel (Buffalo) had nine point nights.  NO GM has yet to hit 10 with the new seven player teams.  Charlie's Surf are also first in the NHLP with 48 points.  "The old 12 point night will be very hard to achieve" states Muddy Capone, "With 7 players it appears easier than the last few years, but we only have the top guys drafted once.  You still need two players to get 4 and 3 and five others to have a point.  That only hits you 12 and usually only all your players are playing on a Saturday night, so it will always remain quite a feat.  Reaching GM Jr's 17 may just be impossible, we'll see."


NHLP CTR Power Rankings

The first Power Rankings of the season are out.  Where are you sitting early on?  Find out!!!


Power Lies In South

The NHLP Power Rankings have three of the top five strongest teams, all from the South Division.


First Waiver in Two Weeks

GM Shawn ask we post that one or both his waivers are available on the 30th and 3rd.  "It is always high risk when you have a guy out of the gates fast, dropping those big points so early and grabbing some playoff guys" says Muddy Capone, "It doesn't always work but there are already a few early undrafted standouts that would look great on many teams."  Things are starting to heat up.


Eberle Dominate

You just never know what will become a story.  Anyone at the NHLP Draft understands what went on and how GM Scottie and Jr went back and forth and how Scottie pursued Eberle.  Well, night one of the deal, Eberle scores two goals and Boland gets nothing, but that is just the least of it.  "Eberle is good" said Muddy Capone, "Did you see that goal?  Let me tell you what, wow!"  This story will now be something we follow all year and after tonight, after this young Edmonton team looked unstoppable, we can only imagine what the future holds for these Oilers, two or three years from now.  We don't know who to feel worst for, Calgary or GM Shawn.

2013-2014 Draft

The NHLP will be drawing the 2013/14 Draft at GM Jr's for those who want to attend.  "We usually do it at the NHLP Draft" said GM Jr who had it put aside after he wanted to start the draft with the future draft drawing, "Now we will do it here."  GM's Chad and Joel will be in attendance for the draw and any other local GM can contact Jr for the date of the drawing.  "We want to get it done before the first waiver" said Jr in the hopes of getting the draft done in the next 3 weeks so the league can use that draft in this years early deals.


First NHLP Waiver October 30th

With 12 games on October 30th, GM Shawn will kick off the 2010/11 season with not only the first waiver of the season on October 30th, but also the 2nd on November 3rd.  "It is clear to see that one will be available" stated Muddy Capone, "These early waivers can net a GM an early NHL standout who was over-looked or help unload a bad draft pick, so they will be important and valuable."  Shawn has 5 first half Waiver picks including 2 of the 13 in November and 2 of the 10 in December.  GM Scott does not have a Waiver in the first half.  A total of 14 of the first 24 Waivers are on nights with 10+ NHL games while of the 3 nights in the first half with only 7 NHL games, GM Andrew picks twice.


Draft Day See's First Deals

The NHLP GM's thank GM Marcel for hosting the NHLP's 21st draft.  The league returned to GM Marcel's for the 1st time in 5 season and the draft was not without it's share of surprises.  For the first time in league history the first overall pick was traded prior to the selection.  GM's Shawn and Charlie hooked up on the deal which saw Halifax (Shawn) move down to third but pick up the NY Rangers (Charlie) waiver.  Another first came later in the draft when the NHLP saw player movement the earliest in league history when GM's Shawn and Jr hooked up in a 1 for 1.


Assistant GM Aggressively Gets What He Wants

GM Jr is busy these days grooming the next generation of the leagues GM's.  The NHLP got a taste of what is to come when Calgary's Assistant GM, Scottie, aggressively made the seasons first player day, trading Bolland for Eberle.  "I will make him the offer and he will take it" stated the young GM at one point, not at all concerned he was giving a second line center from the defending NHL Champion Blackhawks for a rookie from Edmonton who had no guarantees of making the final roster.  "He was very aggressive" said Muddy Capone.  "I loved it when he was mocking GM Shawn about the Waiver.  He keep telling Shawn 'What's that', as if to say, 'I can't hear you, you want WHAT'.  He got his way and Shawn back down from the Waiver offer and settled for 10 to 15 spots in the 5th round."  The NHLP has a lot to look forward to as this youngster will stare down anyone and is years before his time.


(click to enlarge)

Sara Wins MVP

Sara has captured the Most Valuable Partner award for her work on the NHLP Championship cake of GM Tyson's.  "I never saw 11 GM's standing over a cake in such wonderment" said Muddy Capone, "Guys were just speechless."  The cake was not only a hit for the eyes but wasn't on the plates of any GM for very long either as several GM's went back for seconds.  "Do you mind if I bring some for the kids at home" stated GM Andrew.  The league has been spoiled by Sara's work and wants to take a moment to thank her as it is very much appreciated.  It just adds a little more incentive to winning it all in the NHLP.



(click to enlarge)

Cleveland Raises Banner

GM Tyson officially raised his Championship banner prior to the start of the NHLP season.  Tyson became only the second NHLP GM to win in his rookie season, GM Norm the other.  All 6 NHL players won the NHLP Championship for the first time, including this years first overall pick, Alex Ovechkin.



Shawn's Back

GM Shawn is returning to the NHLP after away for just one season, "I am so excited to be back for a 6th season, I can't wait."  GM Shawn was missed and the NHLP could not be more happy to welcome him back into the mix, "This is a great day for the NHLP" stated GM Jr, "You don't replace guys like Shawn when they leave."  GM Shawn loved the revamp and didn't hesitate for a minute when asked to replace GM Henry who choose to step aside.  "Walking into the first overall pick isn't too bad either" said Shawn.  Shawn was one of the busiest GM's in his first 5 years, making as many deals as almost any GM over that span so this is a good sign for a league that loves action.  WELCOME BACK!!!!


GM Henry Moves On

GM Henry was honest with himself that the NHLP wasn't a good fit for him, "It was too time consuming and now with shift work and a child on the way, I need to step away for now."  Henry was one of the three Rookie GM's who filled spots starting in the 2009-10 season (Ray/Mike and Tyson the others).  The league found it hard with three new GM's and Henry admitted it was just too much of a learning curve stepping in on the day of the draft.  With the revamp it is possible for the league to go beyond 12 GM's so the door is always open in the future for a return but the NHLP wishing Henry all the best with his new addition and thanks him for filling the 12th spot last season.


20 Year Revamp

For the first time in a decade, the NHLP will be drafting players once each, after a major overhaul.  "In 20 years we have never ran with only two teams each and never had teams with seven players, so these are major changes" said Muddy Capone.  Also for the first time in NHLP history there will be no conferences and a never before seen playoff format where teams will play outside of their divisions in round one.  It should be very exciting and GM's are already talking about the coming draft.


What Has Been Said

"I like the new format" - GM Joel

"Love it" - GM Chad

"I like the new rules.  This makes things even more competitive than they already are." - GM Matt

"I am anxious to get going.  I haven't been this excited about the NHLP in years.  The juices are flowing again." - GM Jr

"I think simplifying it will make for a better league, more engagement and more competition for all." - GM Andrew

"I believe the meetings will be like old times.  We should see more in-league trading at the meetings, instead of everyone bogged down with the minors.  Love it."  GM Scott


Revamp Highlights

Just two teams each of 7 players

Players only drafted, and in league, once each

No Conferences, just 4 divisions of 6 teams (top four in each making playoffs)

Playoff seeding 1-16 of the playoff teams with high and low seeds playing each round


Pick Two Team Names

Each GM now has to pick two team names.  "It is hard to let go of Minnesota" said GM Scott, "We had them in 89-90, only to lose them and get them back."  GM Scott said he'd keep Edmonton and Philadelphia, who have won him Cups, but the San Fran Titan, also an NHLP Cup winner will be retired.  "Maybe a new GM will take these Cup teams somewhere down the road."  GM Scott looks back on that first NHLP season when he started with Philadelphia, Montreal and Minnesota before acquiring his Oil in year two, joining the Gull and Flyer.  GM Jr will undoubtedly take his two time NHLP Champion Dallas Stars, a team he started with back in his first year of 94-95 (Tampa Bay and Los Angeles his other two that first year).  In Jr's second year he took over Calgary and GM Andrew started his first season with teams he still has today, Los Angeles, Hartford and Chicago, all NHLP Cup winners.  "Tough sentimental choices will have to be made for many GM's but most are expected to keep their Cup winning teams" said Muddy Capone.  GM Chad started with Colorado, Portland and Atlanta, Winning Cups with his Avs and Winter Hawks, so can he keep his leaf team and retire one of the others?  Tough choices for so many GM's.


Draft Spots

Seeing as the NHLP drafts three years in advance it was decided to not take anyone's first overall pick away from them.  "We don't anticipate anyone giving up any in the first six to ten overall" said Muddy Capone, "But we left it to each GM to take whatever two spots they want each year."  With only 24 spots in the first round, all picks are decent picks, but it is the later rounds that will produce the best and worst picks of the draft. 

Once all GM's get their draft slots in, we will have a better picture of the 2010-11 draft.


GM Marcel To Host?

GM Marcel has requested to host the 2010-11 NHLP Draft in September or October (to be determined).  The NHLP is planning ahead for the season and would like each GM to confirm they will be back next season so we have time to replace someone who returning.  Hopefully we have everyone back for season 21.

NHLP Cup Champions

GM Andrew (4) - '97, '99, '02, '04 (8th, 10th, 13th & 15th Cups)

GM Scott (3) - '92, '03, '06 (3rd, 14th, & 16th Cups)

GM Norman (2) - '93, '94 (4th & 5th Cups)

GM Leo (2) - '95, '98 (6th & 9th Cups)

GM Chadwick (2) - '00, '07 (11th & 17th Cups)

GM Jr (2) - '01, '09 (12th & 19th Cups)

GM Raymond (1) - '90 (1st Cup)

GM Edward (1) - '91 (2nd Cup)

GM Lee (1) - '96 (7th Cup)

GM Marcel (1) - '08 (18th Cup)

GM Tyson (1) - '10 (20th Cup)


Playoffs 2009/10

Season 2009/10

Season 2008/09