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NHLP 2023-24 Draft

The NHLP's 34th season features an online draft prior to the 35th season's draft in Barrie Island in the fall of 2024.  The NHLP is back with reigning Champion GM Chadwick looking for a 5th Championship now having Cups in 2000, 2007, 2016 and adding those years all up, 2023.  The 26 year veteran, with the coming season, joins a group of 7 GM's with 22+ seasons each.  GM Bryce receives his 5 year badge this season while GM AJ comes back from that all important rookie season to see if he paid attention or slept though the last campaign.  His head is swelled from winning his first poker game, but we don't expect a repeat. GM Charlie not only makes the first pick of the season but also has picks 12 and 16, all before GM Scott makes his first pick at 22.  The South Division has picks 6,7,8 and 9, throughout the draft, although picks have been dealt, and GM Andrew has the first pick in the West Division at 13th overall.  With Connor Bedard, the NHL's next generational player joining the league, how fast will he become an Elite and shoot into the top 5, which mostly are staple picks every year depending on projected points and team value placed by NHLP GM's.  What NHL teams will garner the most picks this year and will the Golden Knights look to repeat?  The draft itself, to start to find the answers, starts Monday, September 25th and a pace of 18 picks a day has things wrapped up two days before the October 10th NHL season launch.  The Waiver season kicks off Saturday, November 11th with GM Marcel in Montreal.  Marcel is also the host of the Winter Meeting this season while GM Jr is slated for the Trading Deadline.  Finally what would a season be without the NHLP Headoffice, back for a 34th time is Muddy Capone.  "Looking forward to a fun season and one bad car-wreck" said Capone, already making plans for the long season to come.

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NHLP Divisions for 2023-24
*First Round Winners Stay & 5th Place Team

Central - North
Chicago - Andrew (Stays in North)
Buffalo - Joel (Stays in North)
Florida - Marcel (Stays in North)
Cincinnati - Matt (Moves to North)
Boston - Ryan (Moves to North)
Miami - Charlie (Moves to North)

Central - South
Toronto - Chad (Stays in South)
Las Vegas - Bryce (Stays in South)
New Orleans - Shawn (Stays in South)
Cleveland - AJ (Moves to South)
San Fran - Scott (Moves to South)
Dallas - Jr (Moves to South)

East - Atlantic
Memphis - Jr (Stays in Atlantic)
Barrie Island - Joel (Stays in Atlantic)
NY Islanders - Ryan (Stays in Atlantic)
Montreal - Marcel (Moves to Atlantic)
Hartford - Andrew (Moves to Atlantic)
Atlantic City - Bryce (Moves to Atlantic)

East - East
Pittsburgh - Chad (Stays in East)
Philadelphia - Scott (Stays in East)
Halifax - Shawn (Stays in East)
NY Rangers - Charlie (Moves to East)
Hamilton - AJ (Moves to East)
Quebec - Matt (Moves to East)

West - Pacific
Alaska - Marcel (Stays in Pacific)
Phoenix - Charlie (Stays in Pacific)
Vancouver - Joel (Stays in Pacific)
Calgary - Jr (Moves to Pacific)
Colorado - Chad (Moves to Pacific)
Indianapolis - Matt (Moves to Pacific)

West - West
Edmonton - Scott (Stays in West)
Seattle - Shawn (Stays in West)
Portland - Bryce (Stays in West)
Green Bay - Ryan (Moves to West))
Los Angeles - Andrew (Moves to West)
St. Louis - AJ (Moves to West)


GM's Total Transactions After #505
  Actual -2700-505  AJ 0 225
 Andrew 0 225
Scoreboard  Bryce 0 225
Schedules  Chad 0 225
Injuries  Charlie 0 225
Transactions  Joel 0 225
NHLP Injuries  Jr 0 225
Sides  Marcel 0 225
Drafts  Matt 0 225
Champions  Ryan 0 225


   Scott 0 225
2018/19 Season  Shawn 0 225
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