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Highlights for 2018/19  2018/19 Playoff Highlights







Regular Season Tie-Breaking Rules

8a)      Regular season ties Ė When two GMs are tied at the end of the regular season the tie is broke as follows:

1) Most Playoff players of teams tied

2) Most Points from only playoff players of teams tied      

3) Most Goals from only playoff players of teams tied

4) Most Overall points on all a GMís teams of only playoff players from GMís tied



Potential NHLP Team Penalties
These teams are out if these teams miss:
(Based on teams currently 5+ points out being out and 5+ points in, being in)

North Division
Cincinnati (Matt) - Carolina
Las Vegas (Jr) - Columbus and Minnesota
Florida (Marcel) - Montreal
Toronto (Chad) - Columbus

South Division
Buffalo (Joel) - Minnesota

Atlantic Division
Quebec (Matt) - Montreal or Columbus

East Division
Memphis (Jr) Columbus or Minnesota and Carolina
Philadelphia (Scott) - Columbus

Pacific Division
Seattle (Shawn) - Minnesota and Carolina
Colorado (Chad) - Columbus or Minnesota
Green Bay (Ryan) - Carolina

West Division
Vancouver (Joel) - Minnesota


Missing Sides?

All the Sides I know of are in the site.  If I am missing any, let me know.

Under 30 Man Games Remain

The NHLP season is winding down.  The top NHLP races appear in the North and West Divisions, as the NHL standings are after games Saturday.  If Colorado drops out or depending on which two of Carolina, Columbus and Montreal still get in, that could change the NHLP races with the Penalties.  With every NHLP team between 22 to 28 man-games left, and that number dropping about 7 every second day the rest of the way, points are so important.  "If you have a ten point night now, there isn't the time remaining for teams to counter" says Muddy Capone.  NHL and NHLP matchups, both equally important are all over the place heading into the final 7 days of the season.  The NHL appears to have Boston and Toronto and Vegas and San Jose set, but the NHLP does not have one of the 12 first round series etched in stone just yet.  "Everyone is hoping they match up with a six player team, or the weakest opponent, usually" says Capone, adding, "But sometimes you want to get that loaded team in the first round as you know they may be unstoppable after that."  Seven days of hockey left and we don't know much outside the playoffs start April 10th. 


Hartford Has Franchise First 12

Since becoming a GM in 1995/96 GM Andrew has accomplished more than any other GM in league history.  The GM has won six NHLP Championships on four different teams.  If Atlantic City goes all the way this season, he could do it on a fifth different team, even though GM's only have three teams they operate.  As much as Andrew has done, including two Cups in Hartford, last night was the first time in Franchise history the team had a 12+ point night.  In-fact, of Andrew's current teams of Hartford, Chicago and Los Angeles, a total of five Cups between them, this was the first 12+ point night, for the three teams combined.  Andrew's only other 12+ was in 2009/10 with Washington when the Capitals had his career best, a 14 point night.  Last night Hayes and Connor each had four while Schenn and Schenn had two each.  Ehlers and Arvidsson did not have a point and Couture did not play, meaning this could have easily been much higher then just the 12 it ended up being.  This was the second time a team hit a dozen since the NHLP Trading Deadline, the only teams to hit the mark the entire season.  For a GM with a collective 12,000+ team-hockey-nights under his belt, only hitting the 12+ for a second time shows just how rare of feat this is to accomplish.


Reigning Champion Stressed Out with Teams

If the NHLP season ended today GM Jr might not have an NHLP playoff team.  "If your players quit scoring, for no apparent (bad bad word) reason, they quit scoring and you will miss" said GM Jr who added the standings are stressful to frequently check.  Things are very tense and with each win and lose by NHL teams, the penalties are changine the NHLP standings.  Las Vegas is well in, in the North Division, but with both Minnesota and Columbus out, the Strip are sitting with a Penalty.  The Blue Jackets are also currently costing the reigning Champions in Memphis a playoff spot.  If the Jackets can get in, the Machine are still just one point up on 5th.  Dallas is currently tied with Chicago (Andrew) for the final spot in the South Division, but are 5 points out if the Wild get back in an NHL playoff spot.  If the season ended tied between the Flames and Blackhawks, Calgary would be in on most goals scored as both teams have a full 7 playoff players.  Calgary who were at one point 34 points out, is just 7 points out with four Toronto players.  This teams roster includes Wheeler and Marner.  Most NHLP teams have about 48 player-games to go as of Sunday, so points are so important each night.  Some NHLP Divisions are starting to take shape as far as potential playoff matchups for the first round, but as of right now, nothing anywhere is officially set as everything seems destine to come down to the wire in just 13 days.  The NHLP regular season tie-breaking rules are posted on this page.    


 Record Transactions in 2018/19

NHLP GM's were the most active ever in the 2018/19 season, totaling 226 Transactions, four more than the previous record two years earlier.  This Trading Deadline saw 37 total Transactions, 21 of those trades breaking the previous 7 year high of 15.  The Minors were not very active with 16 being a 7 year low.  GM Scott led the season with 57 Moves, followed by Matt with 50 and Andrew 49.  The three least active GM's were GM's Charlie (13), Tyson (14) and Ryan (15) in total Transactions on the season.  The Transactions and Player Tracking pages are complete and all teams have been double checked in Office Pools for accuracy (not compared to Player Tracking) as for the Transactions made during the Trading Deadline.


GM's Like Preds

A peek at the numbers of players from all NHL teams on NHLP rosters shows the Predators have a total of 26 with a close second of the Sharks at 23.  Vegas has 18 from the West while the East leading teams are Toronto and Tampa.  Columbus who has not made the playoffs yet have 16 players on NHLP rosters and could reek havoc if the team fails in their playoff push attempt. 


NHLP Trading Deadline Transactions the Past 7 Seasons
Year Total Transactions Deadline Trades Deadline Minors Deadline Transactions
18/19 226 21 16 37
17/18 194 8 21 29
16/17 222 14 29 43
15/16 173 14 24 38
14/15 170 14 19 33
13/14 162 15 25 40
12/13 160 14 25 39



No GM in league history has dominated the 12+ point nights the way GM Tyson continues to pad his stats.  The GM tied a career high with 13 points Tuesday, the first 12+ point night this season.  For Tyson it was number 6 all time. placing him alone in the NHLP record books.  "He has done it more times than GM's Jr and Andrew put together" stated Muddy Capone, "That is just shy of a combined 50 years of GM'ing."  The St Louis Blues surely needed the points, moving from 4th to first and now 15 points clear of 5th place in the Pacific Division.  Gaudreau had a six point night with Giordano, Thornton and Vrana adding two more each.  The lucky 13th was added by Josi with Simmonds and Bozak playing but not pointing on the night.  The Blues Franchise, winnings of two NHLP Championships now also have two 12+ point nights.  GM Tyson is hoping the Blues can be the first team ever to win a third team Cup while the GM goes for his 4th Cup in just his 10th NHLP season.
1 RYAN 338.7
2 MARCEL 331.7
3 Jr. 322.5
4 JOEL 322.0
5 SHAWN 314.7
6 CHAD 312.7
7 SCOTT 312.5
8 ANDREW 312.0
9 MATT 309.3
10 CHARLIE 307.3
11 TYSON 305.7


Thursday's Game Could Change Islanders Deadline?

The NHLP Yearbook has always received a lot of reports out of New York.  Howie Feltersnatch who took the reigns for Phil Updegrave two seasons ago likes reporting in.  "Things are very slow moving" said Feltersnatch, "GM Ryan is leaving things to see how Thursday Pittsburgh and Columbus game goes before making further decisions."  The Islanders 349 points gives them an easy 30 or more to play with, although it isn't likely the GM cuts things too closely.  If Pittsburgh wins Thursday, are things actually set on the Island?  "What more can we do" asked Feltersnatch of a team with three Pens, two Sharks, a Pred and Flame.  This team is already built for first round scoring and distance.  The only issue, abeit a big issue, is can this team risk the Penguins missing the NHL playoffs and not even having a shot at winning anything at all?  Most GM's laugh at that thought, still thinking the Pegnuins could go right to the Cup.  But it is a possibility.  The Pens next two games are against Columbus and GM's will only know the results of that first game on Thursday.  A Pens win will go a long way in giving Ryan confidence this team is set.  A Pens loss might mean the GM moves on Malkin, Gentzel and Hornqvist.  Those three combinded for 24 first round points in last years playoffs.  Either way, keeping or moving them, might be seen as a risky decision.  How this all plays out will help determine the NHLP standings come seasons end. 


Flames Burning Bright With Marner

GM Jr again pulled off a 30 point deal, sending Huberdeau and Tkachuk to Hamilton (Tyson) for Marner and McAvoy.  It was the second 25+ deal in two days as GM's unload their dead weight ahead of the NHLP Trading Deadline on Saturday.  "Although when you look around the rosters, there are not many non playoff players" said Muddy Capone, "But the ones you notice are high-scoring players that are almost now impossible to move unless you are just looking to make a six man team."  A glance at the Minors list puts actual playoff players in the Minors in the low 40 point range.  As always the first several of those deals at the meeting will be for a select few to participate in, as often the first couple deals on the Board are for 10+ points, something not all teams can afford.  There are a ton of teams with points to give and actually fewer this year who need points on the lower teams.  This might make the Minors even more of a bidding war when going after the 35+ point playoff players available.  


Stars Flickering Out?

GM Jr isn't the type of GM to panic, but there is mounting pressure in Dallas.  "The Stars are way to powerful of a team to miss the playoffs" says Team Reporter Richard "Big Dick" Smoker.  Smoker says there is a good chance GM's Ryan and Jr hook up on a huge deal.  Smoker has direct connections to Boston, with his Wife, Tess Steckle-Smoker being the Team Reporter for the Bruins.  Where their is smoke, there's fire.  Smoker feels GM Jr has been in constant contact with the Bruins GM.  The biggest issue here is with the two teams in the same Division, would the Bruins be willing to drop enough points in the lap of the Dallas Stars to make both GM's happy.  Of course the rest of the Division is watching what these two do in the typical game of cat and mouse being played leading into the NHLP Deadline Saturday.  The Stars are in a good position to race, but can the GM truly afford to miss out with such a loaded roster?  Moving up usually means getting weaker, but missing means zero chance.  There is pressure in Dallas whether or not the GM ever lets on their is. 


Indianapolis to Blow Load?

With Howie Cummings, Justin Heras, teaming up to co-report out of Indianapolis we are sure to get a handful.  Both agree that the Icemen GM Matt will be all-in Saturday.  The team is full-on going for it and willing to part with any player in setting a playoff team.  The Icemen will move up to 20 points and are willing to race for a playoff spot, but points won't come cheaply.  "GM Matt is looking for a solid piece" says Cummings, "A sure thing, someone they can run with in the playoffs."  Matt has proven he isn't scared to make a move or race for a playoff spot so it is easy to understand the co-reporters whacked this one on the head.  (Update:  Load Blown:  GM Matt unloaded 13 points and Monahan, adding his third and fourth Bruins with Bergeron and DeBrusk in a trade with the Rangers (Charlie) who also got Ellis.)


Point Added With Matthews

With the Pittsburgh Penguins not exactly looking like the Cup winners of their past, it was just a matter of time before Crosby was dealt out of Halifax (Shawn).  Since 2011/12 Crosby has only been traded twice in the NHLP, now three times.  "Only being traded twice in eight seasons coming into this season, you know he is a guy GM's hang onto" stated Muddy Capone going over the last 1300 NHLP Transactions.  The Destroyers really could do no wrong with the trade return of Point, one of the most valuable assets in the league.  "You get Point, you keep him" said GM Scott who was shocked, as many GM's were, to see Pointed traded twice in 24 hours.  It is clear he won't be leaving Halifax, where he will have a shot at winning GM Shawn his first ever Championship.  The GM was ecstatic to be heading in with Point and Matthews, a realistic shot to go all the way.  For Memphis (Jr) it came down to holding onto Skinner in the hopes he was traded and Voracek, arguably too long.  With Crosby there is always hope he can win you a first round, but odds are the Machine just won't be repeating as NHLP Champions, although they are a long way from setting their final team.  The season started all about Halifax and as we head towards the NHLP Trading Deadline, the Destroyers will continue to be a team we feel can win it all in 2019.


Point Moves to Memphis in Shocker

MARCH 1ST!!!  GM Jr has made more March deals over the past three seasons than any other GM.  "I think this was official the night before, but he just waited" laughed Muddy Capone.  It is well know there are many strategies to win it all.  GM's like Andrew and Scott try every night to move players during the Waivers, with mixed results along the way.  Some GM's like GM's Ryan and Marcel like to stock pile their points.  Jr mostly lets things play out now and plays hard near the end, however with this season, he is mostly looking for points and not trading many as recent years past.  Like clockwork, March first came around and Jr is involved in one of the years biggest deals.  He acquired Point, arguably the second most valuable player in the entire league, along with Killorn and key low number Schultz.  "He played a big part in the deal for his low will allow me to move players with the Waiver" said a giddy Jr.  Why would he not be excited?  He currently the top two players, Point and Kucherov, off an NHL team on pace for 130 points, one shy of the all time best team in NHL history.  As for GM Chad, he thinks he did well adding top D-men Rielly, Karlsson and Pietrangelo.  "I believe come playoffs you need a couple top defensemen on your roster" said Chad who recently won with a team that featured Burns, Yandle and Fowler.  Both GM's will be active this week.  Jr has told GM's to stay by their phones and Chad is already offering up pieces of his newly acquired treasure chess of pure gold.


 Minors Freeze Monday Morning

Just how close to the end are we?  The NHLP has two more hockey nights, Saturday and Sunday, that count in the standings prior to the NHLP freeze of the Minors.  With a full week to go before the Trading Deadline, and games next Saturday not really in play, only 31 NHL games are on the schedule from Monday to Saturday.  The standings are not going to change one much all teams player about three more games before the GM's meet for the last time of the season.  Very few GM's like walking into the deadline under the gun, either needing points or having points, as often things get haywire for everyone.  Many GM's are making their plans public, but few deals have been made just yet.


 Quebec Looking for Points

Joe King, longtime Team Reporter of the Quebec Nordiques (Matt) says the team is still looking for a deal to gain some points.  King says GM Matt believes the team is just too tight there and an asset will move out.  All 7 of the teams players are currently in the NHL playoffs.  It is believe the Nords will first try to move Parise or Williams before one of the surer playoff players depart.  The Nords are 7 points up on 5th place in the Atlantic.


  MacKinnon Being Shopped

GM Ryan will let things go down to the wire says Team Reporter Tess Steckle-Smoker.  The Boston Bruins are setting the pace with 338 points in the South Division, about 35 points to play with.  The Bruins GM feels confident that someone big can be brought in once teams exhaust all other options.  Ryan usually isn't one to cut things to closely so the GM willing to take on the risk of carrying MacKinnon won't be getting "30 points" Steckle-Smoker said.  The Bruins can not chance MacKinnon missing the playoffs.  The team has four Nashville players and can win everything if they can get in and get out of round one.  MacKinnon's scoring would help round one, but is the GM willing to risk having a first place team that is easy pickings with only 6 first round players.


Portland to be Active

The Portland Winter Hawk (Scott) Team Reporter Sharon Weed says GM Scott is getting closer to accepting the fact that the team will have to be a six-player playoff team at best.  The Winter Hawk are sitting 30 points out of 4th and points are drying up.  "The team has assets" says Weed, "But all point offers have been for non playoff players" up to this point.  The GM is holding out to hope playoff for playoff deals can be made, but is willing to go all out on a six man team otherwise.


Teams Watching Florida Closely

The Florida Panthers (Marcel) are 36 points up on 5th in the NHLP's North Division but the team is facing a penalty-out situation.  Team Report R. Slicker says GM Marcel is feeling the pressure of having three Habs and two Blue Jackets, with one of those teams potentially missing the playoffs.  If changes are not made, the team would be out unless both make the playoffs, likely leaving Carolina or Pittsburgh miss.  Slicker says to expect the Panthers to be shopping either Habs or a Jacket as the GM puts his faith in either - or, but not both teams.  The situation the Panthers are in resemble many NHLP teams who will have to make internal decisions, which if wrong, will cost those teams any chance of participation in the NHLP playoffs which are set to start in 6 weeks.


The NHLP Stacking Rule

Stacking Rule:  As a general rule, all trades are passed as long as there is no sign of foul play, stacking, cheating, or blatant stupidity.  All trades must be fair trades, for all involved.  Although we all want the Cup, the bottom line is fair play.  Nobody wants an asterisk beside his name in the record books.  This is probably the most important rule in the book.  Nothing can ruin the pool faster than underhanded deals.  GMs are encouraged to demonstrate good judgment and common sense in the area of trading. 

GM Scott:  In our very first year, this actually became a part of the NHLP Rule Book.  Basically, the "Stacking Rule".  We had a foundation of rules 30 years ago for my vision of the NHLP.  One rule was you could not trade with one of your other two teams.  Out of the gates Brad traded with Kim who in a few days later traded that player back to one of Brad's other teams.  It was clear to me what was going on.  It was likely the first circumvention of the rules.  After Brad and Kim were told they couldn't do that, not maybe according to the current rules, but according to the intent of the current rules, within days Brad and Kim were removed from the league, kicked out.  This is our first season and we already kicked out two GM's.  The message was clear.  Follow the rules or you won't be in the league.  So we implemented the Stacking Rule and another very tough rule to prevent this from ever occurring again.  Many current GM played under this archaic rule for many, many years.  The new rule stated; Once a player played for one of your teams, that player could never play for one of your other teams.  Think about that.  If I drafted Gilmour in Philadelphia, he could never play for Edmonton or San Fran.  If Philly traded Gilmour to Calgary, Edmonton and San Fran could trade with Calgary, but Gilmour was never part of those negotiations.  This was a rule in the league for a long, long time.  We think it might be funny now, but that was the Stacking Rule.  It prevented not anything shady, but stopped most of it in it's tracks.

We have since changed that rule.  But we did create a Board of Governors (BOG) who currently consists of Scott, Jr, Andrew and Shawn.  In a real time league, real time decisions must be made.  So although everyone in the league can jump in and flag something at any time, even deals involving these BOG members, it is the responsibility of the BOG to in real time make snap decisions.  Every trade is analyzed, even if you don't see that process taking place.  Every trade must get a check mark for foul play, stacking, cheating or yes, blatant stupidity.  The BOG speaks often by texting and emails and this year in their own Chat Room.  This keeps the league moving without getting BOGged down.  That's right. 

  Personally I have seen the damage stacking creates.  A shady, or even unfair deal do to the stupidity part of the rule ruins an entire season.  No one will participate in a league where others are allowed to follow their own rules.  I vowed to never let that happen, as a commitment to the league I love.  It had to start with me if I was going to be critical of others.  So I committed myself to the league first mentality.  So when something appears shady, my blood instantly boils.  I see red and don't sometimes see clearly.  I do apologize to both Matt and Shawn for maybe seeing more red than clarity.  Matt has ensured me that he simply said the wrong thing.  Agreed Upon.  That wasn't the case.  Which is awesome.  I accept that.  I have moved on and put it in the past already.  However, if I ever see something I think isn't right, I am going to speak up.  Others, need to do the same.  They need to scrutinize my every move as I do theirs.  I would like to think, although some voices are heard more often, everyone knows they have a voice.  The next part of the Stacking Rules, that continues after the first paragraph above states:

Stacking Rule continued:  It must be noted that in the event of a veto, the onus falls upon the trading GMs to explain why the deal makes sense to them, and not upon the vetoing GM to explain why it does not.  A vote of veto by a GM can mean that he would like the deal explained a little before he passes it.  If you have a problem with a deal, you must let the League administrators (Jr and Scott) know about it; either call, text, email, or Chat Room. A league wide email is fastest and encouraged (likely Chat Room now).  Your silence would indicate your approval of the deal.

Scott:  So don't be silent and let things fester.  Also, for the good of the league, put the league first.  It makes winning even feel better knowing that you beat the best by being the best, and not anything shady along the way. 



The Deal

GM Scott lost it again.  "It isn't the first time we have seen this and it likely isn't the last" said Muddy Capone.  Scott could not control his bitterness and likely let it get the best of him after a deal between GM's Shawn and Matt.  It all began after an elaborate well thought out deal was made between Halifax and Quebec, three players moving each way and the Waiver to the Nordiques.  As part of this deal, two players were to be moved back to the Destroyers after the Waiver pick up.

Halifax trades
Parise, Gardiner and Pearson plus Waiver to
Quebec For
Lebanc, Johnsson and Muzzin

Quebec Adds Schwartz and Pietrangello and gets back Johnsson and Muzzin.

It is creative and well thought out.  It isn't crafted in a minute and time and effort clearly went into making this deal.


15 Minutes Later

After that deal was made, GM Scott then made a 21 point offer to GM Matt for Tuch.  Scott was told by Matt that he could not trade Tuch to Scott for a previously "Agreed Upon" deal with Shawn involved Tuch and that Matt was just waiting for Shawn to approve the deal. 

Scott says "So after they agreed upon this elaborate Waiver, they then went to work on another deal.  Independent of the Waiver moving.  And in this 15 minutes it was agreed upon.  But yet Matt had to Wait for Shawn to approve it, but yet it was agreed upon.  It sounded very shady.  After calling them out, and asking them what this deal was and if it is agreed upon to just announce it, they didn't.  Why can't they just announce it?  Yet both guys are in the chat room talking during all this time I am asking them to announce it.  Maybe cause it didn't take place during this 15 minute window after the Waiver was moved?"

Matt says that he misspoke.  That the deal wasn't agreed upon, but rather just offered to Shawn in this time frame.  That he should not have used the phrase agreed upon.

Scott says, "I have chatted with guys for years.  It is easy to say I made an offer involving Tuch, in the 50 ways you can say that, but none of them are the words Agreed Upon.  Agreed Upon and made an offer are as opposite sayings as there are.  So there is no way that maybe when negotiating for the Waiver it was insinuated, or implied, that we could also do the Skinner for Tuch deal as well afterward.  We just have to wait to announce it.  Maybe neither of them announced it right then, or when asked the chat room, or even now as they knew the can of worms was just gonna be openned " 

Sour Taste

GM Scott isn't buying what GM's Matt and Shawn are selling.  Still no deal has been announced and Scott feels there won't be one today either.  For that matter, with such a stink made about it, the agreed upon Skinner for Tuch deal may in fact now never be made.  Why not just make it official if it was negotiated in that 15 minute window?  So what now, it is agree upon to wait to announce it now on a different day? Agreed upon that now we will just drop that all together?  In the mean time, GM Scott felt his 21 point offer for Tuch, leaving Quebec plus 21 points and with 7 playoff players, has been tarnished now because of all what transpired.  "I hate the fact I can't make this deal now" for it looks like they were pressured into dropping what they had planned or agreed upon, or Matt feels the pressure of having to do this now" says Scott.  "I hate the entire thing.  This was a massive deal for us.  Would have changed what we could do, likely giving us seven instead of six playoff players.  Would have given Quebec plus 21 points and a full 7 playoff players instead of half that amount and Skinner."  So what is agreed upon?  What was offered?  When?  What was all talked about and agreed upon in those 15 minutes, may not fully ever be known.  As of now, silence.  Nothing has been made official.  Only that the GM's had been working on that deal for weeks.  Matt still has the Waiver and will be making his pick by noon


Hometown Hero Moved?

There is a report that Crosby has been dealt out of Halifax.  The unnamed source has told the NHLP Yearbook that it is believed GM Shawn has an offer he will be accepting that would see the Destroyers moving Crosby.  "We believe if he moved, today would be the day" said Muddy Capone.  What is Halifax getting in return and who is getting Crosby?  Capone said it likely isn't a last place club but rather a team who needs a big change. It is believed Point or Scheifele are possibly a name coming back the other way.  We don't know it is GM Chad on the other end, but indications are it likely is.  Stay tune for more details as they become official.


Rangers Add Toews

"I am invested in him now" said GM Charlie after the New York Rangers dropped four players and added Toews.  "I like Chicago's chances" Charlie added.  The GM passed on adding Toews twice, instead going for surer playoff players such as Johnsson, Brodie and DeBrusk.  Charlie said he didn't want to go all in on Chicago even though the opportunity for potentially a huge first round scoring team existed.  The Rangers remain in the playoff race in the Atlantic, in fourth but just three up on last.


Rangers Going all Blackhawks

GM Charlie has made it known Toews will be a Ranger, either once or twice after using the Waiver.  "I will have seven playoff players" the GM noted this morning.  Who goes and who stays is yet to be determined, although the GM has plenty of offers, including almost 20 he said for Bergeron if "I want to go that route" Charlie stated.  The Rangers have made all players available so a few deals could be made pre-waiver.


  Knights Change Out 10 Players

In a 193 point drop after adding 10 points in a trade, GM Ryan dropped five players in Green Bay.  Up were Teravainen and Williams of the very hot Carolina Hurricanes, while Danault, Brodie and Jones rounded up the five up.  Alaska (Marcel) was able to unload Draisaitl in the process for Tkachuk, leaving the Attack well in first in the West.  In the Pacific Division, the top 5 teams are all within 7 points of first while Portland (Scott) is waiving the white flag.  Teams up top will struggle for 7 man playoff teams with players such as Huberdeau, Stone, Horvat, Horvat and now Teravainen and Williams.  Trades, like Stone, will be a huge part of the next eight days before GM's really have to bare down.  Not all teams will make seven, and even some who can, can't, for they won't get a playoff position otherwise.  The Minors were not loaded by any stretch, but GM Ryan did his part, clearing even more scraps off the scarely filled dinner table.
Green Bay - Using Waiver

GM Ryan says everyone is in play today.  The GM is planning on dropping or moving Voracek and the injured Koivu who is now only a minus 3 if dropped.  In a creative deal GM's Ryan and Scott swapped out their injured players, helping both GM's due to the players contracts.  Ryan goes to a minus 3 from a 4 and Scott goes from a 13 game to a 12 game injury pickup. 


  Panthers Add Third Hab

GM Marcel had offers and options, but choose to use the Minors.  "I really didn't like the thought of carrying Sergachev" said Marcel, "Much of what I received was worse then I could do in the Minors."  Adding Danault and Eberle now gives the Panthers three Habs, something Marcel said he can change later with points and playoff players.  The Panthers are well in first in the NHLP North Division with the Trading Deadline in three weeks from Saturday.


Rookie Driver Wins Best Crash Pool

Shawn won the Daytona 500 Best Crash Pool in a very close finish with two-time Champion Scott.  Matt had led the race until the final 10 laps when the "Big One" happened, claiming 22 cars in one accident and knocking out both Shawn and Scott's cars while Capones car took enough damage to help him finish third in the race.  The final standings were Shawn, Scott, Capone, Matt and Jr.  While Jr (#34) was in the action all day, including amazingly having accidents entering pit row all around him 360 degrees, Jr didn't even suffer smoke damage. "When you watch all the accidents, watch for the #34 (yellow car) seemingly driving right through the chaos, indluding the very first few accidents, but Jr never hits anyone" said Muddy Capone.  As for the big crash with 10 laps to go Scott's (#41) is high along the wall and is dead center of all the sparks, but the accident was more a squeeze out, leaving minimum damage.  Capone (#6) was hit hard from behind Shawn (#36) in the decisive blow that left Shawn the winner.  All three cars were very closely damaged, but in the voting Shawn ended up as the unanimous first pick for the win.  Here were all the days crashes with the Big One starting about 4:40.


Rookie Owner - "Loves to drive sideways" - GM Scott

GM Scott said he has seen enough of GM Shawn's new driver to know "He loves to drive sideways."  There seems to be little doubt Shawn will have some damage at the end of the day, but the question is just how much? Lining up in the 33rd pole position, just below GM Jr's car, Shawn will get a taste of the excitement of the Dayton 500 Best Crash Pool.  His car, #36, driven by Matt Tifft will have it's hands full.  No car in the history of the Pool has ever ran a clean race, further increasing the odds Shawn won't be the first.  Being so far back in the pack, the first big accident will be difficult to get through as cars are usually everywhere.  Scott said he wishes Shawn the very best and cleanest race possible, then added, "I bet he knows the name Suarez by the end of the race...or as he is watching it from the pits half way through."


Matt Excited About Daytona 500 Chances

Parker Kligerman was doing TV last year and thought he would never have a chance to race in the Daytona 500 every again.  I couldn't find a sponsor" Klierman said.  "He was the perfect driver" said GM Matt who scooped up the #96 as his new ride in the Daytona 500 Best Crash Pool.  Matt said he spent the last year preparing for this event.  "It is a lot of work, finding the perfect driver" Matt said, "I take this very serious and I believe Parker is the man."  Kligerman has returned, at only 22, from a brain injury to now race in the Daytona 500.  The field Sunday is minus Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, Bobby Labonte, Michael Waltrip, and Danica Patrick, all retired in the past four years.  It is the new faces that should make this years race one of the most exciting ever. 

"I have never seen anything like that in my life"

We don't know GM Jr's inspiration, but we can now only guess why he is going with Michael McDowell in Sunday's Dayton 500 Best Crash Pool.  Jr is well known for his team "Crash Johnson" that started back in the 90's and has only grown into one of the most feared owners in the sport today.  "What makes it worse is he is behind us" said GM Scott, "I already have a very uneasy feeling about the damage he is going to cause us all on Sunday."  The field may not be set as rumors of another GM entering the field by Sunday are circulating.  "I think everyone would love to see Andrew in this race" said Muddy Capone, "But there is a reason to lay a good pit maneuver on almost every GM."  Race time is 2 PM on Sunday and entrants are open until 2 PM.


Scott Goes Red - Money on Suarez for Three Peat

In the history of sport we continue to see amazing accomplishments each and every year.  What is possible never ceases to amaze those who bare witness to the unthinkable.  Although no feat may touch GM Joel's Super Bowl prowess, many say a third straight Daytona 500 Best Crash Pool win by Scott might rank as the rarest all time feat in the history of NHLP sports related pools.  "I wouldn't say that" says a blushing Scott, "But between the NHLP Cups and Daytona wins, the mantle is running out of room."  Scott was quick to point out, there was room for what many already feel might be destiny on Sunday.  Getting away from the orange car in 2019, quickly scooped up by Muddy Capone, Scott and Suarez have teamed up this time in the red and black #41, going for an unprecedented third straight win.  Capone's drive, Danica Patrick has retired leaving Muddy taking control of the #6 Oscar Mayer car of Ryan Newman.  Last years record field also included GM Matt driving with Kyle Larson while GM Jr driver was Ty Dillion, both drivers in the race again this year, but unconfirmed entrants at this time.  The rumors swirl Matt has been doing a lot of research and changing drivers this season.  The field has grown each year of the race and someday it could pass a field of 5, maybe even this year.  Deadline is 2 PM Sunday.   Here is the 2019 starting lineup.


Happy Daytona Day (Weekend) Everyone


The Field for the 2019 Daytona 500


Daytona 500 Best Crash Pool
Start Time 2:30 (Entry Deadline 2 PM)
Current Pool Pole Positions

19th - (Muddy) #6 - Ryan Newman (Oscar Mayer, Ford)



23rd - (Scott) #41 - Daniel Suarez (Haas, Ford)


25th - (Matt) #96 - Parker Kligerman (Toyota, Toyota) 


33rd - (Shawn*) #36 - Matt Tifft (Loves, Ford)


34th - (Jr) #34 - Michael McDowell (Loves, Ford)

 *Denotes Rookie Owner



Lowest Of Highest Risks Remaining

GM Tyson said he may regret adding Aho, but he was the best risk for Cleveland with the Waiver.  With Colorado player's Landeskog and Barrie having fallen to four points out on their NHL team, Tyson decided that Aho, just one point back on his Carolina team, had a better shot of NHL playoffs.  The Canes are hot, 7-2-1 over the past 10, just a point behind the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Tyson also added a Pen, Bjugstad and a Hab in Gallagher.  The Fury are 12 up on fourth and have a Trading Deadline out with Bjugstad's low number if he feels Carolina isn't going to make it.  "With an early NHLP Trading Deadline, all teams are going to be a tough decision, do you keep a guy or what team do you bank on" said Muddy Capone.  All NHLP teams face the same dilemma.  GM's who have set themselves up in positions to not have to bank on fringe players have done outstanding jobs to this point.  The NHLP has 8 Waivers, three after the NHL Trading Deadline remaining, and less then a month now before their own Deadline.  Most NHL teams will play about 12 to 15 games prior to the NHLP Trading Deadline with about that many left to play after.  All NHL teams have between 23 to 27 games remaining, as all have reached game 55 with a high of game 59 played.  "Time is going to fly by now as you have just four weeks from this Saturday to set your teams" added Capone, "It is game on and many teams are likely feeling the pressure at this minute."


NHLP Sets Date for Trading Deadline

With a host yet to be determined, the NHLP has announced the best possible date for the Trading Deadline will be Saturday, March 9th, with almost one month left in the NHLP season.  "This will reek havoc" said Muddy Capone about the early meeting for the second straight NHLP season.  Most NHL teams will still play about 14 games left, meaning anything can happen and with the tight standings, some shocking penalty-outs may occur.  The league is looking at options for hosting, most GM Matt's decision at this point but the GM has already been searching for a host, so it should be a local event.  GM Charlie is the lone no.  Charlie won't be happy about missing, but also maybe himself unavailable for the five of the nine possible dates.  As for Charlie's teams they are loaded with playoff players, maybe two players are out and on the Rangers team who has a Waiver before the meeting.  Under league Rules, Section 11 (a) - Trading Deadline GM Charlie will have 50 added to his entry fee as well as the option of having another team operate his teams, including using the Minors.  If the GM opts for this option he forfeits either his first Waiver or 15 spots in the first round of his last picking team, both hits the GM will likely not think worth it in this case.


ST Louis Blues - Matt

2018/19 Cup Holder Champions


The St Louis Blues finished 8-3 on the season, winning their last 6 games on the way to the Cup Holder Championship for 2018/19.  It was an incredible season for Matt who ended with 8 teams.  While many teams never even got to play, the Blues on four different occasions were the found themselves as the opponent playing for the Cup and the last time this occurred, strung together victories over Anaheim, Columbus, Florida, Tampa Bay and back to back versus Nashville.  All the wins were while the Blues where the road team except one home game versus Nashville.  "I love this pool" said Matt, "I really got into it this season."  Matt took the Blues over from Shawn December 29th, not playing again with St Louis until this streak started on January 23rd.  Matt wins the 380 points.  Congrats to Matt on being the 2018/19 Cup Holder Champs.



  Blues Feat Seldom Accomplished

In the over 100 year history of the National Hockey League, only six teams have ever been dead last in the entire NHL standings after 20 games and came back and made the playoffs.  The last time this was accomplished was in 1996/97 by Ottawa.  The St Louis Blues were last overall on January 2nd and now have came all the way back into a playoff spot.  Ironically enough Chicago was last last overall between January 17th and 19th and Philadelphia Jan 9th, 12th and 13th.  The Blackhawks and Flyers haven't came back into a playoff spot, not by a long shot, but they have had runs that haven't gone unnoticed after being dead last in the league with Chicago 7 straight wins and Philly 9-0-1 in their last 10.  The Blues however are in as of today and have a 6 game winning streak.  A quick look at Player Tracking shows 211 players of the 252 on NHLP rosters are on playoff teams and only 41 players in the league are non-playoff players as the standings sit today.  Of course some of the 41 non-playoff players are expected to be traded, becoming playoff players in the next two weeks.  The NHL Trading Deadline is just 14 days away, after which time things become much clearer for the NHLP GM's.  The Deadline meeting dates are on the Schedules page with the first date less then one month away. 


Attack Time

GM Marcel's Alaska Attack have more points than any other NHLP team.  He said he will use those points Saturday, moving out a package of at least Draisaitl and the Waiver.  "I have points to give, but I want something in return for the Waiver and Draisaitl" said Marcel, "Time is running out, take the points while there is still time to work the minors."  Half the NHLP GM's say there is a lot of season left, while the other half say it is already too late for many to make 7 man playoff teams.  Draisaitl has 66 points, a misfit on an otherwise loaded team of playoff players.  "Edmonton is still right there and can still make it in" said Marcel.  With the Attack up about 30, we fully expect a big move that can set the Attack up for a long playoff run.


Nordiques Happy After Moves

GM Matt brought the Quebec Nordiques back again, this time ending right in the middle of a battle in the Atlantic Division amongst five teams.  Ending with non playoff player Eichel, Matt feels he might now have a six man playoff team.  "I think Buffalo can catch Columbus, a team in turmoil" said the GM.  GM Andrew has been calling this season the year of the 6-man playoff teams, thinking many GM's will be trapped with high scoring non-playoff players.  "Bottom line is those teams never win in the end" said Muddy Capone, "So the more teams trapped this year, if it is higher then normal, the better for those seven player teams who will have easier first rounds."  Many GM's are in tough spots, mostly due to putting themselves in those positions.  It isn't easy to battle for a playoff team and get seven players, but it is what the winning teams work hard to do.  The NHLP Divisions are tight and the NHL Standings, maybe tighter.  In the NHL Western Conference, 8 teams are all within 6 points of the final Wild Card spot and of those, 7 are within 3 spots.  St Louis, Colorado, Arizona, Edmonton, Chicago and Anaheim are all out of the playoffs, but all are within 3 points of being in.  Guessing right can be the difference between winning and losing come round one, having a strong 7 or a weak 6.  The reason why NHLP 6 man teams are so weak is the player that is missing come the playoffs was the teams leading scoring player, otherwise the team would swap him out and have a full 7 players.  After Las Vegas (Jr) completes their Thursday Waiver, only ten Waivers and the Deadline are left for teams to set their playoff teams.


Quebec Trades Waiver, Adds Kane

GM Matt said the Coin Flip at the Super Bowl didn't go Quebec's way, making it easy to move out the 5th last Waiver next year to get the Waiver Tuesday.  After the Nordiques added the Waiver they auctioned off some players, adding Kane and almost 20 points in a deal with Seattle (Shawn).  "Kane was scoring too many points for us" said Shawn, "We had to move him before he became untradeable."  The Nords are now back in the race, just 11 points out of second in the lowly Atlantic Division.  Second place in the Atlantic has 231 points, good enough for last place in every other Division and would be 24, 30, 31, 37, and 32 points out of fourth in all other Divisions.  "Points follow points" said Muddy Capone, "And that is most evident in the Atlantic Division this season."  Matt said he isn't done and expects another deal before the Waiver.


Blues on Verge of Cup Holder Championship


Who would have though the St Louis Blues (Matt) would be sitting in the Finals, just two wins away from taking the Cup Holder Pool Championship and the 380 points that come with it.  That is the case this weekend.  To win it all for Matt by Sunday, the Blues must win back to back games versus Nashville (Scottie).  However, many combinations of things can happen depending on the results of each game:


Game #1 - Saturday


Blues (Matt) Wins - Matt would go to 1-0 in the Finals.  A win then on Sunday would win Matt the 380.  By winning this game, the Blues would have 7 wins on the season, assuring half the pot if no team wins it all outright.  By winning this game, Matt would also then own the Nashville team from Scottie, who must win the first game or will lose the Preds and become an Expansion owner.  So if Matt wins Saturday, not only can the Blues win it all Sunday, Matt would then be playing himself on Sunday, then in possession of the Preds team.


Blues Lose - Matt would go to 0-1 in the Finals.  Losing Sunday would mean he would no longer own the Blues, as the team would then be Scottie's team if the Preds win back to back wins.  If the Blues lose Saturday, Sunday becomes a do or die game.  Matt can lose Saturday and win Sunday and the Blues would be one game away from the Cup (either New Jersey - if Jr takes them by Saturday as his expansion pick) or Arizona after that.


We will see what Sunday's game means after we see how it goes Saturday, but Matt is close to 380 points.



Dynasty Continues

GM Joel is the Tom Brady of the NHLP.  With Four Super Bowl wins in the past 6 seasons the GM annually has his NHLP entry fee covered by early February.  With 22 points in the low scoring game Joel again was able to win it all.  The Everybody ticket tied him, but with the rules as they are, the Everybody ticket had to win outright to matter.  The 220 points were a nice days work for the king of the NHLP Super Bowl pool. 


Tails It Is

GM Chad may have lost all hope in Colorado, but his Toronto Maple Leafs were one of the days big winners.  The Leafs will have the first Waiver next season.  The Super Bowl coin flip came up Tails, meaning the 36th drafting Leafs will have the all important first Waiver of 2019-20, the NHLP's 30th season. 


"My Worst Day Ever"

GM Chad is in the dumps.  So is his team in Colorado.  The GM made a late stab at the Waiver, with 30 minutes to go getting 10 points for Pavelski and Morrissey, adding Waiver Dumps Aho and Rakell.  Then the Avs unloaded another Shark, Hertl for 8 more points for Landeskog.  After the dump the team who had Scheifele, Pavelski, Connor, Hertl and Pirri, is now left with the two Jets, Horvat, Horvat, Schenn and Schenn.  "I just totally dismantled a Cup winning team" the GM said, "It might be the worst day in my NHLP career."  Pavelski and Hertl were huge players to unload, but it is the risk Chad took that may bury the Avalanche.  "Jr said Schenn was getting traded" Chad said was his logic behind the deal.  The guy trading the Waiver told him someone in the NHL, with a year left on his team friendly contract, on a team now only three points out of a playoff spot with two games at hand, is getting traded.  Could happen.  Gretzky got traded.  If it doesn't happen, Chad will need either St Louis or Vancouver in the playoffs, teams battling one another.  As replacing all four players points later in the MInors might end up meaning Scheifele and Connor miss the NHLP playoffs altogether, or are the last ditch attempt traded out of Colorado just to salvage a playoff team.  "Crazy things happen with the Waiver" said Muddy Capone, "We see GM Andrew right there to cash in."  The Avalanche had a CTR, something Chad isn't a believer in, of almost 2000, and after this move, that is clearly no longer the case while the Stars who were the worse rated team in their Conference continue to build a Championship type of team in Texas.


Super Sunday Deals - Dallas Gets Stronger

GM Jr loves what he has done in Dallas.  The rest of the NHLP GM's had better take notice, for the Stars are good.  Dallas moved the Waiver to Colorado (Chad) for Pavelski and Morrissey, giving Aho and Rakell.  Dallas now has Forsberg, Turris, Lindholm, Couture and Pavelski, a nice Western built team that has a chance to go the distance.  The Avs immediately unloaded Hertl for Landeskog.  GM Chad moved into the mix in the Pacific Division, changing the 20 points every team had to now just GM Shawn having 15 to move and Kane.  "No one was coming down" said Chad, "We had to make a move."  The Avs will be facing a fine of 15 spots in the third round as Chad admitted it is unlikely he will have the Waiver ready by noon.


Super Bowl - Coin Flip

Today the NHLP Waivers for next season are tied into the coin flip at the Super Bowl.  This new rule was passed and this is the first coin flip that matters.  If Heads comes up, next years Waivers are from 1 to 36, meaning GM's Shawn, Scott and Tyson will be 1-2-3 to start the Waiver season.  If a Tail comes up the Waiver order will be 36 to 1, meaning GM's Chad, Scott and Andrew will be 1-2-3.  "I think GM's will like knowing the Waiver order prior to the NHLP Draft as well as for late season trades" said Muddy Capone of the new rule.  The NHLP also has their annual Super Bowl pool, one in which has traditionally been ruled by GM Joel with Shawn destroying the field last season.  The winner has their NHLP season paid for so it is a nice bonus for any GM.  Updates will not be on the site but will be in the Chat room.  So check in to see how you are doing with each score.  Good Luck and enjoy the day everyone!!!
Jr's Chance to Own CHP

Jr's Florida team is 0-1 on the season but is just back to back wins away from leading in the Cup Holder Pool.  Matt has dominated, owning 6 teams including Pittsburgh who is sitting 0-1 in the Finals, just two wins away from winning the entire pool outright.  Currently Matt's other team, St Louis is the current Cup Holder, now playing in the Semi-Finals, just four wins from taking it all.  The issue for Matt is his next game is critical.  St Louis will play Florida on Tuesday.  The Blues win, Matt keeps rolling along, even sending Jr to the Expansion list.  However, if Florida wins, Jr's next game after that is Pittsburgh.  If that plays out, the Pens could win and go 1-1, being one win away from ending the Cup Holder Pool with a win against Tampa Bay (Joel).  However, if Florida beat Pittsburgh, Jr would own Pittsburgh and be sitting with half the prize pool.  Tuesday is a huge CHP night and things can go any which way depending on the outcome of that huge game.


Name Score #1 #12   #2 #11   #3 #10   #4 #9   #5 #8   #6 #7 Total
Ray Jr Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (7)     Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8 16   Rams (7)     Rams (6 or 8)     16
Everybody Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8 8   Patriots (7) 14   Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (7)     22
 Jr Rams (7)     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (7)     Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8      
Shawn Patriots (2 or 3) = 8 8   Rams (7)     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (7)     Patriots (6 or 8)     8
Andrew Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (7)     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (7)      
Scottie Patriots (7)     Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (7)     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8      
Matt Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (7)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8 16   Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (7)     16
Chad Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (7)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (7)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8      
Marcel Rams (7)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (7)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (6 or 8)      
 Joel Patriots (2 or 3) = 8 8   Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (7) 14   Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (7)     22
Oz Patriots (6 or 8)     Patriots (7)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8     Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (7)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8      
Charlie Patriots (7)     Rams (2 or 3) = 8 8   Rams (6 or 8)     Rams (7)     Patriots (2 or 3) = 8     Patriots (6 or 8)     8
Two people are awarded points for each score during the game starting with Score #1 and if 13 = 1st again
Scoring:  Must have the correct team.  Safety or Field Goal = 8 Points.  Scores of 6,7,8 = 6, 7 or 8 Points
4th Quarter & OT= Double the Points.  All Scores in the 4th Quarter are Doubled.  So a Field Goal is 16 Points, TD's 12, 14 or 16
Entry is 20 (x 11 Tickets = 220 Prize)   One winner who has the most total points at the end of the game
If a 13th score occurs 13th score = 1st and so on again
If the "Everyone" ticket wins, there is no winner and everyone keeps their money - BUT IT MUST WIN OUTRIGHT, if you tie it, you win!


Arvidsson Newest Leaf - Star Pull Trigger

GM Jr warned the NHLP GM's yesterday that a deal was close.  "The Deal gives us a high scoring playoff guy, the points we need and we keep our best player and the Waiver" Jr said, "That is pretty hard to turn down."  The standings in both the Divisions in the Central Conference changed drastically, as Toronto feel from second to last and Dallas jumps from last to third.  Jr said the Stars can now build around Forsberg, Couture and Lindholm with other playoff players and distance players, and the Waiver still yet to be used to improve.  The GM admitted he turned down more points as many GM's wanted both Arvidsson and Forsberg, something clearly Dallas didn't have to part with at all.  For GM Chad in Toronto the move drops him about 10 points back of fourth but the GM likes his distance players.  "There are teams with work to do in front" said Chad, "We just have less to do now."  The NHL is now on its All-Star weekend break with NHL teams on breaks after ward.  There are only 10 NHL games over the next eight days.


Stars Strong Enough For Third Cup Run

The CTR may not show it yet, but the Dallas Stars (Jr) are strong enough to win a Championship this season.  GM Jr knows it.  You look at the roster and see Forsberg, Arvidsson, Turris and Couture, and you know it too.  Jr is going after his fourth Championship, and winning in Dallas this season, Jr would become the first GM ever to win back to back with different teams, as well as, Dallas would be the first team ever in the race to three Cups.  The February 2nd Waiver is a big day in this process, so unless the Stars come out of this with another Waiver this season, it is unlikely it is just traded, unless there is a big amount of players and points coming in.  If that occurs, it likely means breaking up the listed four.  GM Jr, as we know him now, is very methodical.  He isn't the GM he once was.  "No NHLP GM has turned like Jr has" said Muddy Capone, "There was no GM, none, who could keep pace with the number of moves GM Jr use to make."  Half of the NHLP GM's are saying, "What, Jr?"  It is true.  Those around pre-2000 know what Capone is talking about.  Jr just traded everyone on his roster.  He would trade Mario Lemieux, trade for him back, and trade him again.  We don't see the "Crosby's" even ever dealt once in five years anymore, but back then this really did happen.  GM Scott and Jr would be making Transactions with each other almost weekly.  What is ironic about this all now is the Dallas Stars last Cup in 2009 was all part of an iconic deal between the two GM's about this time of the season with 30 games to play.  It was hours of chatting that led up to the deal.  At the time the deal was made, both GM's knew how big it was.  Jr was talking about how it could win him the Cup and Scott about how it could cost him the Cup.  It happened just that way, but it wasn't a landslide either.  Both teams would go on and face each other in the Finals, where Jr won 10-6 in a series that was truly a nail biter.  After Game 4 of the Finals, Dallas and Philly were tied with 4 points each and Edmonton (Scott) had 2, but without Datsyuk playing a single game to that point.  In the deal, Philly gave up Frazen and Cleary who combined for 5 points in the Finals.  If Philadelphia added those points to Zetterberg's total, that would have been 11 for Philadelphia, so the deal did cost the Flyer the Cup as it turned out.  The 2009 Championship had 24 points between the four teams, more than any other Finals in NHLP history.  So here we are again.  A decade later with Dallas another strong team about to make a huge move.  In 2009 Jr fell out of the playoffs with the deal, giving the points, but this time will be trying move the team up the 20 points he is out, or a portion of it.  The tables won't be reversed, as GM Scott doesn't have those points to give, but there is a new story here, a deal with another GM that just might impact if GM Jr can win it all again in Dallas.  We believe the Stars have a chance to do it all again and Jr is already gearing up for the February 2nd date and his next big Press Release.


The Trade - Press Releases

Dallas Press Release

"Big deal between two veteran Champions" 

"How could we not pull trigger on this one?  We gave up alot of points, as usual, but feel that we got a lot stronger in the process.  We now have a pretty good squad filled with players from the exact teams we wanted to acquire.  Today is a great day for us.  As an organization, you must strive to win it all, to put yourself in a position to bring home the Cup.  If you are not trying to accomplish that: why are you here?  You are just filling a chair.  We are aware that we have put ourselves a few points out of the playoffs, but with 30 games to go, and considering the high-scoring squad like the one we built last night, the good fans of the great state of Texas can rest assured that this is only temporary.  Go down the list of names on our roster; nothing short of an act of God will keep this team down.  It has been quite a few years since my esteemed colleague and I have crossed swords.  Just like old times though...once we got into it, there was no stopping us.  We definitely helped him improve his squad, and there is no question he helped improved ours.  Rarely does a deal work both ways, but great minds think alike, and creativity and hard work do pay off.

Anybody else up for a Cup run?"


Philadelphia Flyer Press Release  

This is really tough.  We did what we had to do to improve our team.  Giving up Franzen, breaking up Franzen and Zetterberg may be a deal that simply costs us the Cup.  It is just that big of deal.  We gave another team in the East 3 Red Wings and we are banking on the Red Wings ourselves.  We think we are a better team, in a better position.  It has been years, literally, since we have hooked up with GM Jr on such a huge deal.  This was at least 12 hours in the works.  We think we gave, we think we received.  If this deal wins us the Cup on a final of Detroit with either New Jersey, Washington or Boston, it will be deserved.  If we give Dallas their second Cup because of this deal, with either Detroit or New Jersey going to the finals, at least we know we didn`t sit back and let it happen, we were a part of it happening, just without it working in our favour this time.





N. Lidstrom

J. Franzen

N. Kronwall



B. Rolston

GM Jr capped off an amazing NHLP season Friday with his 2nd NHLP Championship in his 14th NHLP season.  "What a great feeling" Jr said last night about 30 minutes after it was all over, "A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work building that team.  I'm jacked that it paid off."  GM Jr is one of the hardest working GM's but of the 39 transactions he made this year, only 5 were to his Dallas Champions.  Lidstrom was drafted in the second round, the only player who was drafted on the winning team.  In transaction #129 Jr picked up Parise and Rolston from for Kovalchuk and Victor Kozlov before adding the final two pieces to the winning puzzle, from Scott and Andrew.  The big deal was #182, with Scott in Philly, on the team that Jr beat out in the finals by 4 points to win.  Dallas gave 17 points, Brad Richards and Chris Kunitz to Philly for Jr's Conn Smythe winner Franzen and Cleary.  Finally with the trading deadline in extra time Andrew gives Jr Kronwall for Blake, solidifying the 4 Red Wings.  At this point all Detroit had to do was likely get there and although a scary second round where it took a Cleary goal with 3 minutes to go in game 7 to beat out Anaheim, disposing of Columbus and Chicago weren't near as tough.  All 6 of Jr's players are first time NHLP Cup winners.


The 6 Game 7's
  Conference Quarterfinals Conference Semifinals Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
1 Boston 4     1 Boston 3  
8 Montreal 0     6 Carolina 4  

2 Washington 4 Eastern Conference
7 NY Rangers 3  
    6 Carolina 0  
  4 Pittsburgh 4  
3 New Jersey 3  
6 Carolina 4  
4 Pittsburgh 4   2 Washington 3
5 Philadelphia 2     4 Pittsburgh 4  

  E4 Pittsburgh 4
(Pairings are re-seeded after the first round.)
  W2 Detroit 3
1 San Jose 2     2 Detroit 4
8 Anaheim 4     8 Anaheim 3  
2 Detroit 4
7 Columbus 0  
  2 Detroit 4
  4 Chicago 1  
3 Vancouver 4  
6 St. Louis 0   Western Conference
4 Chicago 4   3 Vancouver 2
5 Calgary 2     4 Chicago 4  

Ending the Second Round...

How Big Are Tonight's Game Sevens? 

Andrew (Hartford) - With Chicago through he has Havlat and Campbell to play Jr's Dallas team of four Red Wings.  If the Red Wings win tonight, Andrew will need Boston to also win, giving him a 4 man semi-finals adding Ryder and Chara.  Andrews four has out-scored Jr's 19-17 in this round, so it will be a battle.  If Anaheim can win, Andrew is through to the finals and will have to have Chicago knocking out Anaheim.  A Final of Boston-Chicago gives Andrew the best NHLP team in the finals and the only four man team left.  If Boston and Detroit lose, Andrew can still win on a finals with Pittsburgh - without Carolina (assuming Ryan wins with his four Canes).  Andrew likely cannot win a finals without Chicago.  

Andrew (Chicago) - Must have Detroit win tonight or he is out.  If Detroit wins his Lidstrom and Holmstrom can win the Championship, firstly by beating out Datsyuk and Gonchar.  that battle would have been 7-6 so far this round in favour of Scott's Oil.  All he would then need is Pittsburgh in the finals with Detroit and have his Hartford team knock out Jr's Dallas team leaving him with the only possible NHLP team to have two players in the finals.

Jr (Dallas) - Must have Detroit win tonight.  He can win if he can get there and Detroit in the finals.  Even so he will face a tough 4 players in Carolina if Ryan wins tonight and Detroit matches up with Carolina.  He'd also face a tough finals if GM Scott gets there with his Wing and 3 Bruins.  If the Bruins win tonight, getting there will be tough against Andrew's four players.  Likely the best case is to face Pittsburgh in the finals if he can make it.

Joel (Las Vegas) - Must have Detroit win tonight and likely a Boston lose, but somehow still win the series against Ryan tonight.  He'd then need Detroit in the finals, so Jr's Dallas team to lose to Andrew's Chicago team and Carolina or Pittsburgh in the finals where he could win as an underdog with Franzen playing as many as two players.

Ryan (Atlanta) - Must have Carolina win tonight and win his series.  Would then need them in the finals where he could beat anyone left.  A Carolina-Chicago finals would give him 5 players.  Even a Pittsburgh-Chicago finals, with Andrew's Hartford team losing in the semi finals to Jr's Dallas team would give Ryan the only Chicago player.  If Scott's Oil losses to Andrew's Chicago team, Ryan would have the only player left in Ladd with the Pittsburgh-Chicago finals and these other things happen.

Ryan (Boston) - Must have Boston and Detroit lose.  Win the tie-breaker next round against Scott for he has no players.  Have Andrew's Chicago team and Jr's Dallas team win next round and lose all their Detroit players, making three teams in the finals with no players.  Now a Chicago-Pittsburgh finals where Ryan's Atlanta team gets no points from Ladd.  Ryan would have the first tie-breaking pick if this all happened. 

Scott (San Fran) - If Boston loses, will need Las Vegas (Joel) to win tonight over Ryan.  Scott would then need Whitney to outscore
Franzen if Detroit is there.  So if Boston loses, he could have Detroit winning tonight and losing next round and that would create the opportunity where Scott would need Carolina going to the finals playing Chicago and Scott would have the only player left on any team.  Also if Boston losses and Anaheim wins, a Carolina and Anaheim final could give him the only player left as long as Scott's other team in Edmonton goes out.  If Boston wins tonight Scott will need the Bruins in the finals here against Jr's Dallas team, but Chicago in the finals.  This team would still be an Underdog against Scott's Philadelphia team.

Scott (Edmonton) - A Detroit loss puts him in the finals.  If Anaheim played Pittsburgh this team would have the only players, Getzlaf and Gonchar on either team.  If Detroit wins Scott will have to battle to make the finals, his Datsyuk and Gonchar versus Andrew's Chicago team of Lidstrom and Holmstrom.  Winning this and having Pittsburgh in the finals versus Andrew's Hartford team with Detroit in the finals would give Scott Datsyuk-Gonchar versus only Zetterberg on Scott's Philadelphia team.

Scott (Philadelphia) - Needs Boston and maybe Detroit.  That finals would give him a shot with Zetterberg, Savard, Kobasew and Lucic.  If both teams lose Scott is in a pick'em series with GM Ryan's Boston team.  If Detroit losses Scott would need Anaheim in the NHL finals to be able to beat Andrew's Hartford team.  If Boston loses and Detroit wins, Scott would be screwed big time by Jr's Dallas team and could only win a finals of three teams having no players, so Chicago and Pittsburgh with Andrew's Chicago team beating Scott's Oil and Ryan's Atlanta team left with Ladd - who'd have to get no points.  Riiiiiiiiight!     


  Offers Not Enough

GM Ryan said the offers were plentiful, but just not attractive enough for the Boston Bruins to make a big move during the Waiver.  "The Division is also so tight and so many teams on the edge, it might be too early to call" the GM stated.  Simmonds was in high demand, but his low number might help move Teravainen if the Canes don't get in.  The GM admitted that even his big gun MacKinnon is anything but assured a playoff spot.  Ryan isn't alone.  Many GM's are dealing with these same issues.  The February 25th NHL Treading Deadline will help sort out what happens later in the NHLP season.  Then we have the first week of March, notorious for big moves ahead of the NHLP Trading Deadline.  Those date options are in the site on the Schedule page.


  Does MacKinnon Go?

Championship teams make Championship winning decisions.  GM Ryan has a decision to make, this Saturday with the Waiver, or later in the season.  The team is in first by over 20 points.  MacKinnon is hanging on to a playoff spot, but can he keep it?  His first round scoring would be heaven sent, but if he was kept late while Colorado was in a race, and missed, a realistic opportunity with Johansen, Josi and Oshie would likely be gone.  Most legitimate teams going for it, don't take that kind of risk.  Four and fifth place teams yes.  First place teams, usually not.  At the moment, one could say there is no rush.  The Avs could turn it on.  Then again, they could fall out and the return could be much, much less.  With the Waiver, offers that would not be there otherwise often come along.  We fully expect there will be offers, but does GM Ryan make a move or stay with what he has?  Big Waiver day on Saturday in Boston.


 "Shitty Situation, Shitty Division"

GM Scott admitted he was frustrated.  Injuries in Philadelphia as well as banking on Buffalo to make the NHL playoffs put Philadelphia almost 40 out.  "I look at the situation we put ourselves in, and then this shitty Division full of weak six man teams that only want to race, it was time to be one of the pack" said the Flyer GM.  Scott said he puts himself in all out win or lose situations.  "When it goes good, you got yourself the chance we look for and when it goes bad, you react to what you have, and your surroundings" Scott said.  The Flyer will still need Duchene traded, but said the team can try and align themselves with another team in the Division forced to carry six players into the playoffs, or get lucky.  "Vancouver has as good a shot as Buffalo at this point, if that ever went our way, we would have a scary scoring first round team, and if not, we react as we always do and will and make the best we can make later" Scott says.  The Flyer added the Waiver in a deal for Wilson and Stastny then traded Marchessault and McAvoy.  Almost every team has major work to do in the Division the GM noted.  The Flyer 232 points would be first place with 40 points to work with in the Conferences other Division where the GM said the teams choose to be stronger and slowed down.  If healthy the Flyer will be able to gain some points used later for trading or going again to the Minors.  For now Philly is no longer close to 40 out of 4th, but they are close to having a team in the playoffs, even if it resembles what the GM says, "Another garbage team" in what he calls a "Garbage Division".



  What's in a Flip?

The NHLP Board of Governors has agreed on a rule change that takes place mid season, in February.  Starting with this years Super Bowl, the coin flip to start the game will now have NHLP implications.  That coin flip is now the NHLP's official Waiver direction coin flip.  "This has been talked about for a while and we love the excitement this adds to the Super Bowl" said BOG member, GM Shawn.  For Shawn he will be invested, as if it is a Head, he will have the first Waiver next season with Seattle having the first overall draft position.  If it is a Tail, the Toronto Maple Leafs (Chad) will have the first Waiver of the 2019/20 season holding down the 36th overall draft position.  The Waiver order was never known until the Draft Day in the past, but this will allow for GM's to draft accordingly, even trading Waivers based on the known direction, aiding in Transactions.  Super Bowl LIII (53) is Sunday, February 3rd, in Atlanta, with kickoff at 6:30 PM and Maroon 5 the headline Halftime Show. 


37 Transactions - 8 Trades at Winter Meeting

The NHLP Winter Meeting had it's usual great spread, heavy eaters, controversy and of course, a big trade.  GM Joel hosted the 29th Winter Meeting in NHLP history going all out on the buffet.  GM's Andrew and Marcel hooked up on the trade of the day when Andrew sent Panarin and Reinhart from Los Angeles to Florida for Karlsson (Vegas) and Carlson.  In total the league saw 37 Transactions, a high in the last six seasons.  The use of the Minors, at 29 Transactions was one higher then in 13/14, so it was a busy day with essentially all GM's in attendance.  The controversy?  It is rumored there is an investigation into GM Marcel's conduct and the BOG may take action, even taking a high first round pick from Marcel, but more on that later.  All-in-all it was a great day.  The NHLP Transactions and Player Tracking are officially updated, however, each GM should take a could to make sure they have 21 (or 28) players lists.  Please advise of any errors.


Year Trades Minors Total
18/19 8 29 37
17/18 9 20 29
16/17 7 25 32
15/16 2 25 27
14/15 5 26 31
13/14 5 28 33


 Saturday Night Shocker

In what looked like an easy game, Matt got stunned in the CHP pool by lowly Los Angeles (Tam-Tam).  Matt's Pens were coming off six straight wins, playing their first game in the CHP Finals.  The Penguins were just two wins away from winning everything outright.  The good news for Matt is he has 5 teams he collected on his run and is still sitting with half the Pot due to his 6 wins.  The bad news is his Pens must win two straight if they play again for the Cup, or he will lose the team with their next loss and who beats them would not only own the team, but own what he thinks might be his half the pot.  The odds Pittsburgh gets another game for the Cup are slim, which could work in Matt's favor now.  With Heather taking Carolina as her Expansion team, 24 different teams are now in the CHP.  That means roughly about a 4% chance any team gets a game for the Cup.  The next game is Tuesday when Tam-Tam will try and advance to round two with the Kings (1-0) by beating Minnesota (0-1, Brendan).


  Chicago Adds Letang in Massive Move

GM Joel landed a huge Waiver, but he paid the price to acquire it.  Vancouver (Joel) traded Letang and a huge package of picks, including almost 30 spots in the 3rd round to Chicago (Andrew) for the rights to the Waiver and Reinhart.  "I really like the player and package we received" said GM Andrew who worked the league like only he can.  The Blackhawks had 6 other GM's in the battle for the Waiver but it was Joel who stepped up and got it done.  The GM announced Reinhart, Domi and Tatar are available.  The Canucks would have 117 for four players, very doable, to the Minors if the GM in fact drops that package.  The St Louis Blues (Tyson) will have the Winter Meeting Waiver, which is always one of the Waivers that gets used before the meeting after Vancouver makes their drop Friday.


 Early Lunch Devastates Film Crew

The Producer of the 24/7 film crew capturing everything with the Miami Surf (Charlie) for the upcoming documentary was devastated.  "We took an early lunch for the first time this season, leaving at 11 AM" the Producer said, "We missed the deal that might win GM Charlie his first Cup."   Miami struck with their first deal this season, acquiring Carlson and Soderberg in a deal with GM Joel in Carolina.  The Hurricanes added two Golden Knights, Tuch and Pacioretty in the early morning deal.  "We still have no usable footage for the season" said the Producer, "But the Surf might very well be the best team in the NHLP after this deal, so there is hope."  The Surf have vaulted up the standings, adding ten more points.  "We appear on our way to three playoff teams" said GM Charlie, "We like to be aggressive at the right time, making wise, smart decisions."  Charlie now has the same three players in Miami who helped GM Jr win the Cup last season in Memphis.  Ovechkin, Carlson and Oshie are all Surf.  Charlie said he doesn't "wait around", hesitating like many of his peers when he sees a deal he likes.  "I put it out there in the Chat Room and just like that, we made the deal" said Charlie, "I was serious."  Charlie went on to say a lot of guys like wasting your time and "Just want to kick the tires" said the GM who leads the NHLP this year (2019) in Transactions.  Miami has the best Washington Capitals team in the NHLP and Charlie seems hungry to make more deals.  "I am looking at doing something in New York now, so expect something done there soon" the GM added.


 Larkin, Carter & Brassard

GM Charlie is working it hard, trying to find a home for the Waiver or Larkin, Carter and Brassard, all players destine to be dropped if a deal can't be worked out.  The Coyotes are trying to build around the high scoring trio of Barzal, Seguin and Burns.  "It is a combination no GM will want to face in round one" said Muddy Capone.  Of course a couple players might be fringe, but GM Charlie said they will have outs if needed.  The Yotes also have 14 points to work with if "Someone steps up with an offer we can't refuse" the GM said.


Well Played

Just like clockwork the Pittsburgh Penguins lose the throw away game to Chicago that would have cost them their Cup had Chicago been owned by anyone.  Last season Chicago was owned by Jr, who is the next opponent of Matt's, tonight with Florida.  Jr is only one of three owners, including Tammy and Marcel, who also owned a team last year and have never been the Cup Holder.  Tonight everyone should be cheering on Jr's Panthers to stop this streak Matt has been on.  If Matt wins again, he will be only three wins away from ending the Cup Holder Pool mid-season, taking it all by himself.  A win tonight puts him in sole posession of half the Cup Holder Pot, worth 380 points, by having the most season wins so far.  If no team wins 2 games in each of the four rounds, winning the full 380, their is then a split pot, 190 for the team with the most wins and 190 for the Cup Holder to end the season.  Matt believes it is over, his confidence is shinning through.  Pittsburgh better come out to play tonight or that Cup dream and all the points that come with it, might be lost for good. 


22 Preds Now in NHLP

It might only last a few hours but there are now 22 Nashville Predators in the NHLP.  "It is getting near a record, if it isn't already one" said Muddy Capone about a stat the NHLP does not currently keep.  The 22 number will be short lived.  GM's Joel (Today) and Shawn on Tuesday have injury picks for Tolvanen and both are expected to use the opportunity ahead of the Winter Meeting in a weeks time.  The next highest Pred still in the Minors is Bonino with 17.  GM Andrew likes what his Kings did with the Waiver, unloading Barkov, Kreider and Neal and adding Lee and Ekholm twice.  "I have thirty some points to work with and can now move playoff players for playoff players" said the Kings decision maker.  Andrew has made 25 Transactions on the season and there is no end in sight.  "I think I need to hire an assistant" said Andrew today.  The NHLP was quick to point out to the Kings that NHLP Secretary Bonnie Anne Clyde was not an option for the GM and tampering would be a severe Draft picks penalty like the GM has never seen.  As for the Kings, with Stamkos and Subban plus 36 points, there is little doubt the GM might be getting an addition, more likely a 7th Cup than a secretary.


GM Chad Uses Ingenuity Moving Waiver

The Waiver moved from Halifax (Shawn) to Pittsburgh (Chad) to Los Angeles (Andrew) for a total of 7 picks from all rounds.  In a seldom seen and a tad bizarre move, GM Chad posted his Waiver in the new NHLP chat room only to have it mocked by other GM's.  "GM's were laughing at such a weak Waiver GM Chad was proposing to make" said Muddy Capone, "So he pulled it off the table and traded the Waiver."  What we witnessed will likely become common place for other GM's Capone believes.  "Certain GMs can do this to see how they are doing, the leagues reaction.  If it is good reaction, keep the Waiver as is, if bad, alter it."  The NHLP is evolving and innovative GM's like Chad are paving the way for the future of the league with their ingenuity and outside the box thinking.  "We see a GM do something so clever" Capone states, "That soon every other GM is following their lead and it just becomes the new standard of the future."  What's next?  Posting fake trades in the Chat Room for GM's reactions before making the real offer?  If there is a way to get the upper hand, we are certain a GM like Chad will find a way to incorporate it into their repertoire.


Halifax Could Use the Waiver

Although GM Shawn has been shopping the Waiver, it is believe the GM will instead use today's first Waiver of 2019.  "The fact GM Shawn hasn't made a deal yet, tells us maybe he is considering using it" said Muddy Capone.  The Destroyers do have 45 points to move to the Minors and are 32 points up on 5th, so they can do anything.  If Matthews, Crosby and Subban aren't moving, one might think only Krejci and Gardiner have any real tradable value, but what can the GM bring in for two players and 56 that will increase the teams chancing and improve them moving forward?  Halifax as it sits appears destine to be a two player team, with Matthews and Crosby very difficult to give up on.  There are only four Waivers remaining before the Minors get picked clean at the NHLP Winter Meeting, so if Shawn decides to move today's Waiver, the return could be favorable



Scott received a one word text from Matt - "Next".  The CHP current Cup Holders went to 4-0, into the Semi-Finals.  Matt's Pens are now four wins away from winning outright.  "The Pens seem unstoppable" said Muddy Capone, "But they are still only half way to the Cup."  Next up will be Florida, Jr who is 0-2 all time, losing in the Championship game last season in his last game.  Pittsburgh is now in the Semi-Finals with San Jose (Henry).  Tuesday's game is big for Matt can get to five wins and it is very possible, no other team may achieve that the rest of the season.  If Matt loses, it is very possibly he never gets another crack at the Cup for it is extremely difficult to get any game, especially with only half the season to go.  With the win against Winnipeg, Matt now has claimed his fourth team.  He will keep them all moving forward until one of his own teams knocks another out, making the losing team an Expansion team for anyone to pick up.  As for the reigning Cup Holder Champion, Scott had to go with a new team and he choose Edmonton.  "It seemed fitting" said Scott.  Well, if Florida wins Scott and Jr will play a rematch of last years finals, only both with different teams.  If Pittsburgh wins they play Heather in what will be a game to advance to the Cup Holder Finals.


   Coyotes Quietly Grab 14 Points

Looking like a team almost dead in the water a month back, the Phoenix Coyotes (Charlie) have slowly climbed the West Division standings and now have a 15 point lead over fifth.  "This should allow us to build around Burns" said GM Charlie.  The team has a little bit of everything.  "There is some horse-shit and some good players" said Muddy Capone.  The Yotes will be active in the second half, likely making a healthy drop at the Winter Meeting.  This is the second NHLP team with Burns, the first being the San Fran Titan (Scott) who picked up Burns in a very unusual way.  GM's Scott and Andrew were at it for a week about trading Backstrom for Burns.  "I knew we would lose the deal by at least 15 points" said GM Scott, "But I love that Burns outshoots him two to one.  I told Andrew if Burns ties Backstrom at any point this season in points, we'd automatically have a deal" the GM stated.  The first Burns game after that statement, Burns had a four point night, making it 44-44 and an official deal.  "I was pretty sure once he (Burns) had two in the first 10 minutes, it was going to happen" said Andrew who was very happy with Backstrom who does have four games at hand.  In the NHLP you just never know why or how deals are going to go down, but the first one of 2018 was memorable. 


 Champions Face Elimination

The first ever Cup Holder Pool (CHP) was won by Scott in Winnipeg who stands to lose his beloved Jets tonight versus the current Cup Holder and unstoppable force in Pittsburgh, Matt.  "I already own Pittsburgh, Washington and St Louis, and now I can own Winnipeg" said Matt who has won three straight games, claiming two additional teams along the way.  A win tonight will put Pittsburgh in the Semi-Finals and only four wins away from winning the Cup and ending the CHP for the season.  If the Pens win tonight, they can then win everything by beating Florida (Jr), Anaheim (Heather), Los Angeles (Tam-Tam) and San Jose (Henry).  "It seems it can be done" said Muddy Capone.  If Winnpeg wins tonight, Andrew in Colorado will play his first ever game for the Cup, also having a chance to take over Winnipeg, who must win two in a row or lose the team.  In other CHP news Shawn took Columbus as his Expansion team leaving only nine remaining options on the Expansion list.  Once they are all gone, there will be a game for the Cup every team game, as there would be no throw-away, meaningless games, on anyone's schedule.


    Matt Moves to Three Teams

Matt now owns Pittsburgh, Washington and St Louis in the CHP.  Pittsburgh advanced to the second round where they will play the newest expansion team Minnesota (Brendan).  Brendan took the chance that Pittsburgh would win the game and if they did, he would be the next in line with his new team for a rematch of the pair who played recently when Matt won and took Washington from Brendan.  Shawn will now have to pick a new Expansion team, and no Seattle isn't an option yet.  "It won't be long now before all 31 NHL teams are owned by someone" said Muddy Capone.  It is ultra tough to get a game for the Cup with the first half the NHL season seeing just 17 total games.  For Matt he is 2-0 in Pittsburgh and 0-0 in Round two of the playoffs.  He is back to back wins away from joining Henry in round three.  Of course if Pittsburgh loses next game, it is very possibly they won't play again for the Cup this season.  If the Pens win they play Winnipeg (Scott), where Matt would be able to take over his fourth team with a win, while if Brendan wins with Minnesota, that will pit him against Charlie's Leafs.  Shawn may try and change some of this up with his Expansion team pick, but of course no Expansion team can be the very next game played for the Cup.


 Transaction #103 Completed

Although the GM's loaded up the trade with a ton of potential draft picks exchanging hands, in the end Edmonton (Scott) only gave up a 2020/21 3rd Round Pick #80 for #88 to Cleveland (Tyson) in the Arvidsson and Barrie deal.  The Transaction and Draft pages have been updated as well as any future Transaction this deal affected.  There are a number of other conditional picks potentially traded in other deals, but most involve if Stone gets traded by Ottawa this season or not.  Those will be updated by the NHL Trading Deadline.


Blackhawks Best of the Best

There are six NHLP teams all over 1800 in the CTR, a great rating for any time of the season.  GM Chad has two of the six teams but it is GM Andrew in Chicago who has the best team in the NHLP at the halfway mark of the season.  The rankings per division are shown at the bottom of the home page while the actual writing for each team is on the CTR page.  "We went easy on everyone" said Muddy Capone, "We didn't want to ruin anyone's Christmas."  The Cup Threat Rating or CTR is the leagues power ranking.  It is based on the NHL standings, taking each players performance and then ranking it with weights based on the strength of the team that player plays for.  Obviously Tampa Players are ranked higher then Los Angeles players based on the NHL standings.  A big part of the CTR is the NHLP standings.  Teams with points to give, are believed to have more potential and can give their low rated players for higher rated players by moving points.  For teams low in the standings, points out of fourth, works against them for they have to trade assets and get weaker just to make the playoffs.  There is a slim margin between most teams, but clearly teams near the top of the CTR are much better than those near the bottom.  That part is fact.  Of the six worst teams in the league both GM's Charlie and Scott have two of those teams.


Sabres In

GM Joel may have been a little frustrated last week with all the talk about how poor the Sabres season looked.  Buffalo was 34 points back and the GM knew things had to change with the Waiver or who knows how the season would unfold after that.  Joel did an incredible job, moving in and up two points on 4th in the South Division and with assets including Marchand and Hayes.  Hayes is with the Rangers now, but has been rumored to almost certainly be traded this season, being a coveted and affordable UFA.  Buffalo also has easily enough scoring to stay competitive heading into the New Year.  The NHLP does not have a Waiver during the next 77 NHL games, with Halifax (Shawn) already talking about moving the first Waiver of 2019 on January 5th.  We expect a lull in the action but NHLP GM's have been incredibly busy this season. 


NHLP Record Transactions Before January 1st

As a league the NHLP record was 54 transactions (we believe) made from season start December 31st.  The previous five NHLP seasons prior to this one had totals of 54-53-43-46-40.  So far (and we have a week to go) the NHLP has already made 79 Transactions over this same time span, definitely an all time NHLP record.  "It is noticeable" said Muddy Capone, "We knew this was a record season and many GM's have said as much, without even knowing the true tally of the numbers."  It is a lot of moves, literally double what the NHLP made in this time frame 6 seasons ago.  There are a lot of bold and aggressive GM's and no one is shy from going after what they believe.  Six of the eleven NHLP GM's have made double-digits in trades with Matt, Scott and Andrew over 20+ each.  GM's Charlie, Ryan and Jr have made 1-2-3 respectively, all GM's not normally active in the first half of the NHLP seasons.  The NHLP hasn't reached the halfway mark of the Waivers with still 19 to go, and have two meetings as well as the NHL Trading Deadline, all things that trigger more moves.  The season has a lot of miles left to go, with the first half full of long term injuries to many key players.  That can and will be the case in the new year as well as potential NHL and NHLP blockbuster trades still to come.  If the second half is like the first, this will be a great 2018/19 NHLP season as we look for our 29th season winner.


GM Andrew's Career High Night

When you have a career night after 23 years of your craft, it truly shows just how remarkable the night was.  One of only three GM's having four NHLP teams this season it wasn't expected one of those three would have a Big GM Night (4 Teams).  With the record of 34, set in December of 2006 by GM Scott on a night of 14-8-6-6, it was a record not expected to be in play this season.  GM's entering the season only carried three teams each, until GM Vinnie stepped aside.  With four teams GM Andrew had a 32 point night last night, his career best on a 10-8-8-6.  This is the best ever Four Team, 7 Players night.  When GM Scott did the feat in 2006 he had a Four Team, 6 Players per team.  For Scott the record was 1.42 Points Per Player on the night while Andrew's new record will sit at 1.14 Points Per Player.  With 14 games on the NHL schedule, there was potential for someone to have a Big Night, but still no team this season has had a 12+ point night.  As hard as these records are to occur, there is clearly room for much better.  Between Andrew's 28 players three of them had 3 point nights, eight had 2 point nights, seven had a 1 point night and ten never had a point at all, while three where injured on the night and didn't play.  Congrats to GM Andrew for one for the ages.


 Buffalo from 34 to 9 Out

After a busy day that saw several trades and a Quebec (Matt) Waiver, GM Joel started off Friday with two more trades already putting his Sabres squarely back in from 34 down.  The Sabres traded Ellis and Jones for Hayes and Nyquist and are now only 9 out.  Marchand who was thought to surely have to move to get back into it, is now likely the teams building block moving forward.  With the Quebec Waiver GM Matt added Nugent-Hopkins in a five player pickup.  Edmonton (Scott) got involved, adding Johanssen and Ellis, giving 24 points to New Orleans (Shawn) yesterday for Skinner and Hall.  "It is times like this we can barely keep up" said Muddy Capone about all the recent activity.  The day was one for the ages, as even GM Charlie made his first transaction of the year and a little quicker than usual.  Still nothing in Miami for the film crew, and without a Waiver this season there is no telling when the Surf will be making their first Transaction of the season.  Matt today made his league leading 27th move.  We know one thing, we haven't seen the last of the Sabres this weekend.


Cincinnati's Remarkable Turnaround

It happens.  Teams that are so far out turn their NHLP seasons around.  Case in point, Cincinnati.  Just two weeks ago the Rage were 37 points out of 4th.  The team acquired a Waiver and made some big moves, moving out Backstrom and bringing in Stone among others.  The Rage vaulted all the way into first place and pulling away until they traded Reinhart who came in the Stone deal and brought in Ehlers.  The team is no 12 up in the NHLP's North Division with Stone, Ehlers and Stastny as well as some wicked scorers Pettersson, Larkin and Nyquist.  The team had five players with 30 or more points prior to getting Ehlers.  If Stone gets traded to a playoff team, the Rage will be tough to play against.  The GM has 15 points from his bottom two players for outs when needed to get replacements for his non playoff players.  How good Cincinnati will be remains up in the air.  Not lost is the team did give up their next years Waiver to try and savage this season, but at least that appears to have happened.  Now Buffalo (Joel) will try and do the same thing with this Saturday's Waiver, having fallen 34 points out of 4th in the South Division.  To come back GM Joel would need something big in a trade for Marchand, who could easily be 10 first round points in a longer seven game series, something very possible.  Portland (Scott) tried coming back from 39 out and wasn't able to do it yet, whereas Cincinnati went right to first.  Can the Sabres pull off another miracle?  Bids for his players are currently being accepted.


   Silent Auction

Buffalo (Joel) made it clear that an auction was going on this week for players such as Jones and Ellis.  We believe Marchand will surely be traded as well, but the question is when?  The Sabres are 34 points out with three out of playoff players.  Buffalo has a Waiver on Saturday and will make a 6 for 6 or dump the entire team.  One area which may hurt the team is their lowest player has ten points, meaning a two for two with Marchand is 44 points in an even deal.  So if the GM takes back two high scoring non-playoff players, what number is the number that gets that deal done?  Is it 50, 55, 60?  A 60 for 44 point deal, very possible for the Bruins playoff king, still leaves the Sabres 18 point out.  If Joel can stay close enough now, Marchand always has value.  However, the team is so close to falling 40+ points back there is potential, without quick action on Saturday, the team could be burned later where no deal can work and truly makes sense.  "Any GM in the league can totally savage any season with a Waiver" said Muddy Capone, "We have seen it twice just this season."  The Sabres have a ton of options.  Getting playoff players and retrading back in or grabbing a huge amount of points Saturday, both viable and can work.  It takes hard work and a lot of it to salvage a season sometimes.  Joel easily has what it takes.  The big question is does Marchand go now or later?  So far the talk has been very quiet as GM's hope to "silently" win big and any GM to walk away with Marchand will be...well, "licking" their chops.


Washington Falls - Brendan Now Expansion Listed

In a big CHP game last night Matt is now the newest Cup Holder in Pittsburgh, at the same time also claiming Washington from Brendan.  "It was tough to see Brendan lose the team he had eight career wins with" said Muddy Capone.  Matt could really go on quite a roll now.  With back to back wins Matt would also claim St Louis (Shawn) and Winnipeg (Scott), depending on who Brendan claims as a replacement new team from the Expanasion list.  The next game for the Cup is Saturday, December 29th.  (Note:  Remember to refresh some NHLP pages from time to time if you don't think you are seeing the updated page)

Canes Out of Hibernation

GM Joel said he had been quiet so far this year, but that all changed in the past 48 hours.  Carolina acquired a Waiver with a very aggressive move and then added 20 plus points in  a big move with Los Angeles (Andrew), trading Panarin.  When it was said and done the Canes swapped out Panarin, E. Kane, Zibanajad and Galchenyuk for four new players, Nugent-Hopkins, Barzal, Soderberg and Ristolainen.  GM Andrew won a huge bidding war for Panarin.  "Columbus is a playoff team, so if he stays or gets traded, I don't think I lose either way" the GM said of the deal with Joel.  If the Canes got better is open for debate but one things we know for certain is the Bear is awake and we will likely see Joel very busy in Buffalo as well with a Waiver and some auctions this weekend.


   Available, Seasons Biggest UFA?

In an early morning shocking move, the self-proclaimed bear said he has awoke.  GM's Joel and Chad were apparently in a bidding war for the Hamilton (Tyson) Waiver, a war won by a very hungry bear.  Joel now has the Waiver in Carolina in a move that he says puts Panarin on the market today.  Panarin is one of the top potential UFA as we move towards the NHL Trading Deadline.  Typing his name into Google brings up all kinds of potential trade locations.  With Columbus in a playoff spot, will the team move out their top scorer, or eat the walk-for-nothing dish the Islanders were served for losing Tavares for zippo.  If Panarin is traded, and many believe he will be, he will be a blockbuster in the NHL, with the Blue Jackets receiving a huge package for certain.  He would instantly be first line and first line power play on many playoff teams.  Joel paid a huge price for this Waiver, giving two six round picks, a future Waiver and Kane for Bjugstad who is a minus four with tonight's Waiver.  That move essentially is a 14 point move, so Joel just can't do something small in Carolina.  "This is the move people in Barrie Island did not want to see at all" said Muddy Capone, "Here you have the Canes giving futures to go for it this season, in a shocking attempt to win at all costs this season."  Some may very well argue trading Kane, an asset in San Jose, and Panarin, if that happens, is very much the opposite for GM Joel.  Those who know him best know his heart is in Barrie Island, the teams knew home next year in the first NHLP relocation ever, as long as Carolina isn't Cup Champions this season.  The team is actually good.  All eyes will be on what Carolina does to "get better".  With Panarin officially on the NHLP block, the word of the day may very well be "Bearbuster".


Hamilton Weighing Options

GM Tyson admitted he has had a couple offers and is weighing all his options in Hamilton.  The GM wants to swap out Waivers and move out Bjugstad, who could play tonight to sway someone's decision.  Bjugstad is a minus 4 if dropped with Tuesday's Waiver.  A quick look at Player Tracking this morning shows 69 of the leagues 252 players are sitting on NHL non-playoff teams.  Many GM's have used the Minors to load up on potential playoff players while other GM's want to see what teams are playoff teams first.  "Most surely things change, but realistically what is going to change" wondered Muddy Capone, "Are two teams from the East and West likely going to move in to out and vise-versa and are those the teams you want to be waiting on anyhow?"  Every year we see the different strategies within the league, with GM's Andrew, Scott, Matt and Shawn going hard for early Waivers and players.  Then we see other GM's, who aren't in the next group, but banking their points and saving for their late season flurry of activity.  "Portland made as many Transactions in one single day this season then GM's Charlie, Jr and Ryan have combined all season (four) amongst their ten teams" said Capone.  Both Jr and Ryan have a team well in first, with Calgary being 32 points up on 5th.  At some point these GM's will be active.  "It isn't uncommon what we see this time of year right up until the Winter Meeting" Capone stated, "We see certain teams, like GM's Scott's  and Andrew's do nothing at all right now while waiting for teams to catch up, and once all teams have playoff players again, we see the heavy moves of late February and early March."   There are seven more Waivers until the Winter Meeting and only three before the Christmas Break.  That is room for seven more teams to "catch up".  The league is without a Waiver this season from December 23rd until January 5th, a period where there are 77 NHL games without an NHLP Waiver.


  Seattle - Florida Trade for Drouin

With Drouin already in the Minors the stage was set to move him out in a creative move to Florida (Marcel) whereas Seattle (Shawn) added him again in a three for three Waiver.  The Storm ended up with Drouin and Little from the Minors while the Panthers ended up with Drouin and Kase in the end.  The deal hinged on Kase's health.  "It is great to see GM's thinking outside the box" said Muddy Capone.  In other NHLP news GM Joel said everyone must go in Buffalo.  The Sabres have a Waiver on Saturday, after Hamilton (Tyson's) on Tuesday and Halifax (Shawn) on Thursday.  Joel said the auction is now started and will end Thursday for Ellis and Jones and Marchand more than likely as well.  "He is a key Bruin every playoffs" said Capone.  It should be a busy week in the NHLP.


 Winter Meeting Date Called

Saturday, January 12th at 11 AM looks like a full 11 GM's.  The NHLP's 29th Winter Meeting is hosted by GM Joel.  "I am looking forward to hosting again" said the GM. 


 Alaska Making Big Move?

The NHLP keeps hearing rumors flying around and Alaska seems to be front and center.  Does this mean that the Attack and Seattle Storm (Shawn) have something brewing.  "We believe the target is Kessel" said Muddy Capone, "We have zero Intel saying such, any specific names or teams, but we have the feeling GM Marcel and GM Shawn are about to make a serious deal."  Stay tune. 


  Something Big in Seattle?

The Seattle Storm (Shawn) have been really quiet about the Saturday Waiver.  "Usually when a GM is this quiet, they are trying to work out a deal they don't want anyone else in on just yet" said Muddy Capone about the teams silence and what it could mean.  The NHLP Yearbook has reached out to the Storm Front Office on several occasions now with no response, creating suspicion minds (Fine Young Cannibals version) from those in the know.  With this being back to back Waivers, the GM may have realized there is nothing as attractive in the Minors than what is already in the NHLP wine cellar.  "We know there has been a lot of talk amongst the GM's and names like Burns have been popping up in several reports" said Capone.  It is rumored GM Charlie is shopping a package of Burns and Kadri, players that don't exist in the NHLP Minors.  Sometimes while GM's are standing around shaking in their boots, waiting for a fair fight, other more ruthless GM's, the ones who don't like asking twice, are acquiring the available gold...you know, when it is sitting there for the taking.


Playoff Players Added in Halifax

GM Shawn wasn't worried about anything more than adding the three best playoff player he could from the Minors.  The fact that they were Parise, Gardiner and Myers says a few things to several NHLP GM's, or maybe it says nothing at all.  "Many NHLP teams play with fools gold" said Muddy Capone, "Usually something the CTR sorts out for us."  Shawn appears to have 5 to 6 playoff players in Halifax, a good number for this time of season.  Where so many teams fail is when your higher scoring top three players are anything but playoff players, for now you will never get that kind of scoring from the Minors in playoff replacements, as this Waiver shows us.  For those teams their true colors shine through when they attempt to build a full playoff team and their teams scoring takes a massive hit with the replacements.  Many times they decide now to keep a high scoring non playoff player, because they are forced into it because they let the Minors run dry and don't have the points to make a real move within the league.  For teams out of the NHLP playoffs, a Waiver like Halifax should send a clear message their assets have value.  They still have to trade them, or slowly fall into that zone of helplessness, where even the most aggressive GM'ing cannot save a team in the second half of the season.  Shawn added small pieces, playoff players, on a team that doesn't need scoring.  A team out of the playoffs won't have that luxury.  This will make a bigger trade more attractive for Halifax when a team out of it is getting tradable assets and not all non playoff players in return for their Elite stars.  Shawn is up again with the next NHLP Waiver in Seattle, a team already sitting with a mice potential playoff mix of their own.


 Shoulder, Ribs, Hand, Groin and Ankle

No it isn't the lyrics to a kids song.  It is the NY Rangers (Charlie) team injury report.  Things can get worse for the two healthy players, Getzlaf and Letang, have both seen more than their average share of time on the disabled list.  The good news for the Rangers is GM Charlie is only 10 points out of 4th place in a Division (Atlantic) where the 4th place team would be 15 out of fourth (or more) in any other NHLP Division.  The Rangers are the 5th lowest scoring team in the NHLP when they are healthy, all 7 guys playing to their maximum, so things truly are bleak at the moment.  The team will undoubtedly fall much further out until they get healthy.  The Rangers will look at some point after that to move out playoff top-gun Bergeron and hope it is enough in return to bounce all the way from the cellar and into something that at least can contend for a playoff spot, but we aren't holding our breath that will happen.  That would only add us to Chucks list:  Hypoxia.

Kings in Elimination Game

It is a word the Cup Holder Pool (CHP) will be saying a lot this season, "Elimination".  For Chad he is in a must win tonight, like so many have been before him, and never to lose that critical game.  With a win Chad's Kings, yes the Kings, move into the second round of the CHP.  If Buffalo (Tam-Tam) wins, she will then own two teams after playing just her first game ever.  A Tam-Tam win also puts her up against Edward in Arizona for in-house bragging rights.  If Chad wins he will be the 5th team to make the second round with Henry (San Jose) sitting in the third round at 0-1.  Chad's Kings would then give Pittsburgh (Matt) their first game of the season.


 Suter and Coyle to be Moved

GM Shawn decided instead of waiting for one of his three Waivers to arrive, he would go out and make something happen quicker in Halifax.  The Destoyers had some high draft picks this season and three Waivers, but nearing the halfway mark of the NHL season, it is debatable whether the team is very strong.  The team still has three Waivers and seemingly an immovable piece in Matthews.  There is no doubt Matthews is a great building block, but if Crosby and Subban also are to stay the season, Halifax have about 73 from four players to build the rest of the Championship team.  That isn't enough points likely to bring in another huge superstar and the Penguins haven't exactly been showing they are a real threat to run deep this year, so is Halifax truly even a threat this season?  So far, it depends who you ask.  "What we do know is the pressure is on to build a winner" said Muddy Capone, "With this opportunity, and to then fail, Halifax would be a real disappointment."  Things are close, very close.  Just not sure a Waiver alone can put them over the top, just yet anyhow.


  Matt's Hot Month Just Cooled?

No GM is scoring like GM Matt this month.  Cincinnati and Indianapolis are both 1-2 in scoring for the first 10 days of December.  Quebec (Matt) did a Waiver swap with Halifax (Shawn), and threw in a third round pick for the Saturday Waiver.  The Nords GM then preceded to drop Couturier, B. Tkachuk, Gostisbehere and JVR, adding high scoring non playoff player Hoffman, Zucker and Boston lowly point producers Heinen and Donato.  "We have learned not to question what this guy does" said Muddy Capone, "Every guy he picks starts to light it up, but we can't help but think the team went backward this time."  As for Halifax the team still has three more Waivers this season and continues to stock pile picks for the next three Drafts, unlike anything the NHLP has ever seen.  The franchise is slowly becoming the model NHLP Franchise, just lacking a Cup.  This could easily be the season all that changes and no doubt Halifax will be strong in all coming seasons drafts.


Just Who Owns Pick #48?

Oh the stories.  When Muddy starts talking about the Capones.  When Buster start talking about the Cherry's.  When Bonnie starts talking about the Clydes (and Grandpa Bugsy).  And lets not forget the Stu Piddassoe stories.  Let's just say in all the excitement of running the NHLP, sometimes, somehow, yes, clerical errors actually occur at the NHLP Head Office.  "We have all the checks and balances in place" said Muddy Capone, "But every now and again, one slips through the cracks."  The nightmares for the Head Office when a mistake is made can be critical to how the entire league functions.  The league must get things right.  For the most part, they do.  The Head Office themselves found one of their own errors.  Maybe just in time.  In the 2020/21 season, the valued pick #48.  On the Draft Picks Master page Cincinnati (Matt) just conditionally traded it in the Backstrom deal days ago, to San Fran (Scott).  Edmonton (Scott) claims they own that pick, acquired from Chicago (Andrew).  Both Cincinnati and Edmonton are shown to both have pick #48.  This is where the checks and balances come in.  If we look at the actual draft page for the 2020/21 season, we see Cincinnati did in fact start out with that pick, but they are now shown as drafting 71st and Edmonton 48th and Chicago 64th (which all happens to be in fact correct).  By knowing the original order, we can easily now start back tracking the actual Transaction numbers.  Back in Transaction #29 we can see Chicago acquired that pick from Cincinnati, giving Chicago #48 and Cincinnati #71.  A column on the Transactions page that might mean little to most NHLP GM's, but is critical to the NHLP Office, is the last column on the far right.  If it says "Yes", the picks from that particular Transaction have been updated on the Draft Picks Master and Draft Pages.  If it says "No", that means it hasn't been done (updated) yet, usually because of future conditional events that haven't played out just yet.  At the end of the season, all "No's" are double checked and updated, to a Yes.  So in Transaction #29, Chicago has #48 and Cincinnati #71.  So how did Edmonton come to get #48 for #64?  We can see that happened in Transaction #52.  So Edmonton does in fact own pick #48, Chicago #64 and Cincinnati #71 in the second round of the 2020/21 Draft.  This being the case, Cincinnati cannot attach the 2020/21 2nd Rounder #48 to the recent Transaction #138 (at no fault of GM Matt's), which was thought to be 17 conditional spots in the second round.  Just so happens the next season, Cincinnati can move up San Fran 14 conditional spots in the same round as a replacement.  The two teams will work that out and we will update all the mess we created by our mistake in the first place.  We can't guarantee that in the future, a 'good ole story' won't come along, while in the middle of an update, that will throw things again into another 'discombobulation', which apparently isn't even a word, but man do we have a great story to share about that (once we publish this article first). 



Will Kings be the First?

It is a Cup Holder Pool night.  Ryan, already in Round #2 with Vegas will look to go 1-0 in the round, at the same time being the first to actually take over another team.  We have saw almost every game of late, the team, in this case Chad in Los Angeles, face losing their team, but somehow winning the critical elimination game.  So Ryan can be the first to own two teams, as Chad's Kings are 0-1 in Round #1, with a second loss being the knock-out blow.  The winner holds the Cup, with Chad going up against Tam-Tam in Buffalo or having to pick a new Expansion team with a loss.  If Vegas wins they will play Marcel's Montreal team, after Vegas plays meaningless games versus Dallas, NY Islanders, New Jersey, NY Rangers, Columbus, and the NY Islanders again, all games before the Montreal game.  Chad of course could pick one of those teams as his Expansion team if he losses, but under the CHP Rules, an Expansion team cannot be the next game for the Cup.  Big Game.  Big Tilt.  Big Match.  In the CHP, THERE ALL BIG!


Cincinnati 42 Point Gain in 48 Hours

GM Matt saw the Rage were 37 out of 4th in the North Division and turn everything around with a 42 point gain in 48 hours.  Cincinnati went from last to third and later today can move to second and only be two points out of first if the GM accepts an offer for Stastny from San Fran (Scott), an additional nine point gain.  Matt made six moves in total, even though one was rescinded.  The GM ended with a 5 player drop adding Larkin, Pettersson, Nyguist, Johnsson and Stastny, gaining 11 points in the dump.  Cincinnati is the second team in two weeks who went from out over 30 to revitalizing their seasons.  Acquiring this Waiver did come with a price as the Rage no longer has a Waiver next season.  A glace at the NHLP standings now shows Buffalo (Joel) as the team furthest out of 4th, at 31 back.  The Sabres have a Waiver in two weeks.  In another NHLP note, GM Marcel who has the Waiver in Alaska on the 11th is said to be looking for a nice package of picks, and he will trade the Waiver.  Marcel has to noon on the 11th to either take (or trade) the Waiver or just give it to Philadelphia (Scott) as per an earlier deal.



Sleepless in Los Angeles?

GM Ryan made it perfectly clear he wasn't the one asleep at the wheel as he confirmed he was offered two Waivers from Cincinnati for the Waiver and Kovalchuk, but the GM turned that deal down for zero future Waivers, instead of two, for Hischier instead.  Where the sleeping seems to have occurred is between Cincinnati and Los Angeles.  After Chicago (Andrew) moved the Waiver to Matt in Cincinnati the GM's traded Reinhart and B. Tkachuk for Barzal and Kreider (from the Kings), three more points that GM Matt could use in his Waiver.  GM Andrew later was none to pleased with the NHLP Head Office after he was informed that, although that deal could stand, the Rage cannot drop those players and Matt is allowed the option to rescind that deal if he desired.  Matt said it was late and he failed to remember the rule when he made the deal the night before.  Andrew did only own the Waiver for about 5 minutes, but Waiver rule 6m of the NHLP Rule Book is quite clear.  That rule states that "If GM 1 (IE - Matt in Cincinnati) picks up a Waiver from GM 2 (IE - Andrew in Chicago) GM 1 (Matt in Cincinnati) cannot drop any player with that Waiver that he picked up in the last four days from any of GM 2's (Andrew) other teams.  If you (being Matt) owned the Waiver for the previous four days you may drop any players from any teams of GM 2's (Andrew)."  According to Muddy Capone this rule has been enforced numerous times, "maybe a dozen" when teams were told they could not do a deal because of this rule.  This rule prevents a GM from saying, "I will give you the Waiver if you drop this guy from my other team."  GM's all know this rule and it is commonly used.  "Every time I pick up a Waiver, I don't even bother looking at that GM's other two teams" said GM Scott, "I already know they are off limits, always have been since the Waivers started."  Although Chicago only had the Waiver for mere minutes, they still had acquired the Waiver and when they traded it, Andrew put his other teams in a position to no longer deal with Cincinnati.  Andrew feels maybe we should look at the rule closer as so not to limit potential deals.  "We are always looking to better the league in every way" Capone said, "But today, that is the rule and it was only enforced as written."  As a courtesy GM Matt was granted to 3 PM to get his Waiver into the league as officepools and the site had to be changed.  Matt did not use any of that time and got his Waiver in before Noon.


 Islanders to Chicago to Cincinnati

The Waiver moved very quickly last night.  After GM Ryan moved the Waiver to Chicago (Andrew) in a one for one trade involving Kovalchuk and the Waiver for Hischier, Chicago then turned that deal, into two Waivers from Cincinnati (Matt), one in January and the Rage Waiver in 2019/20.  "Someone was asleep behind the wheel somewhere" said Muddy Capone, "A two for one Waiver deal may be the most power futures deal we see in the NHLP, and the Islanders seemingly failed the opportunity Chicago received."  The NHLP is witnessing what additional Waivers can do for a Franchise, something that seemingly has Halifax now set up for years to come.  After the Waiver ended up in Cincinnati, Matt and Andrew in Los Angeles traded Reinhart and B. Tkachuk for Barzal and Kreider.  The Rage have been very aggressive in their quick jump from 37 out of a playoff spot.  All indications are they will be in a playoff spot if they want, as they have a standing 9 more points if they pick Stastny from the Minors.  "Things can turn quickly" said Capone, "But you just can't sit there and let that happen, it won't.  You have to make it happen."  GM Ryan's trade was his first of the season while GM Scott leads the league with 24 Transactions. 


  San Fran Pays 27 - Acquires Backstrom

GM Matt refused to pay the San Fran Titan (Scott) asking price, but in the end settled the Conditional Picks in the deal his way.  San Fran stepped up to acquire Backstrom from the Rage for Stone, Reinhart and Zucker.  The Titan also receive Schwartz and Weber in the 27 point deal.  The Rage had fallen to 37 out and at some point knew they would have to trade their biggest asset if they wanted to compete.  The teams had been talking for weeks, but those potential deals all involved Rantanen and the Titan couldn't find the right return.  "Once they came off Rantanen, I knew we could now make a deal" said GM Scott.  What held the teams up was simple compensation.  If Stone gets traded, Scott argued he is worth as much as Backstrom, and the Titan paid 27 to get him.  If Stone does not get traded, the Titan agreed they win the deal.  The Titan wanted the Rage 6th overall pick next year, something Matt would have no part of.  "I respect him for standing strong" said Scott, "But I think when you give 27 points and one of the top UFA's, plus arguably two other playoff players for, you deserve to be compensated if what you are selling actually turns out to be true" Scott said.  So if Stone isn't traded, the Titan give the Rage a third round draft pick but if Stone is traded, the Rage will give picks to San Fran.  Both GM's were happy with the picks, still including a potential first rounder, but only 25th overall and not the 6th overall the Titan tried to squeeze out of the deal.  It is a hug number to trade before Christmas but GM Scott isn't the type to bank his points for the final trading day of the season. 


      Blockbuster Reportedly Hinges on Conditional Picks

The first report the NHLP Yearbook received was that a "30 point offer for one player" potential deal was set to go down.  "The only single NHLP player worth 30 points is likely Nylander" said Muddy Capone, so a Stone for Nylander straight up.  However the Yearbook has since learned Schwartz was also involved.  "It wasn't 30 for a one for one, but the 30 was offered for one player, in a three for three" Capone said.  The deal is rumored to all hinge on conditional draft picks with the two GM's trying to figure out compensation for conditions added to the deal.  If Schwartz is invovled in the deal, it must either be for Nylander in Hartford (Andrew) or Backstrom from Cincinnati (Matt).  With Andrew clearly having no idea by his postings in the Chat Room, it must be Matt.  No further details are known.  The deal is on the table until 7 PM. EST.  Stay tune.

Islanders - "Quiet so Far"

Last report as of noon today there was one offer for either Kovalchuk who is a 14 minus 5 (worth 9 in a drop) or for the Waiver.  "I have one offer" said GM Ryan, although not specific as to if that was for the Waiver or Kovalchuk.



  Eight Transactions in 48 Hours

NHLP teams just don't get much busier than Portland (Scott) over a 48 period.  In total the Winter Hawk made 8 Transactions in the past two days, 12 total Transactions since acquiring the team just one week ago.  Starting 39 points back and with assets including Rielly, Miller, Palat and a Waiver, the team has now turned that into being just 8 points back with what the team declares are assets in Duchene, Giordano, Marchessault, and Hayes.  "If you believe as we do that Vegas is a playoff team and that Duchene and Hayes will be traded, then you believe as we do in we have four assets" the GM said, "We will see how close we come."  The GM says he is now where he wants to be, adding in total four draft picks for the team as well.  "Last year was the worst ever NHL Trading Deadline for us, we can only hope this year is one of the best ever" said Scott in his attempt to predict the future for the betterment of his teams.  Like, or not, what Portland did, the team is now within ten points of a playoff spot and if nothing else, a threat to contend for a playoff spot once again in the Pacific Division.


 Portland Leaves Little Left Before Waiver

Some call it house cleaning.  In Portland's (Scott) case, it might be called moving out.  The GM made trades that involved 10 players on Monday, setting up for a Waiver on Tuesday that will included a six for six.  "We will keep Duchene and with three players on the roster under ten, maybe Kane's scoring" said interim GM Scott.  New Orleans (Shawn) stepped up with a creative offer for Atkinson and Tolvanen, who is not yet in Portland.  The Winter Hawk will end up with van Riemsdyk back after the Waiver, and about 10 points out of the deal.  The extra seven points to the Minors this deal allows changes what Portland can do, swaying them from keeping Tolvanen which the GM said was his initial plan.  Quebec (Matt) got in on the act as well, trading Kane and Fabbri, who is a zero in the drop, for Couturier, Tkachuck and a pick.  "I thought long and hard about that deal" said GM Matt, "But I do think the new two will outscore Kane in the end."  All four players are essentially NHLP deadbeats, although Ottawa is two points out while Chicago seven with only six furlongs to go.  Originally Portland was to gain 32 spots in the 5th round as a draft pick reward. GM Scott honoured the deal with a lesser, and later pick, after he realized Portland already had the better pick.  "You screw up, you suck up" said Scott, what Portland did instead of nixing the deal because of an internal gaff.  There seems nothing left to trade.  Portland was able to go from 39 to 14 back, a 25 point gain.  The GM admitted he could easily do a point gain tonight for the 14, but far to many assets remain in the Minors.  "It may or may not seem like a great leap now" said Scott, "But after this pick, our scoring goes through the room compared to what it is now and we have plenty of assets and will be roughly 15 out, an amount that seems like we are in it, instead of a week ago when we were feeling kind of hopeless."


Vegas Tries to Advance in High-Stakes Game

After getting his first ever Cup Holder Pool (CHP) win, Ryan will try and keep his Golden Knights, and leading them into Round Two at the same time.  As with almost every CHP game after month one, one team usually faces either moving on or losing the rights to their team.  For Vegas (1-1) that is what is on the line Tuesday in their game against Washington (0-0, Brendan) playing their first game of the season.  There were five games for the Cup in both October and November and it is hard to get a game at all, about a 5% chance.  Once you have that Cup, you can't afford to lose it for you may not see another chance for it all season.  If Vegas wins, they advance to round two and play Los Angeles (0-1, Chad), becoming the fourth team to make it that far this season.  A Washington win means Brendan will be the first ever to own two teams, claiming Vegas by way of giving them their second lose of the same round.  Washington will be the new Cup Holder, then playing Arizona (0-0, Edward) while Vegas will stay in round one, their record starting over at 0-0 in the round.  If Vegas losses Ryan will have to rejoin with an expansion team with his options found on the CHP page.  (Note:  The NHLP Yearbook selected to talk of this pleasant story instead of focusing on the Injury Pick made yesterday, hoping to quietly let that pick slide without bringing attention to the shameful Hamilton Hitmen, ironically enough the Hitmen.  GM Tyson may be asked by the league to take sensitivity courses by the BOG, who has called an emergency meeting for Monday afternnoon.  "He left Weber and Tolvanen in the Minors for Tuesday's Waiver, I am good with this" said a BOG member who asked not to be named.)


Vancouver Adds Young Stud

With all the NHL injuries, Tolvanen gets his chance in Nashville.  GM Joel pounced on his attractive zero points in his Waiver drop, adding the potential future superstar.  Also added were two Habs, Domi and Tatar and often suspended, but in high demand otherwise, Wilson from the Capitals.  "This gives us much needed scoring" Joel stated.  Ya think?  The Canucks new Office Pools PPG is a whopping 1.03 with all seven at 0.81 or higher.  Although 24 out of first place in the NHLP's West Division the team is only now 7 points out of a playoff spot in what appears to be a tough and tight Division, all season long, with by far the highest scoring last place team in the six NHLP Divisions.


Whalers Add Pieces, Portland Adds Points

"I am not sure the confidence I have about this one" said GM Andrew.  Now, if the GM was saying it prior to the deal, don't read much into the statement, or in-fact, pay no attention at all.  However, when you say it after the deal is completed, maybe there is some true doubt how he feels about the deal.  GM Scott was all teeth in Portland after trading Tarasenko and Miller to Hartford for Duchene and B. Tkachuk.  Two days ago the Winter Hawk were 39 points back of 4th without a Waiver in sight.  Since, the GM has moved out Tarasenko, Rielly, Miller, Palat and replacing them with Duchene, Atkinson, Couturier, B. Tkachuk and the Tuesday Waiver, moving up 25 points to now within 14 of a playoff spot.  Andrew added his sixth Bolt player among his teams.  For Hartford they have a Saturday deadline, just hours way now.  Nylander either is signed or traded by 5 PM, or he sits the season.  Andrew will make a late Injury Pick between 5 and 6 PM on Saturday if need be, prior to the Waiver depending on how it plays out.  The pressure is on for Hartford, giving another 10 points in this deal and without Nylander, the confidence will be taking a hit.  For Portland the GM said Duchene was finally the turning point.  "We can actually start to rebuild a playoff team now" the GM said of his new leading scorer, "Where he ends up playing after the NHL Trading Deadline will define our season."  It is the GM's belief that the Ottawa Senators will not sign both Duchene and Stone to what amounts to long term deals upwards of $7 to $8 million anually each.  Scott believes Duchene will get traded and Stone will sign.  The GM has acquired Duchene twice and Stone once in case he has it backwards.  Portland now does not need a point gain with the Waiver Tuesday.  "Just 14 out we can start to build something now, get some scoring and playoff players, as long as the fallen has stopped, I am good with what I will have" the GM said.


  The Master at Work

GM Andrew was at his best on Friday, cashing in on two deals.  With Vancouver (Joel) looking for a few points more for his players heading to the Minors with Saturday's Waiver, the Master himself stepped up and got a yet another steal of a deal.  "I guess I am a Seagull" the GM said about his Waiver day pickings.  Oh yes my friend, you are a very special kind of Seagull and the most aggressive and smartest at what you do.  Hartford traded Jarnkrok, the guy with a career high 35 points in 70 games to the Canucks for Schwartz who had 58 points in 61 games last season.  Andrew gave a 10 point player for a player worth 7 to the Minors.  Done deal.  At no other point this season is this deal done.  On Waiver days they happen all the time, because they make sense on Waiver days only.  Trades that don't make sense are done because for that one day they make total  sense.  Jarnkrok to the Minors is a more valuable player than Schwartz on Saturday in a Waiver dump, he has three more points in a dump.  Fact.  Is this why Andrew wins more Cups? "Sure it is" said Muddy Capone, "Each and every Waiver he doesn't have to set his final team, but if he gets one player a smidgen better, soon he has switched out his roster for 7 better players."  This is how it works and Andrew, among others, are good at doing it.  Today it was Schwartz for Jarnkrok, next time it will be another player for Schwartz, then that new player for a piece that on the final roster of a GM Andrew team we always say, "How did he get all those guys on one team."  Well like the GM says all the time, "Teams don't build themselves."  If you magically think you are just suddenly gonna have the top team, oh sure, everything does happen from time to time, but it is the Master himself who is showing us how it is really done day in and day out, Waiver after Waiver, Cup Championship after Cup Championship.


The Seagull and the Picnic Table

If you go to the park you can watch the NHLP play out by watching the Seagulls.  The center of attention is the most popular picnic table.  Usually at the picnic table is some fat guy eating fast food, like McDonald's fries.  In the NHLP's case, that picnic table is where the guy with the Waiver is sitting, even if there can be several GM's at the table at any one time.  His fries are his players.  Some he is keeping, some he is throwing to the Seagulls around the table and some will just accidentally fall to the ground, eaten quickly by the scavengers in attendance.  When observing this feeding frenzy you will notice a bunch of different Seagulls.  Basically each team in the NHLP is a different Seagull.  There is always that one Seagull.  You know him, and you also hear him.

      Angry seagull

(Don't hate him - it is just the junk food making him aggressive)


He is the Seagull closest to the picnic table.  He is stretching and flapping his wings.  Sometimes this gets him ignored as the guy at the table wants to spread his fries around, maybe to a team not in his division or he just has had enough of the squawking.  Usually though, this Seagull is getting fry after fry.  Literally tossed right into his flapping beak.  He will get right up on the table at times, almost just stealing the fries at times.  Walking around the picnic table, not quite as aggressive, are a bunch of other Seagulls.  These guys are picking up the scraps.  Fighting with each other.  Filling their belly's a fry at a time.  Often a fry will land between two of them and the more quicker of the two will scoop in first and feast.  Sadly there is often that wounded Gull.  Poor guy, limping around from a previous lost battle.  He isn't quick enough and never gets any scraps at all, but he is out there trying.  Not ironically at all, he is the one that we later see, dead on the road.  Road kill of the road kill.  He was just so weak he couldn't move quick enough and gets flattened, run over and is never seen again.  Now not all the Gulls are eating.  Looking around there are some floaters over in the water, just riding the Waves and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Just happy to even be at the beach, watching the boys play off in the distance.  These Gulls may have already eaten or they don't want to fight for their food and hopefully something just falls into their lap near the end of the day.  They eat what is left after all the others have full bellies.  Often when you look up, you will see Gulls perched on top of each hydro pool in the area.  Sometimes they are just sitting there observing while other times they are squawking up a storm.  Either way, these Gulls are going to get to feed at some point.  From their perched peak, they can often see things from a birds eye view so to speak.  Instead of fighting for the fries, they are literally waiting to pounce when someone throws an entire burger away.  Then they feast.  The Seagull and the picnic table is the GM and the Waiver.  Which Seagull is your team?  Which Seagull is you? 



 Canucks Wishy-Washy on Plans

The Yearbook didn't get much from GM Joel, other than a 'for-certain' the Waiver will be used on Saturday in Vancouver.  GM Joel said he is "Not sure" what is his doing and players moving out are "Probably most of them."  The GM understands Schwartz and Buchnevich are both minus 2 points in a drop, making them easy bait for the Waiver Night Vultures. "it is what a seagull does" said Muddy Capone, "It walks around the picnic table picking up fallen table scraps."  Waiver night is a great opportunity to grab a player which might otherwise not move.  Schwartz, for example, almost had a point a game last season, and sitting with just 7 to the Minors.  An even point deal (9 for 9) is actually two more points for the Canucks, but the GM said he has a "Better offer than that" before of course adding, "But I don't know what I am doing with him yet."  With the Canucks 8 points out of 4th, it is possible Kuzntsov moves Saturday.  With 32 points in 24 playoff games last season all eyes will be focused on the cleaning of the deer guts on Saturday.


Three More Than Last Year

GM Scott has been in charge of the Portland Winter Hawk franchise for less then 24 hours and he has already made three more transactions than GM Vinnie made with the team this and last season combined.  "It is a difficult thing to do" said Muddy Capone, "Going an entire season without a Transaction of any type, even the Waiver."  Portland did not have a Waiver last season for the GM lost it at the end of the prior season for failing to attending the Trading Deadline and had to relinquish 15 spots in the first round or the GM's first Waiver of the season, which he did, belonging to Portland.  Portland's last official Transaction was #786 in the 2016/17 season, the season before last.  That move, trading the Waiver.  Assuming the role of this seasons GM, Scott didn't waste time moving the Winter Hawk out of their dreadful position of 39 points out of 4th place.  "It is a huge amount to overcome" said Scott, "And my challenge will be to do it without moving a draft pick, at least of importance, or one I didn't acquire elsewhere first."  Swapping players and Waivers, Portland now picks Tuesday instead of January 15th.  Weber as added and traded in an Injury pick, for Leddy from Cincinnati (Matt), right after Rielly and Palat were dealt to Atlantic City Andrew) for Atkinson and Couturier.  This was Andrews first move as the Gamblers GM, the teams second move this season.  Scott said trading Rielly and Palat was easy, moving the team from 39 to 24 out with a Waiver after GM Joel's in Vancouver.  "I saw the other offers I was getting and the players were worse, wanting Miller as well, and the points were the same, but without a Waiver in five days" Scott said.  The GM took heat from several GM's for being so quick to act, but admitted, "I looked individually at every other team in the league, so while they are saying what they could have done, I already knew what they wouldn't have done."   What he won't be doing is sitting around and watching Portland rot away this season.


Team Values Shock in Auction

The NHLP had a first ever mid-season auction, for the sole rights of operating the three vacant franchises left behind by GM Vinnie's decision to step away from the NHLP.  Revenues were expected to be in the 200 million range, but topped out at 375.  GM Jr paid 180, Andrew 170 and Scott 25 for the rights to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Portland respectively.  Each franchise has their own NHLP legacy.  Las Vegas, as apparent by their craftily designed NHLP logo won cups in '95 and '98 under GM Leo (you won enough Cups Norman).  Jr rolled the dice for a chance at Kucherov, outbidding Andrew and taking control of the North's 5th place team.  Andrew took a gamble of his own, landing the first place Atlantic City Gamblers, well in first place in the East Division.  The bidding was not fierce for Portland, the NHLP 2007 Champions under GM Chad.  With the Winter Hawks well back in the standings, GM Scott took the challenge upon himself right the ship.  The GM was active quickly, saying although he does not have approval by the NHLP Board of Governors, for the remainder of the season the team will go by the 'Winter Hawk' he announced.  "We are all one, the players, fans, management" the new GM said, "We are the Winter Hawk now.  I told the fans we will worry about what it looks like on the Champions page come June" the GM said, then announcing the teams first official transaction under the interim GM will be dropping Donato on Thursday as he has missed the last 12 games.  With a Waiver on Tuesday GM Andrew was already talking about a big trade and moving out the Waiver after Vancouver (Joel) goes Saturday.  A fan was quick to point out that the Las Vegas dice, which represent '95 & '98, years the team won the Cup already point to a '3rd Cup' in '19, something GM Jr is going to work towards as he tries to be the first ever GM to win back to back years on different teams. 



GM Vinnie Leaves NHLP

After 13 long NHLP seasons, GM Vinnie has decided to call it a career.  The GM who made the Cup Finals three of his first four years was never able to win it all in his 13 year stint (we apologize for the previous typo), starting in 2002-03 to now with a three year hiatus mixed in.  Vinnie's first season he went to the Cup with Tampa Bay in what to this day was one of the closest NHLP finals ever, not decided until game 7 when GM Scott won what was his second Championship at the time.  "Vinnie just feels it is time he moved away from the league, feeling other obligations have taken away the time needed to put into the league and build winning teams" said Muddy Capone.  Vinnie is sad to leave and stated as much.  "I respect the other guys too much to just leave them hanging" Vinnie said, "But I know it is time now to step away from the pool."  Effective immediately Vinnie's teams will be taken control of by three different GM's who are not in the same division already.  "This will be done by the latest tomorrow" said Capone, "Atlantic City has a Waiver December 4th so a replacement will be in place likely tonight."  The BOG has agreed this is the route they want to take while the league searches for a permanent replacement GM.  News has travelled through the league quickly as GM Vinnie has received well wishes from many GM's in the past few hours.  As far as replacements go, former Atlantic City Gamblers GM Glen who started the NHLP's first ever season in charge of Calgary, Chicago and the NY Islanders, before running Hartford in year two, until GM Andrew took over Chicago and Hartford in 1996, is a great replacement option.  GM Vinnie said he might be stepping away from operations of his franchises, but don't count him out of the poker games.  "When available I will be at those games" the former NHLP GM said.  No doubt the GM's look forward to seeing Vinnie at the tables and to continue to take his money in the years to come.



Lindholm Joins Monahan

GM Chad added players of what he thinks are the top NHL teams with his Waiver in Toronto.  Firstly, after moving out Barrie and Zucker for Aho and Perron, those players were dropped along with Stepan and Sergachev adding Lindholm, Rakell, Palat and Fiala.  "They are little pieces, but valuable ones from the Minors" said Chad.  The Leafs look strong with Monahan and Lindholm of the Flames, two Bolts, a Jet and a Pred.  All teams GM's will be looking to acquire players from if they continue their strong play. Toronto is still 11 points up on 5th in the North Division.


Waiver Swap & Trade

GM Shawn grabbed yet another Waiver for his Tuesday Waiver, this time moving out Stepan for Coyle.  Halifax gave the Waiver to the first place team in the North Division, Toronto (Chad) who is advertising Barrie, Zucker, Stepan and Sergachev are all available.  Halifax still have three Waivers this season, two in December and one in January.  They have yet to use one on their own, acquiring a third and sixth round pick and two more Waivers as well as Coyle.  For GM Chad he has Connor, Monahan and Gourde and 12 points to build with, a good start this year in Toronto.


Flyer Add Duchene and Injured Players

The Philadelphia Flyer (Scott) dropped Tatar 18, Keller 13, Doughty 12, Toffoli 12 and Hamilton 7 (62) and added Duchene 29, Marchessault 19, Wilson 8, McAvoy 6 and Stastny 0 (62).  "I didn't like the feel and we were well in last place" said GM Scott, "Now we have some scoring, some playoff players, some potential UFA, high and low number protection and potentially another Waiver, so I am happy."  The GM made four moves in total, one to get the Waiver, two moving players, and the Waiver.  "When you are in last place, your option is to sit and continue to do nothing, or get aggressive, grab a Waiver, try and right the ship and maybe now build a winner" said Scott, "It isn't panicing, it is reacting to what you truly have, and in the Flyer case, it is better now."  The GM said he resisted the temptation to jump on any one players big night to play for many bigger games instead of one.  Although two of the players picked up are not playing the Flyer GM feels he will have a full team by Christmas and the current scoring will be good enough to stay in the hunt in the meantime. 


NAILED IT - Matthews and Subban Now Destroyers

"You work with what you got" said Muddy Capone.  The NHLP Yearbook knew nothing more than GM Shawn made a "Monster deal".  The Yearbook didn't even know it was Shawn's team in Halifax, but we know now it truly is a monster in every way.  The Destroyers sent Draisaitl, Domi, 24 points and a first rounder, #14 for 29 to Indianapolis (Matt) for Matthews and Subban, two current injured players.  The huge deal shocked many NHLP GM's.  GM Jr stated that "You have to shop those guys" while GM Scott echoed that sediment.  Both GM's felt GM Matt could have gotten more.  "How he also didn't get a Waiver shocks me" said Scott.  It may be argued many ways on who won the deal.  Halifax did pay 24 points and 15 spots in the first.  If Matthews has a relapse with his gimpy shoulders, Matt might look like a genius.  Matt did state that "Matthews can't stay healthy" and that factored into him pulling the trigger.  Some GM's apparently were in on Matthew's as Matt stated GM Andrew tried very hard to get this same deal, "But was offering nothing good".  Now the Matthew's risk belongs to Halifax who still have three Waivers and Crosby to build around, although the Pens don't look anything like a team bound for the playoffs, as the one-third season mark approaches this week.  GM Shawn stated "If I can get Crosby and Matthews in first round, we could be scary, but the often injured Matthews is a risk" the GM said, adding "This might be the year to risk it all."  The Halifax GM went on to say he is not sure about using the Waiver and both Waivers are in play.  Both Halifax and Indianapolis are now in third place in the divisions.  Props to the Yearbook for hitting a grand slam on this deal.  "Knowing Shawn had the Waiver, we assumed Halifax was making the deal" stated Capone.  "Knowing the deal went down at 3:30 AM, led us to believe it might be GM's Vinnie or Matt involved" Capone dissected, "But not hearing anything from Matt didn't give us all the confidence it was in-fact one of his teams."  Capone went on, "Next we had to decide what players and points from the fourth through sixth place teams could make a monster deal, the lone wording we had to go on, leading us to Matthews and Subban, one or both."  This is a very huge deal.  Those players can still be involved in the biggest deals later this season if Halifax falters, which seems so very unlikely.  The GM now has Saturday to make a Waiver pick, further strengthening, what appears an unstoppable force.  The only thing that can stop an unstoppable force is an unmovable object.  That is now the object of every other GM in the NHLP.  Build something unmovable to match up with something unstoppable in Halifax.


Matthews Gone in Blockbuster?

Muddy Capone said the details are very sketchy at this time, "I haven't even had my morning coffee yet."  The league office started receiving word from several sources that a blockbuster deal had been made Capone said, "At 3:30 AM."  The NHLP Yearbook is not releasing official details, "We don't know them" said a source early this morning, "But we do know it is big."  Sources inside the NHLP believe Halifax (Shawn) has moved out several high scoring players and a Waiver.  Conflicting reports say Draisaitl and Domi could be leaving the Destroyers and one report has Matthews and Subban coming back the other way.  This would mean Indianapolis (Matt) is involved, however sources don't believe this is true as there has been no early morning reports from Indianapolis, something a Yearbook official said would be "Unusual, considering a trade this big."  Capone said "Speculation is our job and the Yearbook started its very foundation, building a media empire, on little more than speculation at best."  Who else could be involved in such a massive deal, with one source using the term "Monster trade" to describe this deal. Sources say Portland (Vinnie) should be involved at some point, but it would be very difficult to get a "Blockbuster" out of Portland as the players just don't warrant a massive deal.  Is Matthews then the player involved in this deal?  We believe Matthews is traded.  Saturday the rest of the NHLP will have the official answer.


 Hertl and Kapanen Newest Avs

GM Chad knew all along who he wanted and he got them both.  "I love what we have done in a simple Waiver, our playoff team got much stronger" said GM Chad.  The GM was excited Kapanen was available in the minors once saying "I can't believe my fortune."  Hertl has a point a game and Kase was added to make the numbers work.  The Avs drafted so well that they have to drop playoff players like Killorn and Wennberg just to improve.  Keller who the GM said he thought would have much more points at this point was the third player going down.  Colorado now has three Sharks, two Jets to go along with Kapanen.  "This is a team with the valued Scheifele" said Muddy Capone, "We are sure the CTR will love them when the rankings come out."


  Huge Point Gain Again

For the third time this week GM's used the Waiver to make huge gains of over a dozen points each pick.  GM Andrew added 14 points in Chicago, adding Reinhart, McDonagh, McDonagh and Hischier.  The Blackhawks are loaded with playoff players including three Tampa Bay Lightning players to go along with Tavares.  "You can never have enough playoff players" said Andrew who admitted there comes a point when the Minors don't have players off top teams, as he feels the Bolts are, at which time you have to pay heavy within to get these players.  "Grab them while you can for free from the Minors and trade them for points if needed" said the GM about his strategy.  His methods do work, he has won more Cups than any other GM.  Now in first place in the Division the GM can begin work to build something stronger still, not uncommon at all for any team Andrew is at the helm of.  The GM works each Waiver, spending more time than all others, just waiting to pounce on a steal of a deal that often only come available during the Waivers.  As usual many GM's fear early movement, while the GM's like Andrew are stockpiling assets that end with dream teams come the seasons end.  On Friday, GM Chad who has a dream team of his own started has another Waiver, the fourth in the past 6 days.


Canes and Rangers Lose Bergeron

A month is a long time for any player to be out, but missing your top point producer hurts ever worse.  GM's Joel and Charlie in Carolina and in New York both lose Bergeron for four weeks.  The Rangers are already in last place, so this injury will be a little more daunting for the Big Apple squad.  Charlie's Rangers have had injuries to almost every player in the lineup, but none this long until now.  On Monday GM Tyson in Hamilton also lost Trocheck for an extended period of time.


Calgary Adds Tkachuk, Gains 13

GM Jr made his Waiver pick in Calgary, adding 13 points on the night including the highly touted Tkachuk.  The NHL Flames are flying and with a four point night the NHLP Flames could not resist.  GM Jr was forced into using the Waiver after a Waiver night injury to Trocheck, who certainly appears to be out several months.  Also added were Kapanen, Hyman and Lammikko, who also had a four point night.  Chicago (Andrew) has the Wednesday Waiver and Colorado (Chad) and Halifax (Shawn) also have picks on Friday and Saturday.


Hartford Makes Three Deals and Six for Six

It was a busy time for GM Andrew this weekend.  Hartford made a six player drop after three trades.  The Whalers gained 14 points in the pick, adding Duchene, Atkinson, Dubois, Dumba, B. Tkachuk and Jarnkrok who had his last ever career hat trick on Saturday.  "I hope Columbus is for real" said Andrew who did quite well considering the team was struggling this season, still without a single point from the first round pick, while other GM's have at least 20 from that spot.  The NHLP sees it's only Monday Waiver of the year next with Calgary (Jr) picking and then andrew has another Waiver this week.


Cleveland Trades Arvidsson

In a deal full on condtions (see chart lower on page), Cleveland (Tyson) has traded Arvidsson to Edmonton (Scott) for Barrie.  The teams placed conditions upon dates of Arvidsson's return as well as his point totals compared to Barrie at taht time.  "I think we both feel we covered ourselves" said GM Tyson who was put in a bad spot with the injury.  For Edmonton they added a piece they felt they could carry while Arvidsson is out, maybe missing from 20 to 30 more games.  The GM's ensured that if he came back early, or late, or if Barrie tanks or gets hot, conditional picks would help compensate whatever happens.  In another trade this morning Hartford (Andrew) added Palmieri from Indianapolis (Matt) for Monahan.

Arvidsson Conditionally Traded?

A report has been circulated this morning saying Arvidsson has unofficially been traded.  "We are still having the lawyers look at all the details of the deal" said a GM involved in the deal, but asking to not be named until the deal is official.  Muddy Capone said he hasn't seen a deal with this many conditions since the early 90's.  "No trade can ever match the 16 player, eight GM deal" Capone said, "But there is a lot of moving parts to this deal.  We have to understand the full deal and look into the details further before we can announce what actually is happening."  GM's must announce the deal with accuracy and the league must ensure everything that has been provided lines up.  Arvidsson is gone from 6 to 8 weeks for both Cleveland (Tyson) and Dallas (Jr), GM's who both love the art of the deal.  Stay tune for official word on this complicated deal.


GM's Chad and Andrew Involve Four Teams

GM's Chad and Andrew made two separate deals on Saturday, hours after GM Matt dropped the injured McAvoy for van Riemsdyk in an Injury Pick.  On his Waiver team in Hartford Andrew added Marchasseault in a trade with Chad's Pittsburgh team for E. Staal.  After that the GM's were at it again with Andrew adding Barrie in L.A. for Barkov of Chad's in Toronto.  With Hartford 12 back of 4th as of Sunday morning it is believed the GM will make a 6 for 6, point gain, keeping only Nylander.  If there were offers for Nylander, the GM isn't saying.  Nylander now has 14 days to sign, be traded or sit the season, each of which seems as likely at this point as unlikely.  The Hartford Waiver on Saturday will kick off a stretch of 5 Waivers in 8 days as the Waivers, and trading, should start ramping up within the league as the teams pass the quarter mark on the season. 


Thornton Joins the Icemen

For GM Matt he got some relief from his long list of injuries, with more on Saturday if the GM decides to go that route.  With an injury pick on Friday, Indianapolis dropped Shultz and added the Sharks Thornton.  On Saturday McAvoy is available for pick up prior to the Whaler Waiver which apparently might be moved by GM Andrew.


Whalers Moving Waiver?

GM Andrew might just have a new plan.  Rumors are circulating that the GM is shopping the Waiver, if he can unload his bottom two players sources say.  "Demand for the Waiver could be high" said Muddy Capone, but what does Andrew feel is worthy of moving the Waiver for Matha and Perreault.  That is what it comes down to.  If Hartford gets an attractive enough offer for those two players, the GM with the Waiver can now drop those two players for any replacements.  It is an interesting possibility after just acquiring the Waiver.  We do expect some trades today. 


Condition Edmonton Gives Cleveland Gives
1A - Return Dates - December None None
1B - January 1st to January 15th   5th #158 - 173
1C - After January 15th*   2nd #51 - 67
7th #230 - 236
2A - Barrie only ahead 17 or less upon return 3rd #80 - 88  
2B - Barrie ahead 22 or more upon return   4th #126 - 133
6th #198 - 205
3A - Colorado not a Playoff Team upon return 4th #110 - 123  
*Only if Barrie has 18 or more points and Colorado a playoff team.  If not only 1B applies


Blues Advance to Round Two - Look to Now Own Sharks

With the possibility of losing his Cup Holder Pool team, Shawn won and advanced two round two of the playoffs.  His Blues get right back at it in a remach of a game just 8 nights ago.  Shawn had to win that game, or Henry would have owned the Blues.  Ironically the tables are now turned and Shawn can not only take over the lead in the pool, but also have two teams in the second round, claiming Henry's Sharks with a win Saturday.  If Shawn keeps winning after that, he can also own Chad's Kings just next game as well, moving to three teams and leading the pool.  With a win tonight Henry would keep his Sharks, as well as be alive and well, being the first team to advance to the Semi-Finals of the playoffs.  If the Sharks win tonight, Henry can be as few as four wins away from winning the entire pool outright.  "This should really be called the Cut-Throat Pool" said Muddy Capone, "Henry can go to the Semi-Finals or not even own his Sharks anymore, becoming the first member to have to pick an expansion team.  That is what is on the line tonight."


Arvidsson Smarts in South
Arvidsson is gone for up to 8 weeks, hurting two NHLP teams in the same division.  South Division foes in Dallas (Jr) and Cleveland (Tyson) will be affected by this long term injury, from 20 to 27 games to either the end of December or to mid January.  Arvidsson will have a great value in a trade later, maybe easily overcoming anything he losses the GM's, but it will likely be for a non-playoff type player in return.  If you have to trade him, that is a part of your playoff team, so the injury does hurt.  For Jr he has three Preds and likely won't ever part with Arvidsson, on the current best Nashville built team in the league, but being a same division rival, Tyson will likely swap Arvidsson out when the offer is right.  The Fury are 8 points out of a playoff spot, so might be forced into making a move at some point.  In another longer-term NHLP injury, Green Bay (Ryan) lost Klingberg for up to 5 weeks.  Klingberg is now expected to return days before Santa arrives.  Green Bay is 20 points clear of 5th place in the Pacific, quite easily outscoring the trio behind.


 Late Night Deal Gets it Done

There is almost always a difference of opinion in the NHLP amongst GM's.  GM Andrew said he "Paid a lot" to acquire the Saturday Waiver in St Louis (Tyson).  GM Scott stood stunned, saying "I just cannot believe he got it for nothing at all, when I would have paid so, so much more."  GM Tyson didn't wait around to hear what that official offer was, moving the Waiver well in advance of Saturday.  The GM got a January Waiver, likely on the day of the Winter Meeting, one of the least desirable, and four picks.  The picks amount to a total of 9 spots in the second round and 32 more in the fifth.  Hartford who drafted Nylander in the first round obviously has fallen well down the NHLP standings.  A major shakeup might come Saturday in what will be roster swap out with only Nylander surviving the dump, if still in Hartford at the time of the dump.  The Whale are 15 out of 4th and were in a bad shape with Nylander.  "The roster stinks worse than a two week old beached Whale" said Muddy Capone, "But trust us, there is always something smellier elsewhere on the beach."  With the average first round NHLP pick likely around 15 points at the moment, and Nylander having what amounts to two weeks remaining to either sign, get moved from Toronto and sign, or sit the entire season, GM Andrew decided now would be a good time to add assets to the team.  If Nylander signs in Toronto, getting 20 points in a deal for him will not be hard at all and that might be low end.  But that doesn't help Hartford build a winner, if only gets them back into the game.  That is why this Waiver will get the scoring needed to make it possible to even save Nylander if desired.  If Nylander, and this would be shocking, does not sign, a replacement player with 5 or less is his total worth.  Toronto will trade him if he doesn't sign, they must, but is that to a non playoff or playoff team?  Is another GM ready to step up prior to the Waiver pick and take Nylander off Andrew's hands in what could be a steal of a move?  The points Hartford gets could be a huge difference in the end product of the team, so that might be very attractive for the GM if the points his way are worth abandoning the baby Whale.  It will be fun to watch what Andrew does.  He already turned Kerfoot into Stone (then Ehlers) this season while everyone else was preparing to watch their Sunday picks perform.  While most GM's are calling it a nightie-nite at 10 PM, the undisputed king of the NHLP, is going to work building Championships and looking for Cup 7.


 They Don't Carb Load Anymore

It has been 24 years since the St Louis Blues (Tyson) ruled the NHLP.  "They were feared" said Muddy Capone about the organization ruled by mastermind GM Norman.  Yearbook after Yearbook it was all about the Blues and GM Norman back in the day.  Half the players in the NHL weren't even born then, or at least still not potty trained.  The Blues were dominating when OJ Simpson was charged with Murder, Kurt Cobain was still weeding in the Greenhouse, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie said Wedding Vows, Forrest was Forrest Gump, Friends was starting a Sitcom legend and Yahoo and Amazon were launched.  GM Tyson, while winning three NHLP Championships, has yet to figure anything out for the Blues.  Tyson has yet to give the Blues his stamp.  The team hasn't been relevant for what has now turned into decades.  OJ is now out of jail, Kurt's death still a mystery, Jackson dead, Forrest a legend, Friends the best of all time and Amazon only the biggest company in the entire world.  This seasons Blues appear no better off then all Tyson's other Blues run teams.  The 5th place team has some good chips to build around.  The Blues are led by fitness guru Gaudreau with Hertl, Josi and Ehlers all desirable kids.  The GM didn't give Capone much when the Yearbook inquired about the plans for the Waiver Saturday.  It was the typical no plan response.  Every team is open to anything, will move it, has all players available for the right price and will use it if they don't get the right response.  That is Tyson's plan.  Only when pressed for more did we get one writable tidbit.  It is hunting season.  Oh yes, and a sooner Waiver would be more attractive then one in the second half of the season, and the more games on the night, the more attractive.  Not much to work with.  Kind of like the Blues themselves.  The team is just there and we seldom notice them.  On Saturday, although we don't know it yet, something will happen that 24 years from now we might still be talking about, but it likely won't involve the St Louis Blues.  Things have changed a lot since 1994.  "Ya, they don't card load anymore either" said Muddy Capone, adding "Those meatballs back in the day were to die for."


 Halifax Strong Week

In the past three seasons only four teams now have hit 30+ points in a week.  Two seasons ago San Fran (Scott) did it while last season only the Rangers (Charlie) and Nordiques (Matt) had Big Team Weeks of 30 or more points.  The first Big Night of any kind this season belongs to GM Shawn in Halifax.  Starting this season the Big Team Night is only officially recognized with a 12+ point night, and not ten as was the case in other years.  It was ten NHLP seasons ago Halifax had the biggest team week of all time, hitting 37 points in the week.  The Destroyers, already with three Waivers this season, hit 31 this past week to extend their Atlantic Division lead to 9 points over second, 18 over fifth, while moving 28 up on the big fat Whale in last.  A team with Crosby, who wasn't much of a factor in the week with only 3, was led by Domi with 8 points.  Couturier and Krejci had 6 each while Gostibehere had 4, Draisaitl 3 and Hamilton the 31st point.  Halifax is only 12 points out of first place overall in the NHLP.  The team has the last two Waivers of November and a third in December.  It is very likely the team could use a Waiver while the Minors are plentiful, but surely the GM will have no use for three this season.  Early on, prior to the Draft, Halifax was thought to have the best shot at building the best NHLP team.  That has not changed.  If anything, the way the team is scoring, they should be able to make a huge deal with one of their Waivers when the right time comes, which could be very soon.  GM Shawn has never won an NHLP Cup, but certainly Halifax will be in the mix all season long.


Blues in Elimination Game, Again

Ryan has never won a Cup Holder game for the Cup, going 0-3 last season.  On Friday night Ryan's new team, Vegas, can not only take hold of the Cup in the Cup Holder Pool, but also take over Shawn's St Louis Blues team as well.  Shawn just took the Cup from Henry's Sharks and a win Friday by Shawn means another matchup against San Jose, where this time the tables will be turned.  It was Henry who could have taken over the Blues team by winning last game, but it would be the Blues who can take over San Jose if Shawn can win back to back games against Vegas and the Sharks.  The Pool is cut throat this season.  Although Henry is 1-1 in round two of the playoffs, anyone who plays San Jose next and beats them, will now own that team and be leading the Cup Holder Pool.  For Shawn, his Blues can advance to round two on Friday with a win, or be picking the first expansion team ever if he loses.  Every game matters and anyone can win this season, for all it takes is winning one game, at the right time, and you can take over the team that is way out in front.  Things are certainly heating up as almost every game becomes an elimination game for someone.  Good Luck Friday Boys!


 Habs Grab Gourde

GM Marcel had his sights set and didn't waver with his Waiver in Montreal.  The GM, gun in one hand and cell phone in the other, sent in a four for four Waiver adding Gourde, Krejci, Kadri and Fabbri.  "I didn't want to sacrafice Duchene and was disappointed even with a three point night nobody would take him" said Marcel.  If Duchene would have been dealt, the GM had desired to pick up Thornton instead of Fabbri.  Montreal is only 13 points out of first overall in the NHLP.  In other NHLP news GM's Joel, Ryan and Scott crossed over the 100 point threshhold, but no teams doubled up anyone this season as the last place team in Portland (Vinnie) has 61 points.


 Habs Using Waiver for Four for Four

GM Marcel dropped a note in the chat room for his fellow NHLP GM's.  He is using the Waiver on Saturday as part of a four for four player drop.  If you want in on the action of some of these hot commodities, you may have to get things done by his imposed Friday Deadline.  The GM is out killing things, legally of course, starting Saturday and his cell phone reception may not be of the best when he is a 1000 miles from nowhere.  Basically, not far from where he lives now.  Montreal stated they are dropping Duchene, Namestnikov, Doughty and Ekman-Larsson.  The demand for Duchene may be high, being one of this seasons top rated UFA's.  We can only imagine what Duchene must have said about GM Marcel upon hearing the news he was heading to the NHLP Minors.  Marcel has a long history with Duchene, having him almost yearly.  "If we only heard that recording" said Muddy Capone.  There is little doubt Duchene will never make the Minors as he will be highly sought after by a few GM's who know he might be pure gold shall he land in the right NHL city this season. 


Palat - Four More Weeks

Portland (Vinnie), who can already pick up for JVR, now has another longer injury in Palat.  The Injury Calendar was updated showing 7 players available for pick up between the 16th and 22nd.  GM Andrew may also pick any day for Nylander, but the GM is still confident the Maple Leafs will have him in their lineup by December 1st, just over three weeks away. 


Nords Shake Things Up in Big Way

A huge NHLP deal went down Sunday as GM Matt starts reacting to all going on around him this season.  "What a miserable start to the season" Matt said, referring to an endless run of key injuries.  Earlier in the day Matt's Indianapolis team dropped one such injured player, Stastny, for a replacement in Jones.  Then in Quebec, Ehlers was shipped out of town to Los Angeles (Andrew) for Stone.  "He was just too slow" said Matt about Ehlers horrible start to the season.  Ehlers who had 60 points last season was off to a 5 points in 14 game start, coming in at minus 7.  Matt thinks he did very well adding Stone, who outscored Ehlers last season with 62 points, in only 58 games, 24 games less then what Ehlers played.  Stone is a plus player this season in Ottawa with 13 points in 14 games and his UFA status make him potentially one of the NHL's biggest trades the league could see if it happens.  It seems unlikely Ottawa will pay upwards of $7 million long term for Stone, while in a rebuild, so Matt should have a playoff guy out of the deal.  Matt's three teams, all in last, are almost a combined 30 points out of fourth in their Divisions.  "I am open for business" said the GM, "Don't think anyone is untouchable, but they won't be cheap" said the GM sitting with names such as Matthews, Subban, Stone, Backstrom and McAvoy.


Winning the Right Games

Henry's Cup Holder team San Jose won three straight games for the Cup against Nashville, Anaheim and Philadelphia.  In-between those games were loses to Carolina, NY Rangers and Columbus, all expansion teams not currently in the pool.  "He just won the right three of the six games" said Muddy Capone who is following the Cup Holder Pool this season.  Henry can now advance to the third round of the Cup Holder, starting a perfect 4-0 with a win Friday against St Louis (Shawn).  Shawn comes in 0-1, so a loss will mean he will be the first person to lose his team and have to select another team from the expansion list.  Henry would be the first to have two teams and be four wins away from winning it all.  A San Jose win Friday will then put Henry in a rematch against Nashville (Scottie) who would be in a must win, or Henry would also add his third team if he wins back to back.  Before the Blues on Friday the Sharks have throw-away, warm-up games, against expansion teams Minnesota and Dallas, that will likely end in Shark's loses the way Henry's team is playing this out.  If Shawn's Blues stave off elimination Friday, they will be 1-1 in round one, having to face yet another elimination game against Vegas (Ryan).  Things are already tense and every game is huge in the Cup Holder this season.  If you hold that Cup and let it go, you just might not play for it again this season.


"I Do a Lot of Crazy Things" - GM Scott

His quote likely says it all.  GM Scott kicked off the NHLP Waiver season with a 6 for 6, after making three trades that including draft picks coming to the Edmonton Oil.  "I do a lot of crazy things" the GM stated, "The same story, when they go my way, we end with something memorable."  The GM noted he hasn't won in Cup in five years, but can't bring himself to change what has worked in the past.  "Speaking with many GM's yesterday, they all were saying the same theme, that it was too early in the season to make a move" says Scott.  "I don't think it is ever early enough for me" the Oil GM explained, "We are 15 games in, almost a fifth of the season, and we act early and sometimes that bites us, but when it pays off, we have had dream teams."  The issue is the GM traded, or dropped Marchessault, Stone, Barrie and Terevainen, all top players on their NHL teams and added two players that weren't even drafted by anyone else.  Clearly there is a risk, big risk, and reward if things work out.  "We grabbed onto Meier and Meier because we believe in San Jose, playing in what might be the weakest division in the NHL" Scott says, "If he fades, we screwed up.  If he has came of age, like we believe he has last year with his goal scoring, this deal will help build us a powerhouse in Edmonton."  How crazy this move is, time will tell.  The NHLP Waiver season has arrived. 


It's Trading Season

Seldom does the NHLP season have a player trade prior to the days before the first Waiver of the season and this season was no different.  The first player trades will surely come today with GM Scott shopping his roster of players and having one official deal in the books the GM told the Yearbook.  "We have to wait on a few things, but we do have a deal with GM Matt unless we grab more picks elsewhere by 7 PM" said Scott.  The Waivers are a time when the league sees action.  Many times teams need points and good players are available and traded on Waiver nights that don't get traded on other nights.  Opportunities are often missed by GM's who aren't aware of what is happening on Waiver nights.  The NHLP Yearbook always posts a teams intentions when we know them a day in advance of the Waiver.  Other times on a Waiver night a GM will move a player for Draft Picks, if they can be acquired for a player who is only about to be in the Minors.  As for Scott he sent out a league wide email stating only Hall was not moving today.  It has been a full month since the season started and with the NHLP and NHL standings starting to take shape, GM's now look to start to slowly build their teams a piece by piece all season long.

Nords Add Tuch

GM Matt dropped JVR in Quebec and added Tuch who has 5 points in 5 games.  The Nords have six players with six points or less and are still 17 points out of 5th place in the Atlantic Division.  Without Kane there is no telling how bad the team would be.  The Nordiques have 46 points and are the lowest scoring team in the NHLP.


  Matt First With the JVR's

Although JVR is skating again he is only on track to return in mid-November, meaning he can be put in the NHLP Minors today by both GM's Matt and Vinnie.  Matt is off to a slow start and all points could be important as the replacement is a player up to 5 points for each GM.  Matt, being lower in the Pecking Order has the first pick by 6 PM today and Vinnie will need to possibly pick a backup if he is replacing JVR and Matt steals his first choice.


Marleau and Galchenyuk Both Gone

GM's wasted no time today picking their injury picks well early in the day.  "I think they both (GM's Vinnie and Marcel) wanted to go trick-or-treating" said Muddy Capone.  GM Vinnie latched onto Marleau while Marcel took ex-Habitant Galchenyuk.  Both Marleau and Glachenyuk are now in the NHLP twice each.


Trick of Treat?

The Atlantic City Gamblers (Vinnie) may select a replacement player for Tolvanen up to 5 points Wednesday by 6 PM.  GM Marcel in Florida has the nights second injury pick for Kase, so must send in two picks if his first choice is only in the NHLP Minors one time.  Under league rules the GM lower in the pecking order, this time Vinnie, picks first.  So if both GM's sent in the same player, Vinnie would get that player and Marcel would only also get that player if he was in the Minors twice.  If Marcel did not have a backup, he could be pushed a day.  As for Tolvanen he was sent to the minors by Nashville, in the hopes he learns to play on a smaller ice surface.  He has an interesting clause in his contract that allows him to, at any point after playing ten games in the AHL, go back to the KHL.  Nashville hopes he stays.  So far he has, playing in 11 games with 7 points and a minus 2 with Milwaukee.  If his game turns for the better, or if Nashville gets some injuries, it is very likely he is one of the first to join the big league team.  For Vinnie, the option now is easy as Tovanen appears closer to the KHL then NHL at this very moment, but later in the season he just might be a steal for an astute NHLP GM.


Two-Time Winner Added

GM Tyson certainly knows the type of player needed to win in the NHLP.  With his options plentiful, able to add any player in the NHL with 5 points or under, the GM selected two-time NHLP Champion Smith from Nashville.  "You need a player like him, someone you know can run deep" said Tyson.  Smith won in 2016 with GM Chad's Toronto team and again with our most recent Champs in Memphis (Jr). Smith was the first injury pick in what could be a busy week with five other picks scheduled prior to the Saturday Waiver that kicks off the Waiver season, with two more picks Sunday.


   Perry Pick Comes Today

The Hamilton Hitmen (Tyson) will likely pick a player up to five points today in what should be the first injury pick of the season.  Hamilton is only 7 points out of first in the Atlantic and a nice player for Perry will surely help the strength of the team moving forward.  As per league rules, Tyson will have until 6 PM to pick or will be pushed back a full day, having to use the stats of a later day if he doesn't pick today.


 Matthews Gone Four Weeks

The Indianapolis Icemen (Matt) has adopted a new team emblem.  "We have asked the league for permission to change our logo to the Swiss Flag" said GM Matt half-heartedly.  The Team is only four points out of a playoff spot and with almost half the team gone.  Matthews will join Schultz and Stastny with the red-cross beside their Office Pools name, the toughest injury to take so far for the Icemen.  Matt continues to be hit hard with injuries.  No GM is facing such a difficult start to the season.  Matthew's number won't be extremely low even after missing 12 games as his start was razor sharp.  If he does have a lower then expected number, this will only make for a bigger trade if Matt even goes that route later in the season.


A Storybook Non-Farwell?

GM Joel says he has these nightmares, "As I am driving into the office I pass the sign for Bury Island" the GM says, "And when I get to work, we traded all our Waivers for the next three years."  It is a very weird position to say the very least.  After eight years of petitioning the NHLP to move the franchise from Carolina to Barrie Island, the BOG finally approved the move this offseason.  Of course, there is one condition.  The Barrie Island 1/2 Change Stumblers will officially join the NHLP during the draft of the leagues 30th anniversary, a Draft held in Barrie Island.  Everything is set.  Well, except one very minute detail.  The league will only allow the move if Carolina does not win the NHLP Championship this season.  Seems an unfair spot for the leagues top producing team to be in.  Pulling away from the pack the Hurricanes now have 18 points to work with in the leagues East Division and with Galchenyuk just playing his first game last night, the 60 point team finally has a full seven players.  For the dream move to occur, Joel must ensure his team with Bergeron, Panarin, Carlson, basically stacked already, doesn't win.  The fans of the Hurricanes want the team to go for it this season, at all costs, not caring about a future that doesn't exist anyhow, unless the team wins it all.  They want the team to empty the tank, trading Waivers and Picks to build a team that brings home that Cup.  Joel, a 12 season veteran GM, wants to win a Cup, but knows if he does this year in Carolina, the move will never take place.  The league has made it clear, winning teams can't relocate.  If Carolina wins, Joel can't move Vancouver, so would have to reapply with Buffalo, something league insiders are saying could take at least five plus years to approve.  So how will this all play out.  Will the Canes throw the season away or go for it, risking Barrie Island, a true hockey hotbed, sits franchise less for at least five more years.  This could turn into the story of the season in the NHLP.  Carolina is good.  Really good.  Does Joel have any desire to make them better?  The teams fans, well the current ones, hope so.  The rest of the fans, the future ones, they hope Joel decides to tank.  Cup.  Barrie Island.  Cup.  Barrie Island.  There is a 1/2 Chance, this could go either way.


Cough Due to Cold

The media is hanging around like outside the courthouse at another Steven Avery court papers filing.  Nylander missed the morning practice in Austrian and we don't know why.  TSN has the story as their leading hockey news of the day while SN is right there with an article just below the cover story.  "He may have a cough due to cold" said Muddy Capone, "But it could be much bigger news."  GM Andrew said he is aware of the news story but isn't getting to excited just yet.  The GM said he didn't even bother to see who was available at 5 points on Monday when he could have picked and said he didn't receive any official offers.  Andrew feels if Nylander signs he could be one of this seasons biggest trades if moved in the NHLP, something no one could argue with as his number will be ultra attractive.  Already a couple NHLP teams have 20 points to move, so it isn't out of the realm a Nylander could fetch a number around 30.


  Scottie Goes for 10th All-time Win

The Cup Holder pools returns with a big game for Scottie tonight in Nashville.  His Preds could go 2-0, advancing to the second round of the playoffs.  Scottie is going for his 10th career win, something no other person has done in the two years of the pool.  Everyone wants his Preds and just a loss means someone can take them over in his next game.  Henry tonight looks to go to 1-0 in his first appearance of the season and get a chance in his dream matchup versus Heather.  Henry has the Sharks and many believe they could be one of the NHL's best teams after getting Karlsson to start the season.  One of these teams will suffer a huge loss tonight in round one, making the next game for the loser an elimination game.


Boston - First to 50

GM Ryan is having a great start to the season, having the first two overall teams and the first to top 50 points on the young season.  Boston moved passed the first high point milestone on Saturday and ended at 53, over twice the lowest team in the league in Cincinnati (Matt) who did cross the 25 point mark, but still got doubled up.  The NHLP scoring is up, although no teams have hit a 12 point night.  GM Scott did have all three teams hitting 8 each on Saturday for a 24 point night, just four off tying GM Chad's 2013 record of 28 points between his three teams in a night.  The NHL scoring has been up this season across the league and there is little indication this year it will come below last season, although it will drop somewhat when teams start playing defensive systems.

Nylander Picked Up?

Today is the first day of the NHLP season a GM can pick up, with the next pick not until the 29th.  GM Andrew can decide to take a 5 point player for Nylander today.  He might be interested in trading Nylander as well so we do expect at least some offers come his way today in Hartford who are tied for last in the Atlantic Division but only 8 points out of first place.


Fabbri and Tolvanen Added

For whatever reasons Office Pools did not have Fabbri (Quebec, Matt) and Tolvanen (Atlantic City, Vinnie) shown as injured players.  So we missed them.  They have since been added to the Injury Calendar.  All GM's are reminded that the onus is on each GM to ask for their players to be on the Injury Calendar and to know when they pick.  If at any time a player is missed or a GM was unaware they pick, that is on the GM.  "We do try and ensure we get all the players correct and give GM's a heads up, but sometimes players slip by" said Muddy Capone about the process.  If and when you notice errors, including often Player Tracking or a completely missed Transaction, kindly just let us know and we will correct anything as soon as possible.  It just makes everything better for everyone if the info all shows correct.


9 for 9

McDavid set an NHL record, one that is hard to imagine anyone setting.  He has been in on every Edmonton goal to start their season, 9 for 9.  It is incredible to ever be in on any nine straight goals, let alone the teams very first nine after playing four games.  GM Marcel selected McDavid in the number two spot in the NHLP draft after GM Vinnie went with Kucherov.  The Oilers have only played in four games this season, about half of Toronto, so it will be interesting to see if McDavid can catch Matthews, or at least how long it will take.  McDavid is currently 7 points back with three games at hand and averaging 2.25 PPG while Matthews is at 2.29.  Clearly the Oilers don't have the fire power of Toronto and Edmonton is looking like they may struggle again this season, while the betting man wouldn't bet against the Leafs not making the NHL playoffs.  Ten for ten is a nice number and we would take that bet of it happening.


14 Players Added to Injury Page

The injury pickups are fast and furious when they start.  Of the 14 players added to the Injury Calendar, 11 of those players may be picked up for by the time the first Waiver of the season is picked on November 3rd.  "With so many great players in the Minors off to starts under five point, most of these injury picks might be used" said Muddy Capone.  The most interesting one, which maybe isn't interesting at all, is GM Andrew with Nylander on October 21st.  That is very early to be able to pick up to five points.  Andrew will surely keep Nylander, in hopes he signs with the Leafs.  However, there are a huge number of potential replacements this early with 5 points.  If Andrew passes, the opportunity will be lost for good, considering the options on the 21st.  If Nylander holds out another 6 weeks there is a signing deadline of December 1st, at which point Toronto will likely trade Nylander by then as come December 1st, Nylander cannot play in the NHL this season.  Nylander is asking Draisaitl numbers, about $8 to $8.5 million per season and the Leafs are coming in two million lower (according to everything we are reading anyhow).  Nylander is asking for a long-term contract, not a bridge deal that apparently the Leafs would prefer.  So you might think he is under pressure to sign, for he is losing $40K a day, maybe $2 million in total by December 1st.  Is he though, under pressure?  If he adds an extra million per year over 7 years, he will be a big winner.  If he sticks to his guns and adds $2 million, he will have played Dubas perfectly.  The Leafs are begging their players to take hometown discounts.  The issue is Nylander was born in Calgary and spends his summers in Sweden.  He isn't Tavares.  Also, Matthews is going to ask McDavid numbers, say $14 million per season.  Where is the discount there?  There isn't one and there shouldn't be one either.  So if Nylander signs with Toronto, Andrew makes the right call keeping him.  If he gets traded, to a non-playoff team, say the Rangers, having a zero point, non-playoff Elite player, worth no value in the NHLP, in December will likely kill Hartford's season.  The Whaler GM likely didn't expect Nylander not playing by now.  In two more games he has a decision to make.  Most GM's likely would not even consider it a decision at all.  A few might, after seeing who they can replace Nylander with on the 21st.  One way or the other, Hartford's entire season will play out with what happens to Nylander, by Hartford and Toronto.


 Ice Bag Men

The good news is the Indianapolis Icemen have 37 points and are only two points shy of the most points in the NHLP.  The bad news is 30% of the roster is now gone two to four months.  "I have never been hit this hard" said GM Matt, "I guess we were due."  The Icemen have lost both Schultz and Stastny, but this isn't where it ends for GM Matt.  Quebec has JVR out until mid-November and Cincinnati is missing both Patrick and Schwartz for another week.  The GM is already lacking a Waiver in Indy and says the team will have to mortgage their future to save the season.  "I will have to drop these guys when they come due, I just can't hang on them missing 25 or more games each" Matt said.  It is true all GM's go through these injury streaks.  Stastny started with a zero, so will be a five point gain, a small consolation for the GM.  With the Icemen fast start the team could be worse off, "It could have been Matthews gone for two months, or the season" said Muddy Capone about the NHLP's most valuable player with 16 points in just 7 games.  True, it can always be worse.


  Just Five Left

Up until after Sunday's game GM Joel had three teams all averaging over a point per game through the first 30 games per team to start the season.  "It is a maddening pace, totally unsustainable" said Muddy Capone of GM Joel's start.  Now Joel and GM Ryan have two each of the remaining five still on the PPG pace as a team, while not surprisingly, GM Matt has the final of the five.  There are also five NHLP teams at the bottom, struggling ugly to reach the 0.60 PPG, a low water mark that usually leaves a team out of the NHLP playoffs, and set for regulation to another Division.  Slow starting players are always part of every team, but when your team has five to seven slow starting players, maybe your team is just bad to begin with.  The race is now on this week for the first 50 point team of the season (high being 38) and what teams down below will be doubled up at this early point of the season (still 24 teams below 25 points).


    Knights - Lights Out

They are who we thought they were.  The Green Bay Knights (Ryan) can score.  With the teams injured Brown now back skating, the team will get a further boost to its already deadly attack.  Every Knights player is averaging at least a point per game, with the team at 1.60 PPG after 20 games, over twice what is considered outstanding.  "To have six players all getting a point a game, even just after at least three games each, is insanely good" said Muddy Capone.  Voracek leads the team with 8, followed closely by Tkachuk 7 and Benn 6.  Green Bay has already opened up a 20 point lead over 5th and a 14 point lead over 2nd in the Pacific Division.  You can never have enough points, ever, in the NHLP.  Teams with points often end up with dream teams later in the season when star Elite players start to become available.  With this Knights team having outscored the field last year, versus all current teams, we have no reason to believe they will slow up at all.  GM Ryan is going to have a great opportunity this season, but the pressure is squarely on to make all the right moves and build Green Bay into a Cup threat.


Wild Side

GM Joel pointed out that there was a side missing.  GM Jr through out Matthews at 80 points or less on September 20th (first September 14th), and GM Joel jumped on it.  "Since it has now been posted, I think 8 more GM's have now taken Matthews over 80" said Muddy Capone, "Hell, I am in as well."  Of course Jr will have to be OK with these new bets, which seems unlikely now that Matthews only needs 71 points in 78 games to top the mark.  If anyone else knows of any other Sides that were missed, please advise so we can get them in the site.


Out With the Caps - In With the Leafs

A new NHL team has taken over the top ten in NHL scoring.  The Toronto Maple Leafs have four players in the top ten, including the expected Matthews (Indy, Matt) and the unexpected Rielly (Portland, Vinnie, Memphis, Jr), both now with 10 points in four games.  After a very exhausting search of Google, we were unable to find a Leaf that ever lead the league in points.  No Maple Leaf ever won the Art Ross (since it was awarded first in 1947-48).  Finally, running a point total of every year in the NHL.com website showed Gordie Drillon in 1937-38 beating teammate Sly Apps 52-50 and being the last Leaf in history to lead the league in points.  Hey, a couple NHL teams still have only played ONE GAME (including Connor McDavid), but you can't help but think already maybe this is the year it happens again.  The Leafs have 20 goals in 4 games.  The only negative to the Leafs start this season is they have also allowed 17 goals.  "We have a scoring league" stated Muddy Capone, "The Leafs likely won't go far if they don't get their goals against under control, but GM's will love owning every Leaf they can if the team continues scoring at this pace."  What is more amazing is Nylander is catching the hilights of all these goals, and must be thinking he too could be off to a career year start.  This makes it easy for the Leafs to just ignore him (which I am sure they ain't), let him lose another $40K a day in wages while at the same time push the envelop closer to where he asks for a trade.  The Leafs don't have a young team, not by NHL standards, so they can hardly afford to have a young player like Nylander ask for a trade.  Right now everything is going great for the Leafs and the GM's who own them all.  



It isn't the news you hope for after just two games into the season.  GM's Matt (Quebec) and Vinnie (Portland) received news van Riemsdyk is gone 5 to 6 weeks.  Both NHLP teams were off to second place starts in their respective Divisions.  The 5 to 6 week frame will mean about 15 to 20 games missed, costing each GM about 10 to 15 points in the standings.  With the Flyers fully expected to have a playoff season the GM's will be able to only hang onto their injured player.  The lone bright spot to early season injuries is the players become more attractive in later trades with their lower numbers, opening up many potential future trades if points are needed by either team.  The NHLP Injury Page Calendar is updated with dates and Waiver and will fill in next week with the first known injury picks of the season.


 GM Ryan - Great First Five Days

It is always nice to get out of the gates quickly.  GM Ryan has 49 points between his three teams, almost triple that of GM Chad who has just 17 points to start and GM's Scott and Shawn with 19.  While five NHLP teams don't have 5 points after five days, GM Ryan almost has that many players with five including Pettersson, Oshie, Tkachuck and Benn.  "I thought we had a great draft" said Ryan, "I was happy with many of the picks, but we will see who keeps scoring and who might fade."  While Miami (Charlie) is out of the gate with a league leading 19 points, Green Bay (Ryan) was expected to be high scoring and is second at 18, along with Boston (Ryan) and Indianapolis (Matt).  The lowly Philadelphia Flyer only have 2 points to start the season, with 6 players yet to get a single point.  "Great starts are awesome to have" said Muddy Capone, "The teams to hit 50 first usually are going to be your highest scoring teams for the first half."  Points are where it is at.  GM's with points can do so much as the season unfolds.  Points for early Waivers can make unstoppable teams if GM's can cut the ties with high point getting starters, something many GM's struggle with.  "The game starts right now" says Capone, "GM's are already looking at (NHL) teams and trying to decide if they are strong, playoff strong, or going to have a long season."  Players on non-playoff teams are useless in the NHLP, other than for acquiring the best assets with those useless players points.  GM's with the most points often win those bidding battles and so far, GM Ryan could not ask for a better five days out of the gate.


Caps 13 Goals Scored Only Good for 1-0-1 Start

If you look at the NHL season leader in points, 5 of the top 6 players are all Capitals players, combining for 19 points between the five of them.  It is good to have Washington players after game two of play, even though scoring 13 and allowing 7 in two games is only good for a 1-0-1 record.  Oshie who finds himself in Boston (Ryan) and Miami (Charlie) is off to a 5 point start through two games, picking up were he left off in last years playoffs where he had 21 points, 11 on the power play, in just 24 playoff games as the Capitals won their first ever NHL Stanley Cup.  NHLP GM's didn't exactly load up on Capitals during the draft with only 7 total players, including 3 of those Elites, in the NHLP to start the season.  All the taken players are those top 5 in scoring and the highest scoring player in the Minors is Orpik with two points, so the GM's made the right choices.  If the Capitals continue to score at this rate, it is safe to say you will never get one this season, as they will be incredibly hard to pry from the hands of the GM's who drafted them.


    How Good is Pettersson?

It already seems GM Ryan made a sensational pick in the 7th round, while other GM's may regret now, not grabbing this kid themselves.  How good is Pettersson?  He won the Swedish Hockey Leagues (SHL) Rookie of the Year, Best Player Award, Forward of the Year, Playoff MVP and Player of the Year, just last year.  He scored 56 points in 44 games and was plus 27.  His record for most points in a season by a rookie was previously held by Kent Nilsson back in 1975.  He had 19 more points and was plus 17 in just 13 playoff games.  That is a great two-way game.  His Playoff MVP was the first time in the SHL's history that a player had received every single vote, an unanimous decision.  Other winners of the SHL Rookie of the Year were William Karlsson, Hedman, Backstrom, Hornqvist, Eriksson, and Zetterberg, who had 46 points in 47 games when he won the award (less points in more games).  "That is some awesome company" said Muddy Capone of the list of past winners, "Almost everyone on that list is an NHLP star, even Elite player."   Pettersson wasted little time getting his first NHL goal in game one of what will likely be a great career.  After leading the Canucks in pre-season points he now leads Ryan's Bruins, a team already with MacKinnon, Johansen, Josi and Oshie.  Anytime you get a high scoring 7th rounder, it really makes for the start of a potentially great season.  Although most would say the Canucks will not be a playoff team, making it unlikely the other Pettersson is a 'sought after' Waiver commodity, with his expected scoring he will surely make his way into the NHLP twice this season.  Once again, GM Ryan found a gem in the draft that many others will soon come to regret not picking themselves.


Two Sides to Every Side

Only two NHLP Sides where made this season.  Many GM's got their asses handed to them last season by GM Jr's sheer dominance and are backing away from challenging the 23 year veteran, who clearly is on his game.  "Nobody wants to go against Jr" said Muddy Capone, "We don't blame them."  Jr being "Back" is a scary thing for GM's who were easily beating him for a stretch close to 10 years.  Jr may have had his best season ever last season and while there are NHLP GM's not afraid of any challenge, others have came right out and said no thanks.  Jr is trying to be the first GM to win back to back NHLP Cups for the first time since 1993-94, which occurred before the veteran was even in the league.  "It is a goal of mine to do it (this season)" Jr previously told Muddy Capone, "I am going to win back to back" was the GM's response to question #1 of the NHLP's '21 Questions' leading up to the start of the season. 


Nylander Starts Missing Games

GM Andrew has high expectations of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The GM also agreed that Toronto must take a hard stance with Nylander in his contract negotiaions as they have more players to sign in the coming years, to build a dynatsty.  With Marner coming next, and surely going to ask for more than whatever Nylander gets, the Toronto GM Dubas is walking a fine, delicate line.  "One of the bigger reasons Tavares signed in Toronto" according to an article yesterday on Sportsnet, was that Dubas would keep the big four players in Toronto together.  Dubas said he would.  Andrew's Whalers are hardly in panic mode.  As long as Toronto is winning Nylander's NHLP stock will be through the roof, allowing Andrew to gain as many as 30 points in a late season move if he needs to get some points in the standings.  The biggest issue with Nylander sitting long term is it becomes unlikely Hartford can carry him the entire way, and still build a strong team around him.  With each win by the Leafs, it is helping Dubas in his role to have Nylander come down to the number that gets a deal done.  If the Leafs start tanking, which is hard to fathom, Nylander can continue to ask his asking price.  For now teams in the Atlantic will try and stay ahead of Hartford for if they cannot, Nyalnder missing another 10 games won't have any affect on how the Whalers have to play out the season later.  All eyes are following this situation and as long as it doesn't get personal, Nylander should be back in a Leafs uniform before Hartford starts to feel the pressure.


19 Entries to Cup Holder Pool

Scott won the Cup Holder Pool last season with Winnipeg and launches the season on Thursday versus Shawn's lone entry this season in St Louis.  This season the Cup Holder Pool has 19 entries with late stragglers still being excepted by first games tomorrow.  "It is wide open under this format" said Scott.  If a team loses a second game in any round, that person loses their team to the person who beats them and must re-enter with a team not chosen.  "So what we are going to see is a very constant shuffling of teams" Scott says, "The teams that start won't be owned by those same people, likely starting by the end of October where almost every game will mean you are capturing someone else's team."  If any team wins all four rounds, they win it all.  What might happen is a team might make round three or four and suffer their second loss of that round, and that person loses that team to another person.  The new format should make every game more tense, not just the very final game of the season.  If anyone would like an additional team, the deadline closes at 7 PM Wednesday.


Browner Downer

GM Ryan's Green Bay Knights will start the season without the services of their sixth round pick, Brown from Los Angeles.  "I thought he was a steal in the sixth round" said Ryan of the 61 point man who averaged 0.75 PPG last season.  Ryan was not the only NHLP GM who suffered preseason losses as GM's Tyson, Vinnie and Joel also lost players who will all vie for the first injury pick of the season.  Brown who broke a finger sounds like he could be out up to 8 weeks, making him hard to hang onto if the prognosis ends that badly for the Knights.  Green Bay did draft an NHLP high 446 points from their seven players, so if the team comes out of the gates flying and the Kings are winning, Ryan might just hang onto Brown if he considers him an asset.  The puck is about to drop on the NHLP season in 48 hours and all GM's are excited that hockey is back for a new NHLP season.


Perry First Injury Pick?

We are still a week from puck drop on the season but the NHLP injury Calendar is already starting to fill up.  GM Tyson in will have to wait for Anaheim to play 12 games into the season before replacing Perry with a player up to 5 points.  Perry is gone 5 months.  "Many GM's have used this injury rule, drafting injured players, almost as a loop hole" said Muddy Capone, "So GM Tyson should make out ok."  Although Tyson did not draft Perry as an injured person, this injury will have that same affect.  With so many great players in rounds 5 through 7 of the NHLP draft all in the Minors once each, Tyson will only need to find one slow starter as a Perry replacement.  Other GM's getting injury news were GM's Vinnie and Joel.  Vinnie got the new Tolvanen has been sent to the AHL while Joel lost Jones for four to six weeks.


Who Can Score?

The CTR took a look at the recent draft to make some predictions about the coming season.  "We have never done this before" said Muddy Capone who oversees the NHLP Yearbook, who is responsible for the CTR (Cup Threat Ratings).  The beloved CTR is basically the power rankings of the NHLP teams, based on a complex formula which tries to accomplish the impossible, predicting which teams are the best of the best and other teams that might not be so.  To the CTR's credit, if your team is ranked higher, for the most part, those are better teams then the lower ones.  Trying to say who is exactly number one and who is exactly 36 is more difficult then saying clearly the number one is great and that number 36 overall team is dead in the water.  Without the NHL and NHLP standings, their is no CTR, so we aren't predicting strength here but more of what teams can score and what teams look like they may struggle to score.  Of course injuries will change this drastically.  Also, who is to know with any certainly what players will have those career years and which will regress from past results, which is solely what we base our projections on.  Many rookies were drafted and are they set for Keller like 65 point years, or will they struggle and not even make the teams opening roster?  As much as we may predict things, the first Waivers start only one month in, and each Waiver can drastically turn a team around, just as every other transaction a team makes does.  Some good and some bad.  So many unknowns factor in, but this isn't going to stop us from sharing what we see.  Here is a breakdown after analyzing the 2018-19 NHLP Draft.

If you would like to see first hand what this looks like, log into Office Pools nhlp1718 (last year) which has all the next players entered with last years statistics.  Players who did not play last season, were replaced by a player of equal caliber (best guess).


Central Conference - North Division
(4 Team Cups - 4 GM Cups)

(Updated:)  GM Marcel's Florida Panthers didn't draft until 29th overall but have the highest scoring team in the North Division.  The Panthers scored 437 points last season, just nine points off the highest scoring drafted team using last years stats, the Green Bay Knights (Ryan), while Marcel also had the third highest team in Montreal.  The Panthers were very healthy, playing in 553 games, about 75 more games played then the next highest scoring team in the Division, New Orleans (Shawn).  If the Wolverines had played the same man-games, they would have had 426 points.  Without a Waiver already on the season it isn't good news for Miami (Charlie) who drafted the lowest scoring team in the Division, just barely behind Cincinnati (Matt).  Those two teams will likely slowly fall to the bottom of the Division Standings, even though they are only losing about 9 points per month on the leaders in Florida.    


Central Conference - South Division
(8 Team Cups - 17 GM Cups)

While the Buffalo Sabres (Joel) did an outstanding job drafting the second highest scoring team in the South Division, the San Fran Titan (Scott) have the second highest spread between first and second scoring teams in the NHLP this season.  The Titan scored 392 points last season, good enough for third in the Division behind Chicago (Andrew) at 417 and Buffalo at 397.  The difference being GM Scott's players combined for 117 less played games then GM Andrew's Blackhawks.  Had those games been even the Titan would have erased the 25 point deficit for a 496 point total, 79 more points then the Hawks.  San Fran has the second highest scoring NHLP team according to our projections.  Originally we had written about Dallas (Jr) having the last place team in the NHLP, which is far, far from the case.  We had used GM Jr's actual team in Office Pools from last season.  This team is in fact very strong, with Forsberg, Arvidsson and Turris, three Preds and scoring 0.77 PPG.  The Divisions weakest team is in fact Cleveland (Tyson) who should struggle to keep pace with many of the Divisions stronger teams.  Of course points follow points and if teams in front have points to give, they will likely be used, making those teams stronger, as is usually the NHLP case when teams give points in trades. 


East Conference - Atlantic Division
(4 Team Cups - 12 GM Cups)

It was assumed Halifax (Shawn) might have a good season.  The Destroyers already had the advantage of three Waivers.  Making matters much worst for the rest of the NHLP, Halifax has the highest scoring team in the Atlantic Division.  The team played a healthy 548 games and scored 433 points last season for a 0.79 PPG as a team, slightly better than the Rangers (Charlie) and Whalers (Andrew) with this drafted team.  While the Division doesn't have any really poor scoring teams, Quebec (Matt) will lose about 7 points a month on first based on the Divisions lowest scoring teams projections.  The Destroyers already have Crosby and all indications are they will slowly become one of the seasons best teams in the CTR as things unfold. 

East Conference - East Division
(3 Team Cups - 9 GM Cups)
There is clearly no higher scoring Division in the NHLP then the East will be in 2018-19.  GM Vinnie was remarkable in putting together the Atlantic City Gamblers who enter the season after scoring 0.81 PPG last season.  That is tied with Division rivals, the Philadelphia Flyer (Scott) for the third overall best in the NHLP.  The Divisions lowest scoring team, the reigning NHLP Champions in Memphis (Jr) still scored 395 points last year (the four most in Division) and come in about 0.74 PPG.  Memphis is the highest scoring last place team in any of the Divisions, making the East a Division that is going to light it up this season.  The top teams won't be trading points here for it will all be about keeping pace.  You have six teams all between 0.74 and 0.81 PPG, just no separation from top to bottom.


West Conference - Pacific Division
(4 Team Cups - 9 GM Cups)

(Updated:)  The Pacific Division this season will be the lowest scoring in the NHLP.  The Green Bay Knights (Ryan) have by far the Divisions highest scoring team at 0.82 PPG.  The Knights had 446 points last year, tops of all NHLP teams drafted in 2018-19.  The Calgary Flames (Jr) are second in the Division with 7 drafted players who played an unbelievable 573 games last season, a game shy of perfect attendance.  The Portland Winter Hawks (Vinnie) are the worst in the NHLP at 0.66.  It could be a long season in Portland and St Louis (Tyson), who really wasn't much further ahead then the Winter Hawks, between them having two of the lowest four projected scoring teams this season.  The good thing here is no team, outside of Green Bay, is really high-scoring and from top to bottom of the rest of the pack, the spread isn't huge.  Every NHLP season sees different Divisions as a group score, or not score, and in 2018-19 all indications are the Pacific Division will be the lowest of the low as a group.


West Conference - West Division
(4 Team Cups - 12 GM Cups)

The separation between the top two scoring teams and the rest of the field should be noticeable in the West Division, but the spread between the top scoring team and the next closest in this Division is the most in the NHLP.  The Edmonton Oil (Scott) may have traded the first overall pick in the Draft, but something GM Scott did compensated for that loss.  The Oil scored 402 points last season while playing the second least amount of games in the 36 team field.  The Oil only played 447 games last season, 50 to 110 games less then four teams who scored lower in the West, but yet out-pointed all four.  No team in the NHLP can score like the Oil can, hitting 0.90 PPG last season.  Edmonton should score about 13 points a month more than every team in the Division, except Los Angeles (Andrew) who do have the 6th highest scoring team in the league at 0.80 PPG.  The Oil have the biggest gap between first and second in scoring, and in the West over the field.  All indications are they should jump out to first overall in the Division as well as the NHLP in points.  


2018-19 Draft is Completed

Please ensure office pools and Player Tracking is completed

Office pools:  nhlp1819

Draft Page
Player Tracking


Office Pools Teams Set Up

The nhlp1819 season in Office Pools is now up with the coming seasons Divisions in place.  The players will be loaded in as they are drafted as well. 

NHLP Standings in NHLP Site

At any time you may click the Standings link (right beside Game Notes - Standings) and see the NHLP standings by sorting by the Team for the Division.



Day Eight - Pick #148 - #252 (5 = 252)
Day Seven - Pick #190 to #247 (57 = 247)
Day Six - Pick #173 to #190 (18 = 190)
Day Five - Pick #112 to #172 (61 = 172
Day Four - Pick #83 to #111 (28 = 111)
Day Three - Pick #48 to #83 (26 Picks = 83)
Day Two - Pick #18 to #47 (30 Picks = 47)
Day One - Pick #1 to #17 (17 Picks)


Vegas Picks Kucherov

GM Vinnie stayed clear of McDavid, but GM Marcel picked McDavid with the number two pick overall.  "I love the scoring potential, maybe 110 plus this season" said Marcel.  Vinnie chose McDavid last season but took Kucherov in what will likely be seen as a smart move for the GM.  He has one of the games best players in Tampa Bay, who by all accounts should battle Toronto and Boston for the Division this season.


Sides Are Open - Jr Goes Winnipeg

GM Jr put his money where his mouth is taking both Wheeler fourth overall in Calgary and Winnipeg to win the Stanley Cup in the Sides.  "I think this is the year Canada is going to win a Cup" said Jr who passed on taking Ovie again for the back to back Capitals run, instead going for the Jets.  If you want to make your side winning selection, let us know and we will update the Sides page.  Have a suggestion for a Side not listed, let us know and we will put it on the board.


Destroyers - Crosby and Three Waivers

GM Shawn said he wanted "Scheifele or Wheeler" with his 7th overall pick, but the team with three Waivers this season said he could not pass on Crosby.  No NHLP team has ever had three Waivers in a season and we expect GM Shawn will at the very least trade them off for Waivers in coming seasons making the Destroyers strong for years to come.


GM Ryan Chomping at Bit to Pick

While some GM's may not be prepared for the season, not GM Ryan.  "I had a list made early this season" said the GM, "Well, I didn't write anything down, but gave it some thought while fishing, right after the two football pool lists."  We wonder if the GM has ever won one of those football pools?  When the Yearbook inquired about Ryan's football pool wins, the GM went completely silent.  "That told us he either has never won, or just started making his hockey draft list" laughed Muddy Capone.  While some GM's had a list going in the NHL playoffs, like Scott and Andrew, others put hockey away after a long season after they have been knocked out.  "I am still in football mode" the GM said who is entering his 17th season in the NHLP, "But I am ready, don't worry Andrew, I won't be fucking holding everything up."  After Charlie and Chad, GM Ryan is ranked right up there for slowest picks in the live Draft according to the Yearbook statistics on pick times.  "What about Vinnie" asked Ryan?  Well, Vinnie and Shawn use Matt's list, so those guys are usually prepared.


NHLP Draft Starts September 11th

GM Vinnie is excited to kick off the 2018-19 season with the first pick.  "I doubt it will be McDavid this season" said Vinnie, but not letting the cat out of the bag.  McDavid is likely the NHL's betting choice to lead the league in scoring, but is he the most valuable player in the NHLP?  The NHLP will have 22 days, about a round every three days, to be completed prior to the NHL season which starts on October 3rd.

The Draft page has been updated and will appear like this each day of the draft, showing the next ten picks so GM's can prepare for their coming picks.


NHLP Transactions - 2017/18

 Andrew 38
 Chad 38
 Charlie 11
 Joel 22
 Jr 16
 Marcel 27
 Matt 44
 Ryan 21
 Scott 35
 Shawn 20
Tyson 13
 Vinnie 3


The NHLP Draft starts whenever GM Vinnie makes his first pick..

Question #1:  Who wants it the most?


It is time to separate the sheep.  Good luck everyone!



Question #2:  Will a Canadian Team finally win a Stanley Cup again?


It has been an improbable run.  Calgary in 2004 losing to Tampa Bay, Edmonton in '06 to Carolina and Vancouver in '11 losing to the Bruins, all game seven wins going against the Canadian teams.  On other seasons it took less then the seven games, such as Ottawa getting swept four straight.  The drought enters season 26, meaning every Canadian based teams personal droughts except are that long.  The year Montreal won in 1993 Canadian teams just finished winning their 8th Cup in ten seasons.  You may not think that is fact, but it is.  Montreal had won two, Edmonton five and Calgary one in that ten year period.  Last season Winnipeg made the Semi-Finals and the impression is Canada has a few good hockey teams.  The Leafs just signed Tavares, the seasons biggest UFA, mixed in with an unstoppable young talent of kids that are starting to enter their prime years.  Vancouver is said to have one of the best young teams in the league while Edmonton still have the best young player.  Ottawa can't be as bad as last season and Calgary seems on the rise.  Were sure their is even a fan somewhere who cares about the Habs.  Poor guy.  There may not be a better team in hockey than the Vegas Golden Knights entering the season, but the Canadian teams aren't far behind in overall talent.  Could this finally be the year we see the drought end?  The odds might not be as big as the hearts of Canadian hockey fans so it is still a long-shot, but certainly a few Canadian teams are finally heading closer to becoming a winning franchise like Vegas. 




Question #3:  When will GM Ryan finally win a Championship?

GM Charlie takes all the heat for he is entering his 19th season without winning an NHLP Championship, but then we have GM Ryan at 17 seasons.  While Charlie has never had a team in the Finals, GM Ryan has had 7 teams make it, close to a team in the NHLP Finals every second year, which is an outstanding number.  "There may be no bigger hard luck loser than GM Ryan" says Muddy Capone, "He has always been very close, much closer than most others realize."  When Ryan first entered the league in 2001/02 that was the final season of NHLP GM legends Raymond, Lee, Norman and Leo, a foursome who helped shape the first 13 years of the NHLP.  Those four GM's hold 6 of the first 13 Cups.  Although Ryan has been a game away from what surely would have been an NHLP Cup, he just seems to have no luck.  Most recently the GM was part of the Discount Double Check, which saw him winning the round and knocking out Cleveland (Tyson) only to see an end of round recount catch an added toe-touch point by Crosby, advancing the Fury instead.  Of course Cleveland would go on and win their second NHLP Championship, after being ruled out by a GM Ryan team.  Ryan has the tools, proven by his long distance losing teams.  Of current Cupless GM's, Ryan appears closer to the top of the list then the bottom of those considered a threat to win it all.  The GM is close to making all the right moves but likely needs to be a little more aggressive at the meetings, stepping in sooner for that one extra piece, instead of his typical take-what's-left-approach.  If Charlie beats Ryan to a Cup win, Ryan will have the longest current winless streak, something he does not want.  We expect the GM to come out strong in 2018/19 but he must do a little more if he wants to win it all this season.



Question #4:  Who will dominate the Sides?

The Sides have become a big part of the NHLP.  Last season was GM Jr's all around, winning 25 sides, a number as high as we have ever seen.  Jr won the NHLP Championship and lost in the Cup Holder Finals which was worth 20 more Sides.  Each year GM's put up or shut up and the year you are on, you dominate.  There have been a number of interesting Sides that have been proposed and GM's can jump on these in a first come first serve bases, as well as make up their own.  For Sides like the NHL Stanley Cup winner, usually the first GM to grab a team gets them by themselves, although another GM can step up and take them as well.  We already feel Jr will not repeat, for it is just too hard, so odds are he won't dominate the Sides two seasons in a row either.


Question #5:  Who will Vegas take number one overall?

It might be the first time in league history a GM has gone back to back years with the first overall pick.  Last season GM Vinnie took McDavid.  Fresh off taking Anaheim to game 7 and almost advancing to the Conference Finals it seemed the Oilers were up and coming with the next stop the Conference Finals or even the Cup.  The Oilers regressed and so did McDavid's value.  With the final Waiver of the NHLP season McDavid was put in the minors for a packages of Barkov, Huberdeau and Fisher.  McDavid led the league with 108 points and there is little doubt he can do that again.  McDavid finished 19 points ahead of the 10th place player in the standings, which was Crosby, so any GM with him has a pile of points to work with if the Oilers don't bounce back.  Two other players, Giroux and Kucherov broke 100 points last season.  Vegas drafts again at 47th overall, so Vinnie has an opportunity few GM's ever have.  "There is little doubt Vegas is in a position to have a great shot at Vinnie's first Championship team" said Muddy Capone, "And it really doesn't matter who in the top 20 from last season he takes, he just can't go wrong."  Well, ok, maybe he can.  So the question is, who will Las Vegas take with their first pick September 11th? 


Question #6:  How will GM Scott do in the worst first round spot ever?

Although the NHLP Yearbook has not confirmed this is the worst first round picking positions ever, GM Scott is believed to now how this distinction.  The GM does not have a pick until number 26, before picking 34th and 36th to end the round.  All GM's will have picked at least 2 picks each (except Tyson) by the time Scott picks his first Elite player.  "We are starting in a serious hole this year" said Scott, "Our reward for our aggressive style."  The GM expects he will likely end up drafting players all ranked on his list in the top 25, "As almost every year my 25th player ranked is still there at the end of the first round."  The GM does have the luxury of the first NHLP Waiver of the season as that order follows the original draft, forward or backwards and this year Scott has the 1st and 36th picks.  Although the GM said it would be great to start this season with the 1st overall, he said he would not change the original deal and the plan that went with it.  "You don't win Cups by letting other GM's get opportunities to steal the players you believe in the most from the Minors" said Scott.  Although the 2016/17 deal did not work in the end for Edmonton the Oil didn't do badly outside of losing the first overall pick this season.  (Below is the trade and that aftermath of the deal)


Las Vegas Scores First Overall Pick

The attraction of grabbing any player in the entire NHLP with the very first overall pick in two seasons was too much for GM Vinnie to pass on in Las Vegas.  The Strip acquired the #1 overall in a Waiver swap with Edmonton (Scott) for the Waiver, their 26th overall pick, as well as their 4th overall the season after that, where they will now draft 35th.  "It is a sacrifice" said GM Scott, "But although that is a powerful pick, we landed a powerful 4th in return, the Waiver, and an option on the Vegas Waiver next year" said the GM who sent out 19 additional offers last night and woke up to 7 being accepted.  The Oil now have their morning full as they try and make sense of what combinations of offers will maximize the future for the players, picks and some 15 points the the Oil are dropping to the Minors.



Edmonton Grab Their Man Huberdeau

GM Scott is one of the most aggressive GM's in the game.  He might also be the hardest working.  The GM saw something he had to have and went out and dropped an NHLP first overall pick to get it, trading something that is never traded, if ever.  In return the GM is convinced he has the makings of a team he wants to go to the playoffs with.  Adding heavyweights van Riemsdyk, Hoffman, Huberdeau and Huberdeau, with high scorers Wennberg, Marner and Marner, the Oil will be scoring a few points down the stretch in the next 7 weeks before the NHLP gets together one last time for the season.  "I traded a high pick, moved down 26 spots in the first round, but hard work got that back" said the GM.  Well, let us see.  The Oil moved down 26 spots in the first round.  They then added 31 spots in the first round, 20 in the 2nd, 21 in the 3rd, 11 in the 4th, 22 in the 7th, as well as now having an option on a future Waiver to bring more returns, and getting a Waiver to add the players the GM wanted most.  "Every guy is an asset, if you try hard enough, there is a worse player on some other team" said the GM who clearly can't be blamed for not trying.  The deal which looks bad may have helped set up Edmonton for Drafts to come with other picks acquired as a result.  The GM said he feels Florida, now with Huberdeau and Barkov returned from injury, will be the third seed, ahead of Toronto and Boston, to play Ottawa in the NHL first round.  "We can win that Division with Huberdeau in the semi-finals, I believe that" Scott said, "It is like they (Florida) were two points out and just traded draft picks to Colorado for Duchene and Landeskog.  Only better players and they saved those draft picks."  Huberdeau's low number will come in handy if needed and this is clearly the NHLP's highest scoring team, just waiting for some huge nights in the coming weeks.




Question #7: Do you take the points or the player with the best value?


It is a true dilemma for NHLP GM's on draft day.  With each pick, starting with the first Elite player picked, do you pick the player who has the furthest NHL playoff distance potential, who scores the most points, or the player with the highest scoring point potential.  This is what makes the NHLP draft so difficult.  You make the wrong choices, your team likely doesn't win.  The leagues Championship doesn't have a particular formula that wins every year.  Some players have more value then other players, in the end, but those players aren't often known on draft day as to who they are.  NHLP teams with these valued players when out of the playoffs, must sell these players to the teams, usually with the high scoring non-playoff players sitting on teams high in the NHLP standings.  In round one for example, we all know McDavid had 108 points last season.  Edmonton wasn't a playoff team.  With that 108 points a GM can make so many potential deals if he has to trade him, to make a great playoff team.  If you pick the early playoff player, you don't have to trade him later if he ends up an NHL and NHLP playoff player.  When he isn't on both, now the GM is screwed for he either has no trade value or must be traded just to make the NHLP playoffs.  So often the guys who draft these poorer valued non-playoff players get the value in the end as they have all the points and just trade for the guys they want.  Other times, when you don't pick that playoff player right off the bat, you never get him for he is never traded and the team with him is looking to build players around him to run for the Cup.  It is such pressure to make the right decision.  If you pick a playoff player every pick, you could be leaving 10 points with each pick on the table, every round, that could be used in Waivers, at meetings and in trades, and be way back just having to sell the guys you picked, defeating the purpose of picking them in the first place.  However, if you pick all points, you might be way ahead in the NHLP standings, but have to hustle all season to build something with 7 non-playoff players. How do you get something in-between, with the best of both worlds?  Well, that is what separates GM's on draft day. 


Question #12:  How real is the GM's Charlie and Chad feud?


Over the years the NHLP has seen a long list of running feuds between GM's.  Most are just short term, quickly forgotten, much closer to disagreements, that are wiped away quicker than the last transaction on the trade board at a meeting.  Some however, run deeper, last longer, and create tension at the NHLP meetings.  Looking at NHLP Transactions lets you know just how real the feud is.  GM Charlie has made more deals in the past 6 seasons with every other GM, INCLUDING VINNIE, than the one that GM Charlie and Chad made.  It doesn't take a genius to notice they sit across the room, as far apart as possible at every meeting.  "I don't think I have ever seen them talking" said one GM in a text with Muddy Capone.  Although Capone has been witness to the classics in terms of GM blowups and blowouts, he admits he can't quite finger the reason for all the tension between these GM's who have a combined 38 years in the NHLP, but admits it is real.  "They give off the impression all is good between them but actions say otherwise" says Capone.  There is a story in the NHLP archives about the two almost coming to blows three seasons ago at a meeting, something that has clearly never been resolved.  Heading into this season we don't expect it to get any better.  "I doubt we will ever see them on the same couch together" said one GM, adding, "And not because they don't make couches big enough, though that is always an issue with these two heavyweights."  It seems clear, this feud is very, very real.    



Question #13:  Is this the season Miami wins it all for the 24 hour a day camera crew?


"We got some great material last season" said one of the producers of the behind-the-scenes look at what it is like being an NHLP GM.  The camera crew is right there, entering year seven this season, as Miami works towards building a winner.  The crew is there for every email and text.  In the first six seasons the project has been scaled back from a 5 to 10 year series to what they are hoping is a 30 to 60 minutes (without commercials) action packed documentary.  "We think we might be able to easily do an hour with footage" the producer says, "If we base the first 30 to 45 minutes on the leagues history and other NHLP GM's Charlie deals with on a daily, monthly basis."  The producers hope Miami can win it all at some point but surely even a playoff team every few years would help.  The shows producers aren't upset they choose Miami for the documentary, "But we are happy we didn't start 19 years ago with them as very little happened in the early years of the franchise."  We didn't know a lot happened in the past 8 years either, but we haven't seen all the footage.  The production company behind the project is looking at a DVD release and presales have been much better than anticipated at five.  Apparently Charlie ordered one for the wife, kids and himself.  "We just hope in 2050 he has something to play a DVD on" added the producer, "There is a sucker born every minute."   Below is just a taste from last season, a smigin if you will, of what we can expect to see in the end product. 




Netflix Was (Previously) There

The Miami Surf head office was buzzing last night after a 10 point night.  "The Camera Crew went home early, so we missed it" said a producer, "Go figure, first time in months that happened."  The Surf are in their 6th season of around the clock filming of what will eventually be turned into a Netflix Special.  "We are there every step of the way towards Miami building an eventual Cup" the producer of the series went on to say.  Set to release in 2050, originally the idea was for a 5 to 10 year series, multiple seasons.  Things are being scaled back, but there is belief, if the Surf can ever win it all, maybe a full hour 'action-packed' program could be produced.  The crew is there every moment.  For instance early in the season the crew was filming as GM Charlie opened an email offer.  "Imagine filming the very second the GM himself is reading the proposed deal, the behind the scenes to a die-hard is like nothing TV has ever seen" the producer went on, "In this particular email we have Charlie typing out his response without hesitation".  'I think I will keep Patrick', click - send.  "Keep in mind" Charlie tells the camera crew, "If someone offers you the deal, they must be trying to fuck you in some way."  Charlie then added, "And that guy has been trying to get rid of Aho all season."  This is the kind of insight we can expect in the eventual program.  Of course the Surf have not made a deal yet this season, still having their original team the GM Drafted.  "There is a reason I drafted those guys, the best of the best" said the Surf GM.  Rest assured though, when the time comes (unlike last night), surely the crew will be there to catch every live second of the heart-pounding action in Miami.  (Update on this non-deal:  In the end Aho ended with 65 points, Nolan Patrick 30.  "You don't win every deal" said Charlie looking back, "But you lose less of the ones you don't make." )



Question #14:  Can the Hurricanes win in their final NHLP season in Carolina?


You have to go back 7 full NHLP seasons since the NHLP first heard of this little paradise called Barrie Island.  That season the league dropped from 48 teams to 36 teams, losing in the process such hockey hotbeds such as San Jose, Detroit, Nashville, Minnesota and Ottawa.  In the restructuring of the league GM Joel wanted to relocate another team back to Ontario, Canada.  The league was use to receiving applications for relocations and expansions for Ontario cities wanting an NHLP team.  "We had been receiving applications annually from GM Marcel wanting to move a team to Hamilton" said Muddy Capone, "But they kept getting turned down, for we already had a team in Hamilton."  Finally the year prior Hamilton (Tyson) won an NHLP Championship and GM's finally stopped asking about Hamilton.  When the league received an application to relocate Carolina to Barrie Island, a city completely off the NHLP's radar, the BOG quickly turned it down.  "We had no idea at the time what an amazing market Barrie Island was" Capone said, "It just took us a little while to understand we completely were missing out."  So now eight full years after their first application Barrie Island will start play in the NHLP in 2019/20, the NHLP's 30th anniversary season.  A fine clause says that if Carolina wins the NHLP Championship, the team must stay in Carolina, giving the team one last chance this season to make that happen.  Their is talk Carolina might intentionally tank this season but Capone isn't worried about that happening.  "Carolina sucks every season" says Capone about the team which has never done absolutely anything in the NHLP, "Almost, but not quite, as bad as Miami." Does the NHLP expect more applications for smaller centers if Barrie Island is a success?  "Firstly, we have seen how long the process takes, so if you want a team moved for maybe our 40th anniversary, now might be a good time to get a logo made" said Capone about one of the criteria for applying, then adding, "But surely there are other locations in Ontario that could work.  Miami should have thrown that dart a long time ago, so let me help them out."  Capone takes the time to thumb tack a large map of Ontario onto the wall in his office and throws a dart.  Hmmm.  "Interesting little spot" Capone says about the dart hit, "Ever hear of a place called Nestorville?"  Sounds like a great location for the Lumberjacks!



Question #15:  Is this GM Shawn's year?


We have already spoken about Halifax and their three Waivers, but for GM Shawn, it gets better still.  The luckless GM has lost two game-seven, NHLP semi-finals, in the past two seasons.  Either of those going his way means he has a Cup win.  The GM has set himself up for potentially an outstanding season.  Shawn will have picked three Elite players before two GM's (Scott & Tyson) even make their first pick and before 8 other GM's pick for a second time.  The GM will have three of the top 15 Elite players in the NHLP, setting himself up for a huge start to the season.  "You have to think GM Shawn is the early Cup favorite" said Muddy Capone, "Halifax picks eighth overall and has three Waivers and Seattle and New Orleans have top 15 picks."  Shawn has been close, but he has been a GM for 14 years with this coming season.  He isn't a rookie.  Since GM Shawn entered the NHLP in 2003-04 he has only had two NHLP teams in the Finals scoring a combined 5 points.  That isn't a great number as only GM's Matt and Charlie have less appearances (zero each) in the past 14 years, while Jr and Vinnie have two final appearances along with Shawn.  The difference is both times Jr has been there he has won.  So yes Shawn has been close the past three years, and yes he is trending in the right direction, but it still hasn't turned into results.  Results are the only thing that truly matters.  The GM has been doing everything right the past few years, including stock piling Waivers and Drat Picks.  The pressure is on Shawn to step up his game and make some awesome picks with his first three Elites, as rarely does a GM ever start the season as the favorite to win it all, as Shawn will start 2018/19.     


Question #16:  Who are the new Elite players?

Every year there are many changes in who are the Elite 36 in the NHLP.  Last season Toews, Perry, and Guentzel were all Elite players, while others, such as MacKinnon who was 5th overall in scoring with 97 points, went in the fourth round.  Hall who finished sixth overall with 93 points and Kopitar seventh overall with 92 points, where both third round players.  Any GM could have picked MacKinnon, Hall and Kopitar with their first three picks and had 289 points between the three, almost good enough for a playoff spot with just three picks.  Likely all three of those players will be Elite players this draft.  As always the question is who should be and who should not be an Elite player?  Screwing this one pick up usually sets your team on a course for a long season.  Starting badly, making a poor first pick will usually cost your team any hope of winning before you pick a second player.  There are a ton of solid options, but what GM's will be able to nail the Elite picks and who will fail?  The draft is 16 days away.


Question #17:  Is this the season of the elusive third team Cup?

With GM Jr's win in Memphis, for the first time ever the tables shifted in the NHLP to more teams have won a Cup than have not.  Of the current 36 NHLP teams, things were split at 18 & 18 last season, with 18 teams having a Cup and 18 teams without.  When the Machine won the NHLP's 28th Cup, 19 NHLP teams now have a Cup and 17 are without.  Of the 19 teams with a Cup, 8 of those teams have two team Cups.  In order teams won their second Cup:  St Louis (Norm), Las Vegas (Leo), Dallas (Jr), Edmonton (Scott), Chicago (Andrew), San Fran (Scott), Hartford (Andrew), and Cleveland (Tyson).  No NHLP team has ever won three Cups and no two time winners had a different GM at the helm of each Cup win.  The race to win three is a serious race, being able to claim you are the only NHLP team to have accomplished this simply amazing feat.  Will one of the 8 win in 2019? Bragging rights are very much on the line.


Question #18:  Will the NHLP tie a record with 6 straight different Cup winners?

The six NHLP Champions starting in 2004 and ending in 2010 were all different GM's.  The sequence which started in '04 - Andrew, '06 - Scott, '07 - Chad, '08 - Marcel, '09 - Jr, '10 - Tyson.  The '05 season was the year the NHL wiped out the season with the lockout.  GM Scott had the bookend wins before '03 and after '11 this streak, but it was the first time in league history six straight Cups went to six different GM's.  The current streak which started after GM Andrew won in 2013 is '14 - Scott, '15 - Andrew, '16 - Chad, '17 - Tyson and '18 - Jr.  This makes five straight NHLP Cups won by a different GM without a repeat performance.   For this year to tie the longest stretch in NHLP history without a repeat winner a Cup Championship would have to be hoisted by either GM's Marcel, Charlie, Joel, Matt, Ryan, Shawn or Vinnie.  Of that group of seven NHLP GM's, only Marcel has ever won a Cup. Coming into this NHLP season those seven GM's have 103 combined years experience as GM's and only one Cup between them, meaning the odds of a second Cup by 110 combined years, at seasons end, isn't something a smart man might bet on.  Many of these GM's have individually been close, with Shawn a win away from Cups two of the past three seasons.  One of them has to win for us to reach six straight years with different winners or the streak will start anew again. 



Question #19:  Can GM Andrew cash on two top five Elites?

We have to go back to February two seasons ago.  GM Andrew in Los Angeles traded Draisaitl in a three for three player swap with St Louis (Tyson) for Panarin.  Andrew was buying into the Blackhawks making a playoff run while St Louis was trying to make the playoffs.  In the deal the Kings also got this seasons #3 overall draft pick, for #33 going to the Blues.  "You don't see any higher traded than that" said Muddy Capone about the 30 position first round swing.  The trade back then backfired for Andrew as Chicago was a quick out and Panarin got one first round point in round one, a round the Kings lost by a single point.  Draisaitl had three in the first round and 13 more in the second and the Blues went to the NHLP Semi-Finals before losing out, even though Tyson would win the Cup anyhow in Cleveland with Crosby, the season of the Discount Double Check.  Now Andrew finally gets the rewards of that deal.  Already with the 5th pick in Chicago, Andrew will go 3rd and 5th overall.  "This is a deadly start" said Capone about a GM who really doesn't need any help by a great starting draft order.  The good news for the other GM's is Andrew is limited to taking only one player with both picks, but you know he is taking the best of the best.  Andrew is a master drafter and understands player values better than anyone.  What teams does Andrew rank as the NHL favorites this season?  We will know at least two of them just five picks into the draft when Andrew starts building towards his 7th NHLP Championship.

Here was the Deal - February 24th, 2017

GM Andrew Serious About 7th CUP

In a game with so many GM's having a chance to win every single year, why does it always appear it is the same guy.  GM Andrew is the type of GM who you hardly ever notice, but at the end of the year his team is Ovechkin, Panarin, Kuznetsov, Miller, Suter...and it is right now.  The 6 time NHLP Champion made a huge splash, giving 27 points to St Louis (Tyson) for big names Panarin and Suter with Lindholm the third in the deal.  The Blues added themselves, a nice playoff mix of Draisaitl, Zuccarello and Dubinsky.  The teams swapped a number of picks, the Kings received a first rounder #3 for #33 in the mix with two seconds and a sixth.  "We had the deal quicker then everything else" said GM Tyson, "The formalities may have cost us more than we hoped, but we will cross those bridges when we get to them."  For Andrew, the Kings will try and be his 3rd Cup in 5 years, joining Hartford ('15) and Chicago ('13), his most recent wins.  "This team is deadly" said Muddy Capone, "His skill set as a GM is uncomparable to others in the game, it just isn't fair."  For Los Angeles they will make further changes to the bottom of the roster, but a top 4 or 5 looks engravable.  The Capitals are NHL President choice favorites and Ovechkin and Kuznetsov appear headed for a long run.  Panarin plays with Kane, always scores and Chicago looks like they may battle Minny, Suter, in the Division Finals.  Miller could easily take the entire Division if the Rangers end up with the Habs, Sens, Leafs, Bruins, Panthers or who else.  Distance.  Skill.  Scoring.  "You may look at the NHLP standings and see you have 30 points to give" said Muddy Capone, "That is nice.  The winner already gave them.  He acted while you watched.  It is the same story, just a different year with a different team.  GM Andrew out matches his opponents and doesn't just build playoff teams.  He builds Championship teams.  There are 11 other GM's that have to ask themselves how in the world can they truly expect to compete with this?"  For those with plans they have about 4 weeks to see them through.


Question #20:  What will Halifax do with three Waivers?


It has never happened before.  A team enters the NHLP season with three Waivers.  "I have continuously tried to build future seasons" said GM Shawn, "I just have to now take advantage of this opportunity."  The Destroyers already have the 7th overall pick in the draft and will also have either the 7th, 8th and 12th Waivers, all three done by December 9th, or if the coin flip for the Waiver order is a tails, three Waivers between February 5th and 16th.  "Although Waivers are the most useful and powerful things a GM can likely have, having back to back Waivers is really of little use" said Muddy Capone. Halifax will have back to back Waivers.  Shawn could decide to trade a Waiver, likely to either Miami (Charlie) or Indianapolis (Matt), for a future season, giving one of those GM's one this season instead.  The GM might also swap one out for a better drafting position in a future draft.  "Those are logical choices" says Capone.  Halifax might also enter the season with the Waivers and move them around along that way, possibly building for a future season if they aren't needed with this seasons team.  All indications are Halifax will be solid this season as two spread out Waivers could really be used to build a very strong team if everything falls into place.  It isn't easy to say any team will be strong prior to the draft, but surely this season the Halifax Destroyers already have a leg up on everyone.  Shawn will as he states, just have to now take advantage of this situation.


Question #21:  Can GM Jr repeat?


Jr does have the 4th overall pick in Calgary.  Nice.  He has a solid top player.  Last year he started with Ovechkin at 8th overall in Memphis and started with a strong draft of Bergeron, Radulov, Krejci, Galchenyuk, Rantanen and Leddy that followed Ovie.  Rantenan in the 6th.  You need to pick up these guys late.  It is hard to repeat but you must be prepared and draft well.  Jr drafted well last year.  Jr is hungry.  The fire and the passion are back.  He will come prepared.  For Memphis they have the 35th and 38th picks, so will be solid.  No NHLP team has repeated since GM Normanís 4th and 5th Cups went to St Louis.  We say Jr can do it but it is very unlikely, as no one wins two in a roll.  Since Norm no one has.





 NHLP Releases Waiver Dates for 2018/19 Season

Wtih the NHL season starting on October 3rd, the first Waiver of the NHLP could not start until November 3rd, which it does.  The season ends on April 6th, so the latest Waiver could be March 6th, a month before the end of the season.  The Waiver dates are on the NHLP Waiver page, minus the teams that will be determined by coin flip.  GM Scott is excited, as heads or tails nets him this seasons first Waiver with both the 1st and 36th spots in the original Draft.  While Miami (Charlie) and Indianapolis (Matt) don't have Waivers this coming season, GM Shawn has 5 of them including an unprecedented three in Halifax.  As for the Waivers there were 40 eligible dates, meaning the first four such dates of nine games were eliminated (November 6th, 8th, 13th & 15th).  No NHLP Waivers could occur over the holiday season which according to the NHLP rule book is between December 23rd to December 31st.  Outside of the first 6th Waivers which see a Monday, Wednesday and Friday date, no other dates all season occur on days other then Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Only two Waivers are back to back, November 23rd and 24th.  Here are the Waivers by month:

November 8
December 9
January 6
February 11
March 2 = 36


GM's Suggest Online Draft

The NHLP has plans on a 30th anniversery Draft next season, but a few GM's have prosposed an online draft this season.  GM Vinnie is slated to host a Draft if there is one, but GM Andrew has asked the league what they feel about an entire Draft online for this season.  "I would love to do it all online" said Andrew, "It is fun and it is easier on travel."  GM Scott has thrown his two cents into the online Draft as well.  The GM's said everything could be squared up by email transfers.  The NHLP has done the first three rounds this past season online and it was well received.  With the NHLP season to kick off on October 3rd, an NHLP draft online would likely have to start a month prior so all 7 rounds can be picked.  GM's are asked to way in on their thoughts.


Sides Updated - Final

GM's Jr and Chad cleaned house this season winning 25 and 12 sides respectively while GM's Scott and Matt were the losers at minus 15 and minus 11.  The NHLP is working on the "Points" sheet and will have it out shortly.


Conditional Transactions Updated

Chicago (Andrew) Trades Ehlers and 2018/19 2nd Round Pick #57  to Edmonton (Scott) for Scheifele and Pick #66.  There is a Conditional Pick that if Chicago makes the NHLP Finals this year Edmonton also receives a 2020/21 2nd Round Pick #48 for #64  (Chicago did make the NHLP Finals)

#34 - Indianapolis (Matt) Trades Schwartz and 2020/21 5th Rounder #166 to Colorado (Matt) for Getzlaf and Pick # 176.  There is a Condition to this deal that States if Anaheim makes the NHL Playoffs Indianapolis Trades 2020/21 1st Rounder #22 for #32 and if Anaheim misses the Playoffs the pick is instead a 3rd Rounder #94 for #104 due to previous Conditions in Transaction #33

#33 - Calgary (Jr) Trades Trocheck and Getzlaf to Colorado for Nylander and Rielly.  There is a Condition to this Deal which States that if Anaheim misses the NHL playoffs Calgary Trades 2020/21 First Rounder #1 and 2nd #72 to Colorado for picks #32 & #41 (Update:  Anaheim made the playoffs)

#6 - Alaska (Marcel) Trades Drouin to Los Angeles (Andrew) for Anderson.  There are Conditional Picks involved in this deal as such:  If Columbus makes the NHL Playoffs Alaska trades 2020/21 2nd Rounder #59 to Los Angeles for Pick #69 and if they do not make the Playoffs it is a 3rd Rounder in 2018/19 #98 for #85  (Update:  Columbus made the Playoffs)



Every NHLP Champion has that unsung hero...


1990 - Petr Klima
1991 - Bob Probert, Kevin Hatcher
1992 - James Patrick, Ulf Dahlen
1993 - Glen Wesley
1994 - Oleg Petrov
1995 - Sylvain Cote
1996 - Robert Svehla, Vladimir Konstantinov
1997 - Darren McCarty, Martin Lapointe
1998 - Dave Manson, Jason Woolley
1999 - Dave Reid
2000 - Lubos Bartecko, Rob Zamuner
2001 - Martin Gelinas?
2002 - Sean Hill
2003 - Derek Morris
2004 - Curtis Brown
2006 - Matthieu Schneider?
2007 - Trent Hunter
2008 - Brian Gionta?  Wow!
2009 - Brian Rolston?
2010 - Niklas Hjalmarsson
2011 - Andrej Sekera
2012 - Tyler Kennedy, Jannik Hansen
2013 - Bryan Bickell?
2014 - Charlie Coyle?
2015 - Jiri Sekac
2016 - Craig Smith?

2017 - Andrew Cogliano?

2018 - Calle Jarnkrok



Memphis Machine
2018 NHLP Champions

Alexander Ovechkin
John Carlson
TJ Oshie
PK Subban
Craig Smith
David Backes
Calle Jarnkrok

Drafted Dec. 21st Jan 4th Feb 14th Feb 16th Deadline Deadline
Ovechkin Ovechkin Ovechkin Ovechkin Ovechkin Ovechkin Ovechkin
Bergeron Bergeron Krejci Krejci Krejci Subban Subban
Radulov Krejci Subban Subban Subban Oshie Oshie
Krejci Galchenyuk Oshie Oshie Oshie Carlson Carlson
Galchenyuk Leddy Carlson Carlson Carlson Jarnkrok Jarnkrok
Rantanen Subban Jarnkrok Jarnkrok Jarnkrok McAvoy Smith
Leddy Oshie Wennberg Ellis McAvoy Smith Backes

How Memphis Made the Cup Champions

The only player GM Jr kept from his draft, was the 8th overall pick Ovechkin.  The Memphis Machine were invested early on in Washington and Jr never waivered throughout the season.  Making their first move on December 21st, a huge move with GM Vinnie the Machine traded Radulov and Rantanen, part of a great drafted team for Subban and Oshie.  The January 4th deal was a huge deal with Toronto (Chad) that saw Jr trade Bergeron as part of the 6 player swap and bring in Carlson, having his three Capitals and invested all the way in the first place team.   The Valentines Day deal was again with GM Chad in Toronto and with a player to be named later, leading to an NHLP rule clarification about players to be named later.  As part of this deal GM Jr also traded their Waiver.  Two days later Memphis gave Ellis back tot eh Leafs and added McAvoy.  Memphis made two deadline deals, the first with Vancouver (Joel) getting Smith for Krejci and the second to the Minors dropping McAvoy for Backes.  The Machine did not make a Waiver pick on the season or a move at the Winter Meeting.    

The 28 NHLP Cup Champions

GM Andrew (6) - '97, '99, '02, '04, '13, '15 (8th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 23rd & 25th Cups)

GM Scott (5) - '92, '03, '06, '11, '14 (3rd, 14th, 16th, 21st & 24th Cups)

GM Chadwick (3) - '00, '07, '16 (11th, 17th & 26th Cups)

GM Tyson (3) - '10, '12, '17 (20th, 22nd & 27th Cups)

GM Jr (3) - '01, '09, '18 (12th, 19th & 28th Cups)

GM Norman (2) - '93, '94 (4th & 5th Cups)

GM Leo (2) - '95, '98 (6th & 9th Cups)

GM Raymond (1) - '90 (1st Cup)

GM Edward (1) - '91 (2nd Cup)

GM Lee (1) - '96 (7th Cup)

GM Marcel (1) - '08 (18th Cup)





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