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Highlights for 2013/14




Big Names Story of Deadline Day

A day full of Block-Buster big names being thrown around like a baseball on Opening Day, sometimes carelessly without being in mid season form.  Leading into the Deadline we already say names like Crosby, Stamkos, Perry, St Louis, Keith, Bergeron, and Chara just to name a few.  During the bid day we saw Thornton, Toews, Kopitar, Malkin, Steen (twice), Marchand, Stephan, Gaborik, Oshie, Iginla, Keith, Perry and Callahan, hardly them all but just a selected few huge names moving in a 42 Transaction day.  GM Shawn was a great host for the leagues all time 72nd meeting, receiving the huge appreciation of the NHLP die-hards who come from far and wide on the day. 


Duchene Gone Four 4 Weeks

Hardly the first casualty of since the meeting, but breaking news is worst case scenario for GM's Marcel and Scott. Marcel lost Duchene on his first place Habs.  "GM Scott offered me Vanek once we knew he was hurt, saying it would be an even deal if by seasons end if Duchene just rests to the playoffs." said Marcel.  Well if either of them only knew he'd not be back for round one, they would have been more aggressive.  The injury for the Flyer has just been another blow in a seemingly endless series of events to conclude the season.  "What started out with promise is has turned into a full blown nightmare" said GM Scott who gave the teams Waiver next year in building this team.  Scott said once Kane and Letang got hurt that his mindset turned to expecting "Nothing at all" from this team.  "We can still easily get in with what we have and if the fat fuck sings, we just can chalk it up to one of those seasons" said Scott, "But as we have spleen before, just when you think it is over comes a motorcycle out of nowhere."


Boston Heads North for St. Louis in 2-2

GM Ryan seemed a little worn down.  "I have sent offers and haven't received responses and the Deadline is coming" said the Bruins GM, "We both agreed we didn't want to keep waiting to get it done."  The deal for St Louis to Boston for Keith was on the table for several weeks but GM Ryan hung strong in wanting Hartnell as the other part of the two for two, while GM Scott wanted that second part to be Bozak.  "GM Ryan knew I was under the gun, not wanting to leave this deal any longer, so the compromise was what we thought a strong draft pick and that got the deal done" said San Fran GM Scott.  "Sometimes when you leave a deal to the Deadline things get so busy, and the standings so close that often what you hoped to get disappears for some reason, as simple as the Minors dry up" Scott said, "And I think this was the best we could realistically do with many other GM's wanting to wait longer before they trade."  Boston ended up with 19 points, moving into 4th spot in the South Division, while adding both St Louis and Hartnell.  Going to the West Coast's Titan were Keith and Doughty and a second round pick, some 12 spots.  "They got the points and some scoring in this case and we got the distance player we wanted to accompany Iginla and Steen in the playoffs" said Scott, "The way a deal between a first and last place team should work." 


Inter-Divisional Blockbuster

One has to wonder who will be the next big name to be traded after Hossa follows Crosby, both traded by two-time NHLP Champion GM Tyson.  "I had a lot of great offers, but I had to pull the trigger on this one" said the GM who seemingly, for the second Blockbuster in a row, moved a star player and made out quite well.  Hamilton (Tyson) traded Hossa, Shaw and Hjalmarsson to the NY Islanders (Ryan) in exchange for O'Reilly, Marchand and Wingels.  "We are very happy to pick up 23 points and star players in return" added the Hitmen GM.  The only team to not move position in the East Division was 3rd place Halifax (Shawn).  Hamilton moves into 2nd place, Montreal (Marcel) up to first while the Islanders (Ryan) drop GM Charlie out of the playoffs everywhere.  Charlie's NY Rangers are now 6 points back of 4th. 



Now that the movement has started, there is no shortage of big names actually being floated around at this time.  It is true some bigger names then the standings appear to show are actually being shopped, from the top of the NHLP Standings to the bottom.  "We know GM Charlie is shopping Bergeron and Chara" said Muddy Capone, "It is just if a deal can get done leaving him points and 6 playoff players."  There is a lot of talk for big names.  Is GM Chad now shopping Getzlaf or Parise, GM Scott Kane or Vanek, maybe twice?  Is GM Matt shopping MacKinnon or Parise?  We know GM Ryan has been in talks about Keith and Couture, and GM Scott is trying desperately to trade St Louis and now apparently Gaborik.  There is even talk GM Andrew could trade Lucic or Pacioretty and at this point, that is more than actual talk as rumors or proposed deals on the table have surfaced.  With all these huge names, some must be traded, while others will be used to improve a team, or get them a playoff spot, there is little doubt the next 9 days should be very interesting.


Crosby No Longer Blue

The St Louis Blues (Tyson) have traded Crosby in a four for four player deal with Buffalo (Joel).  "Last season I waited to long to try and move him and it cost me" stated GM Tyson who said the deal happened pretty fast and he didn't want to wait until the Deadline to try and move a player like Crosby this season.  The Blues sent Crosby, Hanzal, Handzus and Martin and gained 29 points for Perry, Filppula, Soderberg and Toffoli.  "I was pleased with that and don't think I would have done it had Perry not been in the deal" stated Tyson.  The Blues GM said now GM Joel does certainly have the best 1-2 punch in the league, with Crosby and Stamkos, but he is glad it is over.  "I'm glad it's done now and I can stop thinking about it" he said with a slight chuckle, "I think we are balanced now moving forward."  St Louis now moves into 4th, a single point up on Green Bay (Ryan) who now go from buyers to sellers.  "I wanted to hold Crosby" said Tyson, "But the teams in front didn't want to join the party."

Granlund Style

Carolina (Joel) added three valuable points in a deal with Indianapolis (Matt).  Carolina traded Bouwmeester and added Granlund.


Crosby Joins Stamkos in Buffalo

How a GM can acquire those two players on one team is fairly mind-boggling.  "It was one of those deals your not sure you should make or not" said GM Joel in a press release, "But whenever you can acquire the best player in the league, I think you have to do it."  The Buffalo Sabres (Joel) made a very bold move, adding Crosby to a team that already had Stamkos, giving the Sabres a first round team no other NHLP team will like to play.  This is the Sabres second 30 point deal of the season, something that can only be credited to this up and coming GM.  "This is GM Joel's seventh season as a GM, and you can just feel he is becoming an elite GM" said NHLP analyst Muddy Capone who has witnessed every NHLP GM grow since the leagues inception 23 years ago, "He certainly isn't scared to make a big move."  Buffalo will continue to get scarier the longer Pittsburgh and Tampa go in the NHL playoffs, but even, either one, in the second round could be 10 points.  Buffalo gave a lot of points and good players in this deal, something Capone saw as the reason no team would get Crsoby.  "Joel gave Perry, Filppula, Soderberg, Toffoli and 29 points" Capone noted, "That is a winning team right there."  The Sabres now sit in 4th, just three points ahead of Miami (Charlie) and 14 up on last place Boston (Ryan) who is looking to make a move.

Fowler Moods

GM's Jr (Calgary) and Shawn (Halifax) both got bad injury news when Fowler will be gone from 3 to 5 weeks, the tail end causing him to miss the first round.  Both GM's are in playoff spots and this news is better now then after the NHLP Trading Deadline when no transactions of any kind may occur.  Another GM feeling fowl today on the bad news was Philadelphia GM Scott, who heard that Kane may be gone the rest of the regular season.  The Flyer are in a battle just to make the playoffs and a simple looking play could now cost them a playoff spot.


The Difference a Day Makes

GM Scott was talking to another GM early in the day and by the end of games that night, "The deal didn't make as much sense nine points later" stated Scott.  That is how things turn.  For the Oil going from 30 points out at the start of the games to 21, or 19 as Scott views it, what appeared a good deal hours earlier was not even a thought anymore.  For GM Ryan, one minute Neal is long-term with a concussion and you are thinking what to do about it, the next minute he is healthy in the lineup.  "I sure wish I could buy a Waiver" stated GM Marcel about his injury riddled Panthers, "But now maybe Backstrom and Alfredsson are playoff guys anyhow."  It is the difference a day makes in the NHLP, what isn't looking good today, looks pretty damn sweet tonight.  So will be the case when the NHLP's giants start moving their points around.  Teams sitting comfortably in 3rd are now desperate buyers when the 5th place team moves up, yet had they acted first, the 5th place team changes totally who they are shopping and for how many points.  "Timing is everything" said Muddy Capone, "And this time tomorrow what you are thinking today might no longer be a viable option."  In some cases, as with Edmonton today, it isn't always a bad thing.
Sabering The Moment

GM Joel has 28 points to work with in Buffalo.  How sweet is that?  He also has 7 playoff players including Perry and Stamkos.  "This is on top of the 30 we gave to get Stamkos" said Joel about his fortune, "Just another big trade away."  We all know what 'Away" from means and GM Joel must be credited from somehow pulling off this remarkable season to date.  With a ton of injuries elsewhere, the GM just put all the pieces together in Buffalo to be "Just another big trade away" from potentially the best run he has had as a GM.  "I went to the NHLP Championship in my first two seasons" stated Joel, "But this team has something I never had before, the expectation of winning it all or nothing matters."  A better 1-2 in the league will be hard to find then Perry-Stamkos and with 28 points to work with, the 1-2-3 and maybe 4 won't be to shabby either.  The Sabres are the real deal and if the right deal is made, who is to say just how real this all might turn out for a very deserving GM, chasing his deserving first NHLP Championship.


NHL Standings 'Stand-Still'

Muddy Capone said the NHLP could be looking at 40+ Transactions on the 29th, the NHLP Trading Deadline.  "There is more talk by the day, but no movement when most every team must make moves" said Capone who feels not more then a couple NHLP teams are actually set.  Word is many GMs are saying they would like to make moves before the Deadline, leaving only 9 more days if that is the case, but the dominos just have not begun to fall.  With GMs not knowing what NHL teams are actually playoff teams, the teams with points don't want to make moves for useless players and the teams who need points don't want to be selling anyone a little too cheap, just yet anyhow.  Each NHL game is so big every single night, but we are down to about 5 to 6 games per team before decisions finally will have to be made regardless of NHL or NHLP team standings.  "Don't be late to the meeting, the minors must open sharp that morning" laughed Capone, "All the good guys will be gone in the first 10 transactions to the Minors."  Then what?
21 for 21

The ONLY NHLP GM who has 21 playoff players entering tonight's games is GM Tyson.  You'd think he would be quite happy about that fact, but not so fast.  "Crosby has been a curse for me" said GM Tyson, who knows that even having the leagues top scoring player on one of the best NHL teams, isn't always a great thing.  St Louis is 26 points out and sit with 7 playoff players, one being Sid the Kid, and yet options are so limited as to what the Blues can do.  "Many teams find it hard to find two tradable players that equal Crosby's 91 points" said Muddy Capone, "It boggles the mind the best player in the world can be a curse but this is really a tough spot to be in for GM Tyson"  Tyson's Hamilton Hitmen, another full team of 7 playoff players are also in last place while Cleveland have 7 playoff players and 20 points to work with.  "Most guys with 21 playoff players wouldn't have much to do at the Deadline" Tyson admitted and he expects to be busy trying to move Crosby and others to get all three teams in the playoffs and win his third Championship in five seasons as a GM.


Portland Hurting

GM Vinnie received more bad news for his first place Portland Winter Hawks who were poised to have potentially one of Vinnie's best runs ever.  Already with Parenteau a question mark for the first round, Tarasenko is now out 6 weeks, making it very likely he will miss the first round of the NHL playoffs.  "You can't replace these kinds of players this time of year" stated Muddy Capone.  Vinnie will have to make really tough decisions, even though comfortably up almost 40 points in the West Division.  With top scorer Sequin still not a solidified playoff player and other injuries to Kunitz and Erat, the Winter Hawks should be a very interesting team to follow in the next two weeks.


GM Ryan - "I'm Not Surprised"

The New York Islanders (Ryan) could in fact be the best NHLP team said Muddy Capone, "And if they are not, they aren't too far off."  That is high praise for GM Ryan who put the team together.  Now right when things were looking so good, the Islanders received very bad news with a concussion to Neal.  "I'm not surprised" said GM Ryan, "We finally get something great, but the Hockey Gods always find a way to make things difficult."  Concussions are anything but predictable, some guys return in a week while others never do return.  The Islanders, like any team, have to make tough choices for it is unlikely you can ever walk through round one without your star player, but it is more unlikely to find an equivalent replacement, asking another team to take the chance on Neal, even if the points they receive for it helps them get into the playoffs. 


Last CTR To Come - After "Useless Points Moved"

Everyone wants to see how they stack up and the NHLP Yearbook have stated that one final CTR will come after the Trading Deadline.  "After the Deadline teams are set, no potential (points) matters anymore and we get a truer indication of who has the power in the league" stated Muddy Capone. So Legendary GM Raymond was actually correct when he once stated "Points are Useless, Unless in Use."  Over twenty NHLP seasons after the statement it is still one NHLP rule great GM's live by.  "It is one of the leagues historical ironies" laughed Capone, "That great GM's now know, or have come to learn, to get every ounce out of their points and points above 5th at the end of the season, likely could have been put to better use."  The irony says Capone, "GM Raymond, more so than any GM in league history, loved being in first place above everything else."


30+ Transactions to Come

Muddy Capone said it isn't a surprise at all teams are waiting to make deals.  "You have teams you want to do something and get better and other teams that can't do anything at all, so will burn those teams" stated Capone, "Then you have teams that will do something later and teams that can't do anything until later" referring to the NHLP Minors being open up.  Capone went on to say that the very tight NHL standings plays a direct part in deals, always does and always has.  The NHLP Yearbook predicts at least 30 more Transactions "On the low end".  Last season two weeks before the Deadline there were 4 Transactions and the week before the Deadline 7 more with 6 of those within 48 hours of the Deadline.  During the Deadline there were 40 Transactions, 26 to the Minors and 14 Trades, mostly occurring in the second half of the meeting after teams have went to the Minors.  Is there an advantage to Waiting?  "If you have done everything perfectly you head into the meeting with nothing left to do to the Minors and only have to talk to GM's about Trades" said Capone, "But this league doesn't function anywhere near the perfect world."   


"Think Like a Winner and You'll Be One" - GM Norm

In the 1995 NHLP Yearbook, after winning his back to back Championships GM Norm told of his 8 step approach to winning.  This NHLP Article highlights those 8 steps with excepts from that article 20 years later.

"Don't let negative GM's discourage you" - I have learned to spot a negative GM and I avoid them.  Think like a winner.

"Smile when things go sour" - It'll make you feel good about yourself even when forced to put on a happy face.  It pisses off your opponents when they are looking for your agony and they see your smirks.  It drives them crazy.

"Learn to laugh at yourself and your problems" - A GM can make big troubles look small.  Don't laugh at another GM's misfortunes.

"Don't feel sorry for yourself" - There is a solution a GM can find for every problem so spend your time looking for it instead of wallowing in self pity.  I know several GM's will screw up once and their season is over.  You have to smile and laugh, loosen up and find a solution.  Once you see there is no hope, this is time to reset and think again.


"When things look bad or go wrong, don't sulk or take it out on others" - Every time GM's screw up it is someone else's fault.  Too many GM's always want to lay the blame elsewhere, always blaming others for their own incompetence.  After all that, he has solved nothing.  Thinking is easy, acting is difficult.  To put ones thoughts into action is the most difficult job of a GM.  The key is to keep quiet and concentrate on finding that solution to your problem.

"Believe in yourself" - I see GM's make bad decisions everyday because they don't believe in themselves.  GM Glen said it best once after a trade when he said "When a GM agrees with me on a deal, I feel I must be wrong."  Need I say more?

"Be enthusiastic" - Lee's best quality.  Enthusiasm is positive thinking in action and it can open doors that are firmly closed.  I've seen Lee make more deals by getting the other GM excited then I've seen Clark pull deals off the table.

"Go after what you need, not what you want" - When will GM's in this league ever learn that even a bargain costs money.  Clark and Lee trade for the love of trading, but do you see anything on their fingers?  Only a complete idiot goes after what they want.  True Champions like myself go after whet they need!!!

"I need another NHLP Championship" - GM Norm 1995


NHLP Team Reporters on Deadline Rumors

Have a report?  Send it in.

Joe King, the NHLP team reporter for the Quebec Nordiques (Matt) says the team is in idea shape heading into the NHLP Trading Deadline.  "GM's who are out of a playoff spot with 7 playoff players have done their job" stated King, "It is what separates GM's this time of year."  The Nords may trade playoff for playoffs if needed to get in or even as a last resort bring in a fringe player if needed, with the certainty of at least having 6 playoff players in round one.  GM's out without 7 playoff players find many offers unpractical as the GM's start admitting "Their hands are tied". 

Boston Bruins (Ryan) team reporter Tess Steckle admits GM Ryan has been taking offers for players Keith, Couture, Burns and Doughty.  "With the Bruins now 34 back, a blockbuster will be required" said Steckle.  GM Ryan himself has said he'd rather not wait until the Deadline, leaving him 17 days to make decisions if that the case.  Muddy Capone stated that once the dominos start falling, points and teams disappear from potential trade partners in a hurry.  "There are currently 5 NHLP teams up 25 points on 5th, all suitors if you need 25 or more points realistically" said Capone, "So you have options to make numbers and players work, but with each team to move their points, suddenly things are unrealistic and the deal you thought you could once make, is no longer a possibility."

"Being available and actually being able to make a deal are different things" stated Garren Teed, team reporter for the NHLP's St Louis Blues (Tyson).  Being 22 points out you would think all players are in play, but with Crosby having 87 points, not many NHLP Teams can possibly pay the price, even a very mere 10 to 20 points to make the numbers work.  On top of this, is what you give up and what you receive now attractive?  This means it is very likely Richards as the Blues biggest trading chip.  The Blues are one team that can take on a lot of non playoff points with their low numbers on the roster.


Although the Phoenix Coyotes (Charlie) have assets Marchand and Chara, a mere 71 points and very tradable for some of the 33 points the Yotes are currently out, it is what else they have that may have them doomed said team reporter Noah Lott.  "Carrying three non playoff players, Penner, Penner and Semin means that even with 30 points for Marchand and Chara, if those others don't move, it is impossible for the team to make the playoffs" explained Lott.  GM Charlie can likely find a way, but hoping that way finds you, it will be unlikely to achieve the results that will be needed.

The New Orleans Wolverines (Shawn) are one of the teams with 25+ points to move, up currently a whopping 31 on 5th and sitting with 7 desired playoff players.  "One of the greatest mistakes a GM ever makes is to be content with what you currently have" said Muddy Capone, "Thinking you can't get better, is a guarantee you won't."  The question likely isn't if this team can get better, but how do you better it will be something GM Shawn has to figure out in one of his greatest ever opportunities to win his first Championship.

Cincinnati Rage (Matt) team reporter Mick Stupp said GM Matt is in good shape heading into the NHLP Deadline with only Staal's 30 points his major concern.  The Rage are a mere 4 points behind injury riddled Las Vegas (Vinnie) who also have serious decisions on Ovechkin and Benn.  "There should be no reason the Rage do not grab a playoff spot in the North Division" Stupp Said.

NHLP Champions of 2010, the Cleveland Fury (Tyson) are in great shape stated team reporter Jack Potts.  The Fury are watching Palat and Hedman of Tampa Bay but have 24 points in the NHLP's North Division to work with to improve in the coming few weeks.  GM Tyson has won 2 of a possible 4 Cups so far so it is almost a certainty the Fury will improve on what they have, an already competitive entry.


April 9th Make Up?

Muddy Capone stated that after looking at the NHL schedules for both Dallas and Columbus, a makeup date most likely would be April 9th during the regular season or tacking the extra game on the Monday after the season ends.  After a scary incident involving Rich Peverley, once in the NHLP three times at the same time, the NHL game between the Stars and the Blue Jackets was cancelled with a yet to be determined makeup game.  In this crucial game with seemingly certain playoff implications, Columbus was flying early, all over the Stars and although up 1-0, could have easily been 3 if not for Thomas in the first 7 minutes.  It would appear likely that the NHL replays the game in its entirety, erasing the hard and well earned 1-0 Columbus lead.  "It is a very subtle thing, but anyone who knows hockey knows teams that score first win more often" said Muddy Capone, "But having fans show up and pay for a ticket, only playing 5/6th of a game isn't in the best interests of the game either."


Parenteau Decision Tough on Panthers

GM Marcel knows he will have to make a tough decision on Parenteau but said there should also be a lineup for his services.  "If he is back by the playoffs, why not a team who can carry him take that chance" asked Marcel?  With news Parenteau is out 4 to 6 weeks, these tough choices are very real decisions NHLP GM's now face.  Portland (Vinnie) just picked up Parenteau last week but the Winter Hawks are 47 points clear of 5th, so their decision isn't based on making the playoffs but rather, can they risk a zero point first round from Parenteau if he isn't back in time?  "GM's who pay attention and do a lot of research are much better prepared to make the right call on such players" stated Muddy Capone, "A great way GM's can cash in or cash out."  Just another interesting sub plot that now plays out over the coming 18 days and beyond. 


Carolina Hurricanes (Joel) team reporter Jack Hass said GM Joel is cheering hard for "a good three weeks" from the NHL Sens, who are only 4 points out of the wild card seed, the 8th and final NHL playoff spot.  Sitting with Spezza and Turris, totaling 96 points and still having Gagner to move, it is clear that Joel will be busy at the NHLP Trading Deadline if things don't turn in the Sens favor soon.  The Sens have 9 games before the NHLP Deadline and of those two are against Tampa Bay and one with the Rangers, all teams the Senators are chasing.

Kent C. Strait, the Philadelphia Flyer (Scott) team reporter has noted GM Scott if heavily invested in the Blue Jackets NHL standings with Johansen twice.  More pressing is the fact the GM is preparing to move Johansen to the minors along with Letang as a last resort.  "GM Scott is still hoping he hears Letang might return and can be kept as an asset and playoff run depth player" said Strait, "Having to move Letang will just be the icing on the cake for what may end up a very disastrous season for the Flyer."  At the Winter Meeting GM Scott traded Saad and 22 points for Letang.

Chicago Blackhawk (Andrew) team reporter Hy Marx says GM Andrew may have upped his own ante of excellence with the current Hawks team.  "His legendary status grows" laughed Marx, "This is a much, much, much, better team than won the NHLP Championship just last season."  Does the team have a weakness?  Marx says no one may touch this team unless it is in round one, which will not go unnoticed as other GM's within the Division who understand this intentionally try and match up with Chicago in the NHLP's first round.  The game of cat and mouse is on!

Buffalo Sabres (Joel) team reporter Celia Feight said GM Joel is holding his breath as the Tampa Bay Lightning are making him a little uncomfortable.  Buffalo traded 30 points and Duchene to acquire Stamkos who hasn't a point yet upon return and the Lightning are a mere 3 points up on 9th place in the NHL standings.  Making things more interesting for Joel's Sabres is they also carry Filppula and after the NHLP Deadline the Lightning play Detroit and end their last four games with Toronto, Philadelphia, Columbus and Washington, all 5 teams that they are battling with for a spot.  If Tampa falls 2 or 3 more points by the 29th the Sabres may have some very difficult decisions ahead of the Deadlines end. 


"An Ugly Waiver"

You can hear the frustration from GM Jr who admitted it was one of the more ugly Waivers of his NHLP career.  "Dropping Zetterberg, Grabovski and Grabovski for a penalty of 12 points for guys who may not even make the playoffs" stated Jr about the Waiver, "It is the hardest Waiver I have had to make it years, but my hands were pretty much tied."  With the news Zetterberg "May be ready" by mid-April if things go perfect and the Wings in a battle, Jr could not afford to just keep his zero points between now and seasons end.  Adding Zajac twice, with his 3 point night, kept the team within reaching distance of a playoff spot but there is a lot of work that will have to be done to get this team in.  "We will see how things unfold and get to work for the Trading Deadline" said the GM who noted that there are so many NHL teams vying for playoff positions it is hard to count any one of them in yet.  That may mean many NHLP GM's wait as long as they can to make deals, well others undoubtedly pull the trigger sooner.  There is a lot of points to be moved and the points will at some point start flying.


Glaring Weekness

The Miami Surf (Charlie) don't have to feel their one point week is horrible after all.  Well compared to the 32 other teams that have scored less than half the points the Vancouver Canucks (Joel) has scored this week.  "It gets worse" said Muddy Capone, "Or better if you are GM Joel, both Dallas and Detroit play again this weekend."  Joel's Canucks have scored 23 points so far this week, dominating the NHLP.  It doesn't come as a major surprise, they were certainly pegged as one of the highest scoring teams in the league after their last couple Waiver's when they added Seguin and Benn.  So far so good for Joel who has three Stars and two Wings, and both teams are holding down the 8th spot in their Conferences.  "This is the kind of team that will dominate the NHLP's first round of the playoffs" said Capone, "Or they won't been there at all if they penalty out."  This high risk, high reward, has made for some excitement in the NHLP's West Division and will be fun to follow towards the NHLP Trading Deadline.  Who knows, by then Vancouver might be able to trade 30 points.  Then again, they may just be adding a few more Stars and Wings.  Congrats on the great week!!!
Final Waiver

The Dallas Stars (Jr & Scottie) will likely get aggressive with the final NHLP Waiver of the season.  Sitting 15 points out of a playoff spot and with injuries to the lineup involving Zetterberg and Grabovski the co-GM's must decide if they are using the Waiver, likely dropping further in the standings or moving it.  "Now is likely the time to pillage the Minors as what comes next is a bidding war" stated Muddy Capone, "With the right players GM Jr is known he can easily trade back into a spot, but nothing is coming easy and nothing has been easy this season for the GMs."  It isn't expected to be easy with Saturday's Waiver either.


Life time team reporter of the New York Islanders (Ryan) says he can't recall the Islanders ever being in such a great position this late in the season.  "It feels good to have a winning team on the Island" said Phil Updegrave.  GM Ryan has almost 30 points to work with, 7 solid playoff players and the highest scoring team by a long shot in the East.  "As Islander fans we know this is an opportunity that doesn't come around ever year" stated Updegrave, "We are so excited to see Ryan finish this team off with a major deal by the end of the Deadline."

Calgary Flames team reporter B.A. Ware says that GM Scottie has brought back respectability to the organization.  "The kid has a bright future in this league" said Ware, "And for a change, the Flames are a deadly team heading into the Trading Deadline."  Up 50 points on 5th and looking to deal, co-GM's Jr and Scottie will influence the standings in a big way when they move their points around.  Karlsson's 57 points will land somewhere, helping solidify an already solid playoff team for the Flames.

Willy Fisterbottom, team reporter for the Green Bay Knights (Ryan) has stated GM Ryan wants to offer Kesler and points but needs to wait on Datsyuk's and now Richards injuries.  Currently 20 points up on 5th in the Pacific Division Ryan should have no trouble moving Kesler for an asset.

Colorado Avalanche (Chad) team reporter Willie B. Hardigan stated GM Chad was really hoping the Devils could have beat the Red Wings last night.  "It was a huge game for this team sitting with Jagr" said Hardigan who stated the Avs are in good shape.  If Jagr goes to the minors there is low point total of Martin to make that deal work and Saad is one of the assets GM Chad can deal if he feels it necessary.  The Avs can get in if the Vancouver Canucks (Joel) penalty out so things are not too awfully dire in the Mile High city even though a Devils win last night would have tied them with Detroit in the NHL Standings.


Kruger, "This Season's Bickell"

Well we would not put it past GM Andrew if he was right when he stated Chicago's version of Bickell this season is Kruger.  With their Waiver the Hawks seemed to back up their belief, adding Kruger and Kruger for Kronwall and Tanguay.  Early in the evening the Hawks added a decent score for Parenteau who was sent to Portland (Vinnie) for Kronwall.  Last season Bickell dominated in the playoffs and helped GM Andrew win his league leading 5th NHLP Championship, the second all time in Chicago.   Chicago has a strong entry this season in hopes of becoming the first ever NHLP team to have three Championships as an organization and if that happens, Kruger and Kruger will only help solidify Andrew's ranking as the all-time greatest NHLP GM.
Marchand and Parenteau in Play

The NHLP works in very mysterious ways.  Not more then 48 hours after GM Andrew was trying to pick up Parenteau for a third time, he is making him available in Chicago.  "Nothing personal" said the Hawks GM, "Colorado is a solid, solid team this season but I need someone to drop with Tanguay."  These are or will be very sought after players in a couple weeks so it seems logical you could give your points to Chicago for a sure playoff player or battle the entire league with the Minors at the Deadline.  We expect action tonight to be strong on these assets.


Craven Moorehead, long-time team reporter in San Fran stated GM Scott has aggressively been laying the ground work for a deal involving St Louis.  The Titan are up roughly 30 points and Moorehead said the Titan GM has been contacting GM's in hopes of having a deal in place ahead of the NHLP Trading Deadline.

Boston Bruins team reporter Tess Steckle says GM Ryan has many assets to trade including Keith and Couture and will have to be aggressive to over-come the 30 point deficit the Bruins find themselves in.  The Bruins currently have 4 Sharks.

Vancouver Canucks team reporter Royal Payne admits there may be no NHLP team closer to facing a points penalty and "Very little may be able to be done about it."  The Canucks have three Stars totaling 143 points and two Wings totaling another 58 points.  The Canucks have put themselves (or have been put in) a no win situation and if Dallas fails to make the NHL playoffs, almost certainly the West's 4th place entry will not make the playoffs making the battle for 5th even more intriguing.

Owen Cash, the New York Rangers team reporter said GM Charlie "May miss the NHLP's post season entirely if he doesn't get aggressive over the coming three weeks."  The Rangers are in 4th by a single points, but carry Henrik Sedin's 40 points and 38 more from current non playoff player Johansson.  Adding to the pressure is if the Rangers miss, Charlie's other two teams in Phoenix and Miami are also currently out.

Holly Wood, the Los Angeles Kings team report stated no NHLP Team has more points to work with than the 54 the Kings currently have over 5th place in the Pacific.  Kesler and Higgins 73 points will be moved and GM Andrew can do whatever he wishes being in such a strong position of power.


Hefty Fine For Big Waiver

GM Shawn knows what it feels like to be fined by the NHLP.  Shawn was hit last year on Feb 18th and Feb 22nd, paying double for both Waivers back to back when the GM errorred in his picks and had to make his picks over.  "Those fines were not the 60 Transaction GM Andrew suffered" said Muddy Capone, "What appears to be the largest single transaction in league history."  A rather big Transaction, already dropping an Elite player D. Sedin, a contract 4 and two 3's, was made even more costly when the Hartford Whalers elected to select Parenteau a player already playing on two NHLP teams.  "We must enforce those fines" said a league representative, "GM's must ensure their picks are made right the first time as problems occur quickly when mistakes are made."  GM Andrew was bitter about the fine but understood he did error in calling Parenteaus name a third time, an NHLP no-no.  "I got caught up in the excitement of the day" stated the reining NHLP Champion.  Least Moulson got traded to Minnesota, somewhat easing the pain of the fine.
NHLP Winners/Losers

A number of NHLP players moved teams during the NHL Trading Deadline including St Louis, Callahan, Moulson, Vanek, Erat, and Gaborik.  GM Scott had Elite player St Louis move from his first place San Fran Titan, in a move to the New York Rangers.  Scott was also in on Vanek twice going to the Habs and Gaborik from the Jackets to the Kings.  GM Joel had both Gaborik and Moulson, good moves for his Canucks and Sabres NHLP Teams.  Gm's Ryan (Green Bay) and Matt (Indianapolis) may have their man Callahan see some time with Stamkos, as someone now must fill the void St Louis leaves behind.  All in all an eventful Trading Deadline for the GM's involved.


Hartford (Andrew) team reporter Buster Cherry (no relation to Donald Reginal Cherry) says a Blockbuster deal is being sought by the Whalers GM.  "The Whalers have positioned themselves very well and assets Kronwall, Alfredsson and possibly Cammalleri will be dealt" states Cherry who said GM Andrew is only waiting to see where Cammalleri goes at the NHL Deadline before starting work on this important deal.

Hamilton (Tyson) team reporter Kenya Kill Jr, stated GM Tyson is in no rush to make any moves with the East Division's last place Hitmen.  "With third place only 10 points away, GM Charlie missing the Deadline and with the Hitmen sitting with three Blues and three Hawks, GM Tyson is letting the other teams in front squirm before taking his kill shot."  It would seem a certainty that the Hitmen can grab a spot at any time, putting pressure on the other teams to make proper moves or finish in 5th or 6th.

Edmonton (Scott) team reporter Ty Coon stated the Oil almost traded both Eriksson and Vanek in a 20 point deal but the other GM involved felt "You can't give 20 points in hopes a guy might get traded."  The Oil are hardly worried about Vanek being traded said GM Scott, "We think Vanek will be Kopitar's linemate in about 72 hours."  The plan for the Oil is to move Eriksson's tradeable low number to close the 20 point gap on 4th.


Coyotes UGLY

Clearwater Jones broke the story, Penner dealt from the Ducks to the Washington Capitals in what Jones described as "The final nail in the Coyotes coffin."  GM Charlie is already 30 points back and now with Penner twice no longer a Duck, it would seem there is little if any hope remaining for the NHLP's Coyotes.  "These are the kinds of situations a GM needs to pull everything from his skill set to overcome" stated Muddy Capone.

All North Division

The final three Waivers are all by North Divisions teams who are all separated by only 8 points for the final 4 places in the Division.  With the NHL Trading Deadline mixed in it would appear all three will be used by their GM's.  "These are outstanding Waivers to have" stated Muddy Capone, "With the NHL Deadline, any surprises play right into these GM's hands."  Will there be any surprises?  It is hard to say but all movement is good movement when you have a Waiver this time of year.
Florida Bets on Winnipeg

GM Marcel said he feels Winnipeg has the best shot to grab the 8th and final Wild Card spot, grabbing Kane in his Florida Waiver.  "They are the team playing the best hockey and heading in the right direction" said Marcel.  Also up came Markov and Parenteau in a 3 for 3 made after acquiring Turris who was used in the drop with Green and Fountain.  The Islanders (Ryan) had traded Turris and the Waiver for Seabrook, added what GM Ryan called, "Another piece of the puzzle." 


Star GM

GM Joel isn't going down without a fight.  After a 4 for 4 Waiver, the Canucks gained 11 points on the night and now have 3 Dallas Stars, including top guns Seguin and Benn.  Also added were Eakin, Nyquist and Gaborik leaving the Canucks potentially one of the highest scoring teams in the league.  "We did a lot of work we would have preferred not to have to do" stated GM Joel, "But as long as the Stars keep moving up the standings, I really like this teams scoring power."  You have to admire GM Joel for not giving up.  "I think GM's who scratch and claw and fight and stand back up when knocked down are the best GM's in the world" stated Muddy Capone.  While every team gets punched in the gut from time to time, GM Joel's Canucks have been kicked in the teeth this season
 and have never stopped battling.
Vancouver GM:  "Lord hates a quitter"

Not willing to pack in the injury-riddle season, GM Joel grabbed the Waiver from Indianapolis (Matt) in an early deal seeing Callahan go to the Icemen for Franson, the Waiver and 24 spots in the second round.  "The Lords hates a quitter" stated GM Joel, "It is in our blood to never quit, never say die."  The Canucks season started down this path with the Stamkos injury, forcing a multitude of transactions that likely would not have came about had he stayed healthy.  The Canucks are only 10 points out of second place in the West Division even though in fifth position, so grabbing a playoff spot is within the realm of possibility.  GM Matt was happy to move the Waiver quickly when he saw the offer from GM Joel.  "You don't get 24 spots in the second round to often" said the Icemen GM, "And Callahan is gold, be it in New York or elsewhere."  Both GM's continue to be aggressive in their journey for their first Cups, ranking 2nd (Matt) and 4th (Joel) in season total Transactions.  "You can sit and watch or you can play the game" said Matt in a text to Muddy Capone, "We are here to play."


Islanders Look For Blockbuster

GM Ryan said he set himself up for this Saturday's Waiver (March 1st).  "I have all playoff players, the Waiver and lots of points" said GM Ryan, "I really want to make a big deal at some point."  The direction seems to be pointing towards Saturday where Ryan has said he will trade both the Waiver and points saying "So lets make something happen."  With three Penguins, a Bruin, Shark, Av and Senator it would seem very likely the sky is the limit and Ryan has unlimited options.  "This is the kind of team that can win it all" said Muddy Capone, "But GM Ryan has to finally decide he will pull out all stops to win it all."  With rumors now circulating that Crosby (St Louis, Tyson) is in play, clearly there can be no untouchables in the NHLP's non playoff teams.  The NHLP is suddenly alive after the Olympic sleepfest.


St Louis Blues long time team reporter Garren Teed said the Blues (Tyson) would consider trading Crosby if the names coming in were just as good.  It would seem only a 3 for 3 could get it done, but three solid assets for Crosby seems like something GM Tyson may listen to.

Noah Lott, the team reporter in the desert has stated that GM Charlie will have to trade both Bergeron and Chara after letting it be known he will not be attending the NHLP Trading Deadline.  "This is the kiss of death" said Lott in reference to the deadline no show, "Things will have to be done ahead of the meeting."  One has to question, being 27 points back already if the Coyotes are just going to wave the white flag.

Dallas Stars Team Reporter Rusty Steele states the co-GMs Jr and Scottie are on the same page even though rumors are circulating they have different approaches to building a playoff team.  "Scottie brings a fresh outlook and wants to bring in young players while GM Jr is still about big named players with hefty contracts" said Steele.  With the miserable news that Zetterberg is out to the playoffs the GM's now most certainly will have to make their March 8th Waiver count.  Steele stated "We expect this Franchise to come alive over the coming week and show the NHLP why this is Hockey Town." 


Vancouver Season of Injuries

It started with Stamkos, and for GM Joel, it has been one of his worst injury plagued season.  "Nothing has gone right and every guy we touch is destined to be on the shelf soon their after" said the frustrated GM.  How bad is it?  Currently 5 players are on Injury Reserve by their NHL teams.  Zuccarello just fractured his hand and Tanguay announced he was done for the season, before playing a single game for the Canucks.  That was on top of Koivu, who seems a bright spot as he may return, but both Filppula and Franzen may be a little ways off yet.  In his most recent Transaction Joel acquired, and then dropped Tavares, who also just announced he is out for the season, "I will take a draft pick just for not picking up your guy with my next Waiver" said Joel.  Although Vancouver doesn't have a Waiver, they are only 7 points out of 4th.  The Waivers start on the 27th with Indianapolis (Matt) having the first Waiver after the Olympics and only one of the 5 left before the March 29th NHLP Trading Deadline.


Canucks Like Seguin

"I really love the Dallas team" stated GM Joel who said he could have taken chances on any number of team leaders including Karlsson or Wheeler instead but is certain Dallas has the best chance of getting in.  In a 4 for 4, Vancouver also added Zuccarello, M. Koivu and Tanguay for Tavares, Legwand, Doan and Del Zotto.  "I feel we got better" stated Joel, "Koivu and Tanguay are great additions when they come back healthy.

Letang Season Over?  Career?

Not often do NHL players suffer Strokes during their playing days but that is what happened to Letang, who is out 6 weeks and maybe the entire season.  "We gave a lot to get him" said GM Scott, "We have had that type of season and this is yet just another hurdle we must get over."  Scott said his Flyer have had one of the most up and down seasons of any team he has ever had and the highs and lows just continue every day.  "I trade Stamkos one day and the next day he says he is going to play" said Scott, "If I'd not have made that deal last week, I'd have 6 players all missing their teams next games."  Philadelphia is taking the wait and see approach and will evaluate Letang after the Olympic Break and decide on his future with the team towards to final Waiver or the NHLP Trading Deadline.


Cleveland Unloads Tavares

When GM Tyson added Tavares at the NHLP Winter Meeting, he was given a word of advice by 5 time NHLP Champion GM Andrew who said, "I'd unload that guy as fast as you can."  Of course we all know the logic, but scoring is always had to shy away from.  Finally Tavares is now gone, replaced by two Lightening players Hedman and Palat.  Vancouver (Joel) added 9 points with Tavares and Del Zotto later used in his Waiver. 


New York Rangers Blunder Typical GM Charlie?

GM Charlie found himself discombobulated hours before his Waiver was to start.  GM Charlie away on business received an email from GM Scott whereas Scott was just inquiring about what Charlie's plans were for the Waiver.  In what can only be described as one of the biggest GM blunders in recent memory, GM Charlie thought he had only less than 2 hours to make his Waiver pick before the Noon Deadline.  "Noon was in fact when his Waiver started, not ended" said Muddy Capone.  In a race to get something done a league-wide email was sent out and Charlie accepted the first offer that came his way, from GM Joel in Vancouver.  By the time GM Scott made an offer at 2 PM, Charlie had traded the Waiver and now realized he made a mistake.  "I fucked up seriously" stated GM Charlie.  This is the kind of mistake that has hampered GM Charlie's chances of bringing a Cup to any of his teams. 

Sabres Add Stamkos in Blockbuster

GM Scott said it was "Only fitting" that he traded Stamkos back to GM Joel after Joel drafted Stammer and held him when he broke his leg.  "This is a huge move for us, adding Stamkos with Perry" stated a very ecstatic GM Joel.  The deal almost did not come about as GM Scott turned down a deal for the same points.  The Sabres made a big play and changed the players, rumored to be removing Letang's name and adding Tofolli, making the decision easier to make for GM Scott.  "Having to trade Stamkos means we completely blew this one as an organization" admitted Scott, "Everything we did turned out wrong and I don't say that with regret, just fact that we did blow it."  What did he blow?  "Multiple things" said the Flyer GM, "We added Gaborik, losing 10 points with the thoughts he'd be traded, not expecting Columbus to come on as strong as they have.  But right after that we gave 20 more for Letang.  I knew I would be way back and should not have done them both, but passing on Letang, I wasn't prepared to do.  Those 30 points would mean we'd not have Gaborik and Letang, but we'd of kept Stamkos and Kane together."  The Sabres also acquired Moulson with Stamkos and Tofolli for their 30 points, sending Duchene, Schenn and Sobotka to the Flyer.


Flyer Wear Blue

After paying a steep price for the Atlantic City Waiver (Vinnie), including the Flyer next season Waiver and three draft picks, including 5 spots in the first round, GM Scott made a 3 for 3.  The Flyer now have three Blue Jackets after adding Johansen and Johansen to Gaborik.  The third player was Sheahan.  "You always need an exit strategy" said GM Scott, "We carry low numbers to make deals work and teams late season without low numbers often can't make certain high point fringe players or non playoff players tradable."  If Columbus tails off GM Scott believes his Flyer have numbers suitable to going to the minors at the trading deadline.  Are the Flyer a better team at the end of the day?  "I just gave Stamkos, Moulson and Moulson for three players who have never been in the NHLP" stated the GM, "I think we are incredibly worse, but most importantly is still strong enough to win the NHLP Championship and that is why I traded the Waiver and Stamkos, because this team has a legite shot at it all this year and I could never let that opportunity slide by."


5 for 5 + 12

Indianapolis (Matt) used the Waiver to move from 5th to 3rd in the NHLP's Pacific Division, making a 5 for 5 Waiver pick.  Dropped are studs Karlsson, Ryan and Voracek for the Icemen who went after a more balanced attack, bringing in 5 players between the 24 to 35 point range as well as having a 12 point gain in the Standings on the big nights.  Added were Kadri, Dubinsky, Palat, Franson and Granlund who all scored on the night, with Granlund and Kadri 3 points each.  "It was one of the most sought after Waivers of the season by all accounts" said GM Matt, "And we still have a Waiver before the NHL Trading Deadline to make another serious splash if needed." 

Trigger Pulled

The Calgary Flames (Jr & Scottie) were getting a little trigger happy, threatening the entire NHLP with 50 points moved somewhere with the Waiver.  Of all NHLP teams, the Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) figured it was best to take those points then his opponents.  The Destroyers traded Lucic and Versteeg to Calgary, in turn getting 19 points, the Waiver, Hall and Fowler.  With the Waiver GM Shawn dropped Hall, Kreider and Hagelin, adding Pominville, Hedman and the much travelled Johansson.  "I really did not want to give up Lucic" stated GM Shawn, "I have been trying to acquire Bruins all year, but things were getting out of reach."  Shawn still feels Oshie and Backes are strong enough players to build around and make a run for his first NHLP Championship. 


Pay to Play

While there are rumors abound about struggling NHLP franchises, GM Matt says you have to "Pay to play".  The Indianapolis Franchise of GM Matt's had no trouble acquiring the Waiver from Los Angeles (Andrew) for a solid 6 Draft Picks totaling 56 spots in the 4th round or better.  "GM Andrew made me aware there were as many as 9 GM's bidding hard for the Waiver" said the happy winning GM, "We won't be out-bid.  Never have been, never will be."  The, at times, overly-aggressive GM has proven rock solid in his no non-sense approach to winning an NHLP Championship.  "This is a personal goal of mine and clearly we have had some of the top rated teams in the recent years" says Matt, "GM's think they can grab these Waivers for 5 spots in the 7th round and that just isn't the way this league works."  There is no doubt you do have to 'Pay to Play' and little doubt GM Matt loves playing and playing often.

Strapped For Cash

GM Vinnie is a victim of circumstance, finding it very difficult to spend money with his cash strapped teams in the North American gaming mecca's.  The once free-wheeling, dealing and spending GM struggles now to reach the NHLP Cap Floor, something we are use to seeing from GM's Charlie and Ryan, notorious tight asses when it comes to spending, but not Vinnie.  The Atlantic City Gamblers, Las Vegas Strip and Portland Winter Hawks have combined for 4 transactions totally 21 million in total spending.  By comparison GM Andrew has spent over 10 times that amount, at 212.  Vinnie knew there was an issue as long ago as 4 years when he tried to move a franchise to Hamilton (ironically the same season Alaska, GM Marcel tried to move to Hamilton).  Of course the league had a team in Hamilton (Tyson) that no one new existed at the time, until they won the NHLP Championship.  "If New York can have three teams, why can't Hamilton" Vinnie wondered at the time.  Six GM's have spent over 100 and have over 10 transactions each.  The bottom of the barrel comes as no shock to NHLP veterans, GM Charlie way back at just 3 for the season.  "It is not the quantity of transactions but the quality" Charlie once stated.  We still spit out our drink each time we think of him saying that.  Fucking hilarious!


Four Picks Later

The Boston Bruins (Ryan) added a couple nice late round picks in exchange for the Waiver.  GM Andrew picked up the Waiver in Chicago and with the breaking news Tanguay was back Friday night, surely that was the target.


Where's the Waiver?

GM Jr said it is no surprise that his Calgary Flames can't pick Saturday with 10 NHL games on the schedule, but instead pick Tuesday.  "We are use games and tricks the head office plays" said the disappointed GM, "All GM's will be watching the outdoor game in LA and it would have been a great night to work a huge deal for our franchise."  Calgary has 40 points to work with, but no Waiver on a Saturday night full of hockey?  Why was the night missed?  "Clearly when the NHL schedule was released and at the start of this season, we believe their was only 9 games schedule for January 25th" said a league representative, "Clearly we will look into this matter."  The league representative who asked not to be named went on to say that "Calgary was in no way targeted and this is likely an honest mistake, however, the league does try to fuck GM Jr's teams whenever they can somehow get away with doing so".

Tanguay Hawk'd

The NHLP's Defending Champions in Chicago don't miss a beat.  A highly valued playoff player Tanguay was pluck from the minors once, at the steep cost of Lupul.  After Lupul was traded GM Andrew was able to make a deal work and added Tanguay, Parenteau and the Pens hot defensemen Niskanen.  The move gives further first round scoring to one of the NHLP's already toughest teams.


Clearwater to the Rescue

"There are times they get a little overwhelmed running this entire organization" said Muddy Capone about the NHLP's Board of Governors, "But that is when the Yearbook steps in with our supporting cast of people who actually know what really is happening out there."  Without doubt the Yearbooks best acquisition in years has been adding the ever controversial Clearwater Jones to the payroll.  Capone said Clearwater is now widely considered as the leagues 'go to guy' for many of the league matters, "Especially those involving fish and wildlife, relocation, accounting and of course the grooming of young GM's."  Jones supplied the league with a 12 page report yesterday satisfying the league that the NHL schedule for January 25th did in fact only have 9 games and events of this past week led to a game on Friday being pushed to Saturday so "Carolina would not play three games in three days."  Also included in the report was a "no-lipped fish" caught in Barrie Island where the NHLP is planning an outdoor game next year, or as Clearwater stated, "The current rink is outdoors but there is local support for adding lights and a canteen if they can get a government grant and find someone willing to take on the expense of donating hot chocolate."  The report went on to say just the actual powder for the making of the hot chocolate would be required, "as the water is readily available".  Wages to run the canteen will partially be eaten by the local one-roomed public & high school, where the current kid in grade 8 will volunteer running the canteen to get his 50 community service hours by working the canteen until he graduates high-school in roughly 7 years.  "It is a perfect fit" added Clearwater, "The young man has aspirations of opening a fish and chip stand so he may also take his high school co-op placement for Restaurant Management at the canteen after his volunteer hours."


No-Lipped Fish

Due to the strict copyright laws in our country we are unable to show you the picture of the no-lipped fish.  We were however able to find the Barrie Island Recreational Sports Complex with a simple Google search.


Halifax Adds Two Rangers

GM Shawn Dumped the injured Alfredsson and Gagner, adding both Kreider and Hagelin of the New York Rangers.
Canes Add Gagner

GM Joel made an injury pick for Franzen, adding Gagner.  If you think you have a player that you can pick for, ask.  The injury page seems to be the last thing updated this time of year.  You should know when a player you don't want to keep has missed about 8+ games.


Bruins - "We'll Move It"

GM Ryan has said that Thursday's Waiver may be had.  "I'd love to make a big deal, but will be OK just moving the Waiver if nothing else happens" said the GM.
Cincinnati Adds Stepan and Kadri

Trading next years Waiver, Cincinnati (Matt) added both Stepan and Kadri in a two for two.  The Waiver came from New Orleans (Shawn) who now will have 2 Waivers in 2014/15.

New Orleans Looks to Deal

GM Shawn is still looking for a GM to take the Waiver tonight.  "I have had some interest and understand the Waivers are running out very fast" said GM Shawn.  There are only 13 Waivers left in the season to set your teams.


Habs Add Higgins and Brown

GM Marcel's Waiver pick in Montreal came after a minor deal with Chicago (Andrew) in which Andrew sent Hamilton and a 7th round pick for Paille.  The Habs then dropped Hamilton along with Ribeiro adding Higgins and D. Brown. 


Here is a Reminder of the NHLP

Non-Playoff Player Penalty Rule
This rule was implemented at the start of last season.  So this is the exact same as last season.  As it turned out, no team was burned on the final weekend of the NHL Schedule, something we will eventually see with this tough rule.


So, at the end of the regular NHL season, prior to the NHLP Final Standings and playoff seeding being determined, each NHLP team is penalized for non-playoff players as follows:

7 Playoff Players - No Penalty
6 Playoff Players and 1 Non Playoff Player - No penalty
5 Playoff Players and 2 Non Playoff Players - Lower Non Playoff Player's Points taken off your teams Standings
4 Playoff Players and 3 Non Playoff Players - Lower Two Non Playoff Player's Points taken off your teams Standings
3 Playoff Players and 4 Non Playoff Players - Lower Three Non Playoff Player's Points taken off your teams Standings
2 Playoff Players and 5 Non Playoff Players - Lower Four Non Playoff Player's Points taken off your teams Standings
1 Playoff Players and 6 Non Playoff Players - Lower Five Non Playoff Player's Points taken off your teams Standings
0 Playoff Players and 7 Non Playoff Players - Lower Six Non Playoff Player's Points taken off your teams Standings

With this rule in place we will no longer see two and three player NHLP Playoff teams, as clearly they will penalty out.  So you better get 6 playoff players or you are likely GONE!


Surf Add Ducks

GM Charlie added both Perrault and Selanne with his Waiver pick in Miami, dropping Brouwer and Kulemin.  The Surf are now 17 points out and Charlie said these players will help in later trades to move the team into a playoff spot.  "The CTR really hasn't a clue what they are talking about" stated Charlie, "This time of year it is nicest in the Caribbean." 


Power at the Half

It is the NHLP's half way point and who has the power?  The CTR is completed and heading into the NHLP Winter Meeting there is a lot to be done by some teams way back and some finishing touches on a few teams that have great opportunities this season.

Blues Grab Stars Waiver - Make 5 for 5

Paying a Waiver and 6 draft picks, the St Louis Blues kept both Crosby and Richards, unloading 5 players including injured Dupuis and Hertl.  "This isn't a move I would have done had Dupuis not been lost for the season" stated two-time Cup Champion, GM Tyson.  "We paid a steep price to move sideways" the GM explained, "But sometimes moving sideways means you avoid getting run over."  It is unlikely the Blues would have been caught any time soon, but Dupuis wasn't coming back any time soon either.  This move keeps the Blues in a power of strength, able to move points and players as the season unfolds.  Office pools updated - rest Sunday.
Winter Meeting Set

The 2013/14 NHLP Winter Meeting is set for Saturday, January 11th with as many as 10 GM's in attendance.  "Things were spread out all over the board" stated Muddy Capone, "And we seem to be lucky when we hit 8 for this meeting."  The minors will officially be frozen after games played on Sunday, January 5th (so Monday, January 6th officially).
Stars Frustrated - Keep Points For Another Day

You could sense the frustration in GM Jr's voice in an interview with the NHLP Yearbook after trading his Waiver for another Waiver and six draft picks from the St Louis Blues (Tyson). 

"I've been in this League for almost 20 years, and GMs still make the same mistakes" said Jr, just warming up. "They ignore facts, expect miracles and/or a king's ransom for their players" continued Jr, "Sooner or later, one would hope, reality has to set in.  It's unfortunate, but a GM is almost reduced to drafting his desired squad and hoping for the best.  The Yearbook is correct in assessing my involvement this year as "quiet so far".  The reason is not lack of passion, but rather lack of a desire to waste time and effort researching, analyzing, etc. in what you already strongly suspect is a futile attempt to get something done."

 The Stars tried stated Jr to make several multi-player deals for points and the Waiver but nothing was able to get done, so Dallas finally move the Waiver to St Louis for the picks.  Muddy Capone echoed GM Jr's sentiments stating that "It does appear we are closer than ever to the NHL current format, where things are left to the very end (Trading Deadline) and players start flying everywhere with little thought at that point what you are acquiring."  Clearly there are teams in need of points and teams with points to give, maybe too many points.  At some point, as in every season, deals start to occur.  Tonight, although Dallas wanted to give points, no takers could be found.



Dallas "Open to Anything"

GM's Jr and Scottie have the Saturday Waiver in Dallas and have stated they are open from anything to trades or trading the Waiver.  The Stars are in first by 16 points and for a team looking to set themselves up before the Winter Meeting, a back to back pick of sorts can present itself.  "At some point we should start seeing some teams move" said Muddy Capone, "Points and a Waiver is always nice."


Bozak Newest Fury

GM Tyson didn't make the blockbuster the Yearbook thought could occur, instead build a team of more playoff players and assets he will be moving in Cleveland later in the season.  "When you are in last you want playoff players" said Tyson.  Well adding Bozak, Berglund and Bickell are three playoff players, with Bozak tearing up the league for the Leafs. 
Alaska Attack Tie Career Best

GM Marcel was one off his career high 13 points as Alaska hit the 12 point mark for the second time in their Franchise's history.  "You think when a team hits 12 points it was a very high scoring night across the league" stated Muddy Capone, "But 20 NHLP teams had 3 points or less on the night."  This was the 31st team in league history to reach 12+ points, meaning it is happening still less than twice in an NHLP season.  Okposo and Desharnais had 3 points each while MacKinnon and Subban added 2 each.  Galchenyuk and Nash rounded out the night.  Fisher added three last night but did not play tonight.


Attacking the Week

This could be a fun weekend for GM Marcel's Alaska Attack.  Already hitting 25 points for the week on nights of 12 and 10 points, the Attack have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to reach 30.  "They are only 12 points off the biggest week in league history" stated Muddy Capone, "And if 12 can't be achieved, certainly 5 for 30 can be."  It is rare to have a 30 point week so clearly the Alaska 7 are having outstanding streaks.
GM Marcel Has 25

Just a week after GM Vinnie had a Big GM Night of 24 points with a 9-9-6, GM Marcel has a 12-8-5 point, 25 point night.  "Always feels good to have those kind of nights" stated Muddy Capone.  As a comparison, the low GM on the night was GM Scott who had 5 amongst his 3 teams.


24 - Toast to GM Vinnie

GM Vinnie had a seldom achieved huge night for any GM, hitting 24 points between his three NHLP teams on the night.  The NHLP Record, held by GM Chad is 28 points.  Chad's 13-10-5 was historical as he became the first GM in league history to have two teams reach double digits on the same night.  GM Vinnie didn't hit 10, his career best, but had a 9-9-6, totalling 24, on of the best nights of three teams ever.  Congrats to Vinnie and here is a toast to every NHLP GM - Happy Holidays!!!

Sabres Add 4 in Waiver

GM Joel added a new player to the history of the NHLP, Santorelli of Vancouver.  Also added were Filppula, Ward and Bonino.  The Sabres have 7 playoff players and are 50 points clear of 5th.  Undoubtedly they will dictate a lot in the future of this season when GM's start begging for points.


Was About Bickell

GM Andrew admitted he had to go out and get the Waiver after seeing Bickell back in the Chicago Blackhawks lineup.  "Is there a more valuable six point player in the minors" Andrew asked?  After winning the Cup, for the fucking 5th time last season, GM Andrew felt good about adding Bickell at least the one time.  "Some guys are not meant to score during the season" Andrew explained, "But guys like Bickell, suddenly come playoffs the coach is playing them every power play and their ice time goes from 14 minutes to 20 minutes."  Not to be overlooked with Hartford's Waiver was adding Smith twice from the Bruins.  "Anytime you add two Bruins and a Hawk in a pick, all from first place teams in their NHL Divisions, you did good" said Muddy Capone.


50 Points

From listening to GM Joel, all the Buffalo Sabres are in play with Saturday's Waiver, except Perry.  The highest scoring NHLP Team with 185 points has 50 points over 5th, a number that is totally unheard of before Christmas.  "Either they are really good, or the 5th and 6th place teams in the South are terrible" stated Muddy Capone about the huge gap.  Florida (Marcel), Miami (Charlie) and Boston (Ryan) making up the bottom feeders in the South will take exception to being called Terrible, even if the South does have the lowest scoring 4th place team in the league.  It is likely a combination of that and Buffalo is just so powerful in scoring that the spread continues to grow.  Joel has an opportunity, not the first of his days as a GM, but a great opportunity to make some huge moves and become the powerhouse of the NHLP this season.  Buffalo will be looking hard to make something big happen as we approach the NHL's half way mark.  "GM's just can't keep waiting for the NHLP Trading Deadline to make their move" says Capone, "Well they can, but some teams will start jumping the gun sooner than later and the real games will begin."



A big 7 point pick up in the Waiver, dropping 5 players, moved Vancouver from 6th to 4th place in the West Division.  GM Joel added 5 top seeded playoff players, Johansson, Filppula, Shaw, Cogliano and Silfverberg.  "Considering everything that has happened, I like this team, where we are at" stated Joel.  The team did hang on to Callahan who is gone a month but seems to have enough scoring they should be able to weather the storm until the Winter Meeting where all injured players are penalty free in dumps.

Kadri To Rage

GM Joel knew when Stamkos got injured, his Vancouver Canucks season would be a long one.  Trying to make the best of a bad situation, Joel grabbed Kadri at the time, but clearly that didn't pan out either.  Now Kadri has been dealt for Hanzal to Cincinnati (Matt).  Vancouver also picked up 4 spots in both the 3rd and 5th rounds of next years draft.


Canucks Get Waiver - Trade Kesler

GM Joel stated he would have really like getting the Waiver last week from GM Vinnie.  "I would have given a Waiver and a Pick" stated the GM, referring to the Waiver Swap Vinnie did with GM Marcel, "Now I likely have to take a hit on Callahan."  Injured players are almost a sure way to add an extra draft pick sometimes, but tonight's Waiver was a player deal that GM Andrew was pleased with.  "I added both Kesler and Pacioretty and I could not be more happy" said the GM who's team is still up over 40 points on 5th.  Gone are the day-to-day Grabovski and Green.  Joel is now looking to make a move and stated Kadri, Ladd, Anisimov and Zajac are all in play before noon tomorrow.  "I'd like to pull the trigger on something by morning, so send off an offer" stated the Canucks GM.


Big Deal Looming?

The Los Angeles Kings (Andrew) are sitting with three Bruins including Krejic and Lucic, the Waiver and over 40 points to give.  "This is the right combination for a blockbuster" said Muddy Capone.  Andrew has stated he'd like to make a big move and everything is set, only needing to find the right suitor for the points and Waiver.  "You can always change your season" Capone adds, "And in the NHLP timing is so important."  What time is the right time?  Well, Tuesday looks like it has potential.
Low Point

GM Andrew admitted he thought the day would never come.  "It seemed like I was trying to get rid of him since the draft and every Waiver in-between" stated the joyous GM.  Finally, after missing 23 games the NHLP's lowest point producing player, Bennett became an injury pickup for the defending Champions in Chicago.  Added was 5 point getter JT Brown from Tampa Bay.  The new low scoring player in the NHLP is now Weiss of the former NHLP Champs in Cleveland (Tyson).  Weiss has 4 points.


Hitmen Add Newbies

Bonino and Shaw were two of the three added by Hamilton (Tyson), both not in the NHLP.  Tyson also added Morrow, giving him three Chicago players in Hamilton and some top seeded players.  "We are really excited" said GM Tyson, "Three Hawks and Three Blues and Bonino."  Hamilton might lack some first round scoring but make up for it is distance players who could easily all get three rounds.  "You always built teams different, no two are alike" the GM stated, "If we can get by the first round with this team, we could easily have some fun."


Florida Adds MacKinnon and Heatley

GM Marcel grabbed the Waiver from Atlantic City (Vinnie) in a swap and added MacKinnon and Heatley in a 2 for 2.  "I really wanted to grab the Habs" said Marcel who was clearly disappointed, "But Andrew took them all on me."  Well look at the bright side Marcel, you still have 5 Habs and there will likely come a time in about 2 months when everyone starts dropping and trading them, so all is not lost just yet!

Yotes Add Semin in Hopes of Scoring

GM Charlie made an Injury Pick on Wednesday, dropping Tanguay and adding Semin who is now gone twice.  The Coyotes are 18 points out of a playoff spot but are sitting with some serious assets in the NHLP's Pacific Division.  "I don't think we are that far off from a team that can go far" said Charlie, "Penner twice, Bergeron and Chara are all dream playoff guys that others will want later, so I am not worried where we sit with teams in front of me full of non playoff players everywhere."  Charlie is right in saying that they'd be closer if not for Tanugay missing so long and Semin might get them closer now.  What makes things more interesting in the Pacific is GM Matt's Indianapolis Icemen in last place, 24 point out with Toews and Saad, two players which could be one of the biggest NHLP deals of the season when and if they are traded.


 "I Almost Shit" - GM Andrew

GM Andrew said he "Almost shit" when he heard he traded Krug for "Foghorn" while GM Scott stated, "I cracked a very expensive bottle of Champagne when I thought we acquired Krug" and then added, "It must be drank now regardless."  The two GM's went back and looked into what caused the confusion, then went back to negotiating a resolve the issue.  San Fran (Scott) had offered a couple options for GM Andrew's Whalers, one being Killorn and Callahan for Krug and Hartnell, plus 15 spots in the third round.  Hartford sent a text this morning saying "We'll take Callahan for Harnell and the 15 spots in the 3rd Round".  "I thought he was accepting that offer, with the 15 spots, not changing it to a one for one" said GM Scott who then accepted the deal and notified the league of the deal that was posted.  So after discussions between the GM's, it is now officially just a 1-1 and 12 spots in the 3rd, Hartford keeps Krug and San Fran Foghorn.  "I thought there was something in Killorn that Andrew saw that we clearly did not" said GM Scott, "Fuck!"  


Hartford Goes "All Quebec"

Adding three Montreal Canadiens GM Andrew admitted a time-tested truism of the NHLP.  "When things go bad, you grab Habs and Leaf's" Andrew said with a laugh.  After the light-heartedness, Montreal is on fire and these are three of their bigger guns, Plekanecs, Markov and Briere.  Montreal is 8-1-1, the hottest team in the NHL over that period and 41 points puts them only 3 out of the Conference lead.  The Hartford GM decided to keep Killorn but dropped Ladd, MacKinnon and the injured Callahan who was just acquired.  "If I am going to make a pick and can drop an injured player from another team, I will every time" said Andrew, "As long as the GM is going to pay the going rate, a draft pick, it is a great way to stock pile picks for when they are really needed and your player gets hurt at the right, or wrong time."


Callahan it to San Fran

GM's suffer injuries every day, but seldom do GM's act as quickly as GM Scott.  "We will pay a Draft Pick to move a guy, it is the going rate in the league" said GM Scott, "We keep a injured fringe player for 6 weeks?"  Acting quickly after Callahan went down the Titan paid 15 spots in the 3rd round along with Killorn to add Krug and Hartnell.  The Titan GM said he was happy to add a power play defensemen from Boston and Hartnell's team is in no better or worse shape then the New York Rangers he said.


Hartford Picks Tuesday

GM Andrew said a lot of players could move after grabbing the Waiver pick from Hamilton (Tyson) in what is believed a swap of Waivers.  Hartford sent out an league wide email and it is believed they will be active in trading a few roster players before the pick.

Flyer Risk Everything on Stamkos

GM Scott said it was now or never in his decision to pick up Stamkos.  "I felt GM Joel would easily pick him up in Carolina with the next NHLP Waiver" said the GM, "So if we truly wanted to risk it all, our last chance was the Islander Waiver."  What GM Scott didn't know was that GM Joel was not even picking in the next Waiver, as it was traded earlier to Hamilton who gave away their first two Waivers in deals.  When Scott was made aware of this he only said, "Really?"  Scott said he went hard after the prior Waivers and even didn't think he'd get this one until the 11th hour, literally.  "We sent a strong offer to GM Ryan and heard nothing but did get a text at 11:15 asking if we still wanted it, so our season changed."  Added were Stamkos, Toffolli and  Trouba and Hodgson, Soderberg and Berglund were dropped.  With the time left GM Scott could not shop any players but had to go right to the pick, meaning Trouba was just a number that made sense.  "I think I lost two Cups in the last 5 years because GM Tyson pummeled us in the first round" said the Flyer GM, "So with Stamkos we have risked it all and if it pans out he could be the scoring to set everything else up."


Risk or Reward?

Did the Philadelphia Flyer (Scott) make the right move today in picking up Stamkos?  It seems a gutsy move with plenty of risk or reward, depending on what the future holds.  The risks are clear.  The team gave up scoring for the next 25 games until Stamkos plays again (in GM Scott's estimate anyhow).  Even if Stamkos comes back early February, where will Tampa be in the Standings?  Can they stay in a playoff spot by then?  Will Stamkos be effective when he returns, or suffer setbacks?  Can Philadelphia stay close to a playoff spot?  The rewards happen if GM Scott can stay in the hunt and Stamkos is healthy down the stretch.  "We have enough movable parts and scoring that if all goes bad, we can still go to the minors with his number" said GM Scott.  The Flyer win if Stamkos returns, he can be kept and the Lightening get into the playoffs.  His first round scoring with Kane, Moulson, Moulson and Saad would surely be what this move was all about.  "Stamkos can get 8 first round points" said Scott, "If that happens and he is on our team then, we did the right thing." 


Neal - Eriksson - Marchand

Those are the guys in the NHLP who barely survived a crazy game in Boston.  The worst of it might be Thornton, which people are already comparing to Bertuzzi.  Yikes.  Thornton will definitely get double digits, maybe even 20 games.  Neal will likely be suspended for a knee to the head which someone said "Isn't even allowed in the UFC".  Marchand should be ok, but Eriksson likely is gone with yet another concussion.  He just came back from one and Orpik who delivered the blow might end up with a couple games, but unlikely as it was borderline.  Shanny has his hands full with this one.
Gabby Gone

Desharnais was added in an injury pick by GM Marcel in Alaska for Gaborik on Saturday.


Neal Available Says Ryan

No, he didn't fucking say that.  As if he would be so crazy as to move the hottest player in the NHL, with 7 or his last 9 games multi-point games.  "Missing the first 15 games GM Ryan must have questioned drafting the injured Neal" says Muddy Capone, "But great on Ryan for his leap of faith paying off with such outstanding rewards."  Ryan has not stated the Waiver is Available, but looking at this roster it could be.  "You are never as good as you can be" Capone added, "But the NHLP is as much about timing as anything and Ryan has to decide if it is time to part with one of his 7 players who have all done well for him to date this season."


Two Blues Added to Storm

GM Shawn just does not let up.  Two more Blues, Tarasenko and Berglund were added to the Seattle Storm, already with Shattenkirk.  In total 8 of the 21 players GM Shawn has are now Blues.  Also picked up were Wingels and Smyth in the 4 for 4.  Nugent-Hokins, Killorn, Burrows and Bozak are all in the minors after the Waiver.

Eye, Eye, Captain

Captain Shattenkirk has been traded from Hartford (Andrew) along with Bozak to Seattle (Shawn) in exchange for Ladd and Hartnell.  GM Andrew did not want to part with Shattenkirk but understood the alternative was carrying Bozak for the next month, something he was not prepared to do.  "I just hate these injuries" stated the Hartford GM, "Shattenkirk is such a good player, I may regret this one in the end."  Shawn will be dropping Bozak along with Burrows so high number Nugent-Hopkins, Pominville or Killorn are all possibly demoted if they cannot be dealt by noon Friday.


Pominville Next?

GM Shawn said he understood the situation with Vanek and said it was tough to part with him, "But a free two points is hard to pass up on at times."  Seattle dealt Vanek to Edmonton for Ladd and two points GM Shawn can use in the Waiver Thursday.  The Storm GM said it is very likely Pominville follows in a deal Thursday prior to his Waiver.  "I hate to move him, but the points kind of force the situation" the GM added tonight.  Seattle is looking for more points so make him an offer as they do appear certain to be using the Waiver.
Vanek, Pominville, Killorn?

It is believed all these players are available ahead of Seattle's Waiver Thursday.  GM Shawn did not specifically say so but in all likelihood Seattle will be moving zero point scoring Burrows, so high numbers to the minors will be needed making one or all three of these players the likely players to be dropped.


GM Andrew - Best AGAIN!

All Conferences are completed and their was a pattern emerge.  GM Andrew has the best team in each of his Divisions.  Another GM had the worse team in all his (well, their) Divisions.  Check out the CTR and find out where you stand.
Another Waiver - Another Blue

The St Louis Blues now have 20 players chosen in Player Tracking, at least 4 more than the second closest team.  GM Andrew added Shattenkirk in Hartford's 4 player pick up, also going with Kronwall, MacKinnon and Krug.  "This gives us 3 great D-men" said the GM.  The Whalers unloaded 3 Sens in the Waiver, drastically changing the direction of the team.

Semin & Waiver Anyone?

Semin is a Contract 3 who has missed 6 straight, so only a minus 3 points in a drop tonight (so worth 6 in a drop).  "Surely that is a small price to work a deal with the Waiver" Andrew has said.  With each passing Waiver the minors lose another potentially good pick up and several GM's could also use points as their teams have fallen.  Andrew did say if he uses the Waiver he will move likely anyone except Pavelski.  Hartford said they will trade it and they are now on the clock.


Is Anyone Better than Hartford?

The CTR has rated the NHLP's Eastern Conference and found Hartford as the top team.  "This is an unbelievable team" said Muddy Capone, "How much better will the Whaler's get this season is a scary thought."  How much better will your team have to get to be this good?  Check out the Eastern Conference CTR.

Two More Blues

GM Shawn loves his Blues and it came to no ones suprise he added two in his New Orleans Waiver.  "This is their season" said a confident GM Shawn who now owns 5 Blues after adding the high flying Bouwmeester and Schwartz.  Koivu twice was the rest of the 4 for 4 drop with Hartnell and Vanek two of the players now in the minors.


Landeskog to Go

GM Shawn made it official.  "We will be using the Waiver to improve the team's weak areas" said the New Orleans GM, "And in doing so we must part with some great assets for points to the minors."  The GM said Landeskog will likely be gone and is on the block as we speak.  If you have a non-playoff high scoring player this might be the time to get serious and pick up a top player.

Who Has the Power?

Over the next three days the CTR will break down each Conference.  Today, starting with the Central Conference where GM Andrew has the best team, looking to repeat in Chicago.  Where do you sit?  Check out the CTR's Central Conference and watch this weekend for the other Conference's as we search for the best NHLP team.


Wolverines to Use Waiver?

It would appear GM Shawn will change the look of his team with slow starters Schultz and Grabner.  New Orleans is in 3rd in the South, but only 7 points out of last.  GM Shawn likes Waivers and this will be his opportunity to make his first big splash of the season.
Category 5

GM Joel made a very strong Waiver pick in Carolina after grabbing the Waiver in a trade with Hamilton (Tyson).  Adding a huge 9 point night onto solid playoff players, the Canes are now in first place in the Atlantic Division.  Bouwmeester, Markov, Franzen and Elias will change the complexion of the team, all solid players from playoff teams.  "Some GM's make strong Waiver picks" said Muddy Capone, "Even though Carolina paid a Waiver and a huge 5th round pick, this will make the competitive this season and so well worth the cost."


Hitmen - "Will Move the Waiver"

GM Tyson is taking some time to himself and will be way from communication devices until he returns to answer his emails on Wednesday evening.  "I hope the right offer for the Waiver comes in while I am away and it makes for an easy reply, that it is yours" said Tyson.  Hamilton acquired this Waiver earlier in the season and is hoping for a package that keeps the team building for the future.
Ex-Champion Penner in Desert

GM Charlie unloaded Seguin, one of the hottest players in the NHL to take the opportunity to grab Penner, twice.  "I really like Anaheim" said Charlie who now has two of the top scoring Ducks and a playoff gem in Chara. 


King for a Reason

Not many NHLP GM's give their top two scoring players and 10 points in a deal at the quarter point of a season, but that is exactly why GM Andrew has 5 NHLP Championships.  Trading hot starts Hudler and Little, the Kings gave the 10 points to the desperate Rage (Matt) Lucic and Galchenyuk.  "This is the kind of deal only Champions make" said Muddy Capnone, "Most GM's would have said but my guys would outscore yours by 30 by the end of the season, not realizing they will never get their hands on a Lucic at any cost the rest of the way."  GM Raymond once said "Points are useless unless in use" and it was another NHLP Legend who used his points to make the most impressive deal of the season to date making the Kings a deadlier force moving forward.


Whalers Stockpile

The Hartford Whalers (Andrew) did in fact move their Waiver as reported here on the NHLP Yearbook website, adding 6 Draft Picks and another Waiver to roll over later this season, leaving GM Andrew with still two Waivers here in Hartford.  Quebec (Matt) paid the heft price for Thursday Waiver, making it two Waivers in a row.  The teams also exchanged Michalek for Campbell in this deal.

Hartford Looks to Move Waiver

GM Andrew is already stating he will move his Waiver on November 21st in Hartford.


Rage Add Hitmen Waiver

GM's Tyson and Matt wasted little time agreeing on a Waiver swap, including a first round pick.  Cincinnati (Matt) now has the next NHLP Waiver on Tuesday, for their Waiver on the 27th and 4 first round spots.  Matt has already said he is looking to move assets Lucic and Carter and seeing how quick he pulls the trigger on things, one might suspect those deals come before Tuesday.  "I will know the right move when I hear it" stated Matt, "We are an aggressive franchise and we don't shy away from making huge moves." 


All The RAGE

GM Matt says the entire Cincinnati team is available ahead of the teams Waiver on the 27th.  This means Lucic and Carter could bring nice returns to Matt as many teams in the leagues standings already have 30 points they can safely move.  "A lot of teams can hold onto Carter" Matt said in a text, "And Lucic can bring the first big blockbuster of the season with his early success and last seasons great playoffs."  There is little doubt that Matt is right about that so the NHLP is heating up and if you miss out, you have no one to blame but yourself when these big names are advertised in advance to being moved.  Send Matt an offer.


Another Waiver to Move

GM Tyson said he is now taking offers for the Waiver on Tuesday stating to the NHLP Yearbook "I'd love to use it as there are a few players down there I really like having, but it would seem most likely I will be trading the Waiver."  Waivers in the first half the season are always great for team building while the second half seem to be used more for point gains and injury dumps.  With only three Waivers used, this one should command a decent package in return for Hamilton.
Hamilton's 13, 13th Best

GM Tyson tied a career best points in a night as Hamilton hit a career high mark as a franchise.  Benn did most of the work with his career high 6 point night and Hamilton became only the 13th team in 24 years to have a 13+ point night.  "It is an amazing feat each time it happens" said Muddy Capone" noting that Tyson is in very elite company.  Tyson becomes only the second GM in league history to have two, 13+ point nights.  "Some current GM's have never had an 11 point night, so 13 is off the charts" Capone added.  The NHLP record seems untouchable at 17, a GM Jr feat on a playoff night of all nights.  Jr is also the only other GM to have two nights better then 13, as the second best night ever, a 15, was also a Jr accomplishment.  After Benn's 6 was Filppula 3, Pietrangelo 2, Hossa 1 and Schwartz 1.  With Bickell and Hjalmarsson playing but both adding zeros, picking up another 4 points on a night like this seemed doable, even though so seldom done.  Now Hamilton has the Waiver in 4 days.


Alaska - More Injuries in the Cold?

The New Orleans Wolverines (Shawn) might argue that they too have 3 injured players, but GM Marcel in Alaska seems the hardest hit team in the NHLP, adding a third long term injured player to the list.  Gaborik is out 4 to 6 weeks, joining both Nash and Fisher who have already missed 22 games between them.  When asked about the injuries GM Marcel started talking French and we really had no fucking idea what the hell he was talking about, but that is our problem said Muddy Capone.  "We didn't speak a lot of French on the Westside of Chicago and no matter what Leroy experienced, the Southside is like living in New Zealand" Capone chucked.  Thanks to solid drafting the Attack still are in 2nd place, but likely to fall in the hard-luck West Division where multiple teams are having trouble either staying healthy or as Vancouver (Joel) just experienced with Stamkos' replacement Kardi, just playing.

Destroyers Add Hawk

The Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) got a pleasant gift when Versteeg was traded back to Chicago, giving Shawn a night player in a future deal if needed for the East's current 6th place team.  Versteeg was in Florida a team not likely to make the NHL playoffs this season so this early deal adds more playoff players to a team already with two Blues a Bruin, Duck and a Wing.  Versteeg now also becomes another NHLP player in the minors on an NHL current playoff team.


NHLP Trivia - 23 Championship Teams

How well do you know the NHLP?

Name the four Canadian based NHLP teams to win an NHLP Championship? 
Think about it and don't cheat.  Can you name them?

Here is 1:  Edmonton (Scott) won twice and is one of them

Name the other three teams!


Answer  - Edmonton (Scott) won two cups.  Vancouver (Raymond) won the first NHLP Championship and Montreal (Edward) the third.  The fourth NHLP Canadian based team was Hamilton (Tyson).



Worst to First - Again

Edmonton (Scott) always seems to find themselves in the NHLP basement seemingly every year, but GM Scott knows opportunities either can knock, or be created, to change a teams fortunes.  "Who would have thought that our last place team Sunday, would be affected by an injury to another GM's player and would have us in such a great position come Tuesday" Scott stated, "And everyone faired well."  Scott believed Joel did well in adding Kadri, making the most of a terrible situation and not having to pay for the Waiver, while Vinnie got a ton of picks for the Waiver and Edmonton changed the completion of their team all at the same time.  Only keeping Eriksson and Ladd, after acquiring the Waiver, Stamkos and Gaborik, GM Scott added Hertl, Cammalleri, Cammalleri, Kreider and Kreider.  "I love banking on the UFA's to create playoff players and I believe Cammalleri will move to a playoff team by seasons end, adding even more intrigue to this deal."  Who will be the biggest winner of this three way exchange is yet to be determined but one thing remains clear, anyone can make the most of a bad situation as proven by three GM's tonight.


Oil-Canucks, Gamblers

"Well it did pay off after all" stated GM Scott who said he overpaid for the Waiver with a "Steep 2nd round pick."  Edmonton was going to go hard after the Wavier stated the veteran GM but went harder after Stamkos got injured.  "I felt it made sense for Stamkos to be dropped with this Waiver and if Vinnie was trading it and we could get it, we felt we could sway GM Joel into taking Kadri from us" said Scott.  Scott insisted that if best case scenario Stamkos missed 3 months, he'd miss 40 games and Kadri would have 30 points more than he has now by that time.  Joel did not buy into this logic after Edmonton got the Waiver, leaving Scott with plan B.  "I felt at this point emotions of the bidding war on the Waiver were playing a part in our negotiations and I asked Joel to sleep on it" Scott explains.  Hesitantly the Vancouver GM did pull the trigger on the deal in the morning in what could be a win-win for both GM's in the long run.  The biggest winner may be GM Vinnie who has another Waiver to move on December 12th and 19 spots in the second round with potential for 19 more in the first round if Edmonton makes the NHLP Finals this season.  Scott explains, "If I end up handing Vinnie the 1st overall pick out of this deal, clearly it help me get to the finals and I'd gladly part with that pick for another memorable run to the NHLP Cup Finals."


That Sick Feeling

You do not GM in the NHLP for as many years as GM Joel has without knowing the sick feeling you get when your star gets hurt.  "You can never replace your top pick" said Muddy Capone, "Then when the player is leading the league in scoring and suddenly gone for months, it devastates any and every GM it ever happens to no matter how good they are."  Without doubt in a split second GM Joel's season changed and his skill as a GM is about to be tested.  "I think we have all been there" said GM Scott, "And you quickly have to make decisions you don't want to have to make.  I've still had my head in the towel in disbelief when half my brain is telling me to suck it up, it happens and has happened to others.  Now start facing reality.  Start finding a solution fast."  Joel's Canucks are hanging to a playoff spot, only 5 up on 5th with Stammer, so in all likelihood keeping him will mean dropping way back.  With the Divisions 6th place team (Edmonton, Scott) so bad, falling to 5th GM Joel could hope the teams will eventually drop lower to him by keeping Stamkos for a late run.  Is that and will it be Joel's best move?  Does he use his window of opportunity, use Stamkos' points before a penalty kicks in and start again?  Assuming Stamkos will be back by the playoffs if he is on an NHLP roster the entire way, his low number will be a monster deal assuming Tampa Bay can maintain their playoff spot without him.  That deal is zero if Tampa is now a non playoff team for any team that carries Stamkos.  If he is in the minors, he will be a gamble (maybe a steal) for the GM willing to move first, not to early and not to late and pick him up.  If he ends in the minors at a meeting, a bidding war like few others may occur depending on Tampa's position.  So Joel, although clearly still sick in the stomach must suck it up quickly.  He must make decisions fast.  Keep Stamkos or move him now before his penalty kicks in.  There is a Waiver Tuesday and GM's Joel and Vinnie will be part of it no matter what decisions are made by both GM's and who ultimately ends up with the Waiver Tuesday.


Gamblers GM - "I will likely move it"

GM Vinnie said in an email the price tag will not be cheap but he is taking offers for the Waiver.  "I will listen and likely move it, but I will not just give it away" said the Atlantic City GM who with the support of a solid Draft is in a good position Tuesday to use it or move it to build draft picks and another Waiver depending on the deal.  "There are a lot of good players down there, but I have players doing well, so it may be best another GM make me an offer" said Vinnie.


"It's Broken"?

"I can't officially read lips" says Muddy Capone, "But I am very certain what Stamkos says."  The Vancouver Canucks (Joel) star went crashing into the net and left on a stretcher.  Stamkos was in serious pain and mouthed words that appeared to be "It's Broken" when the trainers rushed to him.  It was an ugly scene and to see the leagues top scorer going off with what could be a nasty injury is a sad thing.  The Canucks are only 5 points up on 5th in the NHLP's West Division.

Will Gamblers Roll Dice?

A mere 11 points out of a playoff spot, the Atlantic City Gamblers (Vinnie) has the Waiver Tuesday.  Slowing the team down are Phaneuf and Staal, who have both been slow out of the game and could be traded or sent to the Minors Tuesday.  "Phaneuf players 30 minutes a night for a powerful Leafs team" said Muddy Capone, "So Vinnie will have options if he tries to trade Phaneuf or the Wavier itself."  This is the only NHLP Waiver for 7 days before things ramp up with 3 a week the rest of the way.
On the Burner

The NHLP injuries page is updated and GM's Jr and Marcel could make daily moves with Nash as well as GM's Ryan and Chad will be able to pick Wednesday for Burns.  "Usually we don't see top players dropped in Injury pickups without being long term" stated Muddy Capone, "But you have to keep a close visual of what you can get, for their might actually be a better player sitting there who is available."
Vanek Missed Game, But Doesn't?

Seattle GM Shawn stated "Vanek clearly was out of the lineup and did not play, so ya, I consider that he missed a game."  Well, he did, but he can still yet play 83 games this season if he plays the rest of them.  When Vanek was traded he got to play 2 extra games and they do count, but now after missing in his last game that can be down to one.  The real hurt comes with GM Scott who's player Moulson not only can stay healthy all year and only play 80 games, it could worse again if he is dealt another time and loses another two or three games in that second deal.  "Just my luck, a full season of 78 games" laughed Scott.


Injuries Galore

Check out the injury page.  Neal can be a pick up to 5 if GM Ryan doesn't think he is coming back shortly, but as you can see there are many, many picks in the first two weeks of November.  It is your responsibility to ensure your injured guy is on the list and you know when he can be picked up for.  It isn't hard to know you have had a guy out, so don't expect a reminder on the day you can pick for him.  We will try, but you have to run your own team at the same time.  Please email if you think I missed your guy.  I usually flag them about after 5 or 6 games missed.



GM Scottie wanted changes when he stepped in as a co-GM, making Calgary into the dominate team from Alberta, not Edmonton's Southern sister.  "I want to bring back the honor and respect this team once had" said the GM who hasn't missed an NHLP meeting in 5 years.  "I witnessed the disrespect this organization received and I am here, in part, to change that image" he said.  While things started strong the Flames have lost Elite status player Hall for 4 weeks, but are still 11 points up on Green Bay (Ryan) for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference Pacific Division.  Scottie will act as an official assistant GM to GM Jr, although he is no stranger to the league and even pulled the trigger at the draft on his first official trade a few years back.  "I did ok with that one" said Scottie, "I taught GM Shawn a lesson about hockey with that one."  Trading Bolland an a Draft Pick to Halifax for Eberle, the rookie bested Bolland 43-37 that season.  We are sure a few other GM's will have to learn the hard way when dealing with the new man in Calgary.


Crosby Has League Feeling Blue

Off to a 17 point start, Crosby has the St Louis Blues (Tyson) flying high in the early part of the NHLP season.  The 17 of Crosby is about equal to the entire team total in Memphis (Jr & Scottie) who has 18 as a team.  The Blues lead the NHLP in team scoring with 63 points, 28 points up on 5th in the Pacific and already 19 points clear of the second place Flames.  Crosby isn't exactly carrying the team either, as Hertl, Dupuis, Skinner and Garrison all have 9 or more points each, enough to lead many NHLP teams in scoring, any one of them.  GM Tyson has been in the NHLP Finals 3 of his first 4 years and won two Championships, brining Cups to Cleveland and Hamilton.  St Louis has two Cups and with this hot start will be talked about all year as a team vying to be the first team in league history to reach three team Cups.  Others teams trying for a third Championship are Dallas (Jr), Las Vegas (Vinnie), Edmonton (Scott) and Chicago (Andrew).


East - 8 of Last 11


The NHLP 2026/27 Draft is in the site (Master Page to be updated.  You can reach it through the Draft page.  GM Tyson, again, gets the first overall pick.  There is always something eye-catching and that year the East Conference teams draft 8 of the final 11 spots, even more unusual then normal.



New Tie-Breaker Rules

Season Ties to be Broken as Follows:

1)      Most Playoff players of teams tied

2)      Most goals from only playoff players of teams tied

3)      Most overall points on all three teams of only playoff players from GM's tied

NHLP Playoffs - Semi Finals & Finals Tie-Breakers Pick Order

1)      Team who has scored most playoff points in first two (Semi Finals) or three rounds (Finals) picks first and so forth.

2)      If two teams are tied, the team that scored the most points the previous round breaks that tie

3)      If teams scored the same every round, the NHLP season breaking tie-breakers kick in.

Logic - Non playoff players do not carry weight in our league and in the playoffs, Divisional totals should not be held against a GM who is in a lower scoring Division and goes for it instead of keeping his points for a future tie-breaker, which is encouraged not discouraged in our league.



Waiver Dates

The 36 most hockey nights between November 1st (one month after the season starts) and March 13th (one month before the season ends).  Because of the Olympics there is a lot of hockey on nightly.  There were 42 nights on the NHL schedule of 10+ games.  So to eliminate 6 of those I got rid of December 23rd, December 27th, December 29th and December 31st plus the first two 10 game nights leaving 36 Waiver nights all of 10+ games each.

November (9 Waivers)
2nd - 13 Games
7th - 11
12th - 11
19th - 10
21st - 10
23rd - 12
27th - 13
29th - 12
30th - 11
December (8 Waivers)
5th - 10
7th - 11
10th - 12
12th - 11
14th - 12
17th - 12
19th - 10
21st - 12
January (11 Waivers)
2nd - 10
4th - 12
7th - 10
11th - 10
14th - 11
16th - 11
18th - 13
21st - 10
23rd - 10
28th - 11
30th - 10
February (4 Waivers)
1st - 11
6th - 11
8th - 10
27th - 12
March (4 Waivers)
1st - 10
4th - 10
6th - 10
8th - 10


Divisions for 2013-14 Set Below
The Two Teams that win in the first round of the playoffs in each Division and the 5th place team – Stay in that Division, the two first round losers and 6th place teams – move to the other Division within the same Conference.

Jr - Calgary (West), Dallas (Central) and Memphis (East)

Central Conference

Leo’s Division (South)

Buffalo (Joel) Won

New Orleans (Shawn) Won

Toronto (Chad) 5th

Miami (Charlie)

Boston (Ryan)

Florida (Marcel)


Jr’s Division (North)

San Fran (Scott) Won

Chicago (Andrew) Won

Cleveland (Tyson) 5th

 Cincinnati (Matt)

Las Vegas (Vinny)

Ottawa (Mark) Dallas (Jr)



West Conference

Norm’s Division (West)

Alaska (Marcel) Won

Colorado (Chad) Won

Edmonton (Scott) 5th

Vancouver (Joel)

Portland (Vinnie)

Seattle (Shawn)


Ray’s Division (Pacific)

Los Angeles (Andrew) Won

Winnipeg (Mark) Won Calgary (Jr)

Phoenix (Charlie) 5th

St Louis (Tyson)

Green Bay (Ryan)

Indianapolis (Matt)



East Conference

Lee’s Division (East)

Hamilton (Tyson) Won

NY Islanders (Ryan) Won

NY Rangers (Charlie) 5th

 Montreal (Marcel)

Pittsburgh (Chad)

Halifax (Shawn)


Glen’s Division (Atlantic)

Hartford (Andrew) Won

Quebec (Matt) Won

Carolina (Joel) 5th

Philadelphia (Scott) 

Atlantic City (Vinnie)

New Jersey (Mark) Memphis (Jr)


GM's Total Transactions After #160 - Final  Waivers Remaining
 Andrew 251 26 138 + 184 + 368 + 80+ 550 = +1069
 Chad 173 21 46 = -127
 Charlie 105 8  -105 
 Joel 230 26 46 +92 =  -92
 Marcel 171 19 46 +92 =  -33
 Mark 135 15 46 =  -89
 Matt 284 36 46 +92 =  -146
 Ryan 190 13 46 =  -144
 Scott 322 31  80+46 = -196
 Shawn 302 31 46 =  -256
 Tyson 102 9 46 +92 +184 =  +220
 Vinnie 101 10 -101 



Waiver Dates for 2013/14

Waivers will be the 36 most hockey nights starting one month after the NHL season starts October 1st (so November 1st) and ending one month before the NHL season ends April 13th (so March 13th).  At the Draft the Waiver order will be determined, so following the Draft order or Reversing the Draft order for who gets the first Waiver.


Draft - Friday, October 11th After 6 PM

After a little work the NHLP has determined that the4 most attended NHLP meeting will be 10 days into the NHL regular season.  "This always makes for some interesting drafting" stated Muddy Capone who witness many NHLP Drafts that took place two weeks into the season.  "Players would have 7 points in 5 games and get picked in the first round who should likely have been 5th rounders while first round players still at zero points dropped to second and third round as GM's got very scared in a hurry" Capone explained.  Currently 10 GM's have committed to attended while GM's Shawn and Tyson have not said No to the date, leaving open the opportunity to have a full meeting.  GM's have 5 weeks to prepare for what is always the best way to get the season off to a great start.


Draft Format - One Elite

The NHLP has decided to drop an Elite player, ultimately makes 36 second round players available in the NHLP twice this season.  Most of these guys will also be gone by Round #3, meaning some decent players will be around an extra time this season. 

Proposal #3

First Round Elite (36 Elite guys instead of 72)

Rounds 2, 3, 4 (Drafted Twice)

Rounds 5, 6, 7 (once each)



Are You Prepared?

GM Charlie laughed in an interview with the NHLP Yearbook, "I would think GM Chad is the slowest Drafter" the NHLP's 2013/14 Draft Host explained, "How many times does he wait 5 minutes, pick a guy already gone and take 5 more minutes to find a replacement."  Charlie's rant was all in good fun, but he does hope many GM's are prepared.  "I'd love a good old fashion NHLP Draft" the 14 year veteran stated, "Drinks, laughs and a great game of poker to follow."  It is hoped the poker crew will stick around for the classic game.  Charlie said he hopes GM's can come together, making plans to stay the night, "Why rush it that late when we have local 5 star hotels."  Five Star?  "You won't be sleeping in it to 3 AM and it has a bed, what the fuck more you want" responded Chuck.


Draft Format to be Decided

In a rush to draft in 2013, after the Lockout ended, the NHLP overlooked a previously used draft format.  "I think we will likely go back to it for the coming draft" said a Board of Governor member, "We will just have to decide as a league which exactly we will use." 

Proposal #1
First two rounds Elite players
Rounds 3 and 4 - on draft day available twice
Rounds 5,6 & 7 - Draft only once on draft day

Proposal #2
First two rounds Elite players
Rounds 3, 4 & 5 - on draft day available twice
Rounds 6 & 7 - Draft only once on draft day

Proposal #3

First Round Elite (36 Elite guys instead of 72)

Rounds 2, 3, 4 (Drafted Twice)

Rounds 5, 6, 7 (once each)

Proposal #4

Like Last Year's Draft

First Two Rounds Elite players

Last 5 Rounds – Drafted Twice Each



HE'S BACK!!!!!!

Calgary, Memphis and Dallas

Legendary GM Jr is back with his co-GM side-kick GM Scottie.  "This is a great day for the league" said GM Andrew, "I am just so fn happy to have my nemesis back.  I love the challenge Jr brings and I love his company.  I am pumped!"  Jr admitted leaving the pool for a year's hiatus "Was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  It was fucking killing me...on a daily basis no less."  Fellow league founder GM Scott could not contain his own excitement, "I seriously did a fist pump sitting here all by myself" said Scott, "And I think I said 'fucking right' aloud at least twice."  Jr's three teams were not used last season by rookie GM Mark and returning GM Vinnie out of respect for the now 17 year NHLP veteran.  Under league rules Jr's teams will be slotted into the draft, even taking the first overall pick from GM Tyson is yet a possibility.  There are still rumors abound of yet another NHLP GM being added and that story should unfold between now and the NHLP draft.


Check the NHLP Schedules Link for Draft Options
WE HAVE 12!!!
NHLP 2013/14 Season - Confirmed GM's


GM Mark Exits

After a year in the NHLP GM Mark has decided not to return for the new season.  The ripple effect will likely mean GM Jr just slotted into the spots he gave up a year ago in the Draft with his teams in Dallas, Calgary and Memphis.


Draft Format to be Decided

In a rush to draft in 2013, after the Lockout ended, the NHLP overlooked a previously used draft format.  "I think we will likely go back to it for the coming draft" said a Board of Governor member, "We will just have to decide as a league which exactly we will use." 

Proposal #1
First two rounds Elite players
Rounds 3 and 4 - on draft day available twice
Rounds 5,6 & 7 - Draft only once on draft day

Proposal #2
First two rounds Elite players
Rounds 3, 4 & 5 - on draft day available twice
Rounds 6 & 7 - Draft only once on draft day

These are just two proposed options but we are open to hearing more.


NHL Releases New Divisions and Schedule

The NHL is starting their season on October 1st, likely meaning the NHLP will draft one of the final weekends of September.  GM Charlie is hosting the 2013-14 Draft.


Chicago Blackhawks
GM Andrew
2013 NHLP Champions

Joe Thornton
Tyler Bozak
Slava Voynov
David Perron
Patrik Berglund
Bryan Bickell
Bryan Bickell


Happy 5th

GM Andrew became the first GM in league history to win a 5th NHLP Championship and for that we congratulate him!
NHLP Cup Champions

GM Andrew (5) - '97, '99, '02, '04, '13 (8th, 10th, 13th, 15th & 23rd Cups)

GM Scott (4) - '92, '03, '06, '11 (3rd, 14th, 16th & 21st Cups)

GM Norman (2) - '93, '94 (4th & 5th Cups)

GM Leo (2) - '95, '98 (6th & 9th Cups)

GM Chadwick (2) - '00, '07 (11th & 17th Cups)

GM Jr (2) - '01, '09 (12th & 19th Cups)

GM Tyson (2) - '10, '12 (20th & 22nd Cups)

GM Raymond (1) - '90 (1st Cup)

GM Edward (1) - '91 (2nd Cup)

GM Lee (1) - '96 (7th Cup)

GM Marcel (1) - '08 (18th Cup)


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