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The Chart below shows the GM that is responsible for that meeting.  That GM names the location of the meeting, but does not necessarily have to be the host (IE - GM Andrew could ask GM Joel to host).  The idea is that every GM will get the equal chance to be responsible for a meeting and all GM's are catered too.  Feel free to trade off your event, but just make us aware and we will reflect it here. Each event will still offer a few weekend options and the most attended will still rule as always.


2023/24 Season
34th Season
2024/25 Season
35th Season
2025/26 Season
36th Season
2027/28 Season
37th Season
2028/29 Season
38th Season
2029/30 Season
39th Season
2030/31 Season
40th Season
41st Season



Joel Online Online Online Online Jr Online

Winter Meeting

Marcel (From Andrew)

Ryan Bryce Matt AJ Chad Joel Marcel

Trading Deadline


Shawn Marcel Scott Andrew Charlie Ryan Bryce








2023/24 Trade Deadline
GM Chad is Hosting
*GM's Preferred Date - one each - breaks ties
NHL Trade Deadline
Saturday, April 6th at 10 AM
GM Chad is Hosting
March Break is
March 11th to 15th
Saturday March 23rd Saturday March 30th
Saturday April 6th
GM 11-15 Games Each Team 8-12 Games Each Team 4-7 Games Each Team
AJ Maybe Yes* Yes
Andrew Yes Yes Yes
Bryce Maybe Yes* Maybe
Chad No Yes Yes
Charlie 10% 50% 85%
Joel No No Yes
 Jr Yes Yes Yes
 Marcel Yes Yes Yes*
 Matt Maybe Maybe Maybe
 Ryan Yes Yes Yes
 Scott Yes Yes Yes*
 Shawn No Yes* Yes
Totals (1st Tie Breaker) 5 9 9
Best Case (If Tied - 2nd Tie Breaker) 7 11 12  
Preferred (Final Tie-Breaker)   *** **  




2023/24 Winter Meeting
GM Marcel is Hosting
Noon to 5 PM
*GM's Preferred Date - one each - breaks ties
  1 2 3
GM Saturday January 6th Saturday January 13th Saturday January 20th
AJ Yes* Maybe Yes
Andrew Yes* Yes No
Bryce No No Yes*
Chad Yes Yes Yes
Charlie Yes Yes* No
Joel Yes* Yes Yes
 Jr Yes Yes Yes
 Marcel Hosting Hosting Hosting
 Matt No Yes* Maybe
 Ryan Yes Yes* Yes
 Scott Yes Yes Yes
 Shawn Yes Yes No
Totals (1st Tie Breaker) 10 10 8
Best Case (If Tied - 2nd Tie Breaker) 10 11 9  
Preferred (Final Tie-Breaker) *** ***