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Highlights for 2015/16





Wow - Florida IN!

GM Marcel had a crazy 7 point night, three from Kane who could have just as easily sat out the game like Toews, and is officially in with Florida.  The Documentary in Miami (Charlie) took a horrible turn with just 13 minutes left in the final Dallas (Jr) man game, when Burns assist ended the Surf's season.  Today is about position with only New Orleans (Shawn) a chance to over take first place, pitting the two Chicago built teams (Chicago, Andrew & Florida Marcel) against one another in the first round.  The Wolverines will take down the top spot and play Dallas if Simmonds, Carlson and Lindholm can somehow combined for just two points today.


Gambler's Gain, Habs Loss

GM Vinnie had a 6 point night in Atlantic City and will be in the playoffs if Chimera gets two points today, or just a single point without Nelson scoring for GM Marcel in Montreal.  If Chimera did get two and Nelson one, the NY Islanders (Ryan) will be the team out.  The defending NHLP champions might be hoping to get the weakened Islanders who have lost Marchand or Montreal without Stempniac.


Hurricane Joel Builds Momentum

With five man games to play today GM Joel can make some serious noise in the East Division final standings.  The entire Division has at least two man games each today and the Hurricanes must gain 5 on the NY Rangers (Charlie) or three on Halifax (Shawn) to grab the final spot in the Division.  GM Charlie losses the first tie-breaker so must stay ahead of the two and will only have Oshie to do so. 


Rules Change Proposed

After giving it some thought the NHLP Board of Governors will likely make a subtle, but important change to the NHLP tie-breaking procedure for next season.  The current tie-breaker is subtly flawed reading:

 Reminder - Tie-Breaker Rules

Season Ties to be Broken as Follows:

1)      Most Playoff players of teams tied

2)      Most goals from only playoff players of teams tied

3)      Most overall points on all three teams of only playoff players from GM's tied

And should more accurately read:

 Reminder - Tie-Breaker Rules

Season Ties to be Broken as Follows:

1)      Most Playoff players of teams tied

2)      Most points from only playoff players of teams tied

3)      Most goals from only playoff players of teams tied

4)      Most overall points on all three teams of only playoff players from GM's tied

LOGIC:  Out league is based on building playoff teams and players from playoff teams.  Our league is based on points, more so then just goals.  So if two teams end up tied at seasons end and both have lost one player, now down to six man playoff teams, we should break the tie by the team with the most playoff points amongst the six playoff players and not the most goals.  So a team carrying say Karlsson this season would be behind a team with a player carrying say McDavid, half the non playoff points.  Teams carrying high scoring non playoff players should not be rewarded.  In most cases it will make no difference but logic says it should come to points before goals.

All Hands On Deck

All NHLP players are playing today, a rarity for sure.  Only players hurt and not in the lineup won't get a chance to score, but it could be a very high scoring NHLP night.  Many teams are playing for everything and some nothing, meaning top players, top defensemen and goalies not playing could create some high scores.  "With nothing left to play for if you lose, we see the goalie pulled early and even down by three" said Muddy Capone.  Not one NHL matchup is officially set and as the 12 hours of hockey unfolds, so will almost all the seeding.  If Detroit and Boston do the same thing, win, tie or lose, Detroit is in and Boston will have to have Philadelphia not pass them in points.  Of course Philadelphia holds their own fate by winning their final two games against Pittsburgh and the Islanders, assuring they are in.  Almost every NHLP Division is playing for position and 5 of the 6 are battling for the final playoff position.  The current standings are showing Philadelphia out, but that could change to Detroit or Boston, again altering a few Divisions.  Almost certainly there will be a few surprises, a team having a 10 point night and coming from way back to take down a spot.  A crazy day that still doesn't settle everything.  Sunday still has 28 of the 36 NHLP teams with at least one player game left but only 8 teams on Sunday will have at least 3 or more man games.  This is it, a crazy 15 game day.  Best of luck everyone!



  Flaming Out?

GM Jr can only watch today to see if his Calgary Flames make the NHLP playoffs.  To be in the Flames will need either Nielson or Silfverberg to go without a single point.  If they both get a point, the very strong Flames are out of the NHLP playoffs.  The bigger race may actually be on either Indianapolis (Matt) or Colorado (Chad).  Currently those teams are tied for the last playoff spot with Indianapolis in on the strength of four more goals on the season.  The Icemen are in if Silfverberg gets a point and in if Nielson doesn't get a point.  The Avalanche will be in if Nielson gets a point.  So if Nielson gets a point and Silfverberg does not, then GM's Chad and Jr will be in and Matt out.


In The Unlikely Event...

Cogliano gains three points on Gostisbehere today, GM Charlie will be in with Phoenix, otherwise the four player Edmonton (Scott) team will be easy pray for the Green Bay Knights of GM Ryan.


Canucks Take First

The Vancouver Canucks (Joel) had nothing from either Williams or Williams but still struck for a ten point night.  The Nucks are now way in first in the Pacific Division but last to second is only 6 points so GM Joel will have no idea who he will play until Sunday.  Just a single point from Williams would have given GM Joel his first ever 12 point night.  Join is joined by GM's Vinnie and Matt as the three currently GM's to never record a 12, while Vinnie and Matt have yet to reach 11 on a single night.  This is a Vancouver team that can score and Joel has a good chance to go far on a Washington run.  "It will be a showdown to see Williams and Williams versus Ovechkin and Kuznetsov from Green Bay for all the marbles" said Muddy Capone, "If it gets to that, credit GM Joel for his work building this team."  There are a number of NHLP teams who thing they have a solid chance and for Joel this is one of two realistic chances he has.  Vancouver just missed last year and likely has a better team then the one who lost in the NHLP Finals last season to Hartford (Andrew).  Being the first team ever to win an NHLP Championship it is always exciting to cheer for Vancouver when the playoffs roll around.


Coyle:  "Let's Do It For Keifer"

GM Marcel said he knew his players could work it out and they just appear to have done so in the nix of time.  When Keith was suspended for high sticking Coyle it looked like Florida was certainly doomed, already in last place in the South Division.  On Tuesday, just days after Coyle accepted Keith's apology, the Panthers had a huge 8 points and sit alone in 4th place with just 5 days to go in the season.  This is a team that could get hot and roll in the playoffs, and a team many considered dead to rights.  From last to third in the Division is only 3 points so this is going to be something that comes down to Sunday to decide who is in and out.


Stamped Out!

GM Scott had put the Edmonton Oil in a position where if they made the NHLP playoffs they would have a shot at knocking out the Green Bay Knights (Ryan) in the first round of the NHLP playoffs.  "The Knights have such an awesome team, if you win it all you have to go through the best there is" said GM Scott.  All that now seems lost.  Edmonton is hanging onto a playoff spot, but will not only now have to make the playoffs, but play those playoffs without the NHLP's first overall draft pick this season.  Stamkos is gone from one to three months, meaning now making the playoffs will certainly make Edmonton easy prey for Green Bay.  "This kind of thing happens" said a clearly disappointed Scott, "It is all part of winning it all.  I know this can happen at any time.  I have had it happen in the past and will have it happen again.  Your entire season hinges on perfection when you win.  As crushed as I am, I see this as the very kind of break maybe Green Bay needed as part of everything going right for them.  You don't know until it has unfolded what it all means.  We have overcame the improbable in the past and we will overcome again in the future.  Will we this time, be able to recover from this?  Today is a dark day.  I can't pretend otherwise.  But I know.  I know, it is in total darkness, when we can now be led by the stars, that were otherwise hidden by the sunshine."


Player Games Remaining - Under 30

After tonight's games almost every NHLP team will be to under 30 player games remaining.  Already we see a spread, to a high of 37 for Carolina (Joel) who is three points out of 4th place to a low of 29 for GM Charlie in Phoenix where, although tied for the final NHLP playoff spot, Edmonton (Scott) has four more player games.  "These games this time of season are huge" said Muddy Capone, "At a team scoring 0.65 PPG, four player games should be two to three points."  The NHLP Officepool standings will show the standings with the tie-breakers updated for the tied teams.  An asterisks beside a team means they are facing potential penalties to their final standings and is shown for teams currently in a playoff position.  


Reminder - Tie-Breaker Rules

Season Ties to be Broken as Follows:

1)      Most Playoff players of teams tied

2)      Most goals from only playoff players of teams tied

3)      Most overall points on all three teams of only playoff players from GM's tied

NHLP Playoffs - Semi Finals & Finals Tie-Breakers Pick Order

1)      Team who has scored most playoff points in first two (Semi Finals) or three rounds (Finals) picks first and so forth.

2)      If two teams are tied, the team that scored the most points the previous round breaks that tie

3)      If teams scored the same every round, the NHLP season breaking tie-breakers kick in.



Department of Owners Pressure

When Keith hit Carter in the mouth, it was during the playoffs and he received one game.  That is still very laughable.  "I guess the real issue Bertuzzi had was it wasn't during the playoffs" said Muddy Capone, "He would have only gotten two games had it been during the playoffs."  Seems everything goes out the window with the NHL's discipline when it comes to playoffs, guys missing games when it matters most.  Now if you are a star player, that is even magnified.  Keith will miss in total, one playoff game.  For intentional hits to Carter and now Coyle's face, he misses a combined total of two playoff games.  And he is a REPEAT offender.  If Coyle did the same thing to Keith we would have heard that the "NHL must protect their star players."  Least Keith will be well rested for game two of the NHL Playoffs.


Keith Decision - Expect Playoff Games

The NHL is having a phone meeting today with Keith.  He decided not to appear before the league.  By calling an in-person meeting that means the NHL is looking at least a minimum 6 games.  We have heard this week that Keith is "Borderline becoming a dirty player."  How many other players have smashed their sticks into players faces?  Keith has done that twice, once to Carter and now Coyle.  "I think the word 'becoming' is showing Keith way to much respect" said Muddy Capone, "Just because you are a great player doesn't mean you should have leeway when you disrespect the game and your opponents."  This decision will have a huge impact on the NHLP outcome this season.


 Last Spots Tight

Four of the six NHLP Divisions have a separation of either one or two points heading into the final 8 days of the NHLP season.  In the West Conference GM Scott is ahead of GM Charlie by a single point while GM Matt is ahead of GM Chad by the same amount.  The East Conference races are just two point differences.  "It is coming down to the wire everywhere" said Muddy Capone.  From first place to last place is only 8 points in the Pacific while the Atlantic is 8 points from first to fifth.  Any team can have a big final week and be in, or cave badly and drop right out from one of the top places.  Injuries are a key part with many players who are out a few games now, likely not back until playoffs.  Their is the issue of resting players as well for any teams set in their standings. 


Fracture Here, Fracture There

First Perron twice.  Then Stralman twice and now Trocheck.  "Well it wouldn't be accurate to say GM Andrew can't find a break" said Muddy Capone.  Trocheck is done for the season for GM Andrew in Chicago.  Only a single point up on 5th place Andrew is likely wishing this injury could have occurred on Friday night, prior to the NHLP Trading Deadline.  A solid team with Panarin and Doughty, this will be a crushing blow regardless of if the Blackhawks make the NHLP playoffs as Trocheck is four first round points off the crucial first round total.  GM's just never recover from these post Deadline injuries where players cannot be replaced.  "Last time I carry guys twice" Andrew said.  Luckily for him, he moved one to GM Chadwick.


The Pitts

GM Chad was hoping for great things from Pittsburgh and with Kopitar, why would he not be.  After losing Trocheck for the rest of the way, Kopitar will likely now not even be in the NHLP playoffs in two weeks.  The Pens are just three points ahead of missing the playoffs and this certainly will be a crippling blow down the stretch.  It isn't a foregone conclusion that the Pens will miss, but even getting in will now weaken the team where winning in round one usually never occurs for teams that don't ice a full lineup. 


Question Is:  How Many

The Florida Panthers (Marcel) teammates got into a horrible situation that might cost GM Marcel a playoff spot on his team with Kane and Keith.  "The NHL has shown time and time again that star players get off easy" said Muddy Capone, "If you are a teams star, the NHL doesn't have much balls when discipline is deserved."  Just two seasons ago Keith and Coyle were teammates on the NHLP Championship team in San Fran and now again on Florida where if Marcel gets in, who knows the damage that could be done with Kane and Keith.  Just two points back it is almost certain that Keith will have to sit at least three to five games and many will ask for a longer suspension.  Keith intentionally knocked some teeth out of Coyle's mouth in a senseless and quite ugly slash to the face.  Keith who plays tough was knocked to the ice by Coyle and while there gave a vicious one hander to the lips of Coyle.  He was given a match and an automatic meeting with the league that might not go good for the previously twice suspended Keith.  Well, if he wasn't a star player it might not be good anyhow.  


Ends With 666

The NHLP made 173 Transactions on the season, three more then the previous season but the total NHLP Cap Hit of 2897 is an NHLP Record.  "This will be a great year for the NHLP Champion" said Muddy Capone, "Might be a record cash in."  All NHLP Transactions as well as Player Tracking and Officepools has be updated, but things should be double checked by each of you for your teams.


Big Days Everywhere

Ironically the NHLP Trading Deadline turned into one of the biggest scoring days of the entire season.  An amazing 10 different GM's had teams with at least 7 points on the night.  Two teams, Cleveland (Tyson) and Miami (Charlie) reached double digits with Miami leaving the meeting well in last place and after an 11 point night not only are just 3 points out of a playoff spot, but just 6 points out of first in the Division in the South. 


Record Transaction - 46

No NHLP Transaction that was not doubled due to fine costs as much as the 46 of Alaska's on Saturday.  The incredible 307 point dropped was over half as much as GM's Charlie, Vinnie or Ryan have spent on their entire season.  "It was a fun Transaction" said GM Marcel, "I think I did well but was expected a little more of a challenge."  It was a hard one to challenge for GM's with two and three players could never compete with what everyone knew would have easily been a 30 point drop by the Attack if they had to go that deep. 


Deadline Sees Tight Races - Few Big Names Move

It was a different NHLP Trading Deadline than we may have ever seen.  A combination of factors played into the days events.  The NHLP Standings were already incredibly tight, making even moves to the Minors hard to make.  With the NHL Standings the way they are, no one was banking on any other teams but the teams they already had.  "You could not trade a Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Colorado or Minnesota player" said Muddy Capone, "No one wanted any of those guys, and likely rightly so, someone has to miss."  The biggest name to move was likely Tarasenko, but Pavelski, Forsberg, Panarin, Marleau, Nash, and Keith also found new homes.  Speaking of new homes, the entire Alaska (Marcel) Roster was one of two full rosters on the day to be swapped out.  GM Marcel dropped 307 points to the Minors, an NHLP record drop, for 7 players, non of which ended up moving out of Alaska by days end.  GM Matt in Indianapolis took 6 moves to change all 7 players on his roster.  The Icemen find themselves in last place in the Pacific Division, but they are only 7 points out of first place, showing just how tight things were during the day.


Canes Wings on Block

Clearwater Jones, Team Reporter in Carolina said GM Joel has been watching the Wings closely and must make a call on whether to keep or move out his two Detroit players Tatar and Nyquist.  "It is possible Nelson's number goes with the two making a three player deposit" said Jones.  With Halifax only four points behind Carolina for the last playoff spot, a point gain might work best for GM Joel who will monitor things closely this week. 


Steen May Be Traded?

There are conflicting reports in Phoenix (Charlie) and who to believe is anyone's guess.  Team Reporter Noah Lott says the Coyotes are wavering as to trade their top asset, "GM Charlie will certainly be moving Steen during the meeting" he said.  Muddy Capone, who has all Team Reporters to listen to, said it isn't that easy and that "At some point Charlie may begin to start listening to potential offers that may or may not make sense to be potentially good fits and Charlie is teetering towards possibly making a move but would not confirm or deny Steen is potentially in play if a possible deal can be found that might help Phoenix" Capone said.  What is known is the Yotes are up against the teams internal cap.  This is why GM Charlie has not moved Bickel for a 5 point player, even Sunday when those 5 points could have been used in a dump.  The 10 against the self imposed Cap doesn't make sense and if Bickel is moved in a deal, his Cap friendly hit of Contract 2, between two GM's is a one added to GM Charlie's total, a cost savings of 9.  Bickel will not be moved to the minors as the 2 down and 2 up of the Contract is not a number Charlie may be willing to deal with.  All indications is Steen should be traded then prior to the Draft, or during the Draft, allowing Charlie to share in the costs of moving Bickel out.  But as Capone added, "That may or may not be Charlie's plan, but it just might be, or could be, or maybe won't be."


All-in Attack

Alaska Attack (Marcel) Team Reporter Anita Newholmes has said GM Marcel will make an amazing 7 for 7 drop to the Minors.  "GM's need to be prepared as the Attack will not lose the first dump to the Minors" said Newholmes.  The report seems credible, as Alaska does not have a currently playoff player outside of Connolly, the teams lowest scoring player, but are in first place in the Pacific.  It is believed Marcel will dump 30 points if needed, then be able to trade back in with the highest scoring guys from the Minors.  Not many NHLP teams could make such a move and have it make sense, so the lone question is does Marcel include both Duchene and Landeskog in this dump or not.  "If he keeps his Avs and they miss the playoffs, he is out anyhow" said Muddy Capone about the dynamics in play.  Making this move more intriguing is Colorado and Minny have a four point game at 3 PM Saturday, however Alaska cannot wait that long to make the move as they need a full Minors, not an empty one, to go all in.  The bidding should be hot and heavy early, always making for a fun start to the NHLP Trading Deadline.


 Cleveland Trades a Star & Cap

In separate deals GM Tyson traded for points, adding 14 to move into second place in the North Division standings.  Sharp came off the seven man roster and was replaced for Los Angeles (Andrew) for 8 points and Okposo.  The second deal involved moving Burakovsky to Carolina (Joel) for Hertl.  "We are in a much better position and still have a team that can challenge for the Cup" said GM Tyson about the Fury who are still lead by Jagr and Huberdeau with a nice Johnson and Hedman Bolt squad.  "Ladd could add all the distance this team needs" the GM said, "Now we can spend the day fine tuning" Tyson added about the upcoming meeting Saturday.


NHLP Trading Deadline
Saturday, March 26th

With 9 confirmed and still a possible 12 GM's the Saturday won in a land slide.  The meeting is in the Zoo with a yet to be determined host at 10 AM.


Say Again?

The Atlantic City Gamblers (Vinnie) received terrible injury news about their star player.  Seguin, who has 73 points for the second place Gamblers is gone from three to four weeks.  Although the Gamblers are currently easily in the NHLP Playoffs, other Divisional GM's will certainly try and now match up with Atlantic City in the first round where Seguin should miss time if out four weeks.  GM's work hard to keep players like Seguin on their rosters and often these late season injuries cripple any hope a team has of winning an NHLP Championship.


Two Elites Benn Traded

New Orleans GM Shawn said he was a little sick to his stomach acquiring what amounts to three injured players.  "It might bite me in the ass" said Shawn, "But I am now carrying some very injured players."  The Wolverines added both Benn and Carlson in a trade with Quebec (Matt) who gave 9 points, adding Kucherov and Lucic.  The deal sees two NHLP Elite players trading teams a week before the NHLP Trading Deadline.  New Orleans goes to tied for first and is 11 points up on 5th in the South Division while Matt really is cutting it thin, sitting in 4th but only three points up on last in the East Division.  "You cannot be afraid to join into the races" said GM Matt, "You have to have faith your players can beat just two teams once the Deadline ends."  Matt has learned if you can't beat them, join them, is often the approach of NHLP GM's this time of season.  "I just put it out there I am willing to drag race for a place and I hope my fellow GM's decide the race is on."


Colorado Reaps From Sharp Pain

GM Chad no longer has Sharp, but after Sharp has now missed five consecutive games from the 1st of March, Colorado gets a compensation pick to complete Transaction #605.  "It is a sweet pick" said Muddy Capone.  The Avs now have this years first pick in round two, #37 while Quebec (Matt) drop 32 places to pick #69.  This compensation picks can be dangerous, as once GM Scott paid 100 draft places to GM Matt, a compensation that was paid in full.  GM Matt dealt Sharp to Chad but Chad decided after he learned Sharp was injured he wanted to rescind the deal or compensation which he received from Matt.  Colorado may have done quite well on the deal afterall.


Malkin Blow For Storm

GM Shawn just acquired his star asset less then a week ago.  Now Malkin is out 6 to 8 weeks, a killer injury this time of the NHLP season.  The NHL season officially has one month until the playoffs start, so if this is an accurate projection, Malkin will miss the entire first round of the playoffs.  Seattle is now left with the decision of whether to hold on to Malkin, likely closely following his injury to determine if he can come back in say 5 weeks, maybe only missing a game or two of the playoffs.  "There is no way this time of season to replace point per game producing players" said Muddy Capone, "No matter the NHLP team, these injuries cripple teams every time they occur."  Just four days ago Shawn traded Klingberg, Staal and Staal for Malkin, Riberio and Neal and sit just 10 points ahead of 5th in the Pacific Division.


Another Day, Another Hab

GM Marcel was happy to get his hands on Hagelin for Desharnais in an Injury Pickup in Flordia.  "It hasn't been the season I hoped for Montreal" said GM Marcel who is now 'only' left with three Habs, Gallagher, Plekanec and Subban to deal with moving forward.  First to last in the South Division is only 8 points, so adding the hot Hagelin was a great move for the Panthers.  "With Kane and Keith, this team can win it all" said Marcel, "So I have to get a spot at any cost."  There are six teams all saying the same thing in the South so watching this Division unfold with it being so close will be extremely exciting.  "The goal is to keep and win with your assets" said Muddy Capone, "But there is always that one GM who can't handle the heat and sells out."  Which one are you?


Dallas Staal'd

Well we will never say GM Jr is done, but after giving 100+ points this week, we can assume his has slowed down a little bit.  The Dallas Stars added Klingberg, Staal and Staal, giving another 20 points and creating a log jam in the South Division Standings, only 12 points separating first and last.  Seattle (Shawn) added the points, climbing from last to second place in the Pacific.  GM Shawn was happy to add Malkin, Ribiero and Neal in the deal knowing the team can now have the points to trade Boedker if needed.  "I would love his first round scoring" said Shawn, "But we can now go to the Minors if we have to."  GM Jr created a crazy first week of March by trading points everywhere, with no fear of the consequences of his teams.  By giving all these points to the Storm, Calgary (Jr) has fallen 10 points out of the playoffs.  "Great GM's would rather be ten points out with great players then 10 points in with fringe players" said Muddy Capone, "It is always easier to deal wanted players than no-so-sure-of-players in the dying days of the season."  The GM's who win the most also know they should put themselves in a position to sell the least to make it in, something GM Jr knows and is practicing this season.  "Load yourself up with great players" said Capone, "Then, if you have to, sell the worst of the great, but in best case, keep them all." 


Chad Unloads Big Names

GM Chad first traded Ladd for Huberdeau then Hedman and Sharp for Johansen and Nielsen, both deals to Cleveland (Tyson) who paid a total of 7 points.  "Ladd, Hedman and Sharp are all top players" said Muddy Capone trying to grasp Chad's logic.  Chad said he couldn't afford to wait for Sharp to get healthy, as if missing five games might somehow depreciate his value.  Tyson has done well in the past 24 hours adding Ladd, Hedman, Sharp, Marleau, Seabrook and Hossa for a cut rate 23 points, just two more in total then GM Scott just paid for Schwartz alone.  "You always have to remember if one team gets better, another team gets worse" said Capone, "So just when you think something hurts your chances somewhere, your chances likely improved somewhere else."

Blues Add Hawks

GM Tyson said he will still easily move 20 to 30 more after trading 16 points to acquire two Blackhawks in a move in St Louis.  The Blues added Marleau, Seabrook and Hossa to a team already with Crosby and Sharp.  "We will improve, we have the points and the players to make bring a third Cup to town" say Tyson who certainly does.  The Blues and the GM are both chasing a third cup and did not hesitate to act.  Meanwhile, GM Charlie's Rangers go from dead last in the East Division into second, just three points behind Memphis (Jr) who has been actively building.  "The entire Division is far from done" said Muddy Capone.  The NHLP is heating up as GM's are very active everywhere and there is no signs of this being the last deal any time soon.  "We have a few irons in the fire" said GM Charlie, "Expect Phoenix making a move any day now."


Machine Add Leagues Best Player

When Memphis added Toews the NHLP Yearbook reported GM Jr is back.  Well nothing could be further from the truth.  He is back!!!  Jr ruled as a GM, literally feared for years with his ability for greatness, building team after team no one wanted to play.  For the past few years there was something missing in Jr's game.  Maybe the co-GM'ing was holding him back, the drive, the strategy.  Whatever it was, it is no more.  Added with Toews is arguable, according to the CTR, the most valuable player in the entire NHLP.  The Machine pulled off a huge deal, trading Thornton, Burns and Berglund, to the Toronto Maple Leafs (Chad) for Kuznetsov, Carlson and Palat.  The points were minimal at 10, with neither team changing or losing a position.  "This is the old Jr" said GM Andrew, "He suddenly has transformed back into what he always has been."  You could see the new Jr coming for a while now and with the deals in the past week, his teams will all surely be near the top of the CTR come the final rating.  The Divisions are all so very tight with a few GM's totally set on certain teams.  Not Jr.  "I have a lot of work yet to do, so I hope to get down to business with a few other GM's shortly" the GM said, "Does anyone recognize the name Malkin?" 


Jumbo Deal for Jumbo Joe

Ben Dover who has reported for the Memphis Machine since their inception into the NHLP says the team has a deal in place that could happen yet tonight.  It is believed Thornton and Burns are involved in the three for three deal.  "GM Jr continues to move massive amounts of points and adding with Toews certainly can give Memphis a Cup chance."  Jr told Muddy Capone the "Machine is starting to roll and you don't want to be the poor son-of-a-bitch who tries and stops it."   Stay tune as the deal breaks for the details.

Memphis Nears 30

GM Jr has not only been busy trading points, his teams are busy scoring them as well.  "We can't move all these points this fast" said GM Jr who gained 27 more points in Memphis this past week.  Hornqvist lead the way with 8, Burns 6, Thornton 5, Toews and Spezza 3 each and Berglund and Lecavalier had singles.  The week also saw 24 points from Dallas, another team Jr says isn't done trading yet. 


Flint - Rough NHLP Years

Well we now know where GM Vinnie was this weekend.  "I was helping literally carry pails of water in Flint" said Vinnie, "We had no cell phone reception as it turned out."  The GM regrets not at least trading the seasons final Waiver.  Why was Vinnie there?  GM Leo ran the Flint Bulldogs entry in the NHLP during the teams six seasons in the league.  Of course Leo was also the Top Dog for the St John's Leafs and the Las Vegas Strip, where he won two NHLP Cups.  Vinnie, always stayed close to Leo and now operates the team out of Vegas.  Flint holds a dubious NHLP distinction.  One of only two NHLP teams to never make the playoffs.  The other team was Milwaukee who operated as a League team in 1991 and by GM James in 1993.  Flints stay in the NHLP was a fairly long one.  The "Dogs", maybe another reason VinDog has a soft spot for them could just never got it right. 

GM Leo


'93-309  6-106

'94-261  6-84

'95-169  5-13

’96-280  5-98

’97-234  8-67

’98-249  5-19


CENTRAL DIVISION              PTS         PBL  

1) DETROIT (LEE)              182         ---  

2) ST.LOUIS (NORM)            177           5  

3) MINNESOTA (SCOTT)          177        5 

4) FLORIDA (DAVE)             173           9  

5) FLINT (LEO)                169             13

6) CHICAGO (GLEN)             159         23

7) TAMPA BAY (JR)             156         26

8) WINDSOR (IAN)              155         27

9) TORONTO (CLARK)            140         42

The Strike shortened NHLP 1994-95 season was a 48 game season with a full NHLP Playoffs, won by GM Leo in Vegas was the closest Flint ever got to the playoffs, finishing just 13 points out of first, yet in 5th place.  That season would be the closest Flint ever did get to the playoffs, ironically closest again in 98, Leo's second cup win in Vegas.  Leo would be proud of Vinnie's contribution to the troubled city and the GM hopes one day Vinnie can win a third team cup in Vegas.  Vinnie admitted "Go Colorado" as the GM said he will not be attended the Trading Deadline and Vegas is in, sink or swim on the Avs.

Schwartz Adds 21 to Alaska Dump

GM Marcel knows he is in a very bad spot in Alaska.  "GM Scott made a lot of sense when we walked through everything" said Marcel, "The morning of the 26th will be very interesting for Alaska."  GM Scott's Oilers gave 21 points and McDavid, as advertised, straight up for Schwartz.  The move left Edmonton at the bottom of the West Division but the GM said he could never turn McDavid into Schwartz in the Minors.  "No team in the NHLP had a Schwartz available" said GM Scott who now is prepared to start unloading players to make the playoffs.  For the Attack, Marcel is selling hard, points to give and a huge Waiver dump to start off the 21st.  "We will be doing our homework, that is for sure" said Marcel who is expecting to drop all 7 players to the Minors and give whatever it takes to ensure Alaska has 7 playoff players to start the Trading Deadline.  San Fran GM, GM Scott, said with this development, knowing GM Marcel is going to absolutely rape the Minors, there will be nothing left for Las Vegas (Vinnie) to make a playoff team and is now looking to trade McDavid for major points.  "It is funny how another teams trade affects everything else" said the Titan GM who had no intentions of moving McDavid and points up onto another GM pulled off such a deal.



GM's Shocked - Waiver Burnt

Many GM's stated they would have offered for it, including one saying they would have given a first rounder.  "I didn't offer for I thought he would use it" said GM Jr.  GM's Scott and Joel also said the same thing.  It is the first Waiver not used this season and just did not add up with easily a doable team to be made with moderate effort in the Minors.  No further Waivers exist, only trades and the NHLP Trading Deadline on Saturday March 26th. 

Bluer Than Blue

GM Tyson selected four from the Minors and couldn't have liked the slim pickings that were left.  Tyson did as good as could be expected, but the names aren't top line players.  Added were Stempniac, Versteeg, McGinn and Fleischmann in the four for four pick.  The good news is the Blues are buyers with a huge 35 points to improve with.  "Not many teams have that many points they are still moving" said Muddy Capone, "So Tyson should be able to find a way to improve on St Louis."


Late Season Push By GM Jr

Which strategy is the best is open for debate.  Many GM's make trades all season long while the past many years GM Jr has went about it different, saving all his points to the very end and unloading them in huge chucks.  Another 21 points went this morning, adding in further big names in Toffoli, Keith and Alzner for Kucherov, Steen and Filppula to New Orleans (Shawn).  The Flames went from first to fifth in just 48 hours but have acquired a new team instantly with big names Toffoli, Carter, Keith, Seabrook, Hedman, Muzzin and Alzner. "It suddenly looks like a Championship team" said Muddy Capone, "Jr proves his method works."  Jr himself has stated it just took him a couple years to get back 'into the league'.  It appeared Jr struggled with building great teams only to get beat out.  He has had great teams lose, as have almost every GM.  It is simply just hard to win it all.  If math goes equally with Jr, as every other GM, he should win once over the next 12 years, just as he has won once in the past 12.  Problem is, it isn't spread out to each GM winning once.  Over the last 12 Cups GM Scott won four, Andrew three, Tyson two and Jr, Marcel and Chad once each.  Championship teams aren't lucked into, they take constant work and effort.  Championship teams are built.  If you aren't building yourself, others are building around you.  GM Jr's strategy has given him a shot in Calgary and proves there are many ways to build a winner.  Until they pick their own way many GM's are going to continue to struggle over the coming 12 Cups to see their name appear as Champions!  Bottom line.  You have to pick a strategy, but you can't not have one at all.

Canucks Add Third Cap

GM Joel knows if he gets to the NHLP Conference Finals in the West matching up against Green Bay (Ryan) will now be three on three as far as the Caps are concerned.  "It will come down to what else we both bring" said Joel.  The Vancouver GM said he may have cut his first round scoring to thin but was ecstatic to acquire both Williams and Johansson.  GM Scott said he shopped the Caps but wasn't offered what the Canucks offered, Eriksson and Marchand and 17 points.  "We cut ourselves to thin and had to use the built in out" said Scott, "Now we can trade our Bruins to help build around our teams strength, our three Rangers."  Scott is a firm believer in moving your non playoff guys as soon as you can and doesn't hesitate dropping into 5th, as long as you have a way out when things go bad.  The GM once said he has made far more worse deals then ever good deals over the years, but when one hits, it often leads to a potential cup winning team.  Both GM's agreed they have much more work to do, but another deal, the 9th in the last 48 hours, has really shaken up the NHLP.


Blues Keep Adding

GM Tyson added more points in St Louis, now 38 points up on 5th place in the West Division.  "It might take that to go to the minors" said Tyson who traded Iginla to Indianapolis (Matt) for Hoffman.  This likely means Crosby, Sharp and Zuccarello will no longer be moved, but rather built around.  Tyson showed how easy it is to add points this time of season as guys start unloading points and non playoff players.

Flames Burn Bright

GM Jr warned the league points would fly.  Playing high scoring players Bergeron and Eriksson, the Flames added Carter and Seabrook, two players Cincinnati (Matt) had said all week were being shopped.  "It just fit" said Matt, "We offered these guys over and over and after you get no takes, you move on."  There is no doubt the Rage did outstanding, adding 19 points and about half a PPG in total.  The Rage moved from a point out of last to what should be pulling away and in third.  "You can't win it all if you don't win round one" Matt said earlier this season.  For Jr, Carter and Seabrook amount to the distance players that can carry the Flames deep into the playoffs.  "Winning round one doesn't mean anything if you haven't the distance players" said Jr, "I paid a lot, but like our team in Calgary."  This was a huge deal, another blockbuster in what has been a very crazy NHLP week. 


Transaction 605 Updated

Sharps injury last night prior to the NHLP Trade between Quebec (Matt) and Colorado (Chad) led to the GM's agreeing to a compensation package.  Without any compensation, GM Chad said he would have nixed the deal, his right under the NHLP rules.  Both GM's are satisfied and the deal is now officially, official.  "Bonnie Anne Clyde did a fabulous job last night" said Muddy Capone, "She simple forgot to ensure the teams had preformed their required Medicals in the Trade Call.  I might even take two days off next season" added Capone.  We find that extremely unlikely!

St Louis Preparing For Waiver

GM Tyson has now made two official moves ahead of his Waiver pick tomorrow.  The Blues added a draft pick and two points with Iginla for Tatar.  "We hate to move a guy like Tatar but we have to look to improve several places on the depth chart tomorrow" said Tyson.  The second deal was likely a how lot easier to make, unloading Lecavalier who had one point in his last ten games was was destine to be a low number in the Waiver pick.  It is the trading team Memphis (Jr) that traded for Lecavalier, trading the hard working Blandisi who just said he just could not continue to see they kid go all out 100% of the time.  "He is going to hurt himself playing that hard" said GM Jr who gave four points to add a King in the deal.  Tyson will likely still be active and should receive a high score if Crosby, Sharp or Zuccarello are moved.



The Hartford Whalers (Andrew) traded 15 points and Seguin to load up for their back to back cup run attempts.  GM Andrew also traded Filppula in the inner Division deal, moving Atlantic City (Vinnie) from fifth place to only one point behind Hartford for first.  The Gamblers gave Backstrom and Gaborik, who is hurt but should return before the playoffs.  Andrew could not pass on the opportunity to get one of the Caps available, after losing out on Oshie just 24 hours earlier.  "These are big names players" said Muddy Capone, back from his first night off of the season.  "It would figure there would be more trades that night then any other" Capone laughed.  Well, just maybe there could be four deals by the end of tonight? 


Double-Time & a Half

It will surely be denied but Bonnie Anne Clyde will be putting in her overtime for staying late tonight thanks to GM Jr.  "He started this mess" said Clyde.  He may very well have finished it as well with the third deal of the night.  Calgary (Jr) traded Okposo and Bjugstad to Pittsburgh (Chad) for Hedman and Filppula.  GM Chad had only added Hedman hours earlier.  Chad made three deals on the night, two in Pittsburgh and one in Colorado.  Chad isn't quite done according to his third teams reporter in Toronto, Roc Bottom, who said Chad offered Hoffman and two points for a Washington player.  "Ya, he is likely done" said Bottom.  Hey, with the deals we heard "offered" on the night, that one clearly would not be the worst, so who knows.  With the NHL Trading Deadline gone, this opens up more offers as all GM's know where all NHL players are the rest of the way.

"Five Huge Deals"

GM Jr asked how can it be that he started all this tonight and there are "Two huge deals and I am in neither" wondered the GM.  Jr said he is offering 120 points and there will be "Five Huge Deals" by the end of the night without me."  We doubt that happens, but there is a good chance another deal goes down shortly, and this one as well won't include GM Jr.  Stay tune...


Pens Trade Getzlaf for Kopitar

GM Chad said he understood it was strictly a sideways move for his Pittsburgh Penguins.  "There is no difference in my mind as to the Ducks or Kings or Getzlaf or Kopitar, but the pick swung our decision" said GM Chad.  San Fran (Scott) who recently won a cup with Kopitar did not trade him lightly but was after Chad all month to make this deal.  "It was two for two and three for three, never one for one" said GM Scott, "Chad told me time and time again, no, no, no."  Scott said the deal wasn't the best fit for Chad's Pens, who have no other Kings or Ducks, but for the Titan, with Kelser, Rakell and Vatanen, GM Scott said he was all in on the Ducks.  "We gave 9 picks in the first round for like players" the GM said, "But to us, Kopitar was no longer a fit, on this team, this year."  The Titan included the 23rd overall pick for 32nd to get the deal done.  "We will use that pick to improve our team" said Chad who then added, "Kopy is in play yet tonight."  When GM Scott heard that he said, "Chad, Text me about Stamkos.  Lets get it done."

Titan - "Kopy is Gone"

GM Scott has called an 11 PM press conference tonight to announce a huge deal for the franchise.  Scott only said "Kopy is gone" and the deal would be release during the press conference.


Pens Trade Getzlaf

One of the very best NHLP players has been traded.  GM Chad called a press conference for 10:30 to announce the deal.  Getzlaf has been on fire after a slow start to the season.  GM Chad was very busy tonight already acquiring Sharp and Hedman.  The NHLP has no official word on where Getzlaf ended up but an unconfirmed report said "The Nords offered up Benn and 19 points straight up for Getzlaf."  If so, GM Matt will have traded both Benn and Sharp from Quebec in the same night, giving 30 points in the process.

Quebec Loads Up Sandbags

GM Matt said he is going for it this season.  "I have to be Sharp" said the GM, "Memphis is pushing us and we certainly are capable of pushing back."  Trading Sharp and Hedman came as a shock but the Nords GM said guys like Oshie aren't on the table for long.  Matt said he believes in Pittsburgh and added both Oshie and Hornqvist in a deal with GM Chad in Colorado.  The Avs were falling back but get 10 points and assets in Sharp and Hedman.  This deal further tightens the Pacific Division.  Matt said he was far from done saying Quebec will move more points soon.  "When you have such weak lower teams, it is better to meet them then to have them sell out" said Matt, "It took me a few years but I get it now."
GM Jr Starts Frenzy

GM Jr entered March like a Lion and will likely end it eating Lamb Chops.  The GM got aggressive tonight and sparked a flurry of activity.  "I don't care if I give 100 points tonight" said the GM.  Jr has made a number of offers and was very close to trading away both Bergeron and Eriksson in one deal, giving as many as 25 points.  "I am currently still talking to nine GM's right now" said Jr in a text to Bonnie Anne Clyde, the long time NHLP Secretary who is the lone member in the office tonight.  "I hope he doesn't carry through tonight with those 100 points" said Clyde, "But I will be sure to submit my overtime if he does."

Three Deals Official

The NHLP Yearbook has been flooded with Trade Calls tonight said Bonnie Anne Clyde, the NHLP's Secretary.  "I really don't know what to do, Muds off tonight" said Clyde.  What we do know is Oshie was dealt as well as Kopitar and Getzlaf.  "These are different deals" Clyde said.  As the GM's finish with the trade calls the details will be posted on the site yet tonight.  Stay tune....


Machine Firing on All Cylinders

In 2013 GM Andrew won the NHLP Championship in Chicago, led by non other than Big Joe Thornton.  It was the lone time Big Joe had his name engraved in NHLP glory making it even more surprising that GM Andrew would give up on him so easy at the Winter Meeting.  Dropping Thornton to the Minors with C. Smith, the Hawks added Trocheck and Bjugstad.  Those two added together now have 60 points, the same as Thornton.  Of course GM Jr has more than a clue and immediately added Thornton with Barrie and Barrie trading the twins for the man, Toews.  Now essentially the Machine are frightening and a team everyone will regret playing in the first round of the NHLP playoffs.  "Quebec likely has a better team" said Muddy Capone, "Where the Nords could have a better second round team, but the two GM's are set for a monster showdown in a Division they are seemingly the lone favorites."  The issue with playing Memphis is what happened Monday night.  Just three players combined for 10 points with Hornqvist (number 5 on this teams depth chart) getting four and Thornton and Burns three each.  "That is the kind of damage in the first game of an NHLP playoff series where it is game over" Capone said, then added that the lone way to stop this Machine may be "un peu de sable déversés dans le moteur".
Teravainen To Be Moved

Sharon Weed, the long time team reporter in Portland said there is "No chance" GM Vinnie moves the final Waiver of the season but very likely will move Teravainen before making what is believed an all out 7 for 7 pick.  "Teravainen type Chicago players aren't just had anywhere" Weed stated, adding that at a low 26 points the Winter Hawks should easily get 10 to 15 in a one for one.  The team isn't full of assets but GM Vinnie came from way back and does not want to stop short of making a playoff team in advance of the NHLP Trading Deadline where the competition for the Minors will no longer be free.
Krejci, Carter & Seabrook

Who exactly turned down the deal is open for debate, but team reporter in Cincinnati, Mick Stupp, admits that GM Matt had a deal he thought was official for these three.  "That would have been one of the most massive deals of the season" said Muddy Capone.  The Rage made it public that Carter would be moved.  Sitting 15 points out of a playoff spot on a team full of assets, Matt can decide who goes and who stays.  Stupp stated to the NHLP Yearbook those three players were in a blockbuster that got nixed.  Stupp was not reporting who or how the deal went West but did say "Most deals go South, but this one definitely went West".


Perfect Storm

GM Shawn was the big winner in Seattle when the NHL Trading Deadline had finally ended.  "Shawn almost hit the perfect Triactor" stated team reporter Terry Bull.  Of course after making the Storm Waiver last week Shawn stated Staal would go to the Rangers, Hudler Florida and Boedker to rivals Anaheim.  Of course Boedker was the lone one incorrect of the three, as he went to Colorado instead.  What this does is shows you the kind of advance scouting taking place in the NHLP as the entire group or GM's is top notch.  Suddenly a Storm is brewing and the Pacific Division has a major competitor who certainly will owe a playoff spot in 6 weeks.

Player Tracking Updated

If I missed any of the players that moved teams can you please let me know.  I think I got them all but fresh eyes always help.


Iggy Goes Quick

No sooner had GM Chad used his Saturday injury pick up of Cammalleri on Iginla, GM Joel did likewise with his Waiver.  Now both GM's in Colorado and Carolina have Iginla who could turn into a great pick if Colorado can stay in front of the charging Wild and Canucks.  Joel also added Hertl and Killorn who hung in the mInors a lot longer than many GM's felt they would.  "I have to be really happy getting solid top six forwards this late without deals" said GM Joel referring to the late Waivers usually are slim picks within NHL deals.  There were some big names suddenly on good teams, like Weiss and Fleischmann who became new Hawks, but Joel liked what he got for what he gave, D. Sedin, Stone and Panik. 


Panik Time In Carolina

GM Joel made a two for two ahead of the Waiver pick Saturday, adding Stone and Panik from Cincinnati (Matt) for Lee and Bjugstad.  The Canes gained a low number which made perfect sense, until you realized they gained another high number for the minors as well.  "It doesn't have to makes sense if the league makes money" stated Muddy Capone.  Carolina will certainly be using the Waiver and is hoping some NHL deals occur over the next 48 hours that they may capitalize on. 

This Is Howie Do It

At eight years as an NHLP GM, only GM Tyson at seven has less experience then GM Matt.  "You can see him improving every season" said Muddy Capone of Matt, "He is aggressive and one of his teams will lineup squarely one of these times."  Maybe that team is Indianapolis?  According to team reporter Howie Cummings, Matt is willing to make a huge deal for Hoffman, "In the 20 point range if needed", to bring in the perfect fit for Panarin and Anisimov.  Indy has the points to do it and a fearless GM, so it isn't a question of if, but more so of when, the deal goes down.  If this team can get another Blackhawk, they might have the best Hawks team and a Cap would give them four players in a finals of the Hawks-Caps.  These are the kind of decisions winning GM's are faced with this time of season, tweaks that build winners.  "Teams looking to unload 100 non playoff points at this point are behind the times" said Cummings.  This is how they now do it in Indy.  Like a winner!


Lott of Injuries

Phoenix Coyotes (Charlie) team reporter Noah Lott is saying GM Charlie is pushing through a tough stretch of injuries, currently four on the seven man roster, but isn't in panic mode just yet.  Only 11 points out of a playoff spot the Yotes know Steen, a beast of a point scoring machine can make up those 11 when the "Deal goes down" said the GM.  That is right, Steen will be gone and there are plenty of NHLP teams that could use a 0.77 PPG player and in a position to carry him until he is back.  Steen is official to be evaluated before the NHLP Trading Deadline, in four weeks from his injury last week and may be playing by then Charlie expects.  Helping make the deal a no-brainer is Bickell, who is currently an injury pick up to 5 points has the kind of low number so many high scoring GM's need to unload their deadbeats, and there are those teams with those players everywhere.  Bickell is as close to a zero as the league has and his number alone means payday for the Coyotes at any point.


Strip - Not Yet

GM Vinnie stood strong with his Avalanche players MacKinnon, Barrie and Barrie, for now said the GM.  "I think the Avs are in, but I have the luxury or waiting and moving big points later if need be" the GM stated.  The Las Vegas GM traded Toews and Drouin and are up over 30 points in the deal for Barrie and Barrie.  Without the deal Vinnie would find the Strip out of 4th by 13 points, but with Toews.  "With those kind of numbers it is hard to say he did the wrong thing" stated Muddy Capone.  The Strip used the Waiver to move out Jenner and Kronwall, adding Krug and Niskanen.  Niskanen becomes the 20th Capital player in the NHLP, over half the possible lineup they can ice on any given game according to NHL rules, if every player was in the NHLP twice.  Of course Backstrom and Ovechkin are elite players taking two more numbers off the possible 36.  As for the Strip they are a comfortable 17 points up on 5th and barring an Avalanche, will be in the NHLP playoffs.


"Rat-Face Fat Ballerina Dancing Bastard"?

GM Chad denied he said that about Muddy Capone, well in that exact phrase anyway.  The Avs Team Reporter reported those were GM Chad's words, however, Chad said he called Capone a "Rat-Face Bastard" who he also said was as "Sensitive as a Fat Ballerina".  Chad said he wished Willie B. Hardigan would in fact get things straight.  Hardigan did have one thing accurate about what was and wasn't said and that was the fact the Avalanche asked that Mr. Capone and the NHLP Yearbook advise the league that Oshie is being shopped.  "I have seen the price tag for Washington players in other emails" said GM Chad, "The Flyer are asking a steep price, so we want to see what we can get for Oshie."  The Avs are well back and they have been offered a deal that Chad said "Would not be accepted if I had given the same deal to the same GM, with the shoe on the other foot."  It is that time of year where we start hearing from the team reporters and although Muddy Capone may not like to have heard it any way GM Chad said it, the Yearbook does love to hear from all teams about their plans moving forward.  (Editors note:  Capone is a sensitive fuck isn't he!)


A Trade-Day Special

GM Shawn is all in on the NHL Trading Deadline, adding potential trade candidates Boedker, E. Staal and Hudler along with sure thing Niskanen with the Waiver.  GM Shawn went for it and is now potentially sitting on a pile of junk, or one kick-ass playoff team.  "This is the exciting thing, what you have to do" said Muddy Capone, "When you have high scoring non playoff guys, why keep them?  Go for it!"  Already with Klingberg to build around GM Shawn said he feels Staal is heading to New York, Hudler Florida and Boedker to rivals Anaheim.  If he hits everything right the Storm will certainly move well up the CTR potential in the Power Rankings.  If all goes bad there is still the NHLP Trading Deadline and the fact that Alaska (Marcel) has potentially 220 non playoff points, basically as dead as dead can be.


Knights Out

The Green Bay Knights (Ryan) keep piling it on, adding a second Blackhawk along with three Caps.  "Things get scarier for their opponents every day" said Muddy Capone.  GM Ryan has a dream team and Teravainen was added with three draft picks for the Waiver and Ekholm who are now in Seattle (Shawn).  The Knights still have 50 points to work with and some of the most desirable players in the entire game.  "This is going to be a very exciting next few months for GM Ryan" Capone added, "He has been close so many times, maybe 16 is sweet for the fourteen year vet."


"Clear Head Shot"

GM Jr said the NHLP needs to better protect the future stars of the game.  On the heels of what he called a "vicious slash" now GM Jr's young star Bandisi Blandisi took a serious headshot.  "Reminded me of the career ending Savard hit" Jr stated after seeing the slow motion replays, "That was a stiff arm right to the head".  Blandisi remarkable was able to get up on his own power this time but no player can consistently take these kinds of hits and not "soon-or-later" leave on a stretcher.


Trade Follows Waiver

GM Charlie was said to have orchestrated the entire thing.  "We are very impressed with the level of work that went into this deal" said Muddy Capone.  After a six player deal Halifax (Shawn) made a huge 10 player Waiver pick, adding Boedker, Shaw, Beleskey, Fabbri and Parayko and then shipped Shaw to Miami (Charlie) to get Fabbri back with a 4th round pick.  It is said GM Charlie made all the moves, not willing to part with the Waiver unless he got Shaw out of the deal.  Halifax was happy to make that happen.  "We don't always see this kind of creativeness every day in the NHLP" said Capone, "But it is always exciting to see what can be done when you put great minds to work."  The player to be named later deal when properly used is a great way for two teams to share in the use of one Waiver and everyone comes out a winner.  Thumbs up to GM Charlie for his interesting work to make this all happen.


Document This

GM Charlie decided to pull the trigger, instantly tightening up two NHLP Divisions in the process.  The Miami Surf added three playoff players, giving the Waiver and 13 points in the process to Halifax (Shawn) who traded their top scorer.  The Surf got Klingberg, Fabbri and Pearson, moving from third to tied for last in the Division but shedding all three Wild players in one deal.  The Destroyers now have the Waiver and Koivu, Vanek and Granlund.  The move puts 4 teams within 7 points of 5th in the East Division.  "This was a great move that really will make things fun heading towards the final month before the NHLP Trading Deadline" said Muddy Capone.


Miami Hot Ahead of Waiver

GM Charlie has never had a 12+ point night in Miami but came awful close with 11 points Thursday.  The Surf have three Penguins and three Wild, both teams that could go either side on the in or out of the playoff picture, with the Pens 7-2-1 over their last 10.  Five players had two point nights with Soderberg not playing and Letang adding a single for the hot Surf who now have the next NHLP Waiver.  Charlie must make a huge decision, to go big and change this up drastically, or stay the course which will mean if either of the Pens or Wild miss, so do the Surfs on penalty points.  Surf's up Dude
Habs - Useless

GM Marcel could not give Gallagher and the Waiver away, saying something about Montreal's NHL chances amongst NHLP GM's.  Instead Marcel decided to improve his own Montreal team, adding Shaw and Killorn, two players who played in the NHL Finals last season for Gallagher and Granlund.  There are 11 more Habs in the NHLP, including four more on GM Marcel teams.  Worst still is Desharnais just broke his foot.


Waiver Can Be Yours

GM Marcel has pulled off a first deal in Montreal, shipping Letang and Carr to Vancouver (Joel) for Gallagher and Granlund.  "This was a big deal" said Muddy Capone, "Once again, the names might not be huge, but the points were almost 20 going to the Habs."  GM's are throwing around points without hesitation.  GM Marcel who is travelling today to Montreal, said he will likely move the Waiver upon arrival at 9 PM tonight as long as the GM taking the Waiver takes Gallagher and Granlund.  "I have points to work with now" said Marcel who is willing to take or move points to make something work.  


Ugly Slash - "Scary to Watch"

GM Jr can be thankful his young star wasn't seriously hurt when he crashed into the ice after a wicked two hander.  The Memphis Machines young star was, what GM Jr called, "Viciously attacked" in a game Tuesday.  The replays are all over the Internet and be warned, it is hard to watch.  Blandisi appears he was ok and hopefully doesn't have any lingering affects moving forward.  The announcers were even taken back by what the one called a "Two-hander".  Great to see a GM sticking up for his player and undoubtedly, from what we know of GM Jr, Andrew McDonald better hope he isn't in the NHLP any time soon.


Stars Three Preds

GM Jr didn't like any offer he received and ended up using the Waiver in a three for three.  Gone were another Montreal player, Galchenyuk who certainly won't be the last as all Habs may just find a way to the Minors.  Also Schenn and Schenn down and Ribeiro, Ribeiro and Vatanen.  Dallas now has three Preds on their roster, in what turned out to be a very controversial Waiver.  Dallas was fined for sending in a late Waiver even though GM Jr said he typed out the Waiver well before noon.  The email itself did not reach NHLP Head Office until 12:02 PM "When we refreshed our email", thus making the Waiver officially late by two minutes, causing the Waiver to double from 20 to 40.  GM Jr inquired as to why the league didn't refresh their email at 11:59 or noon, he was told the league was running behind and busy in the morning but would investigate the matter further.


A Refreshing Issue

The NHLP released a statement today saying GM Jr was fined double for his Waiver for the "Waiver was not into the Head Office by noon."  The Head Office stated "We refreshed our email at 12:02 and the Dallas Waiver came in via email at that time, making it late by two minutes.  Dallas was then fined double the amount of the Waiver for sending it in late."  The Stars simply asked why the league would wait until 12:02 PM to refresh their email and maybe the true issue isn't when it was sent, but rather when it was received?  "Tomato tomahto.  We do understand the Dallas position but there is no policy in place as to when we press the refresh button, only whether or not the Waiver is into the league by noon or not" stated a Yearbook representative.  Muddy Capone said the league will have to review their policies moving forward but admits this may be a new found revenue source for the NHLP moving forward.  "The league is always looking at ways to increase revenues and by the misfortune of Dallas, we may very well have hit the jackpot" stated Capone.  It is believed that although the league has gone decades without ever a late Waiver solely based on a simple refresh (send/receive) of the email, it is very likely we could start seeing these fines on a weekly basis.  "It truly is out of our control" said the Head Office representative, "Unless we implement a procedure and mandate when that send/receive button is actually physically pressed, we could easily see 12:02, maybe someday as late as 12:05 or even 12:07 refreshes."  The league can only hope GM's just get their Waivers in on time and this doesn't grow into a bigger issue, hitting GM's where it hurts the most, their pocket books.


Expensive, But Worth It

The Los Angeles Kings (Andrew) open the wallet with a Waiver worth 32 big ones after adding both Ekman-Larsson and Ribeiro along with a whopping 17 points for Nelson and Stepan.  Nelson ended up in Carolina (Joel) and as previously reported, GM Chad grabbed Stepan in Toronto.  The Kings dropped 5 players, only keeping Carter and Doughty on the roster and adding Okposo, Forsberg, JT Miller, Chimera and Vlasic.  L.A. now is 27 points up on 5th place, giving the Scotch-loving GM plenty of room to work with.  "The Divisions and dynamics everywhere are really getting interesting" mentioned GM Andrew about the standings, "I think we may be in for a very interesting finish."  A lot of teams have a lot of work to do, but that certainly changes daily with the corresponding NHL standings.  Andrew had a very interesting and busy week, making him moves while the Minors had attractive pieces.  "I like what we have" said Andrew, "Now we can move some points."  Andrew has made a league high 21 Transactions worth 230, about 200 more than GM Charlie.  Charlie is only 3 over the Cap Floor Entry of 40 for the season and could very likely been done for the season if it weren't for another Waiver in Miami. 


Elite New Leaf

GM Chad got very aggressive by adding Elite player Stepan in a one for one with Los Angeles (Andrew).  The Leafs gave up ten points and Ribeiro.  The move was bold by Chad because the team still has Hoffman to worry about and McDavid's team now only 10 behind him.  The Toronto GM wasn't worried about what is coming from behind, pointing out to Muddy Capone it is what is ahead of them that gives him confidence.  "If Colorado doesn't make the playoffs, it may be impossible for Las Vegas to get in" said Chad.  Anytime a team is loaded up on a fringe team it could be all or nothing on them and them alone.  It is hard to imagine the Strip coming off the Avs, but Vinnie has the points to do it.  Right now, the Leaf's may be in fifth soon if McDavid doesn't soon slow down.  But for tonight the Leafs added another Elite player to their high scoring roster.

Waiver - Kings Ransom

The Boston Bruins (Ryan) felt it was better to pack to season in then try and gain 25 in deals and 10 more in a Waiver pick, leaving the team about 20 out at nights end.  Instead they grab picks in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th round and the LA Kings (Andrew) Waiver next season.  "Anytime you end up with two Waivers you are certainly set to have a good season" stated Muddy Capone.  GM Andrew felt after Byfuglien wasn't traded the Kings would have to get aggress, something we seen from Andrew all week.  The Kings are saying Iginla, Nelson and Stepan may all be traded if the right deals can be found for the trio.

Breaking Report:  Another 25?

Things aren't wacky in the NHLP, "It is just what you have to do to build a Championship" said Muddy Capone.  The NHLP Yearbook has been told by a credible source of a potential blockbuster that is in the works that would see 20 to 30 points move yet tonight or by morning.  It is believed GM's Jr or Joel are involved, but the source would not name the specific GM until the deal becomes official.  If you have any rumors please send them in so we can post them.


Prices Go Up - Nine Waivers Remain

We have used up 27 Waivers on the NHLP season and number 28, means only 9 Waivers remain on the season, listed all on the homepage at the bottom.  Two of those will come after the NHL Trading Deadline, but these last nine will be fought fiercely for.  "We can see a trade any minute in the NHL" which changes the value of the Waiver even more said Muddy Capone.  GM Andrew set a high standard and GM's trading the Waiver have been saying they have lots of offers, so those not stepping to the plate won't have a shot.  "You don't want to walk into the NHLP Trading Deadline having to unload all your non-playoff guys" Capone explained, "Where the first big deal will be won for 15 or move points going down.  Then what is left?"  For GM's who have a lot of work, the final 10 marks sweat time.  They are on the clock.  Being stuck with just a 6 man playoff team has never won an NHLP Championship, usually out the first round.  If you aren't building to win it all, likely you have never won it all.

GM Charlie has made a league low four transactions on the season but will argue you can put his teams against anyone.  "It is more about making a quality move" said the New York Ranger GM who certainly did that with the Waiver.  Dropped were Slash and Pominville and up come playoff players Rakell and Lehtera.  Charlie said he was offered at least 16 spots in the first round saying the offers were fair and aggressive.  In the end he thought it was best to grab onto some playoff players he can retrade when the Divisions tighten over the next 6 weeks.


A Real Gambler

GM Vinnie has the second highest rated CTR team, and why wouldn't they be?  Atlantic City flex their muscle Tuesday night, scoring ten points, thanks to Jokinen and Jokinen who added three each.  Those two look great in a lineup with point per game producer Backstrom and his teammate Chimera.  Backes, Eakin and Gaborik who added two of the 10 are all highly rated playoff players.  The night was extra special for Vinnie who tied a career high for points.  GM Vinnie, along with GM's Joel and Matt are the only three current GM's to never have a 12 point night.  The Gamblers are in third in the Atlantic Division but only 6 points up on last place.  This team is one of the very best in the entire league and if GM Vinnie can ensure they get a playoff spot this team could go far if they get out of the first round with all these highly rated teams. 


Fury Week Season's Biggest

With the crazinest of the weekend Cleveland was delayed in being recognized for the seasons biggest week.  The Fury had everyone pull their weight with four players having four point weeks and three players have three each.  "We haven't seen many teams reach the 30 point mark anymore" said Muddy Capone, "Not that we ever had many, but it is really a hard feat."  GM Tyson actually had all three teams have over 20, for a total of 66, only 17 off the NHLP all-time record of 83 held by GM Chad who once had a 30-30-23.  Tyson's three teams had an incredible 25-21-20, over double the low week of GM Shawn who had 32 from his three teams.



Name Score #1 #12   #2 #11   #3 #10   #4 #9   #5 #8   #6 #7 Total
Chad Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (7) 7   Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9 9   Carolina (7)     Carolina (6 or 8)     16
Ryan Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (7)     Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9 9   Carolina (7)     9
Shawn Carolina (7)     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (7)     Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9     0
Joel Denver (2 or 3) = 9 9   Carolina (7)     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (7)     Denver (6 or 8)   16 25
Andrew Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (7) 7   Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (7)     7
Jr2 Denver (7)     Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (7)     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9 18   18
Vinnie Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (7) 7   Denver (2 or 3) = 9 9   Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (7)     16
Charlie Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (7)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (7)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9 18   18
Jr Carolina (7)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9     Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (7)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (6 or 8)     0
Scott Denver (2 or 3) = 9 9   Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (7)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (7)     9
Marcel Denver (6 or 8)     Denver (7) 7   Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (7)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9     7
Matt Denver (7)     Carolina (2 or 3) = 9     Carolina (6 or 8)     Carolina (7)     Denver (2 or 3) = 9 9   Denver (6 or 8)   16 25


It's Stroh's & Miller Time

GM Scott's first reaction to the Waiver was "This is what happens when you drink to much fucking Scotch." That would have actually been directed at GM Andrew.  Some may say GM Andrew paid too much to acquire the Waiver but GM Andrew is very happy with what he did and what Chicago ended up with.  After a couple minor deals the Hawks added JT Miller, Stralman and Stralman giving GM Andrew one hell of a NHL top-teams 'built-team'.  The Hawks now have two Panthers and Bolts and a single Hawk, King and Ranger.  Most of the South Division teams have a ton of work to do making the 15 Chicago is up on 5th likely closer to 25.  "We may easily see a record number of NHLP teams penalty out this year, so if you are in 6th, set a playoff team" Capone added.

Career Highs Not Lost Amongst Trades

GM's Tyson and Marcel both had quite the amazing nights Saturday.  "We really see the scoring pick up in February and March" said Muddy Capone, "Lots of hockey and better NHLP teams."  After seeing GM Andrew hit a 24 point night earlier in the week, GM's Tyson and Marcel both tied for fifth overall on that list for GM points in a night, tying GM Jr with 22 points.  Tyson's Blues struck for 10 with four from Plekanec, three from Crosby while Tatar had two and Zuccarello had the single.  Tyson's 10-9-3 was done with the two top teams of the night while GM Marcel quietly had an 8-8-6.


Portland Salvages Season - Adds 26 Points

GM Andrew's first reaction to the deal was "Are you out of your fucking mind?"  That would have actually been directed at GM Scott.  GM Scott made his third 20 point deal of the season and this one is a great hockey deal for the NHLP.  "We very seldom see 26 point deals" said Muddy Capone, "But it is still 30 shy of GM Scott's record for the most points ever given in one deal, and those players have their names on the NHLP Championship."  San Fran moved from third place to 18 points out of fourth, giving up Subban, Eberle and Eberle.  Portland who was 39 points out of 4th, is now just 13 and very much alive again in the NHLP, minus Kesler, Rakell and McDavid.  Until Scott contacted Vinnie it was likely assumed Portland was a burned team but now everything has changed.  "After sitting back and looking at it in Officepools, I can see this is an actual NHLP deal" said GM Andrew, "I love the thought and creativity that went into this and I wish more guys would think like this.  Wow.  Huge."  There was no lack of though put in by GM Scott and the GM was very impressed by GM Vinnie.  "This wasn't a five second deal" said GM Scott, "Vinnie put a lot of thought into it and I admired that.  It came down to it made sense.  Yes it might not work out, but it wasn't likely going to work out if he didn't make it either.
 He is back in and we always need teams in, fighting."

The Veto Factor

Usually teams that are 39 points out are dead.  "You can't make an eight point deal when that far out" said Muddy Capone, "It usually doesn't fly."  Part of the concern between the GM's when they started talking was the deal has to put Portland in, with a shot at savaging their season.  So, here was the teams takes on the deal.

San Fran

The Titan's GM said Subban likely cost them their season.  "He was never suppose to be moved, not when we grabbed Kopitar" said GM Scott.  "I came to realize I was in serious trouble.  I was scoring too much from Subban, Eberle and Eberle, useless points every night.  To acquire a Waiver to move these points, we offered huge first round picks, nothing.  So it would take giving a huge picks package to do something.  I asked myself, why am I offering all these picks?  Waiting to the meeting, was an option.  But through all our number crunching and Minors lists, we thought we could best make a six player playoff team.  I don't except that.  To me, I have more pride than that.  I failed if that is the best I can do, grab a high scoring non playoff guy just to make a playoff team.  I won't do it.  So, trades.  We offered Subban and 10 by himself.  Who wants Habs? Turned down.  We were offered a Hab and 10 points and of course we turned that down as well.  That left this option.  Falling 18 points out of fourth, but knowing now we had McDavid to help score in, and we could build a playoff team of 7 players.  So if it doesn't work, Kopy goes and assets start leaving, but we can come back.  We have three Ducks and if they run, we could actually win it all.  I convinced myself, save my draft picks and build within the league and I found the trading partner to make it work."


The Winter Hawks were dead and Vinnie basically admitted that fact.  "I just had to know we truly had a chance before I would do it" said Vinnie.  Does Portland have a shot now?  They are only 13 points out of a playoff spot with Subban, Eberle and Eberle.  You have the chance Montreal gets hot again and Subban is a playoff player.  Long shot, but what if Edmonton either trades Eberle, or becomes a playoff team.  The first is more likely and Eberle has been mentioned.  Portland does have other assets including Gaborik and Teravainen.  With the Final Waiver of the season, and a bit of luck, GM Vinnie can set a nice team.  Only two GM's have Waivers after the NHL Deadline, so Vinnie will be able to work any Waiver he wants and any style he wants, a point gain or setting a playoff team.  No one can argue that Portland is still a dead team.  This was a big deal and Vinnie saw it as also his opportunity to go big or go home.  "Lord hates a coward" said Vinnie, "We will see how it all turns out." 
Rumors Saying 30?

There is a reported rumor that a 30 point offer was made tonight in the NHLP.  GM Andrew made a first deal with GM Joel, trading Bjugstad and getting Pirri.  "It is believe that this deal triggered an offer of 30 points" said Muddy Capone.  Although the Yearbook was asked not to leak the actual deal, or offer in this case, the GM's are working on the details.  "Usually 30 point deals are very seldom made, maybe less then 5 in the history of the league" Capone said.  Stay tune...


"I Think I've Lost It"

GM Andrew has acquired the Quebec (Matt) Waiver on Saturday night for a little of his sanity.  The Chicago GM knew what was in the Minors after making a pick last night and supposedly told Matt he would better any deal the Nords got.  Well it didn't take long after that before the Nordiques ended up with 17 first round spots and 11 more in the third over the next two drafts.  "We did well" said GM Matt, "This is the kind of way we want to run things moving forward.  Make the right moves so you can build for the future by moving the Waiver."  Well you can't argue.  Quebec is one of the top ran franchise in the NHLP and grabbed as good of package as we have seen all season for the Waiver.  It was a real shocker to hear Chicago grabbed the Waiver for this price.  The team basically has 6 players on first place teams, 3 Panthers, 2 Kings and Panarin for the NHL's Hawks.  Okposo is the odd man out but is expected to leave his NHL team, meaning he may be traded to a first place team within the next three weeks.  Does GM Andrew have any idea what he is going to do now?  "I could make a huge deal, a blockbuster and include the Waiver in the package" the GM said was one option.  Well, with the team he has already, maybe he could just burn it.  You know, save someone else from having it.  He has, after all, LOST IT!
Hesitant Deal to Better Team

GM Andrew still can't believe he just gave Shattenkirk away.  "It comes down to making a better team at the cost of one player" the GM said explaining the move.  Andrew knows why is name is on the NHLP Championship in Hartford one season ago.  In a tight first round battle against Quebec (Matt) won by Hartford 26-23, it was Shattenkirk's eight point round, double that of any two other players in Hartford that won it for Andrew.  The overall teams depth and strength led to a record Sixth Championship afterward, but it was that round he stepped up.  "Shattenkirk did it years prior" said GM Scott, "His playoffs record wasn't lost on us, it is a point a game."  San Fran offered an incredibly low-ball three points and Forsberg and to his and Andrews surprise it won out.  The points meant Andrew could drop both Stromes, adding Filppula, Perron and Perron.  The Whalers are now set up for a huge trade later, giving top playoff players and as many as 30 points to bring in anything he can get his hands on.  Although not happy about sacrificing a player he just won it all with, Andrew is well smart enough to know your team is the sum of all its parts and all these current parts are better than all the parts from yesterday.


Hartford - "Bigger is Better"

Everything seems to be pointing in the direction of something big occurring with Thursday's Waiver in Hartford.  The defending Champions, seven playoff players, 24 points to work with and the Waiver, one of only 12 left.  "I want to do something big" the GM stated, "I will be working hard to make that happen over the next 48 hours."  Hartford is already good, but it is most certain they can find something, with this Waiver, to get better.  There are many teams out that must ask themselves, "What could I do with points and the Waiver" with the NHL Trading Deadline approaching.  We just saw what GM Chad did, as fine of move as one could make.  Who is next?  Well, Andrew is all ears.


Less is More?

GM Andrew admitted he sure could use a few more Big Nights.  The Yearbook reached out to the GM to congratulate him on his Big GM Night and Muddy Capone stated to Andrew that "Although he understands GM Andrew doesn't build high-scoring non-playoff player type teams, we'd still find it hard to believe over twenty years the GM still has only had one 12+ point night."  Andrew said it was a very interesting point and that you would think he would have at least "Lucked into a few high scoring nights", but that hasn't been the case.  It got the Yearbook thinking.  Maybe less is more.  Andrew has 6 Cups and one 12+ point night.  Maybe having more big nights means you have weaker overall teams?  Well GM Scott has 5 of each, about one in every five years he has been a GM and many GM's have about one for each Cup they have won with GM Ryan being the oddity, having the most 12+ point nights at 4 but yet never winning a Cup.  As far as Andrew is concerned, he would take more.  "I need all the scoring I can get" the GM stated, pausing and then adding, "And all the Cups I can get also." 


PENSil It In

GM Chad made an incredible Waiver pick and may have just penciled in a playoff spot for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Atlantic Division.  Holding tightly to NHLP stars Hedman and Getzlaf, Chad added what appears to be a number of solid weapons.  Ladd who could easily leave Winnipeg for a playoff destination was scooped up along with hot commodities from both the Panthers and Bolts in Trocheck and Namestkinov.  The team already had Landeskog and Filppula, and now three Bolts.  "I was offered all kinds of options, including one with serious points and over 10 first round positions in the draft" said Chad, "But in the end my gut was telling me this was the better move."  What exactly GM Chad turned down he won't say, but it certainly would have been hard to top what he did.  "Suddenly we have another team rise from the ashes and is looking strong" said Muddy Capone.  Chad also fired back at the NHLP Yearbook, Muddy Capone and the CTR.  Chad said he was being mocked in recent articles.  "I have about had enough of the CTR telling me how to run my team" the GM stated, "Maybe the Yearbook employees should invest in co-owning and operating a team.  Teams are built over time and we had things under control.  We aren't rushing out to do things because we are issued challenges.  We do things at our speed and pounce upon opportunities as they develop."  The CTR did in fact call Chad's Pens "As pathetic of playoff team as their currently is" something the CTR says was accurate at the time.  "The word 'currently' was used two months ago" said Capone who overseas the NHLP Yearbook responsible for the CTR.  "We will be the first to note the Penguins have come full circle and GM Chad deserves credit for making the right moves, at the right time" he added.  Now if only a few other GM's would wake up and do the same, we might have an exciting finish down the stretch.


Doubly Sweet

As much as GM Andrew has accomplished as an NHLP GM in 20 years, namely 6 NHLP Championship Cups, only once has he ever had a 12+ point night.  That came in 2009-10 when Washington had 14 points.  Of course the Caps are no longer in the NHLP, the only Cup winning team in fact to not currently be in the NHLP.  What Andrew did tonight however never involved a team reaching 12, but he did reach 24!  The GM had the 4th best night in league history (for three teams) with a night of 10-9-5.  Andrew's night was only 4 points shy of the incredible 2013 night GM Chad had of 28 (13-10-5).  Chad's record averaged 9.33 per team, a point better than GM Shawn's 27 (10-9-8 or 9.00).  GM Scott had a 34 point night in 2006 (14-8-6-6) but that was only 8.5 per team as the GM's carried four teams each at the time, but with 6 players per team for a total of 24, compared to the 21 current players.  Andrew also had a 25 point night (11-8-6) which is the 4th highest in history at 8.33 per team.  The top 5 best nights for the record for three teams came in years 2011, 12, 13, 14 and now 16, all seasons with three teams and seven players.  No GM reached the feat the years of three teams and six players.  The Big Team Night came in Chicago hitting 10 points, which was evenly spread out with Bjugstad, Doughty, Barkov and Trockeck adding two each and singles to Okposo and Panarin while Pearson played but did not point on the night.  The league has a lot of history and when you have a top five all time night, that is something exciting.  Congrats Andrew!

Pittsburgh Has Waiver

GM's Marcel and Chad swapped out their Waivers, leaving Chad now with the move tonight.  This would mean Little, Purcell and Fowler are the obvious choices, but is Getzlaf available if someone is willing to take that chance?  We fully expect this team to likely move an asset before the pick.


NHLP Documentary In Works

The CTR has let the cat out of the bag.  With the recent rankings of who has the power in the NHLP with 40% of the season to play, the CTR also noted about a documentary taking place behind the scenes.  "This is exciting times for our 26 year old league" stated Muddy Capone, "Having a crew right there, documenting the action, following a GM as he builds a winner, what could be more exciting?"  Is your team good enough to be the chosen team?  Check out the latest CTR.


Little Changes For Legendary GM

Muddy Capone can still hear the gasps, "They were faint but obvious."  That was followed by a "Wholly Fuck Chad" by GM Jr and that was it.  GM Chad drafted Steve Duchesne with his first ever overall pick as a GM in the NHLP.  The year was 1997 and although some might say it showed how much Chad was in over his head at the time, others see it differently.  Duchesne would have his best season, 56 points, of his final 10 seasons as a player.  "Chad has always gotten the best out of players others don't see much left in, or sometimes don't see much at all" Capone said.  After all it was only two years later when GM's were left gasping again when Chad raised his first Championship Cup with Lubos Bartecko and Rob Zamuner and later Trent Hunter on Cup two.  The GM has an eye for things others can't see, or don't see quickly enough.  "I have seen Chad look at an Autostereogram and know in a second what it was" stated GM Scott about the visual 3D pictures, "It is a gift to see things faster then others."  Scott recalls Chad and himself were walking in the mall by the picture place and Scott recalls seeing one of the pictures and saying, "What the hell is that" and Chad instantly replied, "It is an Autosterogram."  The GM who was there when Chad picked Duchesne said they both spent an hour trying to make out what the picture was of, "Chad still says it was a Whale but I think I saw a large boat.  The title wasn't much help as it only said "Iceberg Ahead."  Chad is hoping to work his magic, even if he claims it isn't anything at all, with his current Waiver pick.  Discarded players all of them, guys other GM's just weren't scooping up, the Avs GM is hoping he can get the best of what is left out of them.  In his four for four Waiver Colorado added Cammalleri, Ward, Hornqvist and Hertl.  This combination has worked for the GM who's motto all these years later still remains the same.  "As long as I die with more Cups than Jr I will have lived a great life" the GM often says.  So far, so good.

Avs Add Points - Deal Shattenkirk and Ladd

GM Chad knew Ladd was in the minors once, so the 8 points he received to use in tonight's Waiver basically came down to what he got for Shattenkirk.  "I understand I could get more for him later, but tonight is my Waiver" said GM Chad.  Edmonton (Scott) gave the points for Shattenkirk and Ladd whom GM Scott said makes for an interesting NHL Trading Deadline.  "You have to know who might go" said GM Scott, "If a Ladd goes to a top team, this deal is ten times better still.  You have to pay for these guys.  Get them while you can."  Edmonton who will have McDavid back next Oilers game thinks they can score back in, giving Stone and Neal in the deal.  Chad is now hoping he can make a few more deals.  "Neal can easily be in and can be had yet tonight" said Chad, adding "If someone wants to blow my socks off, I'd love to hear what Oshie is worth before I make my Waiver pick."

Ward and Namestkinov Newest Isles

GM Ryan did what he said he would do, unloading both Nyquist and Trocheck.  "Those two had 5 points between them all month" said Ryan, "Hardly numbers we want for a team trying to make the playoffs."  Namestkinov doubled that by himself and Wards 6 more added the scoring the Islanders were looking for who moved from last to third in the Atlantic.  Prior to the Waiver Nyquist was traded to Carolina (Joel) for four points, sending Ribeiro to Alaska (well it seems like Alaska today).  GM Ryan said he had many offers but with this new NHL wildcard system he wondered what teams are in and who are out.  "You have a team like Vancouver or Anaheim that may have no shot at getting a wild card, yet are two wins away from second in their Division and Nashville who is out but ahead of playoff team Arizona and Nashville can only get a wild card even if more points then the second place Pacific team" the GM explained.  Did you get that all?  He actually said it!  He also said a few personal things about Bettmen that we'd rather not repeat.  Bottom line is Ryan is right, how crazy the standings are.  If he is right that they aren't good for the game, that part if open for debate.  With the standings so close in the NHL numerous teams are facing penalties on combinations that might seem unfathomable not to make the playoffs.  "We are all playing by the same set of rules" added Ryan, "But there comes a time when you do have to take a chance and go with it."  With the 30 "games remaining" countdown starting just next week, things are about to get as exciting as ever in the NHLP.


 Blandisi - Diamond Added in Memphis

GM Jr said the "Barrie" connection was just a coincidence but he has been watching Blandisi since his two point a game final season in the OHL, playing for the Colts.  The Machine dropped both Hayes and the injured Drouin, adding Hornqvist and the young Devil who now should see lots of playing time in the absence of Elias due to injury.  Memphis is now officially on the CTR radar as a team with potential.  "I think the general consensus around the NHLP was that, Jr is Back" stated Muddy Capone.  Capone has witnessed the droughts of two of the winningest GM's in league history, 11 years between Cups for GM Scott who has 5 and 8 years for Andrew, who has 6.  For Jr this is year seven since his last win in 2006 and it did seem he lost his way.  "It can be frustrating building great teams only to lose" Capone says and "Jr use to make some of those very teams every single year."  The GM has not been a threat the past several years and this hasn't gone unnoticed within the Yearbook front office.  With the Toews trade and now, clearly doing his scouting with Blandisi, maybe Jr can get the hunger back and find that winning feeling again.  "Losing with a good team means you are doing everything it takes to win" added Capone, "But losing with teams that can never win.  Well.  What kind of GM are you if you are content losing?"  


Stripped But Not Barried

The Memphis Machine added one of the biggest NHLP names, two-time NHLP Champion Toews in a deal many certainly didn't see coming.  Only a couple points out of fifth place GM Vinnie in Las Vegas pulled off a stunner, adding Barrie and Barrie for Toews and Drouin.  The Strip do now have three Avalanche players with MacKinnon already on the roster but Colorado is no sure thing to make the playoffs.  Adding 17 points puts the Strip into first place in the North Division, the second team in just a week to go from 5th to 1st in the North after Buffalo (Joel) just did the same thing.  Memphis adds a huge asset to go with high scorers Spezza, Burns and Thornton.  Memphis keeps the Waiver and will be using it to unload Drouin and likely Hayes.  GM Jr said Memphis paid a fair price to Vegas stating "We got a good player for which 17 was a fair value and we took their dead weight."  The Machine just got incredibly good in a hurry.  "We haven't seen something this big from GM Jr since his last Cup in 2009" said Muddy Capone, "It is likely the turning point we were looking for to give the once feared NHLP GM his Mojo back."

Memphis - "Deal Imminent"

The rumors are wide spread that a fairly sufficient deal is about to occur with the Memphis Machine.  The NHLP Yearbook has not been able to gather details but possible GM's involved seem most likely GM's Shawn, Chad or Andrew.  "We know there is a lot of talk, something big is in the works" said Muddy Capone, "You just listen to what is being said and you know it is close to happening."  The Machine have TONIGHT's Waiver and will likely build around keeping Spezza, meaning Burns and Thornton or Barrie and Barrie are most likely in play.  There is a good chance a top Defensemen is heading back to Memphis in the exchange.


"One Of These Knights"

It was 7 years ago GM Ryan's Green Bay Knights had his largest as a GM, 13 points.  That memorable night Malkin had 5, Gonchar 4 and Thornton 3.  That team was good, this team this year, much better.  Although tonight's number was "only" 10, it is this kind of scoring that many GM's in the NHLP better start fearing.  "If this was night one of the NHLP playoffs, all GM Ryan may need after that is the Caps in the NHL Finals and it is all over" said Muddy Capone.  With the Capitals likely the most dominate NHL team, GM Ryan is sitting with Kuznetsov, Ovechkin and Johansson, who had 8 of the 10 points between them tonight.  It might take a low scoring, if that is possible, four game sweep in the first round for any NHLP team to have any hope of stopping this team.  Anisimov and Ekholm added singles and Backes and Kesler didn't dress.  This night reminds us just how good this team is and how GM Ryan must do everything he can to make it better still.  "When you have a team this good" Capone stated, "You have to sell the future to win it all this year."  These nights and this Knights team, don't come around just every year.   


Fifth to First in North

GM Joel moved Buffalo from 16 points out of first and in fifth place to the very top of the Division, and really only lost Steen to do so.  The North Division went from the biggest spread from 4th to 5th in the league to the tightest from 1st to 5th in the entire league, now only 4 points.  After adding the Waiver and some points the Sabres made a huge 5 player pickup.  Three Sharks, Pavelski, Burns and Vlasic ensure Buffalo is all in on San Jose while low point playoff players Trotman and Lecavalier ensure a ton of outs if the Sharks are needed as bait.  Things are heating up in the NHLP and all 6th place teams are in play for the standings are so very tight everywhere, points will be hard to move.  This bolds well for some huge blockbusters as sixth place teams sell their players to get in.


No Big Deal

The Calgary Flames (Jr) are scoring points so fast, they can't possibly trade them all.  "We are going to try" said GM Jr who gave the Waiver and 13 points in a huge deal to bring in Steen.  "He is a nice addition" said the Flames GM who still has 40 more points to unload.  Muzzin and Bjugstad were also involved in the six player swap with Buffalo (Joel) who added Turris, Henrique and E. Staal.  The move, with the accompanying Waiver pick means the North Division is now as tight as the others with a mere 4 points separating first and 5th.  The 36 points Calgary is up on 5th is still the largest in the NHLP and the Flames remain easily in first overall and in the Pacific Division, so have the power to pull off other big deals if they can find GM's looking for points.  We fully expect that to happen for there is one thing we know of GM Jr, he loves the big deal and this year, no big deal can be big enough for these point beasts.


Transactions and Player Tracking Updated

If you notice anything that doesn't appear to match up, let me know.  This years Winter Meeting saw 2 Trades and 25 Minors Transactions, compared to one year earlier where 5 Trades and 25 Minors Transactions were made.  At the end of the Winter Meeting last season there were 88 league wide Transactions, 11 more to date than this seasons 77.


Fury Trade Kreider - Markov Next

GM Tyson said he is using the Waiver this Saturday before the Minors are opened for the Winter Meeting and would like to get some more points by trading star Montreal Defensemen Markov before the pick.  Cleveland started things well in advance of Saturday's Waiver by trading both Kreider and Filppula to Quebec (Matt) for 6 points and Stafford and Brodie who will be part of what could be a huge point drop in the Waiver.


Minors Frozen

The NHLP Minors are officially frozen as of games completed Sunday.  Point totals of all players from Monday to Friday will not count when moves to the Minors are made on Saturday.  NHL teams play between one and three games by Saturday which always leads to some interesting players having big weeks that can make for intriguing moves to the Minors at the Winter Meeting.


 Panther Hunt Begins

The Atlantic City Gamblers (Vinnie) wasted little time making the Waiver pick for Saturday, adding J. Jokinen and J. Jokinen from Florida along with Chimera and Eakin.  "Vinnie loaded up on playoff players and why not" stated Muddy Capone.  After dropping H. Sedin, all Canucks are now in the Minors.  Also dropped where Bozak, Hertl and Yakupov.  It is highly expected that many Florida Panthers will be joining the NHLP at the Winter Meeting as they continue to battle for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, a surprise to some but not GM Andrew.  "I love the mix they have and I saw their rise coming" stated Andrew who said he will be getting his hands on as many as he can who also added they were much better then Montreal.  Rest assured he isn't alone in his thoughts and Panthers will be flying off the board shortly.



 "The Green Bay Affect"

GM's Scott and Andrew talk often said GM Scott and it was Scott who decided he could never beat Green Bay (Ryan) without something drastic.  "I asked Andrew on more than one occasion, how can either of us actually beat out that Green Bay team" said GM Scott, "The answer started to become clear."  Scott said the Oil weren't good enough.  The Knights may have one of the best NHLP teams in years and GM Scott made up his mind you either have to match up to play the Knights in round one, with a higher scoring team, or round two with a full seven still playing.  Scott said Edmonton decided it was gamble time.  "Well, Edmonton is as close to second in the Division as Tampa is to a playoff spot" the GM explains.  "I think if Edmonton can actually catch San Jose and Vancouver, maybe McDavid could get 8 first round points.  If Tampa fades, maybe Stamkos gets traded to a top team.  Those together, could give us the crazy playoff team, maybe not good enough to win it all, but not get slaughtered by Green Bay in our Divisional playoffs."  GM Andrew did agree the Knights will be almost impossible to stop, but also thought GM Scott's gamble might be over the top.  "I still don't think even if he gets McDavid in, he will get his 8 first round points" said Andrew, "But I like the fact he is willing to gamble on it." 


Callahan Brake Pads Wears Oil Out

The Edmonton Oil wore thin of waiting on the Tampa Bay Lightning to stark winning and Callahan to start scoring.  Callahan who has less points in 34 games than McDavid has in just 13 finally gave GM Scott all he could handle.  The Oil dropped JVR, Boedker and Callahan and added Spooner, Spooner and McDavid.  "By the time McDavid plays February 1st, Callahan will be 4 points ahead of him at the current rate of travel" said GM Scott, "It simply wasn't good enough".  GM Scott said the deal was planned for over a week thanks to fellow GM Andrew and the two GMs nightly talks about things happening in the NHL/NHLP.  This lead the way for Edmonton acquiring McDavid for what GM Scott called the "Green Bay Affect".

Oil Add Waiver - Make Trade With Islanders

GM Scott gave a 3rd and 5th Rounder along with the final Waiver of the NHLP season to Portland in return for the final Waiver of 2015.  Edmonton then made a move that sent Nyquist and Nelson to GM Ryan's Islanders for points used in the eventual Waiver.  Added were van Riemsdyk and Boedker.  GM Ryan said he was very happy with the move, only costing 5 points.  Edmonton was then unable to trade Palat for the value they were looking for.


Gagner to Minors

Buffalo (Joel) dropped the injured Gagner today.  Gagner did not appear as injured in Office Pools, a reason to watch for your own players, but he did in fact miss his 13th straight game last night.  He was replaced by Granlund from Calgary.  Yakapov is an injury pick today for GM Vinnie who can pick a replacement up to 12 points.  "McDavid is available" said Muddy Capone, "Vinnie seems set on Edmonton, so it is a logical choice."  No word yet on if Portland is using the Waiver or moving it. 


Historic Night in Hamilton

The Hamilton Hitmen became the first team in NHLP history to record a 12+ point night for the third time as a franchise.  "GM Tyson clearly has a knack for the Big Nights" stated Muddy Capone and he'd be right.  Tyson has hit the feat for a record tying 5th time (along with GM Scott) and has hit the mark in each of the past three years, all in Hamilton.  In this time only GM Marcel in Alaska has gotten 12 in a night, meaning Tyson has three of the last four 12+ point nights and ironically, all in Hamilton.  The Hitmen won the NHLP Championship in 2012, the last season they didn't hit a 12 during the season.  Tonight the Hitmen had three from Williams and Johansson, two from Killorn and Donski and singles from Nash and Krieder.  The team is sitting last in the Atlantic but with so many assets GM Tyson will be offered over 20 point deals for any combination of players he has on this crazy roster.  When you are in last this is the roster you want, one that can grab a playoff position at any time. 


Nelson Kings Catch

GM Andrew added Nelson with his Los Angeles Waiver and switched out Barrie for Monahan in a swap of hot fringe teams opting for the Flames player over the Aves who have one 5 games in a row.  Monahan is a safe number no matter how he scores if he does need to move to the minor later as Sheary was added as the low out for the Kings.  Adding Nelson was a big play for Andrew who thinks the Islanders may surprise some teams come the playoffs  Gone were Dubinsky and Callahan with Barrie as teams start unloading Tampa players, a team GM Andrew is adamant is in trouble.  There is one NHLP Waiver left before the Christmas Break and the NHLP is hoping to call a meeting date sometime around Christmas.


Avs Great Night - Not Boston's

"It was what started it all" said Muddy Capone about "The Night".  Back then NHLP teams carried 5 players each (STOP - Re-read that - 5 players per team) and GM Ian, an original NHLP GM had a 12 point night in Boston, ALL from three Russian players no less.  "At the time it was so over the top it grab all our attention" Capone said reliving the night twenty years ago, "Still here we are in season 26, carrying 7 players a team now and the 12+ point night has still only been reached 25 times in total, less then once per season."  Although only GM's Scott, Jr and Marcel were in the league back then to witness GM Ian's amazing feat, GM's Andrew, Chad and Charlie were also part of GM Ian's last and final season in 1999-2000.  GM Ian was an NHLP GM the first 11 years of the league, not only winless in Cups, but also still longer as a GM then GM's Vinnie (10), Joel (9), Matt (8) and Tyson (7).  "We have a lot of history in our league" said Capone, "Outside GM Raymond at 13 years, GM Ian was in the league the most years of non-current GM's".  So tonight, GM Chad brought us back to "The Night".  Why?  Well Chad scored 10 points in Colorado tonight. Four from Wheeler, Oshie and two from Ladd, hitting 10 points from just three players in action.  "That may very well be a record" said Capone, "All we know was Osolinsh, Markov and Larionov all had four points each that night for GM Ian, all playing for the San Jose Sharks at the time.  Did Ian have a player playing that night that didn't score, it is lost in the recollection, so likely not, as we'd be retelling it as it could have been more.  However, point is, 10 points for Chad from 3 players is still one of the best nights in 26 NHLP seasons and can't be far behind the best night in 26 years from just three players."  


Boston - "We Want Our Money Back"

  Looking back we may have been hard on GM Ian's all Russian team.  They did in fact hit a night we still look back on as one of the most memorable in league history.  What we remember maybe even more of that season was how the Boston fans came up with a memorable chant (and I am not making this shit up) but after Meatloaf came out with their album the fans in Boston would chant (alternating from one side of the arena to another) "The Bruins Are Defectors" and the other side would then as you hear in the song,  "And we want our money back".  Further proving that one night doesn't make a season....It Really did happen in 1994-95...

One Side Yells:  "What about the Bruins?"
Other Side Yells:  "Their Defectors"
Entire Arena "And we want our money back!"

Standings in 1994-95


1) HARTFORD (ANDY)      309         ---   21

2) MONTREAL (MARCEL)    293         16

3) OTTAWA (LEE)         279         30

4) ST. JOHN'S (LEO)     278         31

5) MIAMI (NORM)         276         33

6) BOSTON (IAN)         276         33

7) QUEBEC (RAY)         267         42

8) BUFFALO (CLARK)      244         65

9) COLORADO (KEITH)     228         81



32 Characters Later...

GM Shawn has been fined by the NHLP BOG so many times he seems to have a chip on his shoulders.  "He is like the guy who pays his bill at the bank with all pennies" said Muddy Capone.  GM Shawn had a little fun with the Yearbook, making them type out the names Teravainen, Pietrangelo and Andrighetto in Player Tracking, Transactions and her again in this fucking story.  Down were more friendly- typed players names Hudler, Perron and Dano.  "I guess we are just going to have to start charging by the character" chuckled Capone, "But seriously, no more of that."  It could always have been worse, the 13 letter plus hyphened RNH twice.
Phoenix Grabs Koivu

GM Charlie decided to make the uncontested pick with the Waiver understanding it would not have been a four point gain, but likely that or more of a loss had he waited to the Winter Meetings.  "Guys wanted the Waiver tonight, but would have taken Koivu on me and he was my target" said the GM who also grabbed Brouwer and Bickell in a three for three.  Abdelkader had to be sacrificed because of Kane and Bickell's low numbers, making the three for three doable. 


Habs Get Point Happy

GM Marcel took it to heart when the CTR said they have enough scoring to overcome their current 11 point deficit on 4th.  The Habs went out and got 10 points tonight thanks to studs Tarasenko and Parise who got three each.  MacKinnon had two and singles went to Stastny and Niederreiter for Montreal who moves to within two points of the final playoff spot.  Montreal became the fourth team the past two weeks to hit double digits in a night.


Canucks Best in Entire NHLP

GM Joel has the best of the best after the CTR has figured out the rest.  The Canucks sit with 1852 points according to the CTR, besting Hartford (Andrew) and Florida (Marcel) who are the early Cup Threats according to the CTR's early rankings.  there is one team that isn't very nice smelling according to the Yearbook's rankings.  Is it yours?


Defending Champs Look Like Defenders

GM Andrew has the best CTR rated team in the Eastern Conference.  Hartford (Andrew) has a realistic shot of back-to-back wins, the first such NHLP team since 1993 and 1994 to do so.  The feat was only ever accomplished by GM Norman who's St Louis Blues won back to back but Andrew is strong and will get much stronger with the 37 points he has to play with.  GM Matt is a close second place in the Conference and the best East Division team.  Where do you sit?  Check out the CTR.


Florida Tops in Central Conference

The CTR is picking apart the NHLP's three Conferences one at a time and to no one's surprise, GM Marcel has the best team in the Central.  Thanks to high scoring Partick Kane and seven playoff players, including three Habs it would appear Marcel has high aspirations of a second NHLP Championship in Florida.  Where do you rank?  Check out the CTR and watch for the other Conferences as the season hits the 30 game mark and is almost 40% completed.

Yotes Options Included Waiting

GM Charlie has the highest scoring NHLP team for the month of December, already with two double digit nights.  Phoenix is now up with the Tuesday Waiver and the GM who has gained 22 points on Division rival St Louis (Tyson) just in the past 13 days alone is now only a mere 6 points out of first place in the NHLP's West Division.  Charlie could use the Waiver to try and replace Richards who might as well not be one of the Coyotes roster players with only six points all season.  Charlie may opt to move the Waiver, improving his future in Phoenix and do his dirty work at the coming Winter Meeting.  Either way the Coyotes are seemingly unstoppable right now, but the goal of any GM is to get better and that opportunity exists on Tuesday.


Canucks Add Bruins

GM Joel said he could not get it done, settling instead for two high scoring Bruins, Eriksson and Marchand.  By all indications the Boston Bruins appear back, only 8 points behind Montreal for the Division lead with three games at hand.  One of the highest scoring teams in the league, the Bruins will battle with Detroit, Ottawa, Florida and Tampa, if no one catches Montreal two of those five will be second and third in the Division.  Also up is Granlund with the NHLP GM's making it clear not many of them think Vancouver is a playoff team, even though they are tied for second in the Division.  After Joel dropped H. Sedin, only the other H. Sedin in Atlantic City (Vinnie) remains in the entire NHLP.  Vancouver (NHL) and Buffalo are the only two NHL teams that only have one player in Player Tracking, with Buffalo having Kane.  Joel also dropped Jokinen and Hayes.


Bruins - A Lost Organization

It is true that there is a running joke amongst GMs in the NHLP said Muddy Capone, "It's career day in elementary school where each student talks about what their dad does. Little Johnny is last, and finally the teacher calls on him to talk about his dad. Johnny comes to the front of the class.  'My daddy is a dancer at a gay bar. He takes off his clothes for other men, and if they pay him enough money, he goes into the alley and performs sex acts on them.'  The teacher is shocked, and she calls for an early recess for the rest of the class. She sits down with Johnny and asks him if this is really true about his dad...."
It is just the way it is with this Franchise.  Now GM Ryan has the Couture news, another long term injury two games after coming back.  The lowly Bruins are already last in the NHLP and 32 points out of a playoff spot in the North Division.  In 26 NHLP seasons they may literally be the worst team ever for lack of success. 
"Johnny says; 'No, but I was too embarrassed to say he played for the Boston Bruins.'"
We get it Johnny!  We get it!


Lottery Ticket About to be Claimed

Some GM in the NHLP is sitting with a winning lottery ticket, they just have to check their numbers and claim their prize.  GM Joel, operating the second highest point getting NHLP team in Vancouver is offering up points and a Waiver for Saturday, something that can change the course of an entire season for many teams.  Joel is saying the GM must take his highest scoring player to get the Waiver, saying he is open to about anything with a couple players, likely Pacioretty and Gallagher not moving.  H. Sedin has 29 and with Jokinen 19 that is 2 for 2 for 48.  Sending those guys to the minors, any last place struggling NHLP team could be in the playoff's in no time.  "When you are down and out you have a few options" said Muddy Capone, "You can curl up like a kicked little puppy and sulk and whimper because you lack a certain skill-set, or you can change your situation."  For many GM's sometimes it takes a drastic move, like a big trade and even 7 for 7 Waiver, but with building for the future not an option, what is the sense burning a team?  Check the numbers.  Claim the prize.  Seems easy enough.


Havlat a Hab?

GM Chad decided not to use his injury pick for Havlat, saying he has heard Havlat will be signing with the Canadiens.  "GMs think they hear stuff all the time" said Muddy Capone, "You should listen to the bullshit from GM Andrew sometime."  As far as Capone is concerned, this simply will not happen.  GM Shawn did drop Havlat today in Halifax for Ericsson. 

Younger Yes!  Better???

GM Scott had his sights set on improving the overall team and that meant losing to add.  "Sometimes it is really tough parting ways with a Stastny and Letang" said the GM who included Ekman-Larsson, Foligno and Fontaine in players leaving the roster in the Waiver.  "But I always think it isn't where we start the day that is more important then where we end up" Scott explained.  Where the Flyer ended up was with a lot younger team, three kids around 20 years old, next generation stars no doubt, but might be too soon for the rigors of the NHLP.  That part remains to be seen but in true GM Scott fashion, he is willing to take the lumps along the way.  "High risk means high reward and high reward, well, isn't that the goal" he said.  The high risk is Nichushkin and Nichuskin, being moved up with Benn and Seguin as well as Larkin, a playoff player or not?  Also added were more sure things in Nielsen and McDonagh who are better bets to be in the NHL playoffs, actually seeing real minutes.  Scott said he wished more GM's would risk it all, "If you aren't willing to risk anything, you are playing it straight, by the book.  Sure you aren't going to fail miserably time after time, like we have.  But you likely will never run into that unstoppable combination, like we have.  As a kid I'd throw the basketball from under the net all the way down the court time and time again.  Can't recall the times I missed or how many times I tried.  But, man what a feeling when one actually went in.  Just takes that one time to create a life-long memory."


Montreal Gets Stastny

GM Marcel is on his way to the best St Louis built team in the NHLP, adding another first line player Stastny to the already unstoppable Tarasenko.  The move also added Letang, costing 11 points, Iginla and Nugent-Hopkins, moving Montreal into 5th.  "I was all over Stastny" said GM Marcel, "We think we have a great start with those two."  Philadelphia (Scott) sent out over 15 deals and was within a hair of landing 25 points, but the deal got squashed at the last minute thanks to Fontaines "No Trade Clause".  "That doesn't affect him heading to the Minors tomorrow" said the Flyer GM, "We had to hold off until Wednesday anyhow, not wanting to go back on our word." 


Florida Gets Stronger

GM Marcel added Desharnias, Tatar, Zibanajad and a third Had to his lineup, youngster Sven Andrighetto.  With Kane, Plekanec and Keith, Marcel is now the single highest PPG scoring team in the NHLP.  "This is a tough team" stated Muddy Capone, "GM Marcel has made a statement to the league and those paying attention will hear it loud and clear."  Hours earlier the Panthers added Keith to compliment Kane in what is a deadly Blackhawks combination.  Keith, like other great defensemen like Doughty are usually never drafted by the cup winners they play on, but rather high scoring teams get to trade for these guys who you simply can't carry during the season, but need to win it all come playoff time.  Now with two Hawks and three Habs this team will remain near the very top all season as a team to beat.  Both Chicago, the defending NHL Cup winners, and Montreal are serious Cup threats and Florida will be hard to knock out if either go on a run this playoffs.  Andrighetto is a first time NHLP player with 6 points in his first 19 NHL games.  The native Swede can score, hitting for 98 points in his final 53 QMJHL games and 87 in his last 124 AHL games.  Once he anchors down for good with the big team he will find himself a regular in the NHLP. 


Florida Grabs Keith, Waiver

GM Marcel is having one of those years in Florida that resembles when he won the NHLP Championship in 2008.  In Marcel's most memorable season he could do no wrong and had so many points, so many team leading all-stars, he could not better his team by trading his points in the end.  It is hard to do and seldom seen.  The Panthers pulled off an amazing move tonight grabbing Keith to go with Kane, undoubtedly two untouchables from here on out for the Rats.  Vrbata was also added tonight, along with the Waiver from the New York Rangers (Charlie) who in turn grabbed some needed points and another Waiver.  Coming to the Big Apple were Marleau and Pominville.  With Plekanecs a GM favorite in Florida, GM Marcel will likely move D. Sedin's points, Vrbata, Stewart and Tanguay in an easy better the team move.  That is 55 points from 4 players, so we will see how the GM plays it.  A huge move, the type that easily wins trophies for GMs.

Back to Back Double Digit Nights

GM Charlie is having a very memorable week in Phoenix and has for the second time this week, hit double digit points.  On Tuesday the Coyotes had an 11 point night and tonight added 10 more for a 24 point week with Kane going Sunday to try and hit the 25 point week.  The Big Team Night again was thanks to Weber who had hit first career hat trick, getting four goals in total, three into the Detroit net and a kick in own goal into his own.  Officially it was Weber and Weber 3 each, Abdelkader, Zetterberg, Steen and Richards all adding singles for the smoking hot Yotes.  The 24 points for the week are at least 15 more than all the other West Division teams where Phoenix is now 2 points out of the playoffs.  It is also over 20 more than the three of Halifax (Shawn) and two point week from Hamilton (Tyson).


Wolverines Pair Hit 50, Team 10

The New Orleans Wolverines (Shawn) came within one game 7 of winning the NHLP Championship last season.  The team went to the NHLP Finals before losing to Hartford (Andrew) but was one of the most feared teams all season and would have easily won had Anaheim beat Chicago in the West Conference Finals that game seven.  Well, they are back at it.  One of the top NHLP teams again this season the Wolverines struck for a 10 point night thanks in part to Hoffman and Ryan who now have 25 points each and 50 points between them on the NHLP season after recording three each on the night.  Anisimov added two and singles went to Keith and Alzner.  The Wolverines now have 123 points on the season and would be in first place in 4 of the 6 NHLP Divisions, but are only in third in the high flying South Division, trailing Florida (Marcel) and Cincinnati (Matt) who rank as 1-2 in the NHLP in points per game.  New Orleans has two Sens and two Hawks, a King, Wild and Cap, all currently playoff teams.  The team is anchored by Keith and Suter, easily two of the very best D-men in the game today.  This team will be a threat all year because GM Shawn is one of the best up and coming GM's in the game and is considered as maybe the favorite of non-Cup winners to be the first to break that trend.


Rangers "Window Shopping"

GM Charlie always loves to shop this time of year but is known more for kicking tires over pulling out the wallet and making an actual purchase.  The GM is shopping the Waiver and big, huge NHLP names, along with a few other not so huge names, but he is shopping them.  "The entire roster is great players" said Muddy Capone, "How every GM isn't all over this is kind of shocking."  Charlie is looking to move the Waiver Saturday and can go many directions, even if just moving back a few weeks.  There should be plenty of good offers, but will GM Charlie actually make a purchase this time around, only time will tell.
Fontaine of Youth
Flyer Add Elite Young Star With All Kinds of Future Potential

GM Scott made an injury pick today, dropping Pastrnak for Fontaine.  "He is easily in the top ten, of all the third year players, who are 28 year olds, in the entire NHL" said GM Scott who was over-joyed to finally replace Pastrnak. "I can over look his (Fontaine's) third line status, his ten minutes of ice-time a game, the fact he is often injured, plays on a fringe team at best and doesn't shoot the puck at all" added the veteran GM, "Because how many kids, and I call him a kid even though his best years are clearly behind him, but just how many 28 year olds can say they have played 100 NHL games in their career and can boast being a plus 19."  The Flyer GM insisted this is the type of kid you build around for the future and that this move has nothing to do with grabbing a single point and the fact that the Wild play three games between now and the Flyer Waiver on the 8th and Fontaine will be sent to the Minors next Tuesday.  "I can guarantee he will not be sent to the Minors on Tuesday" the GM insisted, "Mainly because we won't make our pick until Noon Wednesday and by that time, if you want to press the issue, this bum will be in the Minors where we are damn sure he will stay the remainder of the season, unless I can convince his value to some poor sap GM who stopped reading this article after the first line or two." 


STOP Those Injuries

Upon a second look the injury chart was a little out of whack, with the day of the month pulled forward by one day.  Meaning GM Scott can pick today for Pastrnak, not yesterday and GM Marcel can pick tomorrow for Tanguay, not today.  It is all straightened out now.
Not So Elite

When GM's draft a non-playoff player with their first round Elite status pick, this is usually the outcome.  For the third time this season an Elite player has been dumped, for their NHL team sucks, this time Voracek who follows Hall and Johansen for the same reasons.  "It is a killer" said Muddy Capone, "You never get that same scoring in the return, a top 5 player from a top 5 team and it usually shows in how you end the season."  GM Joel likely knew Philadelphia was going to struggle to make the playoffs and less than 25 games in, Voracek joins Hartnell and Simmonds to the Minors for Bergeron, Lehtera and Perron, all players passed over and over during the NHLP Draft.  Buffalo has been strong in recent years and GM Joel has shown he is one of the top GM's in the league, but without a top notch draft it is always more work than required to build a top notch team.


GM Joel Last Overall

That isn't something we expected to see, but it is true.  GM Joel will be the final GM to make a Transaction of any type this season and is last overall with 0 moves on the season.  "There must have been some behind the scenes budget cuts" said Muddy Capone, "Usually GM Joel is near the top for movement, not dead last."  With a Waiver tonight in Buffalo the GM will finally be making a move and possible more than one if a big move for Steen or Suter is made.

Rangers - "A Big Name Will Go"

GM Charlie advised the NHLP GM's that something big is about to happen in New York.  The Rangers GM wants to move the Waiver with potential big names Hossa, Oshie, Keith, Datsyuk or Seabrook.  While Charlie said the goal is to do something early and move Kadri or Vrbata in the deal, Muddy Capone had other thoughts.  "How is a team with that many great players in last place" Capone wondered?  There is no doubt Chuck has some nice players and should get a good number of solid offers ahead of Saturday.


Season High in Phoenix

In 2009-10 the Phoenix Coyotes (Charlie) had GM Charlie's biggest night ever and still one of the biggest in the NHLP's 26 seasons.  Tonight wasn't as big, but it easily could have been.  The Yotes had all 7 players playing tonight and struck for 11 points, but had three players - Zetterberg, Steen and Richards all held pointless.  Making up for that were Weber, Weber and Abdelkader who had three each and Kane added the final two points.  This was the biggest night of the NHLP season and the second time a team has reached double digits in a night. 


Back in 2010...

GM Charlie (Feb 4th/10) - GM Charlie BIG TEAM NIGHT - NHLP HISTORY IN PHOENIX - GM Charlie tied the all-time best NHLP night in one he soon won't forget, "I counted it down from 11" said Charlie who was all over the huge night as it was occurring.  "2010 seems to be GM Charlie's year" said Muddy Capone.  After 10 years in the league, on January 2nd Charlie had his biggest night ever, hitting the elusive 12 point night for the first time.  Now a month later he goes to 14, tying Andrew, Henry, Shawn and Scott.  The amazing thing is this is the 3rd time this season 14 points has been hit in one night, after only happening twice in 19 NHLP seasons.  The Big Team Night was started in the New York Ranger, Washington game where Charlie got 9 points, 5 from Backstom and two each from Callahan and Callahan.  Drury did not have a point in that game, but Arnott later had a 4 point game and Dumont rounded out the 14.  Phoenix goes from last place too only 2 points from Second in the southwest on the same night GM Joel dropped 11 points in the Crosby deal.


McDavid Dropped By Machine

GM Jr exercised his injury pick up rights, dropping McDavid for another 12 point player, Niskanen.  GM Vinnie was able to make the same play today but passed.  McDavid is likely out until at least February.
There are 15 players all listed on the injury pickup page that can be picked up over the coming next three weeks.

Icemen Add Panarin - Kopy Gone

GM Matt pulled the trigger for back to back days on his drafted elite players.  A Day after trading Parise for Jagr, GM Matt made a two for two, adding 11 points, Panarin and Nyquist for Kopitar and Vatanen.  "I had to make a move and I really like this high scoring kid" said Matt of Panarin.  Indy moved way up the point standings, but are still only in 5th in the NHLP's highest scoring Division, the Pacific where 5 teams have over 100 points.  Matt finished up the day with a 4 for 4 waiver but started it by sending Pominville to Florida (Marcel) in a deal for Eichel who was part of the Waiver with Monahan, Bailey and Etem.  Added were Ward, Chimera, Hertl and Elias in what Muddy Capone stated, "A much weaker Waiver pick than Matt made on Friday in his opinion.  On Friday Matt had added Stone, Seabrook, Larkin and Elias, something Capone thought was one of the best Waivers of the season by far but Ward, Chimera, Hertl and Elias seemed not near as catchy.  Indy is back in and GM Matt once again refuses to sit by and watch as so many other GM's enjoy doing.


Steep Price or Steal?

GM Scott said he paid a fair price in San Fran, but many other GM's think it was too much for Kopitar.  "It is hard to not want guys you know you can win with" said GM Scott who gave up 11 points and a ton of scoring with Paranin and Nyquist for Kopitar and Vatanen.  "I am not sure what is wrong with Kopy" stated GM Jr who was offering for him, "He seems off this year."  Kopitar is slow out of the gate and is unsigned, like another one of GM Scott's biggest players Stamkos.  "I told Matt at 1 AM I wanted to sleep on this one but would make an offer or not in the morning" the GM stated about the negotiations.  GM Matt gave Scott a "one hour notice" before the final offer was put on the table.  Scott said in his mind Nyquist and Vatanen were washes but Paranin isn't Kopitar.  "I love the youngster" the veteran GM stated, "He has got moves as good as Kane, but he is noticeably light, easily knocked off the puck and not a beast like Kopitar and won't be come playoff time."  That remains to be seen, but the logic behind the deal.  San Fran is now 20 points out of a playoff spot, in a deep hole and with easily one of the worst scoring teams in the NHLP.  "We will worry about catching up later" says Scott, "Today was about adding another piece".  The Titan now have Kopitar, Subban, Forsberg, Yandle with Vatanen and Eberle twice, what should turn into a higher scoring team at some point the GM hopes.



The Indianapolis Icemen (Matt) acquired the Waiver for Saturday night from Memphis (Jr) for a HUGE price, giving this and next seasons Waivers plus a couple Draft picks.  "Seldom do you see a second Waiver move in a deal" said Muddy Capone, "Almost certainly this will be a blockbuster night for GM Matt."  GM Matt is still reeling after a huge move last night, opening the door for yet another huge night.  "One has to think if GM Matt would pull a huge deal tonight on Kopitar just one night after trading another elite player" wondered Muddy Capone.  That wondering was quickly put to rest when GM Matt did in fact say he is looking for 8 or 9 points and Kopitar could be had tonight.  Get your check books out and buckle up, GM Matt is certainly about to make this an interesting night.


Deals on Black Friday

GM Matt made some big deals while GM's Tyson and Marcel enjoyed the shopping, but nothing was a bargain.  The Cincinnati Rage traded Elite player Parise, one of the premiere players in the game but got a huge 8 points from Montreal (Marcel) who gave up Jagr.  Parise is a steal if Minnesota stays in as a playoff team, otherwise the points were a huge giveaway, making for a great deal.  The Rage added four more points trading Kreider to Cleveland in an all Ohio deal, adding another number for the Minors in Frolik.  "These are great deals for all the GM's involved" said Muddy Capone, "Great to see these three in big deals."  Matt used his new found points in a 5 player drop, adding Krejci, Stone, Seabrook, Larkin and Elias.  Many GM's believe it isn't what you traded in your frenzy as much as what you ended up with when the dust all settled, making all three of these GM's likely winners in the deals.  Cincinnati is now "far and away" the highest scoring NHLP team and has a roster of playoff players.  "Many GM's sleep completely through the Waiver season" Capone added, "But Matt hit a home run, showing what you can actually do, when you know how to do it." 


Cincinnati Wheelin'

GM Matt said there was more to come after adding a point in a deal by sending Wheeler to Colorado (Chad) for Hall.  The Rage have threatened to unload anyone, and when Matt speaks he is usually just insane enough that nothing should surprise anyone.  The Cincy GM said there were "No Untouchables" meaning Carter, Kreider or Parise may be had for the right price.  Matt also stated he did in fact have his eyes squarely on the "Finnish Flash" going as far as to say "I had him on my sights long before GM Tyson picked him" as he has him in another pool.  "Another pool" Muddy Capone laughed, "Maybe that is where GM Matt has been putting all his attention over the past eight years.  Wonder if he ever won that one either?" 


Memphis Building For The Future?

GM Jr said the Saturday Waiver in Memphis is available for "A Waiver, players, picks.  Anything and everything will be looked at, so fire away."  It might seem like a logical move to look to the future, with Domi, Nugent-Hopkins and McDavid feels Muddy Capone.  "If GM Jr can somehow keep these three under contract, Memphis will be unstoppable in five years" said Capone about three of the young bright stars in the NHL.  Even if the three lack NHLP appeal, a Saturday night Waiver, and maybe their points to the Minors, with a well stocked Minors to boot, seems like a very attractive asset for any NHLP GM.


Kings Feel Star Can Return By Playoffs

The Los Angeles Kings (Andrew) seemingly make the NHLP Finals every year, so as long as Elite star Stepan is back by then, he will have a chance to help GM Andrew win his 7th NHLP Championship.  Stepan is out indefinitely with quite possibly the worse broken ribs in history of the game.  "I don't know about that" said Muddy Capone, "But it is fun to make shit up that fucks with GM's going through misery.  It is what we do.  But it is fact, no other NHLP GM has been to the Cup Finals four straight years, as GM Andrew has done the previous four.  It isn't fun messy with a legend, or sasquatch, or anything that looks the slightest like the Karpat cat like thing.  But we can't make fun of GM Charlie every article either!"  Stepan played five shifts after he broke his ribs, so how bad can it truly be right?


Hamilton Adds Flash

GM Tyson said he knew part of the Waiver was saved for the "Finnish Flash" as he refers to his new young star.  "I really like him in the World Juniors and at the World Championship last year" stated the GM about Joonas Donskoi, a first time NHLP player and newest member of the Hamilton Hitmen.  Also added in the four for four were Williams, Johansson and Killorn, but Tyson sees the San Jose Sharks young star as the steal of the Waiver pick.  Playing his first NHL game this year at 23 Donskoi isn't exactly a kid, having played 6 seasons for Karpat of the Liiga (AKA - Finnish Elite League) which is known as the second strongest league in Europe.  How good is Donskoi?  He had 49 points in 58 games last season for Karpat who won the Championship for their 7th time in league history.  "No one gets a point a game in Finland" said Muddy Capone a long time follower of the league, "Playing in Karpat would be like playing in Alaska in the NHLP, so he should be right at home in Hamilton."  The GM was happy adding four playoff players, sacrificing D. Sedin's points to improve the overall team.  Also down were disappointments Giordano, Wideman and Strome who has been to the minors already with his NHL team.  It won't be long before Donskoi is in the NHLP a second time now that the "cat is out of the bag" (Yes it is a CAT), likely be in Cincinnati (Matt) tomorrow with the only Friday Waiver of the NHLP season.


Nash On The Move?

GM Tyson did not confirm Nash could be traded by Wednesday's Waiver, but he didn't exactly say no.  "We have been offered a star player and major points" Tyson said, "It wasn't in the plans, but I am going to think about it now."  The Hitman GM did say he was shopping Daniel Sedin who has 23 points and is likely to drop Strome who is a minus 3 in a drop.  Strome is an injury pick after missing 4 more games, so he could move and be used by someone else later in an injury pickup.  Nash moving would be a surprise this early, but sometimes when a GM waits too long, that same offer isn't on the table.  Rumor is GM Andrew is in play for Nash and possibly Panarin could be the name coming back to Hamilton.

Attack-less Two

GM Marcel has a nice lead on 5th in the Pacific Division where Alaska is up 16 points on Colorado (Chad).  That is the good news.  The bad news is Gallagher is out for 6 weeks, joining Schwartz who is likely already out to late January.  The Division will surely get much closer before the Attack get healthy.  "When you have guys like Gallagher and Schwartz out, there is nothing you can do but wait" said GM Marcel who is content on holding his stars until they are back healthy.  Vanouver (Joel) also in the Pacific also has the Montreal star player.


64 Point 5 for 5

GM Shawn dropped more points in 5 players than three NHLP teams (Portland, NY Rangers and Boston) have to date yet this season.  The move vaulted the Wolverines from 5th to 2nd place in the South Division.  Shawn started by trading Palat who is out to mid December for Spooner to Edmonton (Scott), then dropping him along with Johansen, Saad, Perreault and Huberdeau, all high scoring but mostly non NHLP playoff players.  Ryan, Suter, Anisimov, Lucic and Alzner were added to the two keepers Hoffman and Keith.  "I had to get aggressive" said GM Shawn who did pay for the Waiver, but understands the Minors aren't loaded all season.  "I had Columbus as a playoff team and was very happy to draft Johansen and Saad" the GM said, "But you can't sit around and let a disaster unfold, you have to act and my high scoring guys only get harder to unload with each Waiver."  GM's who act seem to bury a lot less teams by seasons end when the never ending fact that some teams can't do anything any longer exists.  Columbus is only 6 points out but GM Shawn made a bold move, not waiting and hoping they somehow turn their season around. 


New Orleans Acquires Waiver

The Memphis Machine (Jr) Added a nice selection of mid round picks and a Waiver next week for tonight's Waiver, now belonging to New Orleans (Shawn).  The Wolverines gave up a total of 71 spots over the 4th to 7th rounds.  GM Shawn is expected to make a huge Waiver pick and it is believed Keith could even be in play tonight.  The GM is sitting with 53 non playoff points from just 4 players.  After a tough loss to Hartford (Andrew) in last years playoffs it was believed GM Shawn would be aggressive in this seasons chase for the Cup, as shown by this move tonight.  It was believed Memphis would keep the Waiver but a huge front office move has shook up the entire NHLP tonight with a press release early in the evening from GM Jr, who now has parted ways with the young co-GM Scottie who thinks their is more scoring in Major League Soccer and has chosen to follow his dream of a Draft Kings Guru.
" "Power Shortage" " Leads to Attack Fine

GM's come up with every excuse in the book, but nothing stops the money hungry head office from levying fines every chance they get.  In Transaction 377 last season GM Scott claimed his Great Dane slobbered on his pick sheet making the names unreadable.  In Transaction 426 GM Shawn said the "Seahawks game ran late" causing him to sleep in, missing the noon Waiver deadline.  Those GM's were fined as all GM's who send in the wrong numbers, wrong players or are late, costing double the Transaction.  GM Marcel added to the long list of hilarious excuses claiming "The power was out and I couldn't use Player Tracking" when he sent in his Alaska Waiver picking Stastny, a player already under contact in both Boston and Philadelphia.  "Least he doesn't have to pay tax on the Transaction" Muddy Capone added about the Attack fine.  Finally "when the power came back on" the Attack were able to straighten things out, dropping Byfuglien, Moulson and Semin for Landeskog, Silfverberg and the long term injured Schwartz


Co-GM'ing Dead Again

It worked longer the second time around but tonight it was announced GM Scottie was stepping aside, no longer a co-GM in the NHLP.  Officially it was announced GM Jr will be in total control after buying out Scottie's interests in the franchises.  Rumors are running wild tonight, even suggesting the brash, young maverick will be pursing ownership in another sport with the Cavs, OKC and even Man City all having been mentioned.  In his final press release GM Scottie stated "

"I have had enough of hockey for a while.  The game is dying, no offence, no excitement.  I would like to thank my father for all the wisdom, patience and mentoring.  I will definitely incorporate his structure and ethical teachings as I enter this new phase of my life."  This officially ended the second time the NHLP has seen co-ownership with GM's Craig and Roy lasting a season in 1991-92.  GM Jr didn't appear to upset with the news, even stating "Scottie who?" in a statement of his own saying hockey is far from dead or dying.  It is hoped with Jr back in full control that the master himself can lead the three franchises back into respectability and into a category they once shared with no one as the most feared franchises in the NHLP.

First to 100 - GM Marcel?

Well if you go by the fact that only six NHLP teams have 90+ points and GM Marcel has three of those teams, then it could be a safe bet.  Joining Jr and Scottie's Calgary Flames team GM Joel is high man on the list with 98 points in Vancouver and has the final two teams over 90.  Marcel is far in front in the GM standings, owning the pecking order again.  Marcel's three teams are on average 33 points each ahead of GM Charlie's teams, so comes in last in the pecking order and has the leagues lowest scoring team, the NY Rangers with only 52 points.  "We are only 20 games in" stated Muddy Capone, "Depending on how you look at it your glass is either half full or leaking at this point in the season."  Alaska has the Waiver tonight and certainly will use it to lose Semin who is clearly killing the team.  The Attack are 6th overall in a 36 team league but only sit in third place in the Pacific thanks to standouts Vancouver (Joel) and Calgary (Jr & Scottie). 



Black Hawks Going Down

Immediately upon hearing the news about Streit, GM Andrew grabbed the Waiver in Chicago.  The Blackhawks will be dropping Streit but GM Andrew said "We are open to everything and will be making further moves, likely for points to send to the minors."  Hamilton (Tyson) gets a Waiver in two weeks and three draft picks, buying the Hitmen more time to get healthy prior to their Waiver.


Fibrocartilaginous Street

GM Andrew got the news that Streit will be lost for 6 weeks with a Pubic injury, which is a Fibrocartilaginous disc.  "I know what that is" said Hot Dog.  Chicago will be searching for different avenues to unload Streit, something that can be done penalty free on Saturday.  GM Tyson has the Waiver in Hamilton and has Strome at a minus 4 or worth one to the minors.  In other NHLP news GM's Charlie and Jr got good news as Datsyuk played over 20 minutes in his first game of the season Friday and won't be long before he is lighting it up at his usual point per game pace.


Man Overboard

No sooner had GM Shawn picked up Havlat he immediately has asked for his release from the team and will no long play.  "He wouldn't be the first person afraid of deep water" said Muddy Capone.  Within hours after being picked up Halvat's NHL season appears over.  He could be sent to the Minors on Saturday penalty free or he will have to miss 12 games before he can be turned into a 5 point player.  Toronto (Chad) also picked up Havlat earlier this week in what one GM called, "Another brilliant move by Toronto."  We are certain that was pure sarcasm as Toronto has been as pathetic of NHLP team as there has been over the past 26 seasons.

A Fabbrious Waiver

GM Shawn loaded up on potential playoff players.  "Halifax got good in a hurry" said Muddy Capone about the Waiver.  Shawn didn't hang onto his high scoring non playoff players, something some GM's just cannot come to terms with.  "Many GM's think because they drafted a guy that no one in the minors can be better" Capone stated, "The stuck on your draft phenomenon."  The Destroyers brought in Cammander Klink to guide the ship, adding Klingberg, Toffolli and two Blues, Fabbri and Havlat to go with deckhands Perry, Hornqvist and Pearson.  This isn't a war ship you want to be messing with this season as GM Shawn has came to play.


League To Investigate Injury Pick

The NHLP Board of Governors is looking into today's injury pick and an "apparent" agreement made between GM's Vinnie and GM Scott.  Philadelphia (Scott) made a side deal "For a few beers next week" with Portland (Vinnie) for the rights for the Flyer to pick their injury pick before the Winter Hawks.  "What, you can't buy the guy a beer" asked GM Scott about what is wrong with the deal.  If Philadelphia had offered a 7th round pick as compensation the league may not have an issue, but a cold one?  When informed Vinnie may be denied the beer promised by Scott if the league over-turns the deal, GM Vinnie changed directions stating, "Umm, what beer?  We (Portland) are just waiting until Saturday to make our pick and my drinking pal, I mean fellow GM Scott, can pick today."  There is no specific NHLP rules that one GM cannot buy the other a cold brew but nonetheless the BOG could be fining both GM's by the time this is over.  With the Philly injury pick GM Scott added Stastny.  After hearing the pick the Portland GM was heard saying, "I would have picked that guy too.  Fucking Beer.  We all have our vices, mines just cold, sometimes warm, but always wet."  (PS - Portland then took Gaborik anyhow)

Injury Picks

Friday the 13th marks injury picks for GM Vinnie for Schwartz and GM Scott for MacArthur, both by 6 PM up to 5 points.


Halifax Seas Need

The Halifax Destroyers (Shawn) launched an aggressive attack, seizing the Waiver for Thursday from Boston (Ryan).  Halifax moved this seasons Waiver and 11th spots in each the 3rd, 5th and 7th rounds in the 16/17 draft.  "We see a good number of players that are just to valuable to pass on" said GM Shawn who had a serious taste of success last season, missing likely one game from winning his first NHLP Championship.  "We want to go back and this Waiver will be keep to ensuring we will have a competitive team this season" Shawn added.  The team is expected to move either O'Reilly or Landeskog with Nichushkin and maybe both.

Toronto Makes 36 for 36 Point Drop

GM Chad didn't hold back, dropping for players under contract.  "They are all under contract" Chad said.  That may be true but not many players want to sign long term in Toronto who have never won an NHLP Championship.  "This year is the year" Chad is certain and he may have made a good choice by adding two Capitals, Kuznetsov and Carlson along with Hoffman and Havlat to round out the drop.  Gone were Hanzal, Reilly, Bjugstad and Hamilton.  In other NHLP news GM Matt dropped injured Franzen and added Brodie in Quebec.


Thursday's Waiver - Up for Grabs

GM Ryan said it sucks his situation, stalking big game in Africa, will cause him to trade Thursday's Waiver.  "We want another Waiver ideally, but certainly will just be taking the absolute best offer we can get" said GM Ryan who planned this once in a lifetime Safari trip years ago.  "I don't kill for sport" said the GM who said all endangered species are off his list but added, "Africa is a big Continent, so there is a hell of a lot of things to shoot."  The Bruins organization has been off to a typical rough start, full of injuries and 19 points out of a playoff spot in the North Division.


Major Deal - Elite for 7th Rounder

There is a reason why GM Andrew has 6 NHLP Cups; he knows when to pull the trigger!  The Los Angeles Kings (Andrew) traded the 237 pick in this years draft, Hanzal, plus 6 points to the Toronto Maple Leafs (Chad) for the 22nd overall pick, Stepan.  After an awesome draft and now this deal GM Andrew has a solid squad of top players on top teams.  "Many GM's wouldn't even offer this type of deal for various reasons this early" said Muddy Capone, "But if you don't offer it, how will you ever know."  Toronto previously in the day traded zero point injured player MacArthur who is available as an injury pick on the 13th to Philadelphia (Scott) for Hamilton, 4 more points Chad can use with the Waiver.  It isn't sometimes who you trade as much as what you are left with after all is said and done, so GM Chad is on that clock tonight.


The Waiver Curse

Portland (Vinnie) had the first Waiver of the season and was hit with major injuries.  GM Chad has the second Waiver and just found out Palat is out now up to five weeks.  Palat wasn't going anywhere but the first two Waivers of the year have been from injury riddled teams.  MacArthur is a Waiver dump for zero points, but an injury pick on the 13th for up to 5 points, meaning a deal for MacArthur is very likely if GM Chad is to keep the Waiver. 


San Fran Adds Scoring

Dropping 12 points from Ennis (6), Skinner (3) and Ekblad (3) GM Scott added a whole lot of scoring in San Fran.  "Anytime you add a zero point player twice like Eberle, you should be in for a high scoring season" said the GM.  Added with Eberle twice was Panarin who has 12 points.  GM Scott who was surprised to even get the Waiver said there were much better players in the Minors, but the points weren't working, but Eberle should turn into a steal.  "Our entire competition knows he is back today and sitting there twice at zero points" the GM said, "Normally he is an Elite player, so why others just sit by early and watch always surprises us."  I am sure it is a pleasant surprise at that.


Shocking?  Portland Unloads Waiver

GM Vinnie has decided he will use Injury picks to replace his stars, unloading the most valuable Waiver of the season.  "The first one is always so valuable" said Muddy Capone.  Grabbing a Waiver and 14 spots in the 4th round it hardly seemed like the best GM Vinnie could do.  "We don't sit back and would have given more" said GM Scott of the San Fran Titan.  Scott admitted he offered players to Portland in previous offers and finally asked if he even wanted to use the Waiver at all.  "It shocked us a little, but we through it out there and found it was ours." 


Getzlaf and Eberle Return

GM Charlie dropped him yesterday and he is set to return tonight.  Eberle is back, but not on any NHLP rosters.  Getzlaf who was drafted 7th overall and has a mere point in 8 games played this year is back and GM Chad is hoping his production is back with him.  Pittsburgh was able to stay in 4th without Getzlaf but is only 4 points from last place in the Division.  In other NHLP news injured Shattenkirk is also set to return Saturday.


Portland - Seven for Seven?

GM Vinnie can't buy a break.  Now the Winter Hawks have four injured players after Rakell joints the long list.  With both Schwartz and McDavid gone well into 2016 it seems a major shake up must occur to savage the season.  GM Vinnie is facing a 3 point penalty to the minors for Schwartz (4-3=1) and seven more for McDavid (12-7=5).  Green and Rakell (if he misses Friday) are both worth zero to the Minors after their penalties, leaving all 7 players if dropped worth a total of 22 points plus what they get Friday night, if any.  The team does have keepers or tradable assets in Teravainen and Kesler if you believe Anaheim will eventually become the team they have been in most recent years.  Is moving the Waiver an option?  Portland is already 14 points out and the minors will never be richer.  Moving the Waiver likely means Portland will have to save Schwartz for a massive later deal and drop McDavid's points in an injury pick, in about three weeks time, but saving 7 points in the penalty. 


Datsyuk Joins Rangers

GM Charlie is back on his Red Wings kick, adding Datsyuk in an injury pickup for another zero point player Eberle.  Without Eberle all season and with Keith and Hossa hurt the Rangers have been able to stay close, a mere 5 points out of 4th in the East Division.  Early season is when the NHLP sees most of the injury picks for the entire season with meetings and Waivers to unload players on the fly.  Most of the times early season injuries can often help a GM but in this case Charlie dropped one good scorer for another, but may or may not have gained as far as playoff player goes, as Detroit is currently out of a spot.  This is the first Transaction of the young season and with the first Waiver Saturday it is expected the trading will now begin.


Legendary Prank From Legend

Peter Forsberg may not have his name on the NHLP Championship but by every account he was a legendary player in the league his entire career.  Forsberg recently wore a disguise and dressed for a game in a men's league.  It is hilarious as he is so bad guys on the bench cannot believe they got stuck with this guy on their team and even start complaining.  Suddenly "Kent" gets his legs under him and everyone knows they got duped.


"You Sick Bastard"

As news broke this morning that McDavid could miss significant time many NHLP GM's were sharing their comments.  GM Charlie was said to have messaged GM Scott saying it was a "Shady way to win a bet".  Scott stated he was attacked all morning, "Like I hit the guy with a pipe in the shoulder" said GM Tonya.  Muddy Capone was also able to read an ongoing conversation between Scott and GM Jr where Scott said "McDavid could still finish with 47 points in his final 50 games if he is only out six weeks" then adding, "Likely my only chance of him not reaching 59 is an eight plus week injury."  GM Jr responded by stating "Yes, we can only hope that his young, promising career is fraught with peril and heartache, and he ultimately dies alone, unloved and penniless" before calling GM Scott, "A sick bastard."  Scott said the injury didn't bother him as much as GM Jr's comment, "I wouldn't wish anyone to die unloved" the GM stated, "But I sure do love money"
McDavid & Schwartz - Portland Killers

GM Vinnie has been decimated by injuries, both his 36th and 37th overall picks now gone long term.  Portland who has the first Waiver of the NHLP season now has some crazy moves ahead to likely savage the season.  McDavid will miss Friday's game, meaning he will be a minus 7 in a Waiver drop, or just worth 5 points to the minors while Schwartz at minus 3 make him worth just one.  Depending how long McDavid is expected out, Vinnie could decide to keep him if it is 4 to 6 weeks.  If it is three months, like Schwartz, is Portland better off to completely dump everything and everyone, going all out and starting over.  Schwartz should have some killer value when he comes back, going by last year and current NHL standings, but Edmonton still is not a playoff team according to those same standings, although only two points out behind San Jose.  Vinnie has not been known to be able to pull himself out of early season injury messes, like just two seasons ago with Spezza that destroyed the entire season.  With only three teams it is ill advised to ever burn one this early, but how do you go about saving this team in this situation?


McDavid vs. Crosby on Hold

Friday was supposed to be a very special night in Edmonton.  The games future versus the games most premier player.  Crosby has been everything the NHL predicted he would be and there is little doubt now that McDavid will someday be as well.  Crosby has dominated the NHL and just turned 28, ten years older than McDavid who will be 19 in January.  McDavid was off to a hot start with 12 points prior to his injury, some 7 points more than Crosby who many predicted could win the NHL scoring points race.  It will be a tough pill to swallow for fans who paid the highest amounts to see this once-in-a-lifetime "first meeting" of the two.  Now this is on hold for the entire season as the return matchup in Pittsburgh is only three weeks away on Nov 28th and all accounts is McDavid won't be in that game.  Hockey fans have to wait to next season now to see these two on the ice on opposite teams but it is likely they appear as teammates at some point before.


Eberle Injury Pickup for NY Rangers

GM Charlie can pick any day for Eberle up to 5 points.  You are responsible for your players and ask if you are unsure.  Also this week is Dallas (Jr) can pick for Datsyuk up to 5 points and Seattle can also pick up to 5 points for Dano.  Check the injury chart for dates.


GM Vinnie in Vancouver

GM Vinnie has said he has received deals for both his Waiver and Schwartz the GM said in a text to Muddy Capone.  "I am just here in Vancouver and will be home Friday" Vinnie said, "I have not decided on a plan, but there is serious interest already."  Schwartz will likely miss half the season making him difficult to hold onto for a last place team.  He is an injury pick up next Friday up to 5 points and a minus three if dumped this Saturday, so worth one to the Minors.  Portland is already 13 points out and also with injured Green.  Clearly there are many options and with a Minors that is fully loaded GM Vinnie has some crucial decisions to make by noon Sunday.


Hartford's Extreme Team

The reigning NHLP Champions are off to a great start which arguably could be so much better.  Sitting second in the NHLP's Atlantic Division with 53 points, already 16 points up on 5th, GM Andrew's Whalers have Seguin and Krejci who have 29 points between them, as well as Shattenkirk and Fisher who have just three.  Are the first two more likely to slow down or the bottom two more likely to speed up?  The Whalers are trying to become the first team in NHLP history to win a third team Championship, about the only thing six time Cup winning GM Andrew hasn't accomplished just yet.  With two Cups in the past three years it seems the GM is back on his game.  Winning a seventh Cup this season would mean GM Andrew did something no other GM in history has done, win 3 Cups over a 4 year period.  "That would be a lot of fun" Andrew said when asked about 3 in 4.  For the leagues "Extreme GM", we are making him the favorite to make it happen.  


How Well Do You Know The NHL?

Question #1)  What team is the highest scoring goals per game?
#2)  What team is allowing the least goals per game
#3) What team is averaging the most shots on goal per game?
#4) Who is allowing the least shots per game average
#5) What NHL team has one loss?
#6) How many points will Connor McDavid end the season with?



1)  Boston (4.00) followed by Montreal and Washington 2) NY Rangers (1.82) Nashville and Montreal 3) Buffalo (33.8) Philadelphia and St. Louis 4) Washington (24.9) Carolina and St Louis 5) Nashville 6) 58


Schwartz Sends Portland's Season Into Spiral

Things started out pretty good on paper and with the first overall Waiver of the season, GM Vinnie looked to have the makings of something great.  "The 36th and 37th pick is always a nice combo" stated Muddy Capone, "Adding in the Waiver must have felt great for GM Vinnie at the time."  Everything has now changed with the slow start (11 points out of 4th) and now Schwartz, the teams Elite player gone for three months.  It is the biggest injury of the young season and one that will be difficult to overcome.  If Schwartz isn't in the minors in two weeks, he will have to be a massive trade when back late January.  Schwartz will likely miss 36 games, or as many as 24 points off an already low starting total for Portland.  If Schwartz goes to the minors, Vinnie would have first dibs from the minors, likely able to grab some great players with a Minors-loaded first Waiver.  If Schwartz is in the minors he will also become a huge prize for another GM who picks him before he returns.  Portland is already 20 points out of first in the West Division and the GM must make the right move or the season could end up a total loss for the Winter Hawks.


Alberta Teams 1 & 2

The Calgary Flames (Jr & Scottie) have 5 players with 6 or more points and currently are one of two teams in the NHLP with over 40 points.  Rival Edmonton (Scott) has 42.  Times have changed in Calgary thanks to a cultural change brought upon by GM Scottie who is believed to be calling the shots on the team.  "You could tell at the draft with Kucherov, Okposo and Turris, young kids being drafted that GM Jr had likely let Scottie have control" said Muddy Capone, "Jr's first three picks would have likely gone Iginla, Jagr and Gonchar, about 122 years of experience."  With the youth movement in full swing the team has been dynamic.  The team is healthy, having played all man games and scoring at a pace no team can sustain.  The team recently went as far as holding a contest to finally ditch the teams current five year old slogan "You'll Probably Beat Us" which has been a marketing failure of the old-school regime.  GM Scottie brought in changes and a new yet to be announced team slogan.  The team allowed fans to submit new slogans and this week did release a few of the ones not making the top ten.


Calgary Slogan's Not Making The Final Ten

"Alberta's Other Team"
"Not The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth"
"Cleanest Hockey in the World"
"No Oil, No Flames"
"Canada's Sunniest Team"
"Bad Since 1884"
"Cowgirl Heaven"
"Old, Lifeless and Decrepit"
"Millionaire Town"
"The One Pro Team Town"
"Trout Paradise"
"The City GM Glenn Built"
"You'll Probably Keep Beating Us"


GM Andrew wins his 6th Championship by Defeating GM's Shawn and Joel in the NHLP Finals

The Run...
Hartford (Andrew) 6, New Orleans (Shawn) 2, Vancouver (Joel) 0
Hartford 22, Halifax (Shawn) 10
Hartford 16, Pittsburgh (Chad) 8
Hartford 26, Quebec (Matt) 23


Bruins in Ruins

Couture 4 to 6.  Stastny 5.  Who is next?  GM Ryan has two players with broken feet now after it was announced Stasnty is gone for five weeks.  Only 4 points out of first place in the North Division the Bruins will be very hard pressed without their first and fourth round picks for at least 12 games each. 


Rangers Get Even Worse

Already 10 points out of a playoff spot, GM Charlie must be thinking, "Right where we always are".  Now throw in the fact star Keith is out for four to six weeks, GM Charlie must be thinking, "First dibs again on the April tee times".  With only 14 points the New York Rangers are only two points shy of the worst NHLP total and now with a serious injury to deal with, the team is certainly on course to be sellers once again this season.  If there is a bright spot for Charlie's Rangers, they do have Hossa, Keith and Seabrook, three players that will eventually fetch a bundle on the open market, a place they certainly will find themselves unless things change for the Rangers.  "It seems like every other GM Charlie season" said Muddy Capone who has in fact sat through them all, "A great team in Phoenix, a bucket of shit in Miami and a third team loaded with star players he will hang onto until nothing can be done to savage the season."  It might be a bit early, but we have seen this same thing before, usually a GM Charlie team loaded with Red Wings instead of Blackhawks.  Charlie likely has seen this before as well.  A slow start and a miserable injury to a start player.  Hard to imagine the Rangers getting even worse!


1 in 5

If the Columbus Blue Jackets lose tonight (Oct 20th) they will be one of only five teams in the history of the game to start 0-7.  Considering the history of the game, that is pretty terrible.  In the past 57 years only two teams have started 0-7, the 83-84 Capitals and the 97-98 Blackhawks.  No matter how bad you get, there is still always hope.  Those same Capitals then traded for Larry Murphy and went on a remarkable run of 48-20-5.  That is right.  Wow.  So if the Blue Jackets do turn it around and knowing you usually need 95 points to get in, they will have to play .638 the rest of the way, going 46-25-5 to make it in.  Only 5 teams finished last season with a higher winning percentage.  So, although not impossible, the odds are highly improbable for Columbus and we will likely see them all in the NHLP Minors by the end of the season.


Bruins Elite Gone

Every NHLP GM knows if you suffer the fate of losing your Elite player long term, your season usually never recovers.  GM Ryan now must deal with his Elite player Couture being gone from 4 to 6 weeks after breaking his leg in practice.  The good news is Boston has been off to a good start, only three points out of first in the North Division without Couture doing anything yet.  Boston will try and stay close over the 15 to 20 games Couture will miss, likely meaning at least a 10 to 15 point hit in the NHLP standings.  With the NHL's Sharks starting quickly Couture's value will stay extremely high if the Sharks have a rebound type "playoff-bound" season, meaning Ryan could get those lost points back later in a trade if need be.  The Bruins do have the third Waiver to start the NHLP Waiver season making this a little more interesting.  It isn't a good injury but only time will tell if GM Ryan can make good with what he must now deal with.


Saad Start For Columbus

The New Orleans Wolverines (Shawn) are out of the gate fast again, already with a 9 point lead over 5th place in the South where they are in first place in the NHLP's Division.  What GM Shawn didn't anticipate was the Columbus Blue Jackets would be 0-4 to start the season.  New Orleans first pick Johansen as well as fourth pick Saad were though to be playoff players when drafted.  "I fully expect them still to be" said Shawn, "But they have allowed a lot of goals which scares me a little."  While Nashville and San Jose have combined to allow 3 goals in 6 games, the Jackets are allowing 5 a game through 4 games, two more than the expected low-lites in Boston.  I guess the good news is they are scoring and 9 goals in four games is equal to what Pittsburgh, Edmonton, Anaheim and Los Angeles have scored in a combined 12 games.


Habs Clinch Presidents Trophy

You have to look quick, but according to TSN's wild card standings, the Habs already have it clinched.  The standings show the Habs as:


and of course that means:

p - Clinched Presidents Trophy

THEY ARE GOOD!  (Note:  No one has clinched yet in the West)


\Sad Break For Nords

GM Matt likely knew that Frazen was a risk to draft, but come the 7th round the reward was worth the risk.  At 35 and again out with a concussion, Frazen wasn't even ranked by many GM's as they knew he was a single hit away from likely having to call it a career.  Frazen played a huge part of the Dallas Stars (Jr & Scottie) 2009 Championship but has been out more than in, in recent times, suffering several concussions.  It would appear Quebec will have to turn him into a Waiver or injury pickup as he likely won't be back over the next month.


At It Again

GM Marcel does it every single season, so it cannot be luck.  "Marcel just has a way of continuously drafting high scoring players" said Muddy Capone, "Marcel and Vinnie seem to do it year in and year out."  While GM Vinnie has 19 total points, the least among all GM's, no one is close to Marcel (again).  Marcel now has 46 points from his three teams including already 18 from Florida, six times as much as Atlantic City's three points.  Marcel has been consistently strong, turning these points into very competitive teams, even though the veteran GM has a lone cup to show for his efforts.  We fully expect these teams will continue to climb and Marcel to have lots of points to give as the seasons unwinds.


Islanders Suffer First Major Injury

GM Ryan has lost Marchand to a concussion in New York.  The Islanders drafted Marchand in the 6th round and are already 8 points out of first in the Atlantic Division.  With the Bruins off to a terrible start, maybe a long term early injury could be turned into a positive for Ryan.  Often early injuries can lead to a player with 5 or less points, meaning a decent player off to a slow start.  Marchand will still have to miss 12 games for that to happen.


Draft Pages Updated

The 2018/19 Draft is updated as well as the Draft Picks Master page with the new draft.  This seasons draft can be found by going to the Past Drafts of the Draft Picks Master page.

Player Tracked Updated

Five NHL teams have three Elite players each according to how the 2015/16 Draft unfolded.  Expected playoff teams Chicago and Tampa Bay, the NHL's two finalists from last season weren't much of a surprise but San Jose who missed the playoffs still had Couture, Pavelski and Thornton as NHLP's Elite.  Pittsburgh and Dallas, two expected high scoring teams both also had three Elite players each.  Tampa Bay had 14 Drafted players to lead the entire NHL in the NHLP Draft while New Jersey's low scoring squad had just two players drafted into the NHLP.  Every year there are surprises but the NHLP GM's have already revealed, as is always the case with the draft, just how they anticipate the NHL season to unfold.


Draft Repeats Exactly For GM Chad

With mathematical odds that might be in the millions to one GM Chad's 2016/17 Draft is exactly the same as the 2018/19 Draft in every way.  "I can't even begin to fathom what the actual odds of this occurring are" said an astonished Muddy Capone, "If it isn't in the millions I'd be a little shocked." 

In 2016/17 Draft
Colorado Drafts 6th
Toronto 18th
Pittsburgh 32th

In the 2018/19 Draft
Colorado Drafts 6th
Toronto 18th
Pittsburgh 32th

(Help me Joel - after some thought I think it might only be about 46,000 to 1)


Halifax - Nichushkin

GM Shawn pointed out a 6th round error in Halifax to the Draft and officepools where we have Niskanen in what should have been the Dallas player Nichushkin.  Changes have been made.  Player Tracking will be completed shortly as well
Drouin Looking Even Better

GM Marcel had a chuckle after the Draft Saturday night.  The Bolts who lost Kucherov earlier in the week lost both Johnson and Killorn to injuries.  "Guys were shying away from Drouin but we love having him in Montreal" said the GM, "I look for him and Stamkos to have a big season, I just don't know now who is going to fill out the other three lines."

Draft Page and Office Pools Updated - Report Errors


Thanks to GM Charlie

GM Charlie hosted the 2015/16 NHLP Draft, the 26th season, which was attended by all but GM Scott.  McDavid in just his first season, without ever playing a game was the closest to Elite as you can get with an over under.  Scott took his over under at 58 and the entire NHLP took the over.  A lot of side bets for the season.  Edmonton who opened with the first overall pick also got the first overall pick in 18/19.  "I don't know what it is about Edmonton, but they are my first team to pick every draft on the board" stated GM Scott after hearing the news.  Good luck to all GM's on season #26.  "It is a crazy number when you think about it" said GM Jr, "A lot has happened but the NHLP remains."

GM Vinnie Gets First Waiver - Reverse Order
West Gets First Waiver

There is a big coin flip today.  Heads will give Edmonton (Scott) the first Waiver this season as the Waivers will "Head" in the direction of the Draft, and Tails, coming from behind will mean Portland (Vinnie) will have the first Waiver this season.  Either way the first Waiver will go to the West Division, already with three of the first five Draft picks.


Stamkos Goes to Oil

GM Scott through long and hard and it came down to Stamkos.  "The first overall pick is always exciting for you get anyone" the GM said, "Stammer was no where close to the highest rated player, but the FTIMU moved him in front of others based on numerous factors." 



First Found - Elite (36 Elite Players)
Rounds 2,3 and 4 (Drafted Twice)
Rounds 5,6 and 7 (Undrafted Players)

This is the format we used last year and was well received.  You could need to rate 198 players as using this format 198 different players (or more) will be in the NHLP to start.  The reason there could be more is every player in rounds 2, 3 and 4 that only goes once creates one player more than 198 when we are done drafting.


Draft Includes Updated Divisions

Officepools is updated with the proper Divisions now as well as the Draft.  As always some team lucks out, this season seemingly GM Chad who has the first pick in two of his three Divisions.  Chad's Pens pick 7th overall, the first team from the Atlantic to pick and later Colorado at 15th overall is the first team to pick in the Pacific.  The West has three of the first 5 overall picks as well as the 36th overall pick.  The West will have some top players.


10 & 20

The NHLP's 26th season will mark the 20th seasons for GM's Andrew and Jr.  GM Jr joined in 1994-95 while Andrew came the season after, with Jr missing one full season.  GM Vinnie joined in 2002-03 and missed three seasons, including both Championships that GM Tyson holds, putting 2015/16 as Vin Dogs 10th season as a GM.  Although he must be sick of hearing it GM Charlie enters his 16th NHLP season while still chasing his ever-elusive first NHLP Championship.  Charlie isn't alone in chasing his first Cup with GM's Ryan, Shawn, Vinnie, Joel and Matt all still also waiting (A combined 68 GM-years of Cupless fruition) "As a comparison" stated NHLP legendary writer Muddy Capone, "GM Andrew just won his 6th cup in just 19 years, meaning a win every 3.16 seasons or 21 cups in 68 seasons."  It is safe to say "The 6-Pack" is in a dry spell.  "I should have won the Cup last season" stated Charlie recently to the NHLP, then adding "Fuck off Chad."


Waiver Dates Posted

The Waiver dates this season fell perfectly into place.  Season starts on October 7th, so first waiver could be November 7th, which it is.  Season ends on April 9th, so the last Waiver is one month prior and is actually March 5th.  There were 40 days on the schedule with 9 or more games.  Four dates got wiped out, December 26th, 27th, 29th and 31st, leaving 36 Waiver nights remaining.

By Month
November 9
December 8
January 6
February 11
March 2 = 36

Notes:  Order is determined at the draft, either forward or backwards to the draft order.  January is a tough month as just one Waiver on the first three Saturday's of the month, so 3 Waivers in 14 days after the Christmas break.  Only one time are their Waivers in back to back nights, Nov 27th and 28th.  All Waivers fall on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday nights except two in November, one on Wednesday and the other Friday.  There are two nights of 13 games and 7 nights of just 9 games.  The NHL Deadline is February 29th (Leap year) meaning only two Waivers afterwards.


1997 & 2015

Hartford Whalers
GM Andrew #6

Victor Hedman
Alex Killorn
Rick Nash
Derek Stepan
Alexander Steen
Kevin Shattenkirk
Jiri Sekac


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