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2022/23 - NHLP's 33rd Season & Playoff Highlights




11 - Penalties for not Attending Meetings


11 (a) Any GM missing meetings will now be fined according to the meeting missed as followed:


DRAFT - $25 added to entry fee


WINTER MEETING - $25 added to entry fee.  The GM is allowed to have another GM run all his teams.  This includes trades and using the Minors.


TRADING DEADLINE- $50 added to entry fee.  In addition ONLY if the GM wants another GM to run his teams, including using the Minors in their absence, they are also hit with a penalty of losing their first Waiver the following season or a combined 15 draft positions of their last team (or also second last team) drafting in the first round of next year’s draft.  This is the GM’s choice which he surrenders.  If a GM decides to “let his teams go, or they are fine as they are”, not using the Minors, the Waiver or Draft pick penalty does not apply.  Further notes:  The furthest a GM can drop in the first round is to 36th place (or to the end of the round if the end is not 36th spot).  However, they might already be drafting 36th, or close to it.  If that is the case their second team also falls back, so as in total a combined 15 spots in the first round between one, two or more teams to reach the full penalty.  If a GM drops, all other GM’s would essentially move up one spot within those penalized 15 draft positions.  If a Waiver is given up, 36 Waivers will still be factored in, but the GM’s first Waiver will just be skipped over on that date.  A GM must inform the league a month prior to the next seasons draft as to which they surrender.  By Default a GM not declaring will surrender their first Waiver.


GM's Total Transactions After #505
  Actual -2700-505  AJ 0 225
 Andrew 0 225
Scoreboard  Bryce 0 225
Schedules  Chad 0 225
Injuries  Charlie 0 225
Transactions  Joel 0 225
NHLP Injuries  Jr 0 225
Sides  Marcel 0 225
Drafts  Matt 0 225
Champions  Ryan 0 225


   Scott 0 225
2018/19 Season  Shawn 0 225
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